Blackscarletwings phase2

Kijin Ōtakemaru and the Black Scarlet Wings (鬼神大嶽丸と黒紅の翼) is a collection based urgent mission running from 24/01/2019 to 07/02/2019.

Unit Details Edit

Unit Name Class Skill AW Skill AW Ability
Homura Tengu 天狗の怪火
"Tengu's Mysterious Fire"
Attacks no longer slow enemies. Attack increases, and attacks ignore defense.
"Tengu's Giant Flaming Uchiwa"
Attacks no longer slow enemies. Attack increases, and attacks up to 3 enemies simultaneously while ignoring defense.
"Tengu's Blowing Wind"
Chance to attack again with no delay. While on the active team, all allied Tengu have reduced cost.

Rewards Edit

This is a collection type event. The player improves the quality of their event unit by collecting Tengu Feathers, while earning additional rewards at the same time.

The unit will be distributed at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Tengu Feathers Reward Tengu Feathers Reward Tengu Feathers Reward
10 Homura 45 Gold Armor 945 Platinum Armor
30 Skill Level 2 90 Spirit of Gold 990 Spirit of Platinum
50 Initial Level 10 135 Platinum Armor 1035 Crystal Shard x2
100 Skill Level 3 180 Spirit of Gold 1080 Spirit of Platinum
150 Cost -1 (-1) 225 Crystal Shard 1125 Florika (Bonded)
200 Skill Level 4 270 Spirit of Platinum 1170 Spirit of Black
250 Cost -1 (-2) 315 Gold Armor 1215 Platinum Armor
300 Skill Level 5 360 Spirit of Platinum 1260 Spirit of Black
350 Initial Level 20 405 Platinum Armor 1305 Crystal Shard x3
400 Skill Level 6 450 Spirit of Black 1350 Spirit of Rainbow
500 Cost -1 (-3) 495 Crystal Shard 1395 Platinum Armor
600 Skill Level 7 540 Spirit of Black 1440 Spirit of Platinum
700 Initial Level 30 585 Gold Armor 1485 Platinum Armor
800 Skill Level 8 630 Spirit of Rainbow 1530 Spirit of Platinum
900 Cost -1 (-4) 675 Nina (Bonded) 1575 Crystal Shard x3
1000 Initial Level 40 720 Spirit of Platinum 1620 Spirit of Black
1100 Skill Level 9 765 Crystal Shard x2 1665 Gold Armor
1200 Cost -1 (-5) 810 Spirit of Platinum 1710 Spirit of Black
1300 Skill Level 10 855 Celia (Bonded) 1755 Platinum Armor
1400 Initial Level 50 900 Spirit of Black 1800 Spirit of Rainbow

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Wounded Feathers
20 150 900 10 8
Tengu Feathers (3) Icon
Tengu Feathers (3)
Bouquet Icon
1 10 35
Tengu Feathers' Divine Power
30 200 1200 10 8
Tengu Feathers (3) Icon
Tengu Feathers (3) Kojirou Lv8 x2
2 10 30
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) -
Rain weather effect occurs at certain timings.
The Aobōzu's Raging Flames
40 280 1800 10 8
Tengu Feathers (3) Icon
Tengu Feathers (3) x2
Mischa Icon
Mischa Lv10
4 10 25
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv10
Calliope Icon
Calliope Lv10
Tengu Village Defensive Battle
50 360 2100 20 8
Tengu Feathers (5) Icon
Tengu Feathers (5) x2
Tengu Feathers (3) Icon
Tengu Feathers (3)
7 10 40
Alissa Icon
Alissa Lv12
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Teachings of the Tengu
80 450 2700 10 8
Tengu Feathers (5) Icon
Tengu Feathers (5) x3
[100% drop]
Sanosuke Icon
Sanosuke Lv15
9 10 60
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Ryujin Surprise Attack
40 300 1950 10 8
Tengu Feathers (3) Icon
Tengu Feathers (3) x3
Niel Icon
Niel Lv10
5 10 50
Gladys Icon
Spirit Queen
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Kijin's Awakening
70 400 2550 10 8
Tengu Feathers (5) Icon
Tengu Feathers (5) x2
[100% drop]
Tengu Feathers (3) Icon
Tengu Feathers (3)
[100% drop]
8 20 35
Ertel Icon
Ertel Lv12
Ruby Icon
Inherited Determination
90 620 3000 10 8
Tengu Feathers (5) Icon
Tengu Feathers (5) x5
Phyllis Icon
Phyllis Lv15
12 15 35
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow -
Soul-Linking Chains
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 10 46
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow

Fame Edit

Menu Fame

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 竜人たちの奇襲 (40/5) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 鬼神の目覚め (70/8) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Ranged (107)
Undead Youkai
Splash 133
2000 150 50
MR 50
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 6
1 UP
Green Kappa (Stealth) Sprite
Green Kappa (Stealth)
Ranged (87)
Magic 5000 200 150
MR 15
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 1
1 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Blue Oni (Mononoke) (Stealth) Sprite
Blue Oni (Mononoke) (Stealth)
Physical 6000 980 250
MR 20
Initial: 30
1 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Ao Bouzu Sprite
Ao Bouzu
Ranged (200)
Magic 11000 800 100
MR 40
Initial: 30
Move: 121
Missile: 0
1 UP

