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  • Limited units may become obtainable again at a later date.

"Our name is Kyuubi. We art counting on thee, Prince."

Imperial Youko Kyuubi is a black youko.

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Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Kyuubi Icon.png
Youko Lv1 992 246 141 20 2 16 13 ATK+147
Nine-Tailed Fox
Lv80 1472 424 249
Kyuubi AW Icon.png
Tenko Lv1 1244 414 230 20 2 16 13 ATK+154
↓ ↑

White Guardian
Spirit Beast
Lv99 2080 618 424
Kyuubi AW2v1 Icon.png
Lv1 1829 479 378 20 2 16 13
Lv99 2730 714 621
Kyuubi AW2v2 Icon.png
Okitsune-sama Lv1 1569 622 263 20 2 16 13
Lv99 2405 905 457


Name & Effect (edit info)
For X seconds, HP, attack,
and defense increase by 2.0x.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Chibi Kayou
Chibi Kyuubi
Inari 5☆
Tamamo 7☆
X Reuse
25 24
28 23
30 22

Skill Awakening[]

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Kyuubi AW Icon.png
Normal Youko Awakening For 30 seconds, HP, attack, and defense increase by 2.0x. 22 1
Awakened Tail Release HP, attack, and defense are permanently increased to 1.2x. Current HP is reduced by 20%. Next use is stronger. 30 5
Three Tails Release HP, attack, and defense are permanently increased to 1.9x. Current HP is reduced by 20%. Next use is stronger. 30 N/A
Five Tails Release HP, attack, and defense are permanently increased to 2.6x. Current HP is reduced by 20%. Next use is stronger. 30 N/A
Seven Tails Release HP, attack, and defense are permanently increased to 3.3x. Current HP is reduced by 20%. Next use is stronger. 30 N/A
Nine Tails Release HP, attack, and defense are permanently increased to 4.0x. HP becomes 20% of current. - N/A
Multiple level skill buffs are incremental; ie they replace the previous and do not stack.


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Nine-Tailed Fox
(edit info)
Deployment Cost +1; HP, Attack, and Defense +10%, Magic Resistance +10.
Chibi Kayou Icon.png
Chibi Kyuubi Icon.png
Kayou Icon.png
Kyuubi Icon.png
  • Boosted stats already displayed in unit's status.
  • The resulting number was truncated after the decimal point.

White Guardian Spirit Beast
(edit info)
Deployment Cost +1; Attack and Defense +15%, Magic Resistance +10.

While deployed, if an allied Imperial unit is slain, they are instead withdrawn.

Kyuubi AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png
  • Boosted stats already displayed in unit's status.
  • The resulting number was truncated after the decimal point.

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
50% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
Can attack all blocked enemies.
Every attack restores 2% of maximum HP.
  • Can block up to 2 enemies.
Gorgeous Youko
50% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
Can attack all blocked enemies.
Every attack restores 3% of maximum HP.
While deployed, allied Youkai gain 50% reduced skill cooldown time.
  • Large HP/DEF increase, medium ATK increase.
50% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
Can attack all blocked enemies.
Every attack restores 5% of maximum HP.
40% chance to increase attack by 1.5x.
  • Large ATK increase, small HP/DEF increase.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% Our name is Kyuubi. We art counting on thee, Prince.
15% We hath heard much about thee from a comrade. Seemeth thou art quaint strange.
30% We becometh sleepy at which hour we art fill'd with pangs of hunger. We shall borrow thy lap.
50% Hmph. Liketh the emperor, thou art a quiet man.
60% What is the matter? Is't something to worry about at which hour we art next to thee?
80% Doth not caress mine own headeth? Nay more than this...
100% We art did tie by the vows of companionship. Best not hence from me.
130% ふきゅぅぅ~~~~~~~~ん♪
150% 可愛い可愛い連呼するでない!うっかり出てしまっただけなのだ。
Adjutant We has't been waiting for thee, Prince. Alloweth laze about in the room together.


30% Breasts exposed, Nipplejob
100% Nude, Cowgirl, Hand holding (virgin)
Quest Nude, Doggystyle, Hands holding

All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

Translated by: Petite (Patreon)

Kyuubi #1:

Kyuubi: "Hamu, Haguh...... Mogu, Mogu......"

The girl with animal ears poking out of her beautiful silver hair was eating with her hands a mountainous pile of something on top of a plate resting on her knees

It's a golden-brown, fox-like coloured food shaped like a cylinder about half the size of my fist that hails from the Eastern Country.

