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Kingdom Academy's Tengu Class (王国学園天狗組) is a star rush urgent mission running from 08/04/2021 to 22/04/2021.


This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Reward Condition Additional Reward
Earn 1 star Kaname joins Clear 1 mission Guren (School) joins Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 2 stars Homura (School) joins Clear 2 missions Initial Level 70 Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 3 stars Skill Level 2 Clear 3 missions Skill Level 10 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 4 stars Skill Level 3 Clear 4 missions UP Cost -1 (-1) Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 5 stars UP Cost -1 (-1) Clear 5 missions UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 9 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 6 stars Initial Level 10 Clear 6 missions UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 4 Clear 7 missions UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 11 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 8 stars Skill Level 5 Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 9 stars UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 14 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 10 stars Skill Level 6 Earn 15 stars Gold Armor
Earn 11 stars Initial Level 25 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 12 stars Skill Level 7 Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 13 stars UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 21 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 14 stars Skill Level 8 Earn 22 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 15 stars Initial Level 40 Earn 23 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 16 stars Skill Level 9 Earn 24 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 17 stars UP Cost -1 (-4) Earn 25 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 18 stars Skill Level 10 Earn 26 stars Spirit Queen
Earn 19 stars UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 27 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 20 stars Initial Level 55
Earn 21 stars Initial Level 70
Earn 22 stars Victoire
Earn 23 stars Freude
Earn 24 stars Diamond x2
Earn 25 stars Onyx
Earn 26 stars Diamond x3
Earn 27 stars Platinum Ring x1


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Call Me Guren-Sensei From Today Onwards
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Unit) A Icon.png
Soldier (Unit) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 57
Beer Icon.png
Beer -
School Assembly of Wind and Clouds
30 200 1275 10 8
Merone Icon.png
Merone Lv8
Wilfred Icon.png
Wilfred Lv8 x2
2 10 51
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Tengu Leader Homura
40 250 1500 10 8
Soma Icon.png
Soma Lv10
Kagerou Icon.png
Kagerou Lv10
3 10 65
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
IDOL, I'll Be In Your Care!!
50 300 2250 10 8
Elaine Icon.png
Elaine Lv12
Sharon Icon.png
Sharon Lv12
5 20 78
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon.png
All enemies deal magic damage
Youkai NIGHT
70 350 3000 10 8
Palace Icon.png
Palace Lv15
Percis Icon.png
Percis Lv15
6 15 57
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon.png
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Extreme Little Devils At the Opera
40 270 1800 10 8
Phyllis Icon.png
Phyllis Lv10
Ricardo Icon.png
Ricardo Lv10
4 10 50
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon.png
Choice Sake
Special Attack Banchō Giovanni
50 300 2250 10 8
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv12
Dorca Icon.png
Dorca Lv12
5 10 71
Nicholaus Icon.png
Nicholaus Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Fight Between Men and Men
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
2 15 25
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon.png
Spirit of Rainbow
Great Head Ouji
70 350 3000 10 8
Mischa (School) Icon.png
Mischa (School) Lv15
Corin Icon.png
Corin Lv15
6 10 37
Niel Icon.png
Niel Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Allied units' physical damage dealt is reduced by 90%

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Student Swordsman Sprite.png
Student Swordsman
Physical 2000 380 150 131
Initial: 20
1 UP
Honors Student Swordsman Sprite.png
Honors Student Swordsman
Magic 5400 540 150 131
Initial: 20
1 UP
Student Archer Sprite.png
Student Archer
Ranged (100)
Physical 1600 320 90 166
Initial: 30
Move: 121
Missile: 3
1 UP
Homura (School) Sprite.png
Homura (School)
Ranged (230)
Magic 9800 460 120
MR 10
Initial: 26
Move: 47
Missile: 15
3 UP