13000 1050 Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Heavenly King of Heavy Water Sprite
Heavenly King of Heavy Water
Ranged (187)
Magic 60000 400×3 900
MR 30
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 2
3 UP
Aoba (Stealth) Sprite
Aoba (Stealth)
Ranged (400)
Physical 7000 650 75
MR 10
Initial: 40
Move: 271
Missile: 0
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Ninja Master
Ninja Master
Ranged (160)
Physical 3000 500 30
MR 10
Initial: 14
Move: 1
Missile: 7
1 UP
Saki AW (Stealth) Sprite
Saki AW (Stealth)
Ranged (180)
Physical 9500 900 300
MR 10
Initial: 4
Move: 1
Missile: 7
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Benibotan (Stealth) Sprite
Benibotan (Stealth)
Ranged (200)
Physical 17000 450 150
MR 10
Initial: 8
Move: 31
Missile: 10
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless she is engaged with a blocker.
Konoha Sprite
Ranged (230)
Physical 10000 500 300
MR 10
Initial: 26
Move: 47
Missile: 2
3 UP
Black Tengu Sprite
Black Tengu
Ranged (40)
Physical 9000 800 1200
MR 20
Initial: 32
Move: 361
Missile: 0
2 UP
Kurama Sprite
Ranged (230)
Physical 25000 800 0 89
Initial: 26
Move: 47
Missile: 2
3 UP
Female Oni Sprite
Female Oni
Ranged (80)
Physical 9500 1500 100 195
Initial: 58
Move: 91
Missile: 0
2 UP
Attacks all units within range.
Ootakemaru Sprite
Magic 30000 1500 300
MR 60
Initial: 23
3 UP
True Ootakemaru Sprite
True Ootakemaru
Magic 30000 2500 300
MR 60
Initial: 23
0 UP
Immune to damage while Shoutouren/Daitouren is alive. When Shoutouren/Daitouren is slain, becomes weaker.
Shoutouren Sprite
Ranged (60)
Physical 40000 1200 1500
MR 30
Initial: 24
Move: 61
Missile: 0
3 UP
Fire Giant Sprite
Fire Giant
Magic 70000 2800 10 291
Initial: 50
3 UP
Units within range 140 suffer 15 damage per 0.167 seconds (90 damage per second).
Gigas Sprite
Physical 120000 3500 10 291
Initial: 70
0 UP
Gigas (Rock) Sprite
Gigas (Rock)
Ranged (320)
Physical 120000 1450 10 241
Initial: 31
Move: 141
Missile: 8
3 UP
Uses melee attack when blocked.
5000 541
Initial: 70
Red Oni (Mononoke) Sprite
Red Oni
Physical 5500 900 350
MR 20
Initial: 30
1 UP
Black Oni (Youkai) Sprite
Black Oni
Physical 10000 1250 650
MR 20
Initial: 30
1 UP
Cyclops (Black)
Cyclops (Black)
Physical 20000 2000 300 241
Initial: 100
2 UP
Konoha Sprite
Ranged (230)
Physical 10000 500 300
MR 10
Initial: 26
Move: 47
Missile: 2
3 UP

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Wounded Wings

Homura Icon ??? "——Haa... Haa... Why, why's it always outta my reach... I won't become like my old man like this... Ugh, ugh."

???: "... I hafta protect my fellow Tengu and the people of this land... I... must protect the humans and my friends' feathers——"

Soma Icon Soma: "——Prince, b-bad news! A winged girl...? No, a Tengu child has collapsed! She's badly wounded...!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "We visited the East Country upon Konoha-san and the others' request, but I never would've thought we'd find a young Tengu girl collapsed on the highway... Alyssa-san, please heal this child!"

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "Yes! This is... Both her wings and body are badly wounded... Just a moment, I'll cast a healing spell! Please bear with it!"

Homura Icon ???: "... Uugh, ... Who're you? And where're the Oni's underlings I was fighting with...? I see... I... lost again..."

???: "... Sorry for making you help me, but I got no time to rest. I hafta protect this settlement from the Oni's underlings... Though it looks like it's already too late for this area and my friends, there's still those further back and..."

Katie Icon Katie: "You're fighting with the Oni's servants, you say? Speaking of which, I heard you shouting about having to protect the people of this land and your comrade's feathers earlier, but...?"

Homura Icon ???: "Yeah... Recently, the bloody Oni've been attacking the Tengu throughout the land with the purpose of stealing their 'feathers' filled with divine power... Nah, more importantly, you guys also better get outta here."

???: "It looks like this area's been occupied by the bunch that attacked us Tengu. Once they've tended to their wounded from the fight with us Tengu, there's no doubt they'll also attack you guys and the people living further inland."

Katie Icon Katie: "I see, it sounds like repelling the Oni servants from this land is in order... However, please leave the fighting to us."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "She's right! Though I healed you with my healing spell, you're still in no shape to fight, you know? Please don't push yourself!"

Homura Icon ???: "I've never seen the like of your spell or gear in this country... You look like warriors from another land. Though it pains me to just sit here and watch, I'll leave this place to you, *gasp*..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "You can count on us, please rest quietly. ——Prince, in place of this Tengu girl, let's release this village from the Oni's servants!"

(stealth enemy appears)

Bashira Icon Bashira: "H-huh...? That Preta's presence is so weak...How strange! My arrows can't hit it at all!"

Homura Icon ???: "... That guy, that Gaki's holding 'Tengu feathers' that were stolen from us Tengu. It's using the divine power remaining in the feathers to hide its form..."

???: "Also, probably cause of the divine power, it looks like its health and strength's greater than the other Gaki. You guys better be careful! ... Kuh, uugh."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Like I said, please rest in the rear without straining yourself. ——Prince, I'll have the soldiers escort her to the back lines. Let us continue repelling the Oni's servants."

Katie Icon Katie: "I'm concerned about this divine power to conceal forms. However, so long as we seal their movements by directly blocking their path, I believe our bows and magic will be able to reach them."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Sounds like we'll need to stop the movements of the enemies holding the 'Tengu feathers' with our melee combatants. Prince, let's fight while keeping an eye out for them."


Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Somehow managed to subdue them. Now that we've stopped the means for them to head to the villages further in, I suppose you could call this a blessing in disguise..."

