Koihime and evilhermit phase2

Koihime from Another World and the Evil Hermit's Scheme (異世界の恋姫と邪仙の企み) is a star rush collaborative urgent mission between Millennium War Aigis and Shin Koihime † Musou - Kakumei ~Ryuuki no Taibou~ running from 1 August 2019 to 15 August 2019.

Unit Details Edit

Unit Name Class Skill AW Skill AW Ability
Houtou Strategist (Koihime) 権謀術数
All enemies' Defense is reduced. When an allied melee unit (excluding tokens) is defeated while this skill is activated, it is instead treated as a withdrawal.
Linking Plan
When an allied melee unit (excluding tokens) is defeated while this skill is activated, they can be re-sortied after a fixed amount of time. Usable once per sortie.
Enemy Reconnaissance
If no other units are deployed, Cost -3.

Collaboration Notes Edit

  • For every day from 2 August 2019 to 15 August 2019, a copy of Ryuubi from the Koihime Musou series will be distributed to all players, making for a total of 14 copies.
  • There is no 30 SC reward or any other similar reward tiers for this collaboration event.

Rewards Edit

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars.Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Additional Reward
Earn 5 stars Houtou joins Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 6 stars Skill Level 2 Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 3 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 8 stars UP Cost -1 (-1) Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 9 stars Initial Level 20 Earn 9 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 10 stars Skill Level 4 Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 11 stars Skill Level 5 Earn 11 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 12 stars UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 13 stars Skill Level 6 Earn 14 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 14 stars Initial Level 30 Earn 15 stars Gold Armor
Earn 15 stars Skill Level 7 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 16 stars UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 17 stars Skill Level 8 Earn 21 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 18 stars Initial Level 40 Earn 22 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 19 stars Skill Level 9 Earn 23 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 20 stars UP Cost -1 (-4) Earn 24 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 21 stars Skill Level 10 Earn 25 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 22 stars UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 26 stars Spirit Queen
Earn 23 stars Initial Level 50 Earn 27 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 24 stars Initial Level 60
Earn 25 stars Freude
Earn 26 stars Onyx