21000 1400 240
MR 10
Rindou Sprite.png
Ranged (80)
Physical 50000 2000 200
MR 10
Initial: 18
Move: 81
Missile: 0
3 UP
Has an aura.
Attacks all units within range.
Anri (School) AW Sprite.png
Anri (School)
Ranged (330)
Magic 13000 600 50
MR 10
Initial: 25
Move: 61
Missile: 7
3 UP
Attacks all units within range simultaneously.
Raichi (School) CC Sprite.png
Raichi (School)
Ranged (120)
Splash 146.67
17500 1160 900
MR 15
Initial: 40
Move: 81
Missile: 6
3 UP
Mischa (School) CC Sprite.png
Mischa (School)
Magic 12000 1100 250
MR 10
Initial: 16
3 UP
Chloe (School) AW Skill Sprite.png
Chloe (School)
Physical 12000 900 400
MR 50
Initial: 24
3 UP
Kurama Sprite.png
Ranged (230)
Physical 25000 200 0 89
Initial: 26
Move: 47
Missile: 2
3 UP
When the Red Tengu Warriors are defeated, will become stronger after a set time.
Konoha Sprite.png
Ranged (230)
Physical 10000 500 300
MR 10
Initial: 26
Move: 47
Missile: 2
3 UP
Ramii Sprite.png
Ranged (300)
Magic 24000 1000 260 137
Initial: 12
Move: 101
Missile: 0
3 UP
Remii AW Sprite.png
Ranged (300)
Magic 30000 1100 300 137
Initial: 12
Move: 101
Missile: 0
3 UP
Fuuko Sprite.png
Ranged (300)
Physical 24000 800 500 137
Initial: 12
Move: 101
Missile: 5
3 UP
Kuuko AW Sprite.png
Ranged (300)
Physical 30000 850 500 131
Initial: 16
Move: 101
Missile: 5
3 UP
Ethnea (School) AW Sprite.png
Ethnea (School)
Physical 15000 700 100
MR 10
Initial: 26
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 2 times (total of 3 lives).

Becomes stronger with each resurrection.

20000 1200 400
MR 20
Initial: 26
0 UP
25000 1800 800
MR 30
Initial: 26
3 UP
Guren (School) Sprite.png
Guren (School)
Ranged (230)
Splash 133.33
16000 580 200
MR 10
Initial: 26
Move: 47
Missile: 6
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all enemies by 50%.
Giovanni (School) Enemy Sprite.png
Giovanni (School)
Ranged (270)
Physical 61000 750 80 251
Initial: 21
Move: 201
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attracts ranged attacks. Upon reaching 50% HP, becomes stronger.
91500 750


Menu Fame.png

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 歌劇で過激な小悪魔たち (40/4) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 特攻番長ジョヴァンニ (50/5) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Guren-sensei Starting Today

Student Icon.png Student: "——You the new teach?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Ooh, what's with you guys? Trying to grow up to be bandits?"

Student Icon.png Student: "Hey, watch your tongue! Don't get a big head just cause you're a teach, hey!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Keh, I see. So 'this' is the reason I became a school teacher."

Student Icon.png Student: "Aahn? Whaddya know!? The school's in the middle of a war right now, hey!"

Student: "Don't dilly-dally in the road to our Nyan-nyaka Bodyguard Team's victory, scram teach!!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "... Yare-yare. Though misbehaving is the right of the young..."

Guren: "Stopping such brats is also an adult's duty. ——Very well, come. I'll show you an adult."

(Yankees Appear)

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Oya...? The one over there is Guren and those must be students from the school, right?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "What are they do——eh, ahh, huh? Doesn't it look like they're about to fight!?"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Could there be an incident at the school...? Prince, let's quickly arbitrate!"


Student Icon.png Student: "Kuh... I remember this! You guys, retreat! Nyan-nyaka-nya—n!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "... They're skilled at withdrawing, eh? As expected of the school lessons in these parts, their form is perfect."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Guren-san, what on earth happened?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Huh, I haven't the foggiest, either. But these students certainly are a pleasant bunch."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "P, pleasant... bunch...? There's nothing good about fighting..."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "No, no, for hot-blooded youth, they need a moment to trade blows from time to time."

Guren: "Besides, the students being stupidly rambunctious is proof the world's better than it was, you know?"