Katie Icon Katie: "... Wait. Prince, please hold a moment. Ask Alyssa-san to check on the girl from earlier. It looks like the Tengu have arrived."

(time passes)

Konoha Icon Konoha: "——Prince, Anna, so you repelled the Oni, eh? Sorry for causing you trouble so soon after arriving in our land. I give you my thanks for responding to our request for assistance."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Konoha-san! Also, Kurama-san and Guren-san are with you, right? I know I'm rushing things, but will you give us the reason for your request for assistance...?"

Guren Icon Guren: "Yeah. Recently, The Oni have been moving strangely. They've been attacking us Tengu and stealing our feathers... Furthermore, they're already on the verge of attacking even the human villages."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "Tengu feathers are vessels that store the source of what you call our divine power. So the Tengu that had their feathers stolen, while temporary, have lost that power, more or less..."

Kurama: "However, this is the first time Oni have attacked us for our feathers. What do the Oni intend to do by stealing and collecting our feathers...?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "So you're saying the Oni are plotting something by collecting 'Tengu feathers', which they've never done before, right?"

Guren Icon Guren: "That's the gist of it. ... However, let's not just look at this pessimistically. The Oni are using some of the feathers they've stolen in their fight, and it seems like the Prince has obtained some of those feathers in his prior battle."

Guren: "Once we reclaim the feathers and return their power to the Tengu that were attacked, they'll quickly regain their power on top of making a full recovery. ... For that reason. Greetings will have to come later, I must go."

Konoha Icon Konoha: "Umu, Kurama also has her duties as the princess of the Tengu village. I shall explain the details to the Prince on your behalf. Well then, Prince, let's move to a place where we can calm down and talk."

Konoha Introduction

Konoha Icon Konoha: "Sorry for rushing you, Prince. But we're suffering more losses than we anticipated..."

"Many Tengu have already had the divine power that resides within their feathers stolen during the Oni attack."

"We have capable Tengu like Guren moving out to reclaim the feathers from the Oni, but... the reality is that we're short of hands even when it comes to the defences of the Tengu village."

"Prince, I know this is a selfish request. But I beg of you, will you lend us your strength? Will you help us reclaim the 'Tengu feathers' from the Oni?"

"I don't need to say anything more? Sorry, I'm in your debt, Prince. What, how did I know that, you ask? Fufu, I can tell without listening to your response with my divine power."

"... Mu. It looks like there's another Tengu besides me that has a request for the Prince. Also, it seems she's hiding something within her bosom."

"Well then, I'll also head out to defend Mount Tengu. There's no way I can leave it to just my disciples. Prince, you better listen to what your next guest has to say."

Homura Introduction

Homura Icon ???: "——Yo. You're the Prince-sama of the Kingdom, right? I heard from Anna-san before coming here. ... Ack, my bad, that's no way to talk to the man that helped me and all."

"I'm Homura. I ditched my hometown and am now a wanderer. Thanks a bunch for treating my wounds. You have my gratitude."

"Thanks to your healing, both my wounds and wings are back to normal. ... Though, just curing my wounds won't make me fit for fighting till I restore the divine power in my feathers."

"But, all the more reason I can't sit idly by. Prince, you're going to fight to reclaim the feathers of my kin, right? ... Can I also come along?"

"......... Thanks. I won't forget this favour. I'll pay you back even if it takes the rest of my life."

"——By the way, Prince, you know a Tengu called Guren?"

"... I see. No, never mind. I was just, umm... He's my fath——N, no, my old man!"

"Long ago, I got into a fight about not forsaking the life of those being murdered without provocation, so I flew away from home... I don't wanna see his face till I'm a full-fledged adult."

"So, I want you and the rest of your friends to keep me a secret from my old man. Will you do that for me?"

Tengu Wing's Divine Power

Homura Icon Homura: "——By the way, what in the blue blazes are those Oni plotting...?"

Homura: "Ever since the Oni boss, Shuten Douji, was defeated, the Oni's activities have settled down, relatively speaking... So why're they after Tengu feathers...?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Homura-san, you're alone, but thoughtful all the same. It's understandable to be fretting over the situation where the Tengu are being hunted, but——"

Foot Soldier Icon Samurai: "——Someone! Anyone! Kuh... Even if we request assistance from the capital, there's no way we'll make it there in time..."

Soma Icon Soma: "Over there... Isn't that a Samurai-san from the East Country? Ah, excuse me! Is something the matter!?"

Foot Soldier Icon Samurai: "Hah... You're from the Kingdom...!! Listen to my request, please save the village up ahead...! An Oni leading the Kappa is about to attack it!"

Samurai: "The Kappa, on top of gaining power greater than normal for some reason, are in a state where they're being empowered by their rain-making ritual. We're powerless to do anything more against them...!"

Soma Icon Soma: "Understood. You guys please evacuate! But Kappa with the power of rain-making on top of being stronger than usual, he says..."

Kururu Icon Krile: "Homura-san, could they perhaps be misusing the divine power of the Tengu?"

Homura Icon Homura: "... No, it's difficult for even a great Tengu to control the weather. It's an even more unlikely story for one who isn't the owner of said feathers."

Homura: "However, it may not be impossible for Kappa, who're of the water to begin with, to call rain after gaining the divine power of the Tengu..."

Soma Icon Soma: "But if we're fighting in the rain, the visibility will be poor, making it hard to fire very far, so there'll be a disadvantage for those of us versed in ranged combat..."

Homura Icon Homura: "Not just that. Under the rain, the Kappa's power'll increase further. It would be nice if you could find some way to counter that, but..."

Kappa Icon Kappa: "Hyahhaa! Kekekekeh!! So there's humans here as weeell~!! We shall show you the power of the feathers we received from Master Oniiii!!"