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Evil Hermit and the Otherworldly Gates
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Magic) A Icon
Soldier (Magic) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 48
Beer Icon
Beer -
Spear of Burning Justice
30 200 1275 10 8
Iroha Icon
Iroha Lv8
Wilfred Icon
Wilfred Lv8 x2
2 10 55
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Kindhearted Benevolent Ruler
40 250 1500 10 8
Eunice Icon
Eunice Lv10
Harissa Icon
Harissa Lv10
3 15 95
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
Noble Supreme Ruler
50 300 2250 10 8
Saizou Icon
Saizou Lv12
Mao Icon
Mao Lv12
5 20 73
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon
Cat's Ally
70 350 3000 10 8
Mischa Icon
Mischa Lv15
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv15
6 15 84
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Young Genius's Plan
40 230 1350 10 8
Dorca Icon
Dorca Lv10
Palace Icon
Palace Lv10
2 10 45
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon
Choice Sake
Evil Influences Approaching the Otherworldly General
50 300 2100 10 8
Calliope Icon
Calliope Lv12
Fei Icon
Fei Lv12
4 10 45
Ricardo Icon
Ricardo Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Two Rivals Lining Up
60 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 30 100
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
Heroes from Two Worlds
70 350 3000 10 8
Maribel Icon
Maribel Lv15
Bestla Icon
Bestla Lv15
6 60 105
Phyllis Icon
Phyllis Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Dark Guild Assassin Sprite
Dark Guild Assassin
Physical 9000 320 150 53
Initial: 2
2 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Ape (Stone Thrower) Sprite
Ape (Stone Thrower)
Ranged (173)
Bewitching Beast
Physical 2800 200 100
MR 20
Initial: 24
Move: 61
Missile: 12
1 UP
After some time, switches to melee form.
Ape Sprite
Bewitching Beast
Physical 2800 400 100
MR 20
Initial: 25
1 UP
Jiangshi (Purple) Sprite
Jiangshi (Purple)
Physical 6000 700 200
MR 10
Initial: 70
1 UP
Yao Tianjun Sprite
Yao Tianjun
Ranged (210)
Physical 25000 350×5 400
MR 30
Initial: 25
Move: 101
Missile: 15
3 UP
Junior Troll Sprite
Junior Troll
Melee Physical 3000 300 50
MR 5
Initial: 25
1 UP
Regenerates 400HP/s for 3 minutes (?).
Troll Sprite
Melee Physical 15000 900 100
MR 10
Initial: 25
2 UP
Regenerates 1440HP/s for 5 minutes (?).
Chimera Sprite
Ranged (180)
Magic 15000 550 300
MR 50
Initial: 30
Move: 41
Missile: 4
3 UP
Uses melee attack while blocked.
Physical 1000 101
Initial: 28
Werebear Sprite
Physical 80000 2000 300 241
Initial: 50
3 UP
Upon reaching 50% health, gains ranged attacks.
Ranged (200)
1800 137
Initial: 24
Move: 101
Missile: 10
Greater Vampire Sprite
Greater Vampire
Physical 20000 400 0 76
Initial: 10
2 UP
Paralyzes target after 6 hits. Paralyzed units cannot attack, cannot use skills, and have halved defense.
Lich Sprite
Ranged (300)
Magic 12000 500 300 145
Initial: 40
Move: 61
Missile: instant
3 UP
Yao Tianjun Sprite
Yao Tianjun
Ranged (210)
Physical 12000 200×5 300
MR 30
Initial: 25
Move: 101
Missile: 15
3 UP
Shijie-Xian Sprite
Ranged (200)
Magic 23000 500 500
MR 30
Initial: 35
Move: 21
Missile: 0
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, switches to 2nd form.
Shijie-Xian (Melee) Sprite
Magic 23000 3000 500
MR 30
Initial: 88
3 UP
Yuan Tianjun Sprite
Yuan Tianjun
Ranged (900)
Magic 20000 400 500
MR 30
Initial: 60
Move: 241
Missile: 0
3 UP
Does not stop to attack.
Attacks all units within range simultaneously.
Bachou Sprite
Physical 6000 400 150 39
Initial: 14
3 UP
Houtou Sprite
- 4500 - 50 500
3 UP
Reduces all units' defense by 30%.
Sousou Sprite
Ranged (240)
Physical 42000 1500 600 71
Initial: 24
Move: 31
Missile: 12
3 UP
Attacks up to 2 units within range simultaneously.
Ryuubi Sprite
Physical 33000 900 400 67
Initial: 14
3 UP
While on the field, all enemies regenerate at a rate of 15HP/.083s (180HP/s), and gain 30% increased attack and defense.

Fame Edit

Menu Fame

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 鳳雛の計 (40/2) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 異界の将に迫る魔の手 (50/4) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Evil Hermit and Otherworldly Gate

Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "——Fumu, so these are the otherworldly gates that were opened earlier."

Yao Tian-Jun: "I tried to reactivate them, but it looks like they'll only hold for a short time with the magical residue remaining..."

Yao Tian-Jun: "Well, whatever. I'll try and roll down several from the other side. Then I suppose I'll withdraw before the Prince and his allies take notice."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——Prince, I believe here's where the sightings of Yao Tian-Jun have been reported."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Mumuh? Prince, Otherworldly Gates have been opened!?"

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "For the gates that connect this world to another to be opened, could it be Maou's army and the Evil Hermits have joined hands?"

(gates closed)

Bashira Icon Bashira: "H, huh? The gates closed up?"

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "So there wasn't enough magical energy to maintain the gates...? What on earth is Yao Tian-Jun plotting."

Soldier (Unit) A Icon Soldier: "——Prince! Report! Goblins are approaching from up ahead!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Let's deal with the goblins first. Prince, please prepare for battle!"


Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... With this, we somehow managed to repel all of the goblins."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Fumu... I shall investigate the remnants of the Otherworldly Gate a tad bit longer. Who knows, something may come to light."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "Fuu, though I'm reluctant, I shall also help."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, shall we return to base for now? We look forward to the fruits of your investigation, Barbastraff-san, Cyrus-san."


Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "——Prince, there's something I wish to quickly bring to your attention. The matter of the aforementioned Otherworldly Gates."