Guren: "——However, there is one problem."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... *gulp*. A, a problem...?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "The school where the problem is happening... It all started right when my daughter enrolled."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Aah, you're worried about her, right?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Sh, shut it. I'm merely concerned about the trouble she's up to!"

Guren: "For that reason, I'll be heading to the school. Starting today, I'll be 'Guren-sensei'."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "... What on earth do you suppose is happening at the school? Prince, for the sake of the students carrying our future, why don't we do a short inspection of the school?"

Student Assembly Called Fuuun

Fuuun (風雲): literally means wind and clouds, but is used to imply social unrest and those using that to pursue their ambition

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "From today, I, Guren, shall be teaching at this school. For that reason, please look after me."

Student Icon.png Student A: "You have some nerve showing your face at school! I haven't forgotten the morning debt!!"

Karin Icon.png Karin: "Hey, please be quiet during school assembly! Guren-sensei, did something happen between you and them?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Yeah, we bumped on the way to school. However, that's some spirit. There's some hope for you, kid."

Guren: "——Yo, loser dog, for a brat, don't try acting cool, OK? If you have a complaint, then say it. Good adults don't run."

Student Icon.png Student A: "Don't get carried away, hey! Let's go, Nyan-nyaka Bodyguard Team! Let's make our idol the school's top!"

Student Icon.png Student B: "Aahn!? The school idol's obviously Homuracchi-san!?"

Student Icon.png Student A: "Say what!? Say that again, I dare you!!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——Keh, youth is sublime. You guys, I'll take you all on. The victory will say who's at the top, kay!?"

Karin Icon.png Karin: "Ah, umm... Please don't hurt yourselves? OK?"

(Homura Appears)

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: (Missing Text)

Homura: "Gah, I'm late for school assembly... That Lehren-sensei... Hah, in any case, I'm gonna get an earful from Karin-sen... sei...?"

Homura: (O, oh craaaaaaap!? Why's my father at schooool!? I need to escape before he spots me...!!"

Student Icon.png Student B: "Ahh, iccha Homuracchi-san!! Please listen, Homuracchi-san, these guys were talking smack about——"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "Daaaaaaaaa!! Don't call out to me! He's gonna notice, you know!?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——Hoh, Homuracchi, Homura, is that you...?"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "Damnit, since it's come to this... I'll run! Run!! Do whatever you want, stuuuupid!!"


Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——Fuu, so that's how she wants to be?"

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "The school's peace and order is worsening in the blink of an eye..."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "That's just how the young are. They're a bundle of resentment over the gaps in reality and their own overinflated sense of omnipotence that's about to explode."

Guren: "But these guys have gone a tad bit too far... Oi, you, explain the situation."

Student Icon.png Student A: "Wh, why me...?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Why? Cause it's student guidance, that's why. I, Guren-sensei, swear I'll accept your resentment."

Student Icon.png Student A: "... S, sensei...? ... Understood. I'll talk..."


Katie NPC Icon.png Katie: "——In other words, you're saying a war is happening among the students to determine who's the top of the school?"

Lehren Icon.png Lehren: "I guess it's because the school's an offshoot of the military academy. I've seen my fair share of fights among hot-blooded youth, but this one's getting a little too big."

"Also, I recall the students forming factions. Right now there's four of them scraping away at each other."

"The first the school store's idol fan club, the 'Nyan-nyaka Bodyguards'."

"The second hasn't contributed much to the war, but it's been expanding its forces in secret, the 'Little Demon Girls Protection Squad'."

"The third hasn't been openly active; however, they've been getting undesirably noticeable at this crucial stage, the 'Regent Pirates'."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——And the one the hot-blooded youngsters belong to is the 'Homuracchi Gang'?"

T/L Note: '愚連隊' (Gang) is read as Guren-tai

Lehren Icon.png Lehren: "There you go. In any case, each of their heads have declared themselves the strongest and haven't budged back a single step."

Karin Icon.png Karin: "Fighting is also one of life's experiences, so we didn't try to meddle in their affairs too much, but..."