Kururu Icon Krile: "Looks like they've spotted us. Prince, Feng Shui Users like me may be able to counter their rain. So make good use of us, OK?"

[Weather: Rain
Ally/Enemy 'range' debuffed
Units unaffected by weather won't have their 'range' debuffed.]

[Kappa under the 'rain' will have their attack power buffed.]


Kappa Icon Kappa: "Hiee, hiee~!? Have mercyyy! E, everything's the work of Master Oniiii~!!"

Homura Icon Homura: "Cease your squawking! If you value your lives, hand over the feathers and get lost!!"

Kappa Icon Kappa: "Hiee~ee!! W, w, we'll return them, Tengu-samaaa~!!"

(time passes)

Foot Soldier Icon Samurai: "——Prince-dono, thank you very much! ... Oops, a Tengu? U, uwaaahh!? Prince-dono, why have you brought a Youkai with you!?"

Homura Icon Homura: "........."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "Ah, excuse me, Homura-san is a Tengu-san that's helping the Kingdom for the sake of subduing the Oni!"

Foot Soldier Icon Samurai: "I, is that so? My apologies... Homura-dono, I beg your forgiveness...!"

Homura Icon Homura: "... Nah, it's fine. I've gotten used to stuff like this. There's still a mountain of people that haven't forgotten the memories of the battles with the Youkai in the East Country..."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "Homura-san... But..."

Homura Icon Homura: "We've saved this geezer and the people in the village. That alone's good enough for me. I'm sure my old man would say the same thing."

Homura: "There's not enough strength in me. My outstretched hands can never reach, the ones that should be saved are going to slip through these fingers."

Homura: "Like how my feathers were stolen by some Oni, I still can't show my face to my old man yet... Anyways, we hafta hurry. I have an idea what the Oni are after."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Homura Icon Homura: "Just a little further ahead is the land where we Tengu train. The Oni may have set their eyes on that place. I shall blow away the Oni's plot."

Aobouzu's Raging Flame

Fudou Icon Fudou: "——This presence, is this humble priest too late? A dense air of the uncanny is drifting about."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Kukkukku. Please steal the feathers and not leave a single one remaining. Tengu without their divine power are no match for us. With that power, we'll gather fear from the humans as well!"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "With both the humans' fear and the growing divine power, our next goal will be achieved without fail. Now then, let us next launch an attack on the Tengu village and——"

Homura Icon Homura: "Stop right there! You're the Heavenly King of Heavy Water, right!?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Oya, oya, you've arrived unexpectedly early, haven't you? However, we've already finished our business with the Tengu of this land. Without your feathers, you cannot use your divine power, such sad creatures."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Now then, since we have a great goal tasked to us, we do not have time to parley with you guys. In our stead, these ones shall be your playmates."

Homura Icon Homura: "Kuh, wait up!"

Fudou Icon Fudou: "Hold, Homura-dono. I see, so that one has been chosen to halt the steps of this humble priest and his companions. All of you, tighten your wits."

(Aobouzu Appears)

Homura Icon Homura: "That's... Aobouzu! Why has even the Aobouzu thrown their lot into the Oni's camp...? They've never joined hands with the Oni till now."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Aobouzu, you say? What in the world is that Youkai...?"

Homura Icon Homura: "Yeah. That guy's also like us Tengu, a Youkai that possesses great divine power. Even if we shift places, it has the power to create a deadly column of flame at our feet."

Fudou Icon Fudou: "I see, I heard of that one. Because of the greatness of its divine power, it's a Youkai that possesses high resistance even against magic."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "In that case, it's our turn! If we pelt it with our bullets and arrows from a distance, then it doesn't matter if it's resistant to magic!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, even if we were to pursue the Heavenly King of Heavy Water, we cannot ignore that party of Youkai. Let's quickly overcome the servants of the Oni!"


Bashira Icon Bashira: "Somehow managed to repel Aobouzu. We've also reclaimed several Tengu feathers as well, but..."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "The feathers of the Tengu-sans that were in this land have been taken by the Oni..."

Homura Icon Homura: "Kuh... Why, no matter what I do, my hands are one arm-length too short..."

Katie Icon Katie: "No, Homura-san. If it weren't for Homura-san, everyone who lost their power might've been trampled down by the Aobouzu."

Fudou Icon Fudou: "This humble priest agrees. Regret cannot be turned to neither gold nor sake. Therefore, it's liable to recklessly run you till your body's flame is exhausted."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "I, I don't want to burn out! But I'm also of the opinion that we move forward rather than look back in regret."

Homura Icon Homura: "... I guess you're right. Yeah, I don't have time to stop."

Homura: "That Heavenly King of Heavy Water guy, he said they're gonna attack the Tengu village. Prince, I'll guide you, so let's hurry."

Homura: "I'll continue stretching these hands till the day I collapse. ——Prince, I wanna be like you."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Tengu Village Defence Battle

Kurama Icon Kurama: "——The village is surrounded and we're outnumbered... Though we've halted their assault at the present moment, if only we had Konoha or Guren at the very least..."

Kurama: "No, nothing good will come of such talk. Rather, they also have things they need to accomplish. Still, for me to hold back the Oni running rampant is——"

(Heavenly King of Heavy Water Appears)

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "——No, your divine power shall also be surrendered to us here."

Kurama Icon Kurama: ""Heavenly King of Heavy Water...! And those I see behind you are Aobouzu? I never would have dreamed the Aobouzu would side with you Oni."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Though you Tengi continued to resist us Oni till now, I doubt you'll be a match for us Oni that subjugated the Aobouzu."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "It's obvious you have the upper hand. Since the hand is tilted in your favour, would it be within reason for you to explain yourselves? Why do you Oni seek our divine power?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Kukkukku... Very well, I shall tell you after I've humbly plucked each and every one of you feathers."