Barbastraff: "There seems to be little doubt the aforementioned gates, that the Ikai Summoner opened, were reopened by the Yaoqi of an Evil Hermit."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "The problem is that the development of those gates means there's a possibility multiple gates were instantaneously opened across the world."

Cyrus: "Though the development was quite brief, there's a chance beings from another world world have fallen through to our side——"

Houtou Icon ???: "——Ah, excuse meee...?"

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "... Muh? Ojou-chan, are you lost? This is the Prince's staff room, you see?"

Houtou Icon ???: "Awawa... I have business with that Prince-sama... You may not believe me, but..."

???: "I, I... came here from a different world!"

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "... Let's believe her."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Umu, we have no choice but to believe in her."

Houtou Icon ???: "Ehh, ehh, eeehh!? You believe me just like that...?"

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "We just so happen to be discussing that matter. By the way, what is your name, Ojou-chan?"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "I am, umm, err, you see, H, Hoto, Houtou! Umm, I heard from the people of the city I should talk to the Prince-sama if there's anything troubling me, so..."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "——Umu, whenever a strange matter occurs, information regarding it has a tendency of gathering in the Kingdom to the Prince's side. Call it good judgement. So, what ails you?"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "... There were girls who fell through with me into this world. But when I woke up earlier, they were nowhere to be seen and... I, I beg of you, I want to find my friends!"

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "I see, so the gates that opened across the world summoned you to completely different places."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Yao Tian-Jun's schemes also concerns me, but I'm also worried about those who were summoned from the other world. Prince, would you mind cooperating with her?"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awawa... Thank you so much! Pl, please look after me!"

Spear of Burning Justice

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——According to the accounts from the nearby villagers, there seems to be a woman in unfamiliar garbs in this area, but..."

Bachou Icon ??? (Bachou): "——Haaa! Kuh, there's no end to them!"

Bachou: "My name is Kin Bachou! Those who don't fear this spear, come at me!!"

(Bachou fights Orange Ogre)

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Sui-san...!! Th, that person, that person is one of my friends!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Looks like she's fighting the monsters... Prince, let's assist her at once!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Haa... Haa... ——Hm? You, who are you!?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "We're from the Kingdom. We're here to assist you!"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Sui-san, these people are allies! They're helping me look for everyone...!"

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Hinari! So you're safe!? Good, let's fight together! Leave this path to me!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, let's work with Bachou-san and repel the monster pack!"


Bachou Icon Bachou: "I appreciate your assistance. I was wondering what I was going to do with there being far too many of them."

Bachou: "My name is Bachou. Kingdom... You say? Brave warriors of the Kingdom, you also have my gratitude for helping Hinari."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Hinari...? Huh? I thought this girl's name was Houtou..."

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Yeah, in our world, there's something called a true name that's permitted to only those who've been entrusted with them."

Bashira Icon Bashira: (... Huh? I feel like I recall hearing that same story before... Could it be they're from the same country?)

Bachou Icon Bachou: "By the way, Hinari, isn't Touka-sama with you? I thought for sure she would be with you, Hinari."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awa... I was hoping she'd be with you, Sui-san..."

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Gracious... Since it's Touka-sama, I'm pretty certain she's safe, but if only we had a lead..."

Soldier (Unit) A Icon Soldier: "——Prince! Report from the team on patrol! A woman in unfamiliar garb is... umm..."

Katie Icon Katie: "Give your report clearly and accurately! What's happening with the woman in the unfamiliar garb?"

Soldier (Unit) A Icon Soldier: "Hah! That woman is negotiating with the bandits..."

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Negotiating with bandits...? Hinari, could it be..."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Maybe it's Touka-sama...!!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, let's head to that place at once. I don't know why she's negotiating with them, but...!"

Kindhearted, Benevolent Ruler

Ryuubi Icon ??? (Ryuubi): "——So if you right this chaotic world with those weapons, instead of merely plundering its valuables, then I believe everyone will be able to blissfully live in peace."

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "Gehihi... Well, if Onee-chan listens to what we say, then I suppose we could stop attacking the villages...?"