She continues to pick them up and carry them to her mouth, stuffing her cheeks innocently.

It's a peaceful sight.

If only I knew the reason why she's been sitting on the sofa in my room all this time.

Kyuubi: "Mogu, Mogu...... *Gulp*."

Kyuubi: "...... You also wanna try some?"

While white grains stick to the corners of her mouth, the girl sat down next to me, and looks up at me without a change in her expression.

I still find it hard to believe this innocent-looking girl is a Youko, who hid her fearsome true abilities that played a part in the White Empire's rise to supremacy.

Kyuubi: "You wanna try it or not? Out with it."

In that case, I'll try one. When I reached for the dish on top of the plate...

Kyuubi: "Hands off."

Where did she pull that out from? She completely stops my hand dead in its tracks with a folding fan from the East called a Sensu.

I endured the temptation to spout that if she didn't intend to share, then don't offer it in the first place, and instead asked if it's delicious.

Kyuubi: "It's delicious."

Picking one up while she says that, she opens her mouth wide and stuffs it into her cheek.

Her expression doesn't change much, but looking at the way she continues to eat them silently from earlier, I wonder why she liked the dish so much.

Kyuubi: "...... Don't stare at me so much. It's distracting me."

Kyuubi: "Or what is it? Are you growing excited down there looking at the visage of a pretty girl like me eating something?"

I hurriedly try to plead that nothing of the sort is happening, frustrated as to why I'm the one who must excuse himself.

For starters, isn't Kyuubi the one at fault for coming into my room without my knowledge or permission, and beginning her meal without sharing.

Kyuubi: "That's because the sofa in your room is the most comfortable to sit on."

Without getting in the least bit flurried, she began to delicately sip a cup of tea that she prepared in here at some point.

Kyuubi: "I already told you to stop looking at me."

Kyuubi heaved a sigh as if she was talking to someone hopeless.

Kyuubi: "Or is there something you want to ask of me?"

There's a mountain of things I want to ask her.

Why are you cooperating with the White Empire? How did you break into my room without my knowledge. What in the world is the fox-coloured dish that you're eating?

All sorts of doubts came and went through my mind, but I believed asking about the reason she entered under the umbrella of the Empire to be the most important at the present moment.

Kyuubi: "I was saved when I was injured in a forest."

Kyuubi: "Ever since then, I've been lending them my strength."

Saying only that, Kyuubi slowly drank her cup of tea as if she told me everything she needed to tell.

Part of me felt like it was wreathed in smoke. When, whom, and which forest was she rescued? She didn't have the courtesy to tell me a single piece of essential information.

Kyuubi: "Fuaa...... I ate too much, my belly is full, I'm getting sleepy."

Letting out a small yawn, she complained about being sleepy as if it were my fault.

Kyuubi: "Prince, I ask for you to bring me a pillow."

Poking my cheek with her closed Sensu, she made the command as if it were only natural.

Of course her words also implied that I get off the sofa so she can sleep on it.

When I got up from the sofa while sighing, I gathered up the short stature of Kyuubi, who immediately flopped over on her side, and lifted her up over my shoulders.

Kyuubi: "...... What is the meaning of this, you insolent fellow? I'm a Holy Youko, you know? Don't carry me as if I were a straw bag."

Though Kyuubi started slapping me over the head with her Sensu, I carried her over to the bed without paying it any mind, and laid her down.

Kyuubi: "Ooh, this is......! It's much fluffier than the sofa~♪"

Kyuubi: "Umu. Well done. I'll forgive your prior insolence."

After Kyuubi said that in a slightly better mood, she closed her eyes, and soon began to sleep quietly.

I don't know why, but she doesn't seem to be a bad person.

When I came to grips with my vague perception of her, I noticed that I was cracking a smile for the first time there.

Kyuubi #2:

—That day also, Kyuubi came to my room.

When I asked her why she's been visiting my room so often recently—.

Kyuubi: "Muu...... You don't like spending time with me?"

Lying on her stomach on the sofa, her tail suddenly stopped moving as soon as it touched me as I sat on the edge.

I answered Kyuubi honestly that I don't think I dislike being with her.

Kyuubi: "Fufu...... In that case, does it matter how many times I come to your room?"

Again, her tail began to wag, tickling my knees and shoulders.

Her tail wagging is proof that she's in a good mood.

I notice that I'm coming to know a strange joy in the fact that the length of my association is connected to my understanding of Kyuubi herself.