Homura Icon Homura: "——That's far enough, Heavenly King of Heavy Water! Kurama-sama, are you safe!?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "... Hoh, both the Prince and a Tengu escaped from the jaws of death. You've done well to follow me all this way, I shall give you my praise."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "Prince... and Guren's daughter! So you've finally come!"

Homura Icon Homura: "Ooops, save the talk for later, Kurama-sama. Now, let's focus on the Oni extermination."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Fumu... we've certainly lost the advantage. However, so long as we've stalled you, that's plenty for us."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "My team shall take over here. The infiltration team has penetrated the village and stolen the Tengu feathers. All for the sake of our next gambit!"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "Kuh... Prince, I'm counting on you to be his opponent. I shall take on the other team that invaded the village. Homura, you also be careful!"

Homura Icon Homura: "Yeah! Prince, sorry for always relying on you. But I have no one else to rely on but you. I leave this battle line to you...!!"


Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Kukkukku... As expected of the ones who cornered Shuten Douji-sama. You've made this quite a difficult battle, but..."

Kappa Icon Kappa: "Heavenly King of Heavy Water-samaaa! Most of our allies have been beaten, but as you can see, we've taken the feathers from the group in the villageee!"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "——Eei, waaiit, you! Return the feathers you've stolen from the villagers!"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "You're too late. You think we'll return them because you ask? With this, we've accomplished our mission! Kukuh... Hahahah!!"

Homura Icon Homura: "Accomplished your mission? What in the world do you mean by that——?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Now that Shuten Douji-sama is unable to move, a new power is required for us..."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "That's right, the power of 'Sealed Oni Ootakemaru'-sama!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——Ootake, maru?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Kukukuh... For you to not know the name of Ootakemaru-sama, as expected, the human race is grossly superficial in knowledge. However, soon that name shall become a symbol of terror."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "What's more, from the Tengu feathers we've gathered up to now, we've finished preparations for the ritual to remove the seal on Ootakemaru-sama. Well then, I'll be taking my leave. Kukkukku... Hahahahah!!"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "Kuh, for me to be unable to do anything but watch the Oni make their escape...! ... But right now I must confirm whether or not the villagers are safe. For them to use our feathers for Ootakemaru's revival is..."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Umm, about Ootakemaru, is it that strong of an Oni?"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "... The name of the Oni who bears overwhelming divine power and the three treasured swords that went on a great rampage through the East Country long ago. That name is Ootakemaru. ... Fumu, the reason the Aobouzu are obeying the Oni has been made clear."

Homura Icon Homura: "Not for Shuten Douji's sake, those guys were working for Ootakemaru... Does that mean they're attracted to the great divine power of the Oni in question?"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "That seems to be the case. Now then, Homura, you also come with. We must treat everyone. If you're fighting for the sake of justice, then this is another kind of battlefield, understand?"

Homura Icon Homura: "I, I know! If it's within my power, then leave everything to me. ——Well then, Prince, see you later!"

Tengus' Teaching

Kurama Icon Kurama: "——I see, so Konoha's Mount Tengu was safe. It's unfortunate that the peaceful lull was due to the Oni achieving their goal, but... that doesn't change the fact we should count our blessings."

Konoha Icon Konoha: "Umu. However, many Tengu were assaulted and lost their power. The way things stand, once Ootakemaru revives, we Tengu will be scattered to the winds unable to mount any resistance worth mentioning."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "An alarming situation, isn't it...? The Prince and the others are also fighting to reclaim the feathers, but even with their help, we're making moves after their second moves."

Konoha Icon Konoha: "The ninjas of the Kingdom and their other comrades are also working together to find the place of Ootakemaru's seal, but..."

Benibotan Icon Benibotan: "——Ah—geez!! What're you great Tengu-samas all mumbling about!?"

Benibotan: "If you're lacking in fighting power, then there are also things to do that you're not lacking in, right? If you lack strength, then there's good old-fashioned training!"

Konoha Icon Konoha: "... That is true. Since our current strength isn't acceptable, then there's always devoting ourselves to training. We must grow stronger to fill in for those unable to fight."

Aoba Icon Aoba: "... Since you put it like that, then there's something I want to ask of you, Master. If others can also make use of the divine power of the Tengu, won't you lend to us your Tengu feathers?"

Konoha Icon Konoha: "Muh, indeed, it's possible if we split the power of the feathers, but... Indeed, though it's a taboo to borrow and and lend our divine power in the first place, we're also training against the Oni using those feathers. An exception has to be made."

Saki AW Icon Saki: "Yoosh, Prince, I'll also join the enemy side. With the divine power of the Tengu, I shall have you at my mercy before you know it."

Aoba Icon Aoba: "... By the way, Master and the rest of the Tengu, don't use the divine power to conceal yourselves, OK? Make sure you don't use it unless you're helping the Prince..."

Konoha Icon Konoha: "The Karasu Tengu in training are unable to use the greater divine power. However, there's another reason for us greater Tengu to not use divine power in our match with the humans."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "There's many reasons, such as measuring our strength, for us greater Tengu to have a match with the humans. One-sidedly attacking with our divine power won't help in achieving those goals."

Konoha Icon Konoha: "So we won't use our divine power today. In order to deal with the Oni threat, training to increase our strength as much as possible is our goal."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "Yosh, well then, let's go, Prince. Have you prepared your heart? With this, let's begin the training!"


Homura Icon Homura: "That's enough!! This brings the mock battle to an end!"

Konoha Icon Konoha: "——Hoh, this is...! Umu, not bad. Kurama, do you also feel like you've struck upon something?"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "Yes, yes. Since it was a battle that differs from the usual, I feel like something has taken blossom in my heart."