Ryuubi Icon ???: "Very well. But keep your promise——"

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Touka-sama—!! Please keep away from those thieves!!"

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "What? That woman——gah, ya mongrels, we're knee-deep in crap, it's the Kingdom's army!!"

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit B: "Cheh, I was wondering who such a great beauty could be, but she was from the Kingdom's army! Oi, now's our chance. Let's take the Prince's head!!"

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Touka-sama, no number of lives would be enough for you to be negotiating with bandits alone!"

Ryuubi Icon ???: "I, I"m sorry... But I thought we could come to an understanding if we talked and..."

???: "However, since it's come to this, there's nothing we can do but fight. By the way, those ones are...?"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "This one is the Kingdom's Prince-sama, who rules this area. He was helping us look for Touka-sama..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "We'll take care of the bandits, so you please go find safety in the rear. We'll protect you without fail, so——"

Ryuubi Icon ???: "No, I'll also fight. It would be inexcusable if I just accepted you fighting for my sake...!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Understood. Prince, let's work with her and repel the bandits!"


Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "——H, how dare you, you'll regret this! Ow, owowowowow!!"

Katie Icon Katie: "Save your excuses and sour grapes when you're in prison. Please take them away."

Soldier (Unit) A Icon Soldier: "——Hah!"

Ryuubi Icon ???: "Umm, thank you very much for your help. I heard the situation from Hinari-chan. It seems you've helped those two as well..."

Ryuubi: "I am Ryuubi, given name is Gentoku. I know I'm changing subjects, but... Where are we...?"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awa... Umm, this is a different world..."

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "Another world...? Could it be like the one Goshujin-sama spoke of...?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: (Oya...? Prince, it sounds like there are those who've experienced otherworldly summoning even in their world.)

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "Since it's like this, perhaps it'll save me the trouble explaining. Your lord, the one you call Goshujin-sama, is one who experienced otherworldly summoning?"

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "——I see, so the Yaoqi from Yao Tian-Jun opened a gate that connects worlds... you say..."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "Umu. At least once we've understood the art used by the Evil Hermit, we'll be able to return you to your own world, but..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "At any rate, looks like we have no choice but to track down Yao Tian-Jun. Prince, let's head to the Flower Country to gather information."

Noble Supreme Ruler

Sousou Icon ??? (Sousou): "——So, you're called Yao Tian-Jun. I was wondering for what purpose you summoned me to this place."

Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "Kukuh, for you to figure out that you've been summoned. That intellect, that beauty, you will make a fine Jiangshi..."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "That's... Sousou-san!?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "The one she's with is unmistakably Yao Tian-Jun. Is she also one of your friends?"

Bachou Icon Bachou: "... Friend, you ask? It's true we're from the same world, but..."

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "She's no... friend. But..."

Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "——Oya, you've already caught up? Honestly, you're gnat-like nuisances..."

Yao Tian-Jun: "Right when I was finally about to obtain such fine Jiangshi stock!!"

Sousou Icon Sousou: "——I see. You were intending to turn me into a pawn. With this, negotiations are off the table."

Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "Cheh...! Well, whatever... I was planning to turn you into a corpse, either way. Prince, I shall deal with you here once and for all!!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, we cannot let Yao Tian-Jun escape. Let's assist her!"

Sousou Icon Sousou: "I don't know who you are, but if you're fighting with that one, then please feel free to join in. But don't get in my way."


Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "Kuuh... No choice but to withdraw...!!"

Sousou Icon Sousou: "I won't let you escape...! Please wait!!"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Ahh... She's run after Yao Tian-Jun, Sousou-san's also gone..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "I asked you earlier, but she's not one of your friends?"

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "Sousou-san is... our enemy, you could say. Each of us leads different countries."

Ryuubi: "But... I won't stand quietly after hearing such things as turning her into a corpse or a Jiangshi..."

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Touka-sama is too kind... However, if you weren't, you wouldn't be Touka-sama."

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "It doesn't change the fact I have mixed feelings. Both the path we walk and the way we do things are different, but our spirits are the same. Let's follow after Sousou-san...!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "We can't just let everyone go off on their own. To us, Yao Tian-Jun is a being that must be defeated."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Well then, let's follow after Sousou-san! Prince, please get fully prepped!"