"Now that it has turned into a war between factions, there's a possibility it won't end with just a few scrapes and bruises. That's the reason why we invited Guren-sensei to our school."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "I see, in that case, I am the right man for the job. I've already thought of a solution."

Karin Icon.png Karin: "R, really!? What kind of solution!?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "These kids, starting to see the adults lording over them at the same eye level, aren't satisfied."

"——So, we'll also join the war. We'll make the Prince our head and take the top of the school. We'll take them on fair-and-square, face-to-face."

Karin Icon.png Karin: "... Wha, ehh, eeeeh!?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: For that reason, Prince. Let's go steal the seat of the first supreme leader."

Tengu Boss Homura

Student Icon.png Student: "Homuracchi-san! Let's crush that teach called Guren!"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "N, no! Absolutely not!! By the way, I had no intention of being your head, you know!?"

Student Icon.png Student: "No, no, Homuracchi-san, aren't you the girl Bancho who OHKO'd us the first day you enrolled!?"

T/L Note: Bancho (School Guardian) are the top delinquents at a school, often bullying the student body and fighting off delinquents from other schools

Student Icon.png Student: "That day, that time, you repainted the school's power dynamic...!!"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "Shaddup!! Stop that Homuracchi-san, will you!?"

Student Icon.png Student: "Wh, why!? Homuracchi-san's the first one who said 'call me Homuracchi~♪'!?"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "I, I just messed up my school debut at full power! Call me Homura normally! You great idiots!!"

Student Icon.png Student: "Th, then Homura-san... In any case, Homura-san, we can't just forgive that teach called Guren!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——Heeh, you can't forgive who? Say it one more time, you evil brats."

Student Icon.png Student: "!?"

Student: "He showed up...!? You're a hundred years too early to make us listen to what you say. Homura-san, let's get him!!"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: (O, old man! Why're you here!?)

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: (For your own good, sit quiet and pretend to be their head. I'll go easy on you.)

Guren: "You guys are wastes of air attached to Homura. Fight me at full strength and the loser will be the winner's underling. ——Well?"

Student Icon.png Student: "Hah, don't look down on us, teach—! Let's get him, Homura-san!!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Yosh, well then, let's get this started. Now let's go, our head——Prince!!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........!!"

Student Icon.png Student: "Wha, wha, wha, say what—!?"


Student Icon.png Student: "I can't believe it... The teaches fought us fist-to-fist, no holds barred..."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "I wasn't all that confident fighting with fists, but... But this is not bad, is it?"

Student Icon.png Student: "Yeah, it feels nice. As promised, we'll be your underlings..."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... Thanks, old man. Honestly, I didn't know what to do."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Yare-yare, stupid daughter. They joined cause they admired you, didn't they? In that case, caring for them's also the mark of an adult."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "But I'm still not an independent Tengu..."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "You were a born leader from the beginning. You don't know whether you have the ability to lead unless you actually lead some underlings."

Guren: "Besides, I already acknowledged your independence, didn't I?"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... Mm, thanks."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Now, Prince, where we heading to next? Let's show these punks a real head."

Best Regards, Idol

夜露死苦 (Yoroshiku): this is a kanji compound that reads as 'Yoroshiku' (please look after me) but using Kanji that literally mean 'Night Dew, Painful Death'. Writing Yoroshiku this way is generally used by young delinquents and homo-fascist leathermen. The map title shares the same name as a music track composed by Yoko Shimomura for Squaresoft's 'Live a Live' Super Famicom game which has the translated title of 'A Painful Death at the Hands of a PSYCHO!!'

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "——This is where the fiercest fighting is happening between each faction. The outdoor special school store——nicknamed, Nyan-nyaka Land."

Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Nyan-nyaka-nya—n! The school store has begun its bread sale—!!"

Student Icon.png Student: "Uooooooh!! Protect the school store idol, Minette-chaaaan!!"

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Waah!? I can't buy bread like this, you know!?"

Nenya (School) Icon.png Nenya: "Hey! Please move! How am I supposed to buy bread—!?"