A desire that wants to know more about her bubbles up within me, and turns into words that slip out of my mouth.

Kyuubi: "Is that so......? You wish to know more about me......?"

The movement of Kyuubi's tail stopped once more.

When I looked at her, the calmness disappeared from her face, which began to be dyed with a sad colour.

Kyuubi: "Now then... how should I put this?"

When she said that, Kyuubi got on all fours on top of the sofa, and went towards me with a flowing grace.

Kyuubi: "I, you see, Prince......... like humans."

Kyuubi: "Particularly quiet humans who don't make unnecessary inquiries."

She wants me to stop my useless inquiry. Is that what she means?

Nevertheless, I couldn't suppress the desire in my heart that wants to know more.

Kyuubi: "There are things in this world that you best not know......"

Kyuubi: "...... I'm a Youko."

Kyuubi: "No matter how many times I mimic the form of a human, I'm a Youkai whose nature is to beget fear whenever I try to bring happiness to people."

Kyuubi: "A deep part of me is incompatible with people."

Kyuubi: "So...... The more you know my true nature, the more inevitable it will be that you will come to fear me as well."

I wanted to deny that would happen, but the tone of her voice wasn't permitting that.

I'm certain the words Kyuubi spoke are based on her own experiences rather than general opinion or logic.

Kyuubi: "...... I'll say it once more."

Kyuubi: "I like humans."

Kyuubi: "And among them, you in particular, OK......?"

Kyuubi: "So, I don't want you to know my true nature."

Kyuubi: "I don't want to be disliked by you knowing me deeply......"

Kyuubi says that, and shows a lonely smile.

Is it because her expression is so beautiful? Or is it a manifestation of love born from pity?

Before I noticed, I was holding her gently.

Kyuubi: "...... Th, this! What are you doing? I didn't say you could hug me, did I?"

Kyuubi gave me a sharp look as she tried to protest.

However, her magnificent tail wags harder than I've ever seen before, conveying emotions opposite to anger.

Kyuubi: "Wh... What are you smirking about? Insolent fellow. Are you trying to make a fool out of me——Hyaah!?"

Kyuubi: "St, stop... stroking... m, my head...... I told you to stop... You, you—!"

Kyuubi continued to smack my cheeks with the Sensu in her hand as she blushed a deep crimson.

But the way she smacked me was much too weak to be a sign of resistance, rather it makes me think I put her in a good mood.

Kyuubi: "Wh, what, you......? I'm hitting you, so why are you smirking even more......?

Kyuubi: "Kuhh...... I heard you were a quiet man...... the same as the Empire's Emperor...... ..... So I thought you would be easy to deal with, but......"

Kyuubi: "——Th, that's enough, stop stroking my head......!"

Kyuubi: "I, if you...... keep doing that...... I'm gonna...... ah...... Sto...... ahh, auuu———."

Kyuubi: "——Fukyuuu~n~♪"

Suddenly, a high-pitched sound I never heard before slipped from Kyuubi's mouth.

When I removed my hand without thinking, she went weak and flopped face-first into the sofa.

Kyuubi: "Haa...... Haa...... D, damn you, Prince......! I told you...... that much, yet you...... Kuu, uugh...... uncovered....... my true nature, haa.....!"

While her entire body shivers, and her ears twitch, she turns to glare at me overhead.

However, her cheeks were flushing a pretty little colour, there was no trace of the usually dauntless Kyuubi.

Kyuubi: "...... It's all over......"

Kyuubi: "...... Even what little dignity I had left is no more...... Prince also...... has come to dislike me thanks to this, right?"

Kyuubi: "......... Eh? It's the opposite? You've come to like me more?"

Kyuubi: "Wh, why? I don't understand......"

Kyuubi: "......"

Kyuubi: "...... Hey, stop chanting 'cute, cute'! I was so humiliated earlier......!"

Kyuubi: "...... Honestly, you're a fellow I don't really understand."

Sighing with a 'yare yare', Kyuubi regained her composure.

Kyuubi: "So...... What are you going to do about this, Prince?"

Kyuubi: "What, nothing!?"

Kyuubi: "You...... Even though you know my embarrassing nature, you went and said it was cute......"

Kyuubi: "And...... You said you've come to like me more...... ...... That's what you said, right?"

Kyuubi: "Saying such a thing......"

Kyuubi: "I, too...... You made me come to like you more and more, you know?"

Kyuubi: "...... The sin for putting my heart through so much turmoil is heavy, you know?"

Right when she said that, Kyuubi's eyes opened wide.