Cat's Ally

[——One day.]

Ryofu Icon ??? (Ryofu): "......... Cat."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "... Ehh? M, me? I'm not a cat, OK...?"

Bashira: "More importantly, it's dangerous here! A battle is about to begin, so...!"

Ryofu Icon ???: "......... Not a cat?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "No, umm, I have cat ears, but! It's dangerous, so get away and——eh, ahh, kyaa!?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——Bashira-san!? Bad news, Prince, monsters are after Bashira-san——"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........!!"

Ryofu Icon ???: "......... I won't permit bullying cats."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "......... Ehh? Y, you're protecting me...?"

Ryofu Icon ???: "......... (Nod, nod)."

Ricola Icon Ricola: "H, huh...? The rock over there's similar to the ones in the Holy Forest...?"

Reshia Icon Lesia: "It's responding to that warrior's weapon... If it has the same characteristics as the ones in the Holy Forest, then it may bestow her with power."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, looks like that girl's entering battle. Though she's receiving its blessing, the enemies are far too numerous. Please quickly prepare for battle!!"


Ryofu Icon ???: "......... Cat."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "I'm not a cat! I'm Bashira!"

Ryofu Icon ???: "............... Bashira?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "That's right! Umm, thank you very much for helping me!"

Ryofu Icon ???: "......... (Pet, pet)."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Umm...?"

Ryofu Icon ???: "......... (Pet, pet, pet, pet)."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Umm, it tickles if you stroke me like that!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——Ahh, she left after indulging in petting Bashira-san..."

Anna: "She was a woman of few words, but she was very strong. If possible, perhaps we'll meet her again somewhere."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Houtou's Plan

Houtou Icon Houtou: "——It's just like those soldiers' report. Awa... There's a bunch of footsteps from deep within..."

Hyuna Icon Hyuna: "Like Houtou-chan specified, we finished erecting the barricades. Are there also undead in Houtou-chan's world? It looks like you have a pretty good handle on them, but..."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "No, a strategy to confront a horde of mindless beings with attacks that paralyse the body... I heard about those things from the soldiers, so..."

Khuri Icon Khuri: "Just from their talk, for you to conjure up measures against the undead this swiftly, as expected of a gifted tactician with rare talents, Houtou-san!"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awa... I, I'm not that amazing..."

Vincent Icon Vincent: "However, Houtou's tactics are sound. let's make use of these barricades and swiftly exterminate the undead."

Hyuna Icon Hyuna: "Prince, as Houtou-chan just said, not including the skeletons, those struck by the claws and fangs of the other undead will be paralyzed, so be careful."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "I, I'll also help, so... I'll do my best, P-Prince-sama...!!"


Houtou Icon Houtou: "Hauu... Somehow did it..."

Hyuna Icon Hyuna: "What? Our sweeping victory's all thanks to Houtou-chan. Thanks, you were helpful."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awa... I'm glad everyone's safe!"

Khuri Icon Khuri: "Speaking of which, for the undead to suddenly become this active is..."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "Perhaps the aftermath of Yao Tian-Jun using his Yaoqi on the Otherworldly Gates had some effect on the undead."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Maybe it had some effect in other regions as well... We may need to keep an eye out for it."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "In any case, Prince, that was good work subduing the undead!"

Evil Hands Closing in on Otherworldly General

Yuan Tianjun Icon Yuan Tian-Jun: "——Heeh, this child is the high-quality Jiangshi stock you spoke of, right?"

Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "Hard to believe she came here alone. On our side are two Xiexian, and on her side is a lone general. Come, you may surrender and offer that body to us."

Sousou Icon Sousou: "... You seem to be under the impression you've got me cornered. I wonder if you believed I, Sou Moutoku, came here without a plan."

Yuan Tianjun Icon Yuan Tian-Jun: "Fufuh, have we reduced ourselves to bluffing? Here you'll become a Jiangshi, your fate is to become our minion...!!"

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "——I won't let you!!"

Sousou Icon Sousou: "... Ryuubi, and that army from earlier. Are you going to say something like you came to help me?"