Mischa (School) Icon.png Mischa: "Breadroll! Umm, breadroll pl——kyaa!?"

T/L Note: Literally koppe-pan (a special type of breadroll)

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "——Hey. If this keeps up, the 'Nyan-nyaka Bodyguards' are gonna buy out all the bread."

Raichi (School) Icon.png Raichi: "Fuffu—n, Minette-chan. Today's sales are a great success—!"

Anri (School) Icon.png Anri: "Hmmm, but it's a problem that it's always the same people buying them out..."

Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Nyanyan... Even if I increase the stock, they get bought out. They sure are hungry boys—"

Minette: "But they need to form an organised line, right!?"

Minette: "Everyo—ne! Form a line—! Se—no, nyan-nyaka-nya—n!"

Student Icon.png Student: "Uoooooh! Nyan-nyaka! Uoooooh! Nyan-nyaka-nya—n!"

Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Wah, wawah—!? Everyone, stop! Please sto—op!?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "... Oops, this is not good. Prince, let's rescue lady Minette-chan."


Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Geez, the people fighting in the school store are all forbidden from buying bread—!! If you don't get along with everyone, I won't forgive you, you know—!?"

Student Icon.png Student: "Y, yes! Sorry!!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "... It's unexpected, but it seems this was all it takes to quell the 'Nyan-nyaka Bodyguards'."

Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Ahh, Homura-chan's Otou-san——I mean, Guren-sensei, Prince-sensei! Are you having lunch by any chance? Are you?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Nyan-nyaka-nya—n! With this, the Minette School Store will also be a purveyor to the Kingdom—!"

Minette: "Hah, in that case, won't you have lunch with everyone? I bet you'll enjoy it—!"

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Lunch with everyone!? M, may I also join in...?"

Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Of course—! It feels like everyone's having a picnic outdoors~♪"

Youkai NIGHT

N/A (No Story)

Vicious Little Demons on Stage

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Chloe-chan, the Mini Mecha Dragon's hobby isn't to hurt people!"

Chloe (School) Icon.png Chloe: "Kukuku, but the Dark Mini Mecha Dragon has been bestowed power by this Dark Chloe. Power to conquer the world!"

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "No way... Chloe-chan. We were having so much fun playing with the Mini Mecha Dragon, so why!?"

Chloe (School) Icon.png Chloe: "Because Evil Chloe——huh, was it Dark? Well, whatever, Jet-Black Chloe, you see, unlike Ethnea, wasn't doing Mini Mecha Dragon to play."

Student Icon.png Student: "Kuh... How did this happen? In the past, you two got along so well, so why did you become bitter enemies...!?"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "... They chewed up the script earlier, but will that part be OK?"

Student Icon.png Student: "... Well, since Ethnea Nee-san's having fun, isn't it all good? Isn't Ethnea Nee-san making YOU mellow-mellow, Eithne Nee-san?"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "That's cause my partner's already shining! But please put me in the main role of the next script, OK?"

Student Icon.png Student: "Ussu, I'll deliver a script where you can make out all lovey-dovey-su. ——Oops, while we were talking, we're almost at the climax, Eithne Nee-san!"

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Chloe-chan, there's no longer a need for words between us... right?"

Chloe (School) Icon.png Chloe: "Errr, what? ... Yeah, whenever we fought, we settled it with a Mini Mecha Dragon Battle."

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Only when we battle, even if we don't say anything, our hearts reach other——that is a Mini Mecha Dragon. Here I go, Chloe-chan!!"

Chloe (School) Icon.png Chloe: "——Ready...!!"

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Mini Mecha Dragon Battle!!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——I see, I heard they weren't participating in the war, but that doesn't mean these two don't intend to take the top..."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "A group of evil brats are helping with Ethnea's make believe play, right?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Indeed, they destroyed the school in the athermath and blew the regular students away. We'll have to teach these guys there's a limit to play."

Guren: "Come, Head, let's make these shabby and timid monks understand."