Kyuubi: "——Ohh!? That's right, I thought of a good idea."

Kyuubi: "It's unfair to only make me feel embarrassed. So next time, I shall humiliate you!"

Kyuubi: "Umu, that way we'll be even, right? Right? Riiight?"

While clinging to me, she began to ask me that many times.

That kind of Kyuubi is so cute, I would consent to it anytime.

Kyuubi: "Fufu~♪ Alright, I shall begin at once!"

Kyuubi: "Come on, don't hold back and let out an embarrassing sound, Prince. My caresses are completely different from yours~♪"

While wondering how I've gotten myself into this, I settled into the gentleness of her embrace, and narrowed my eyes to the sweet smell that tickled my nostrils as Kyuubi did as she pleased with me in the meanwhile—.

Kyuubi #3:

This story begins a while back.

Kyuubi: "I'm thinking of frightening that Emperor guy."

Without my noticing, Kyuubi appeared before my eyes and said that.

Kyuubi: "My reason? Of course. It's to regain my dignity."

Kyuubi: "It seems those that have contempt for a Holy Youko like me are on the rise these days."

She enshrines herself in the middle of the staff desk and takes a loud sip from her teacup.

Kyuubi: "... Well, it is proof that the foolish humans have been completely enchanted by this lovely, temporary form of mine, but..."

Kyuubi: "What I'm saying is there's a limit to these things."

Kyuubi lets out a heavy sigh.

I cocked my head at her hard-to-grasp story, then asked if those that have contempt for her have really grown that much.

Kyuubi: "Hmph, feigning ignorance. Aren't you the one at the head of that list?"

Kyuubi: "...... Well, I shall leave that matter aside for now."

Kyuubi: "It seems this friendly appearance of mine, and these splendid tails that are proof of a great Youko, just won't do."

Tails... I murmured. I turn to inspect the many wonderful tails she, who is a Youko, has.

Kyuubi: "Yes. My tails."

Kyuubi: "Though, it's not like I don't understand the feelings of you humans. The hair of these proud tails are both supple and radiant, after all."

Kyuubi: "... However, whether it's a result of that, you humans went and gave me nicknames like 'Mofumofu' and 'Fluffball' that cannot be thought of as anything other than mockery."

'Of course some would be like like that.' I say and Kyuubi takes another sip of tea.

While struggling to stifle my laughter, I asked why she was thinking of frightening the Emperor.

Kyuubi: "I dislike bothersome things."

Kyuubi: "It would be an impossible task to bring myself to frighten each and every fool that insults me."

Kyuubi: "So I'm thinking that by frightening that glum-faced man to the verge of death, it would spread the word of my true fearsomeness to all."

Kyuubi: "... What? Even though the person in question is a man of few words, those close to him will definitely spread the word that the Emperor is terrified of me."

Kyuubi: "So that's how it is. I desire a plan to frighten the Emperor. Prince, you're good at thinking of these sorts of things, aren't you?"

A plan to frighten the Emperor, eh......?

Kyuubi: "......... Hmm, hmm, I see."

Kyuubi: "Fufufu... Prince, you're also a wicked one~♪"

...... So she says, but that was in the past.

And so time flows to the present——.

I've been pushed down by Kyuubi, who was filled with murderous fury, as she straddled me as if I was a horse.

Kyuubi: "Unforgivable... Unforgivable, Prince! The sin of deceiving me will be paid for with your blood!"

'What did I do?' I ask the menacing Kyuubi who's trying to bite me even now.

Kyuubi: "Don't play innocent, you accursed Tanuki!"

Kyuubi: "I did as you suggested, pretending to be a large fluffball by rolling my body into my tails in the Emperor's room!"

'Aah, so it's about that?' I recall suggesting such a plan to frighten the Emperor earlier.

Kyuubi: "... Indeed, my camouflage was immediately effective."

Kyuubi: "Emperor came into the room and simply glanced down at me before he started reading a book like there wasn't anything out of the ordinary."

Kyuubi: "At the time, I believed that guy regarded my camouflaged self as nothing more than a regular fluffball you could find anywhere."

Kyuubi: "Your plan went smoothly up to that point."

...... I doubt it went smoothly. I bet the Emperor noticed Kyuubi's presence at that point.

In any case. I point out to her that 'a regular fluffball you could find anywhere' doesn't exist in this world.

Kyuubi: "It wasn't long before the Emperor became immersed in the book that I shifted to the realisation of the next plan you suggested..."