Bachou Icon Bachou: "From what the Prince and the others have said, those Evil Hermits are all skilled masters of Yaoqi! We have to join forces and fight them!"

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "Sousou-san, you and I aren't on friendly terms. However, that is a story for when we've returned to our own world. Now, for the sake of this world..."

Sousou Icon Sousou: "I knew you would say that, Ryuubi. I feel a little conflicted, but I have no option but to cut through this situation."

Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "I see... Regardless, I was intending on finishing off the Prince and his army. Here, I shall take you all on!!"

Yuan Tianjun Icon Yuan Tian-Jun: "Agreed. Once we've killed off this bunch, we'll have a mountain of Jiangshi stock...!!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, everyone, the Evil Hermits are coming! Please prepare for engagement!!"

(Yuan Tian-Jun appears)

Houtou Icon Houtou: "——Prince-sama, Yuan Tian-Jun appeared!"

Yuan Tianjun Icon Yuan Tian-Jun: "Hm~mm... Each general's worth a thousand warriors. I'll have to finish this here no matter what; I want to have these ones turned into Jiangshi stock..."

Taigong Wang Icon Taigong Wang: "All you warriors from another world, please watch yourselves. The attacks from the 'Kanpyoujin' that Yuan Tian-Jun has mastery of will freeze all his foes on the battlefield, it is an item to be feared."

Taigong Wang: "If you don't deal with him swiftly, you'll suffer severe casualties...!"


Cecily Icon Cecily: "——Sousou, was it? We need to hurry, are you alright?"

Yuan Tianjun Icon Yuan Tian-Jun: "Kuuuh, where did that Sousou suddenly vanish to!? You light-fingered hussy...!!"

Sousou Icon Sousou: "Thanks for guiding me. I see... You're one of those from the Kingdom's army, I presume?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Sousou Icon Sousou: "I suppose I shall repay my debt to you by defeating this bunch."

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijiexian: "——Kakkakka. For one who's going to die soon, you're nothing more than talk, Sousou!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "That's... Shijiexian...!! Everyone, please be careful!!"

Two Strong Personalities Standing Together

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijiexian: "For someone that's going to die soon, you still talk a lot, Sousou!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Thats... Shijie-xian!! Everyone, please be careful!!"

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijiexian: "——Kakkakka. I heard we obtained some fine materials for Jiangshi, so I went to the trouble of coming here, but it appears you're having a difficult fight...?"

Yuan Tianjun Icon Yuan Tian-Jun: "Shijiexian, you've come with impeccable timing! Please lend your strength, we'll defeat them and turn them into Jiangshi stock!!"

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijiexian: "Kakakah, very well. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn both the Prince and warriors from another realm into materials won't slip away from my grasp!"

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "Prince-sama, Sousou-san..."

Sousou AW Icon Sousou: "I'm fully aware what you want to say. This is surely like a story from a dream. Since it's like this, Prince. I shall lend you my strength just for now."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Ryuubi AW Icon Ryuubi: "Thank you so much...!! In that case, let's slay those Evil Hermits for the sake of the people living in this land...!!"


Shijie-Xian Icon Shijiexian: "Kakkakka! This is interesting. You don't know when to give up!"

Yao Tianjun Icon Yao Tian-Jun: "Kuh... I won't let it end like this next time! Mark my words!!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... The Evil Hermits escaped into the Kimon."

Sousou Icon Sousou: "... Prince, you're a better commander than you appeared. I thought it was quite easy to fight with you."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "With this, we put a damper on the Evil Hermit's schemes...?"

Bachou Icon Bachou: "From the beginning, those Evil Hermit's goal was turning those who came from another world like us into Jiangshi, right?"

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "If everyone that was in that place worked together like this back then, the Evil Hermits wouldn't have been able to meddle with us so easily~♪"

Sousou Icon Sousou: "All that's left is to open the otherworldly gate from back then before the Evil Hermits regain their footing. But is that gate something that can be opened so simply...?"