Student Icon.png Student: "Scuse me, Nee-sans... I know you wanted to make it ever brilliant, but we've increased the number of fireworks too much recently..."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "It doesn't help you below up the school. In any case, tone down your make-believe play a little more in the future, OK?"

Student Icon.png Student: "Y, yes! Homura-san! ... Ah, umm, Nee-sans, though it's the next script-su, may I revise it-su...?"

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Of course! I was having so much fun, sorry for not noticing the damage, OK...?"

Chloe (School) Icon.png Chloe: "... But it was fun. Guess I got a little excited by having friends."

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "Muh... Chloe-chan, are you calling me your friend?"

Chloe (School) Icon.png Chloe: "Course, Eithne's a friend too. But I won't give up the role of Ethnea's partner."

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "Wha, I won't lose to you—!!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "... Fuh, with this, the 'Little Demon Girls Protection Squad' has settled down."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "All that remains is the largest and oldest, the school's Bancho, the 'Regent Pirates'."

Homura: "At last, the baddest of the bad takes the stage. Yoo, Prince, do you have the guts?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "!!"

Kamikaze Bancho Giovanni

Giovanni's Minion A Icon.png Pirate A: "——Anikii! Report-su!! Seems the new teach has been going nuts at the school-su!!"

Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "Whaaat? Some new teach's disrupting the school's public morals, we can't let this slide."

Giovanni's Minion B Icon.png Pirate B: "The Homuracchi Gang's been forced until his wing, and the head, Homuracchi, also obeying him like a scolded daughter-su..."

Giovanni's Minion A Icon.png Pirate A: "It sounded like the Nyan-nyaka Bodyguards were forced to share a sake toast in the school yard-su... While eating the school store's bread on a picnic blanket..."

Giovanni's Minion B Icon.png Pirate B: "And there's something about the largest martial arts faction, the Little Demon Girl Protectors that destroyed the school and blew away the regular students, has their cherished Mini Mecha Dragon busted up..."

Giovanni's Minion A Icon.png Pirate A: "Aniki!! We can't be wasting our time here-su!! Cause it's like Aniki always said-su! ——This school!!"

Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "This school is a house of learning the Prince built for the sake of the Kingdom's future! The shabby monk who dares to destroy its public morals will dance with defeat beneath the Regent Pirates!!"

Giovanni's Minion A Icon.png Pirate A: "Uooooooohh!! Well said, Aniki!! For the sake of great Prince Aniki, let's take back the school's peace!!"

Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "Oooh!! You guys, let's get 'em, koraa!!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——Hoh, looks like they have spines. Already coming out with a shout."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... Huh, Giovanni? Wasn't Giovanni smitten with the Prince?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "People change, or how does it go? All worldly things are impermanent..."

Guren: "Whatever, we cannot speak with anything other than our fists... That's the kind of creature man is, Homura."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... Old man. Understood. Old man, Prince, let's smack some sense into Giovanni!"


Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "Hm...? Oi, oi-oi-oi-oi! Wait a second, you guys!! Look at who we're fighting! It's Prince! It's Prince and friends!?"

Giovanni's Minion A Icon.png Pirate A: "Ehh...? F, for real! It's great Prince Aniki!?"

Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "Stop you guys—!! Stop fighting! Ceasefire!!"

Giovanni: "P, Prince! The bloody hell are you doing in this kinda joint!?"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "The Prince heard there was a commotion at this school and came to investigate the matter."

Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "For real... We just thought it was a new teach acting all high 'n mighty..."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "... I see, so you Regent Pirates were making a racket about protecting the public morals of this school?"

Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "Yeah, though we suffered a few, minor losses at the force of recent students..."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... Well, it can't be helped about that bunch, yep. I think Giovanni did good."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——No, that disqualifies him from being the Bancho. You can't let 'em do as they please on your turf, naturally you'd get licked."

Guren: "Homura, you too. You have to be a model for your children if you're to be a girl Bancho."