Kyuubi: "While still in a fluffball state, I rolled across the floor at the critical moment to show that glum-faced man the true nature of a Youko that should be feared!"

Kyuubi: "And then I shouted——'Fukyuuu~~~n~♪'!"

..... It's no use, she's too hilarious. My stomach begins to hurt from trying to stifle my laughter.

Kyuubi: "...... You assured me if I did that, the Emperor would be stricken white in terror, didn't you?"

I nervously ask what happened to Kyuubi, who began to glare at me with pointed eyes again.

Kyuubi: "... The Emperor simply glanced at me with a bored look and said this."

Kyuubi: "'That's enough. If you're going to joke around, then do it elsewhere.' He said..."

I convulsed into laughter at her superb voice impression before finally bursting into a raucous howl.

Kyuubi: "D, don't laugh! At that time, I was so embarrassed, my face felt like it was on fire, you know!?"

Kyuubi: "Uuugh, it's embarrassing just thinking about it... The first day in my life I tasted such shame..."

Kyuubi: "——However, the one in the wrong is you who suggested such an irresponsible plan!"

But surely you're also partly to blame for believing such an irresponsible plan, Kyuubi.

Kyuubi: "Silence, you impudent human! I shall make you regret infuriating me!"

At that moment——the ferociousness of a carnivore appeared in Kyuubi's red, beady eyes.

A chill shivered down my spine.

And immediately after that, I swore I felt a burning pain running down my neck when I saw Kyuubi baring her sharp fangs right then and there.

Kyuubi: "Fufu... I scared you, I scared you~♪"

Kyuubi: "What's the matter, Prince? Do you wanna run away?"

Kyuubi: "Were you by any chance wondering if you were gonna be eaten?"

... There's no way I can run away.

With her holding down the vital points of my entire body with her fearsome strength, it's apparent she can easily dig her fangs into my arteries with just a slight twist of her neck.

Kyuubi: "I see... So you're scared, Prince~♪ So you've finally come to know I'm a Youko to be feared, right?"

Kyuubi: "... However, you should've known that sooner. I've already decided I'm gonna eat you..."

Kyuubi: "Fufu... Where shall I start? Should I start by gobbling up your entrails while you're still alive...?"

Right when I prepared myself for death——.

Kyuubi suddenly lifted her head and glanced towards the door of the room.

Kyuubi: "*Sniff, sniff*. *Sniff, sniff*..."

Kyuubi: "... Prince, what is this smell? It smells like it's drifting from outside the room, but..."

Kyuubi: "What, 'Kitsune Udon'? You learned how to make it from the people of the Eastern Country?"

Kyuubi: "However, why were you making that kind of dish...?"

Kyuubi: "... You thought I would enjoy it? So you had it prepared for my sake?"

Kyuubi: "........."

Kyuubi pauses as if in thought.

Her nine tails wag restlessly without settling down.

Kyuubi: "...... You're a clever man, Prince."

Suddenly, the lips of the Youko that should be feared twists into delight.

Kyuubi: "When it comes to 'Kitsune Udon', it's best to eat it while it's hot."

Kyuubi: "Devouring you will have to come later. Now then, you may quickly bring it out for me."

I do as I'm told, wondering where Kyuubi vanished to before I notice she enshrined herself on top of the sofa.

Kyuubi: "What are you doing? Will you hurry up and bring out the 'udon'?"

She taps the sofa with a plop-plop as if to urge me onward.

Kyuubi: "Also, Prince, I know it's a hassle, but I don't like it when my food is too hot. Also, my skills with chopsticks are a little... I'm a little weak in that regard."

Kyuubi: "So, make sure you cool my 'udon' with a fu—fu— when you bring it to my lips, OK?"

For some reason, it sounds like she means for me to feed her.

While I whisper in my heart that this idle and lazy form is Kyuubi's true nature, I consented to her request.

Awakening Materials[]

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon.png
Onyx Icon.png
Material 1
Elaine Icon.png
Mischa Icon.png
Tigre Icon.png
Carrie Icon.png
Elaine (Swimsuit) Icon.png
Mischa (School) Icon.png
Meer Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 2
Sanosuke Icon.png
Iroha Icon.png
Chizuru Icon.png
Kojuurou Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 3
Saizou Icon.png
Kagerou Icon.png
Hien Icon.png
Kaname Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
(edit info) Money Orbs
Black 300,000G 3 x Master Monk orb & 3 x Samurai Master orb


A Youko is a type of youkai with the characteristics of a fox.


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