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "Yao Tian-Jun, I believe he must've poured the Yaoqi meant to open the Kimon into the Otherworldly Gates of the Ikai Summoner."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Meaning, once we've stabilised it with our magical power, we'll be able to open those Otherworldly Gates once more."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awa... You have everything figured out... There are no words to express my gratitude..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "No, no, I believe returning everyone safely to their own world is our duty, so everyone, shall we make a return to the Kingdom?"

Heroes from Two Worlds

Houtou Icon Houtou: "... If I asked them I want to have a mock battle out of the blue, I'm sure they'd think I'm a strange girl..."

Houtou: "Hauu... I just thought of good tactics incorporating all the soldiers from the Kingdom, but..."

Maribel Icon Maribelle: "——Oh? Houtou-chan? Why're you in a place like this?"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awawa...!? Ahh, umm, Kingdom army's..."

Maribel Icon Maribelle: "Maribelle, nice to meet you. You look like something's frustrating you, but...?"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Hauu... To be honest——"

Maribel Icon Maribelle: "——Fufu, so you want to have a mock battle. Don't worry, Houtou-chan. Because, everyone from the Kingdom, you see..."

Bestla Icon Bestla: "——Just now, did you say mock battle!? Oooh, a mock battle where my heart dances with warriors from another world! This is a rare treat!!"

Maribel Icon Maribelle: "Like this, we have mock battles whenever we're not busy, so I'm sure they'll be overjoyed to join you for one."

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awawa... Even this world has its fair share of belligerent people... But this is a good opportunity, so please let me test my tactics, OK?"

Bestla Icon Bestla: "Yoosh, since it's decided, I'll call the Prince, Sousou-dono, Ryuubi-dono, and Bachou-dono as well!"

Maribel Icon Maribelle: "Tactician-sama from another world, show us what you've got. Let's do our very best!"

[While Houtou is present, all ally units' defence down.]

[While Ryuubi is present, all enemy AT & DF Up and all enemy HP regenerates.]


Houtou Icon Houtou: "Hauu... We lost..."

Katie Icon Katie: "No, we also had a hard battle. Actually, I think that was a good mock battle."

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "I was able to fight together with Sousou-san as well. Hinari-chan, I think your tactics were very nice, you now?"

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Like she says, Hinari. More importantly, Touka-sama, I also wanted to descend from those Pegasus...!"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Hauu... Thank you so much..."

Sousou Icon Sousou: "Leaving aside the sequence of events that brought us here, it's not everyday we have an army from another world as training partners. I think it was quite invaluable experience."

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Yosh, Hinari, let's have a 2nd round! Next time, I'll also ride the Pegasus!"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Awa, you should discuss that with the Pegasus Knights, you know...!?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, Prince, shall we also get ready for the 2nd match? There's still plenty of time till the otherworldly gate is opened."


Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "——Now then, the Otherworldly Gate has also stabilised. It's almost time for your return home."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Everyone, I'm truly grateful you lent your strength in the fight against the Evil Hermits."

Sousou Icon Sousou: "Fufu, likewise. I was able to thwart their loathsome scheme and—more importantly—witness the way the generals from this world fight."

Sousou: "Well then, Prince, may we meet again sometime."

Bachou Icon Bachou: "Prince, everyone from the Kingdom, you may call this Kin Bachou whenever danger approaches. I shall come help my sworn friends without fail."

Ryuubi Icon Ryuubi: "Kingdom and Shoku, it's like we have an alliance. In order to rule in these troubled times, though we're from different worlds, let us do our best together."

Ryofu Icon Ryofu: "... Cat, stay healthy. ......... You too, Prince."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "I, I'm not a cat! Umm, you also take care, Ryofu-san...!!"

Houtou Icon Houtou: "Hau... It's goodbye already... Prince-sama, everyone from the Kingdom, thank you so much for all the help you've given."

Houtou: "Surely, surely we'll meet again...!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... They're gone. For some reason, a small part of me hates to see them go."

Anna: "Well then, Prince, that was good work during today's battle!"

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This is the third and last game in BaseSon’s Koihime -Kakumei- series, expanding on the events from Shin Koihime†Musou and focusing on the Shoku faction. It has truly come full circle back to Kazuto’s first meeting with Touka, Aisha and Rinrin. There’s 34 heroines that you can pursue (up from 23 in the original).


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