Katie Icon Katie: "We were able also able to secure a means to counter the divine power to conceal oneself. However, we still haven't found a means to fill our insufficient fighting power——"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "——Ahh, aahh!! I just had a great idea! If we split the divine power like we did just now, hows 'bout we split that power with the Tengu that lost their feathers?"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "We also thought of that, but our power will weaken by giving part of our power to the Tengu that were attacked."

Konoha Icon Konoha: "I want to avoid diluting the power of us greater Tengu so long as it's necessary to defend and collect feathers with those capable of fighting. I know we're troubling the Prince, but it would be best to stick with your orthodox fighting strategy."

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "So it won't work that well, eh? Though I s'pose it's more'n the spirit of a bandit to plunder the Tengu feathers that were stolen by the Oni with our hands!"

Aoba Icon Aoba: "Since Master's divine power was a power greater than I imagined, I feel somewhat regretful, though. If only we could also use the divine power. However——"

Saki Icon Saki: "—Sharing their divine power with us will only serve to weaken the strength of our Tengu allies. It would be no different from what the Oni are doing."

Katie Icon Katie: "There's no victory in sacrificing others. We'll aim for victory by joining each of our own strengths together. ... That is how we fight, right Prince?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Homura Icon Homura: (These guys're amazing. They never thought to take even a step back before the might of that Oni army...)

Homura: (But I also... I also won't lose. Like my old man, I hafta become a Tengu that protects everyone that needs protecting.)

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, everyone, let's take a rest for now. It'll soon be time for the ninjas tracking the Heavenly King of Water to make their report."

Dragonewt's Assault

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——According to the report from the Shinobi, it looks like the Dragonewts are on the march."

Soma Icon Soma: "With such a large force, where in the world do you suppose they're headed...?"

Katie Icon Katie: "Based on the report, even the Dragonewts were using an art to conceal their form. There's also a possibility the Dragonewts are operating under the Oni's scheme..."

Claudia Icon Claudia: "In any case, I cannot ignore any Dragonkin invasion, whatever form it takes."

Kibahime Icon Kibahime: "Right. We cannot let these lizardmen do as they please. Who knows how much devastation they'll wrought. Prince, let's repel the lizardmen here!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Ryujin Soldier Icon Dragonewt Warrior: "Kukuku... Now that we have obtained the mysterious art from those Oni from another land, it is time to show our supremacy!!"

Dragonewt Warrior: "I do not care much for working with beings from another land, but for the time being, I must be thankful. However, on the dawn we lay waste to the surface, those Oni shall also——"

Claudia Icon Claudia: "That's far enough! We shall put and end to your schemes here!"

Ryujin Soldier Icon Dragonewt Warrior: "Muuh!? Bloody humans, already sniffed us out!? But you are too late!!"

Dragonewt Warrior: "We have obtained fathers possessed with a hidden art to conceal our form thanks to the Oni from another land! Your humanly attacks are no threat if they cannot hit us!"

(Dragonewt Mages [Stealth] Appear)

Claudia Icon Claudia: "Prince, what the Dragonewt magicians are using appears to be the Divine Power of the Tengu as we suspected. It should be possible for our ranged attacks to land so long as we block them!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "In order to reclaim the feathers that belong to the Tengu, let's wreck the Dragonewt's scheme here!"


Ryujin Soldier Icon Dragonewt Warrior: "Guuh! Retreat Retreeaat!!"

Claudia Icon Claudia: "The Dragonewts are starting to retreat. Somehow managed to reclaim the Tengu feathers as well."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "However, why do you suppose the Oni gave the Tengu feathers to the Dragonewt...?"

Kibahime Icon Kibahime: "... Probably to buy time. I don't know the details, but to release Ootakemaru's seal, a large-scale ceremony's necessary."

Claudia Icon Claudia: "So you're saying they set the Dragonewts on a rampage to divert our attention? But even so, I cannot ignore these Dragonewts..."

Kibahime Icon Kibahime: "Yeah, that's why the Prince came here with only some of our elite rather than the entire army, see?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Kibahime Icon Kibahime: "Besides, both the Kingdom's ninjas and all of the Tengu are searching, so I think it's only a matter of time before the location of the Oni is discovered. I went and told Kibashu to also help them."

Azami Icon Azami: "——Indeed. Prince, we discovered the location of the Oni."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Azami-san! Are you sure!?"

Azami Icon Azami: "Positive. ... However, the situation has turned urgent. Somehow, it looks like we don't have much time till the ceremony is completed."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Understood. Prince, let's quickly prepare for departure!"

Kijin's Awakening

Azami Icon Azami: "Here's the place that was in the report from Guren-dono, the spot where the ceremony to release Ootakemaru's seal is being carried out."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "Mu, so you've come, Prince. In that case, quickly prepare to assault them. You see, Guren flew off ahead on his own and——"

Homura Icon Homura: "Wh, what!? That stupid old man, he flew off alone!?"

Homura: "What foolishness... Prince, please! Let me also join you to the heart of the seal!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Homura-san, are you sure about reuniting with Guren-san?"

Homura Icon Homura: "... Now's not the time to be talking about that. My own selfish pride or the threat to everyone in the village and East Country. Even I know which's more important."

Homura: "There may also be something even I can do. With that said, there's no need for me to delay, is there? So I'll join you guys, Prince."

(Ootakemaru Appears)

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "——Kukuku, you seriously thought you puny beings would be a match for Ootakemaru-sama?"

Ootakemaru Icon Ootakemaru: "......... Thoughtless, senseless, spineless. This... is the Tengu of this generation...?"

Guren Icon Guren: "Keh, you know nothing... You fellows... you think you've already won? How loathsome. I've only begun to fight... Guu... h!!"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "So says the one whose body's knocking on death's door. Be that as it may, it's a fact that Ootakemaru's revival was due to the power of the Tengu feathers. As a sign of our gratitude, we shall finish you off with the power of those Tengu feathers."