Giovanni (School) Icon.png Giovanni: "... Guren-sensei. Yeah, you're right. Studying that sort of stuff is why I came here."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... A role model. Right, I still haven't done anything for the bunch that idolise me..."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "........."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Prince is also Prince, don't make such a thoughtful face. There's no way you can come to inspect every day there's an incident at the school, you know?"

Guren: "At times like these, don't you believe it'll be quicker to let them know with one shot who the head of this school is?"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Ah, umm, what are you implying we do?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "It's been decided. We'll follow the traditions of the Kingdom since the day of the Hero King and decide with bare-knu——well, in any case, we'll decide it through fighting."

Men Versus Men Battle

Student Icon.png Student: "You heard? The new teacher and Prince are having a one-on-one."

Pirate Minion Icon.png Pirate Student: "For real!? We're gonna witness the Prince fighting before our eyes!?"

Student Icon.png Student: "The new teacher is also a Tengu that scuffled with that Ootakemaru one-on-one! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"

Pirate Minion Icon.png Pirate Student: "... To see the Prince that saved the world and brought peace, I decided on entering this school thinking I want to be that kind of man..."

Student Icon.png Student: "Yeah, a fight between men... I'm sure this fight will be forever spoken as the golden age of the Kingdom!"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "——Eh, why're my old man and the Prince having a mock... I mean, getting caught up in a fight?"

Raichi (School) Icon.png Raichi: "The kids entering this school are, more or less fans, of the Prince and the Kingdom Army, I guess."

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "That so? Even if they're fans of the Prince, there's also many students that haven't gone to the battlefields the Prince has fought... Could such a bunch really be the form of this school's head...!"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "That's how it is, Homura. It's because the height they're aiming for is vague they've went off the path."

Guren: "So, they need to witness the truly cool way to live from this school's head——the Prince himself."

Guren: "For that reason, Prince. I've also finally awoken the burning flame I had in the past. I ask that you give this one a serious fight...!!"

[While Guren is present, all enemy AT/DF buffed.]


Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "——Guhah... As expected of the Prince... You... are fit to be the Kindom's... the school's head..."

Student Icon.png Student: "Ooh, OoooooOOH!! Prince! UOOOOH, Prince!!"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... Keh, he went and said something cool, such great acting. He didn't quite let it slip he's reading lines in monotone."

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Huh? But aren't you crying, Homura-chan?"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "St, stupid! It's not like I'm particularly moved by it!!"

Homura: "But... Umm... Just a little, I just thought... my old man was cool."

Chloe (School) Icon.png Chloe: "Aren't those words you should be saying to the man in question?"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "... Say what, that's embarrassing. These kind of things need to be said while we drink sake some day."

Homura: "A—ah, geez. School life needs to be brimming with more youthful spirit like this! I thought I was feeling a kyaru—n!"

Homura: "——This is also not bad."


Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——In other words, because there was no wars at the school, without a sense of purpose, they were getting reckless, you say."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "And us adults overcame it by both fighting with them and showing them a great goal in life."

"I believe their generation will become talent that'll support the Kingdom's future."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Fufu, Guren-san's also like a teacher next to that board."

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "At first I thought being a teacher wasn't for me. No, I think that even now..."

"Being a teacher is suited for a good-natured fellow like the Prince. Say, Prince, how do you reckon?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Ever since then, the Prince has been frequently showing his face at the school, so maybe being a teacher is also for him."

"I also need help with the school in some way for civil training in the future——eh, oya?"

Guren (School) Icon.png Guren: "Aahn? Who's running in the hallway?"

Homura (School) Icon.png Homura: "——Bad news, Prince-sensei!! The alchemist club made an unbelievable drug!"

Minette (School) Icon.png Minette: "Nyan-nyaka-nya—n!? Guren-sensei—! The magic fencer class started fighting—!!"

Ethnea (School) Icon.png Ethnea: "Weak-weak Prince——I mean, Prince-sensei! Guren-sensei! I'm being chased by the disciplinary committee! Save me—!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... Looks like we still have a mountain of problems."

"However, they're the talent to carry the Kingdom's future. Let's do our best to guide them! Prince-sensei~♪"

Great Head Prince

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