Guren Icon Guren: "Kuh... Is this the end...? Homura, after all, I'mmm not fittt to be an an ally of justiceee. Now... I'm going to that side... So..."

Homura Icon Homura: "——Don't... Don't think your daughter will go along with that! Don't go off and die on me, you stupid old man! Keh... He's making a soothing sleepy-face."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Cheh! So you've already made it to this land...? However, the time is already late! Ootakemaru-sama has been resurrected! Come, Ootakemaru-sama, please scatter away the Prince as a warm up!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Homura-san, please take Guren-san to a safe place! Prince, defeat Ootakemaru here and strike down the Oni's plot!"


Konoha Icon Konoha: "——Did we do it!?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Kukkukku... Kukuku... Haa—h, hahahah!! Ootakemaru-sama is a Great Youkai that stands in the same league as Shuten Douji-sama, do you think this would be enough to slay him!?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Passed down into legend, the three treasured swords that protect Ootakemaru-sama... Did it ever cross your minds why you didn't see a single one of them in this place?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "The first sword, now's the time for it to make a return! Come, Aobouzu, pray with all of your souls!"

Fudou Icon Fudou: "What is this...!? Don't tell me it was sealed alongside Ootakemaru...? One of the three treasured swords...!!"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Yes, the first treasured sword, Shoutouren (小通連) was also sealed in this land. Come, I'll praise you all! Now is the time for Ootakemaru-sama's true revival!!"

Konoha Icon Konoha: "Kuh... Ootakemaru's standing up...!? Are you saying he's received the treasured sword's blessing and even his wounds have healed!?"

Homura Icon Homura: "——No, I won't allow it."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Muh? Well, well, if it isn't the Tengu that escaped death. Now is not your time on stage. You should quickly scram."

Homura Icon Homura: "Shut it, small fry. This ain't YOUR show. ——Hey, Prince, are you listening? That guy was saying this while he was unconscious."

Prince Icon Prince: ".........?"

Homura Icon Homura: "He was saying, 'I'm not fit to be an ally of justice, but I shall hold back Ootakemaru till the Prince, who is an ally of justice, has come.' Does that sound stupid or what?"

Homura: "However, my chest is on fire. I feel a wind beneath my wings. After all, I'm my old man's——I'm my father's daughter. Say, Prince, will you entrust the power of everyone's feathers to me just for now?"

Prince IconPrince: "......... (Nod)."

Homura Icon Homura: "Thanks, Prince. The power of everyone's feathers, and all of the Divine Power they represent, I shall borrow them just for now. Come, Prince, our counterattack begins——!!"

Inherited Will

Homura Icon Homura: "Come, Prince, our counterattack begins——!!"

Konoha Icon Konoha: "The Divine Power is starting to gather in Homura's feathers...! That girl regained her power as a Tengu by borrowing the power of the 'Tengu feathers' the Prince and the others collected!"

Kurama Icon Kurama: "However, probably due to it not being Homura's divine power to begin with... we're straining to do this much, so it won't last for long. Prince, use this brief opportunity to your advantage."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Kuh, you talk as if just one resurrected Tengu is all it would take to prevail against Ootakemaru... It is honestly unseemly..."

Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Well, whatever. If you want to die that much, then you may become Ootakemaru-sama's first sacrifice."

Ootakemaru Icon Ootakemaru: "......... Heavy Water, is it fine if I slay that man?"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "Of course, Ootakemaru-sama. The very reason I took on those hateful Tengu was to entrust this battle to you."

Ootakemaru Icon Ootakemaru: "... Kuku. It's been a while... this... warrior's spirit..."

(Shoutouren Appears)

Katie Icon Katie: "A blade appeared from the seal... Is that one of the resurrected treasured swords, the one called 'Shoutouren'...?"

Fudou Icon Fudou: "Prince, surely you also feel it...! Already from this distance, an unbelievable uncanny power is emanating from over yonder...!!"

Homura Icon Homura: "Prince, if the legends are true, then Ootakemaru is invincible as long as 'Shoutouren' is present. Whatever you do, make sure you break 'Shoutouren' first...!"

Fudou Icon Fudou: "Umu. But don't be careless. That treasured sword, I fear it is no ordinary object. Attacks based in magic should prove more effective than physical attacks."

Konoha Icon Konoha: "Prince, and Homura. Leave the Heavenly King of Water and his minions to us!"

Homura Icon Homura: "Understood! Konoha-sama, Kurama-sama, may the fortune of war be with you!"

Homura Icon Homura: "Now then, let's put an end to the Oni's ambitions here. So that the people won't have to shed tears. You got that, Ally of Justice Prince-sama?"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........!!"


Fudou Icon Fudou: "Kuh... Ootakemaru's on his knees, yet his Youki is expanding...!?"

Homura Icon Homura: "This is...!? 'Shoutouren' that was supposed to be shattered is...!?"

Ootakemaru Icon Ootakemaru: "Kuku... I see, this is pain... It's been so long, I've forgotten..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince! Ootakemaru is standing up, 'Shoutouren' also regained its former shape...!!"

Heavenly King of Heavy Water Icon Heavenly King of Heavy Water: "——Kuh, as I thought, we're at a disadvantage with him just awakened. Ootakemaru-sama! Right now, your body isn't at full strength. Let us leave them for next time."

Ootakemaru Icon Ootakemaru: "......... Very well. Honestly... it had a pleasant feeling... Human, your sword, I put into memory..."

Prince Icon Prince: ".........!"

Homura Icon Homura: "... Somehow, we won, I guess. Thank goodness... I'm already... outta breath... ..."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "H, Homura-san!? D, don't push yourself any more!"

Konoha Icon Konoha: "You bloody fool, accepting that much divine power that isn't your own. You've exhausted yourself in both flesh and soul."

Kurama Icon Kurama: "However, she's making a face like she's quite pleased with herself. I cannot bear to wake her, Prince, would you please carry her on your back?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Things have settled for the time being. There was nothing wrong with Guren-san either."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "However, a new threat has been resurrected... Let us also return to base so that we may decide our future course of action."

Homura Epilogue

Guren Icon Guren: "——Ohh, pardon my intrusion. You were... How to put it. You were a great help. My falling unconscious was most deplorable."

"Both Konoha and Kurama currently have their hands full with the aftermath. So I'll explain the situation in their stead."

"Thanks to the Prince and the others gathering the 'Tengu feathers', the Tengu that lost their power are beginning to regain their divine power."

"However, that doesn't hold true for all of them. We may need a little more time to retake all the feathers in the Oni's possession."

"Both Konoha and Kurama are keeping an eye on the Oni's movements. We'll have to persevere whatever situation arises next."

"——By the way, Prince. This is just me making small talk."

"... But when I lost consciousness, I had a dream. In it, my daughter, whom I don't know whether she's alive or dead, was running out to me with you, Prince. Well, it's that kinda dream."

"Such sentimental dreaming's totally unlike me...... But I couldn't shake the thought from my head it would become—somehow, someday—a prophetic dream."

"So, there's one thing I wish to request of you. When my daughter someday becomes a full-fledged adult, I'm thinking of entrusting my woven Tengu fan... to her."

"Supposing if my dream comes true someday, and supposing if you meet Homura, Prince, then——"

"Once she's become a full-fledged Tengu, if you wouldn't mind, give her this fan for me, will you?"

"——Heh, I'm in your debt. I'll treat you to a round of drinks next time as thanks. Well then, I shall begin searching for the remaining feathers."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——Homura-san, are you really sure about not meeting him?"

Homura Icon Homura: "It's OK. I'm (watashi)——No, I'm (ore) not fit to be called a full-fledged adult yet."

"Once I can stand before him with my chest held high, then I'll go meet him myself when that time comes."

"More importantly, Prince, I have another favour. With your permission, may I also fight with you in the pursuit of becoming an adult someday, Prince?"

"The strength of the man my old man approved of, how to fight, how to live, I want to learn it all. ——is that a no?"

"......... Heheh, thanks, Prince. Ahh, please keep it a secret from my old man! Got that!?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "But Homura-san, you shouldn't push yourself till you've recovered your divine power, OK?"

Homura Icon Homura: "I, I kno—ow! Well then, Prince, once my divine power's back to normal, please look after me!"

Soul-connecting Chain

Elene Icon Helene: "——This heat, somehow looks like we're close to the destination..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Supposedly a fire giant appeared in this area, but do you figure the giants are plotting something again?"

Elene Icon Helene: "Hm... This presence... No mistake. Up ahead is a fire giant..."

Soma Icon Soma: "... Huh? O, over there, isn't that a girl standing in front of the giant!?"

Spiria Icon ???? (Spiria): "——Geez, what did I do to deserve this...? Hot, I said you're hot! Stay awaaay...!!"

Elene Icon Helene: "... Oh no. Prince, we have to save that girl..."

Leeanne Icon Lean: "Kuh, such heat...! Oi, are you OK? Hurry and come this way!!"

Spiria Icon ???: "Th, thanks... Eh, aah! You people!! I was worried about you and followed you out here, you know!?"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........?"

Spiria Icon ???: "It's because you entered this giant-infested cave that I followed you to prevent you from falling into danger! Because of that, a fire giant suddenly showed up and..."

Leeanne Icon Lean: "I see... You got caught up in this? Understood, we'll protect you, so stand behind us. From here, we'll be fighting this guy."

Spiria Icon ???: "——No."

???: "I was worried about you, so it would damage my pride as a noble if you died in this forsaken place without my knowing."

???: "So, I'll also fight. I can shoulder everyone's wounds and distribute it to those around us. Don't you suppose that would be useful to have on the front lines?"

Katie Icon Katie: "... Prince, it doesn't look like we have time to bicker and argue. The giants' footsteps are growing close!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, fire giants are shrouded in a magical flame, so just being near it will deliver damage. Please show plenty of caution when you give your orders!"


Katie Icon Katie: "... Fire giant extermination complete. The other giants are also starting to flee."

Spiria Icon ???: "... I'm shocked. You were strong. Which country's army are you, I wonder?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "We're from the Kingdom. I believe I heard you say something about being a noble earlier, but..."

Spiria Icon ???: "... Well, forget that. My story makes me merely a former noble. More importantly, thank you for coming to my rescue. You're that 'soft-hearted Prince', I presume?"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........?"

Spiria Icon ???: "Fufu, there were rumours in the nearby village. Ones about you going around and helping people from all over. Rumours that there's a strange prince in the Kingdom."

Spiria: "——I am Spiria. I have taken an interest in you. If it's no imposition, I'll pay you a visit in the Kingdom, OK?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: ".........!"

Spiria Icon Spiria: "Well then, I still have other business. We shall part ways here. Once again, thank you very much for coming to my rescue, Prince-sama?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... She was one who bore a mysterious power. Prince, for now, let's finish the giant extermination and return to the Kingdom."

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Ōtakemaru Trivia

TRANSLATION: a nickname meaning “great mountain peak”

APPEARANCE: Ōtakemaru is a kijin—an oni so powerful and so violent that he is considered both demon (ki) and god (jin). He lived in the Suzuka Mountains on the border of Ise and Ōmi Provinces during the reign of Emperor Kanmu (781 to 806). Although his legend is not so well-known today, he was once considered among the most fearsome yōkai in Japanese history. Along with Shuten dōji and Tamamo no Mae, he is part of the Nihon san dai yōkai, or Great Three Yōkai of Japan.

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