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Great Demon Summoner Lapis is a black demon summoner.

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Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Lapis Icon.png
Lv1 886 92 49 35 N/A 25 22 HP+450
Token Possession
Count Up
Lv80 1485 194 116

Lapis AW Icon.png
Lv1 1222 175 97 35 N/A 28 25 Demonic
↓ ↑

Lv99 1890 239 177

Lapis AW2v1 Icon.png
Lv1 1357 175 97 35 N/A 28 25
Lv99 2025 239 177

Lapis AW2v2 Icon.png
Lv1 1898 201 165 35 N/A 28 25
Lv99 2700 264 286
Token unit
Imp Icon.png
N/A Lv1 1203 141 91 50 1 - 4 N/A N/A N/A
Lv70 1375 201 134
Lv80 1400 210 140
Demon Icon.png
Lv1 1705 302 120 50 1 - 7
Lv90 2155 436 156
Lv99 2200 450 160
Archdemon Icon.png
Lv1 1805 342 131 50 1 - 9
Lv99 2300 490 180
Lady Demon Icon.png
Lady Demon
Lv1 2006 402 352 50 2 - 9
Lv99 2600 550 500


Name & Effect (edit info)
For X seconds, range increases
by 1.2x. All allies within range
have Yx increased attack.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Lapis 6☆
Y Reuse
1.1 79
1.2 78
1.3 77
1.4 76
1.5 75

Skill Awakening[]

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Lapis AW Icon.png
Normal Demonic Field For 20 seconds, range increases by 1.2x. All allies within range have 1.5x increased attack. 75 1
Awakened Demonic Territory For 20 seconds, range increases by 1.3x. All allies within range have 1.5x increased attack and 1.4x increased MR. 80 5


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Token Possession Count Up
(edit info)
Initial token count increased by +3.
Fuuka AW Icon.png
Memento AW Icon.png
Rhyno AW Icon.png
AW Icon.pngAW Icon.pngAW Icon.png
Lapis Icon.png
Krehl Icon.png

Demon Enhance
(edit info)
Initial token count increased by +3.

While deployed, all allied Demon Summoner tokens gain 100% Attack.

Chibi Lapis Icon.png
Lapis AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
Demon Summoner
Power will not decrease in Makai.

All enemies within range receive constant damage that ignores defense and magic resistance.
Can employ tokens.

  • Begins with 7 tokens.
  • Can employ up to 7 Imps.
  • Damage aura does not trigger enemy retaliation abilities.
  • Ticks at 10% of ATK per 0.1s.
Demon Master
  • Can employ up to 7 Demons.
Demon Ruler
Power will not decrease in Makai.

All enemies within range receive constant damage that ignores defense and magic resistance.
Can employ tokens with ranged attacks.

  • Can employ up to 7 Archdemons.
  • Small HP increase.
  • Range +10.
Demon Bringer
Power will not decrease in Makai.

All enemies within range receive constant damage that ignores defense and magic resistance.
Can employ tokens with 2 block.

  • Can employ up to 7 Lady Demons.
  • Large HP/DEF increase, small ATK increase.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% I'll lend you my thankful.
15% Are you concerned about what I'm holding? ...Shut up. Don't mind it.
30% Prince, I'm bored. Entertain me properly.
50% Hey, aren't we going to do joint training with White Empire's Priest Warriors...?
60% I want to know about human customs. Prince, teach me properly.
80% Prince, what is the right thing to do in front of someone you like?
100% Teach me more about humans. I want to learn it with you.
Adjutant Prince, I'm bored...isn't there anything interesting?


30% Breasts exposed, Fellatio
100% Clothed, Breasts out, Missionary (virgin)

All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

Lapis #1 :

Lapis : "…………I have free time."

While murmuring, the inhumane girl stares intensely at me.

Upon seeing the horns protruding from her head and her strange outfit, once again I'm convinced that Lapis is a demon girl who originated from Makai.

Lapis : "Oi, did you hear me?"

Lapis : "I said I do have free time."

As Lapis speaks with a haughty attitude, she shakes my shoulder while I sit behind a desk, preparing to write a letter to a foreign country.

"Even if you say you have free time", I replied, stopping my hand from writing the letter, I exchanged a gaze with Lapis.

Lapis : "…………Anyway, I have free time."

Suddenly, she draws closer, all the more staring at me with her emotionless eyes.

If I were to look at her from a daily perspective, she can certainly be described as a girl with unparalleled beauty, but her blunt attitude really spoils everything.

Lapis : "……What's the matter? You're staring at my face."

Lapis : "Is there something strange on my face?"

"It's not like that", I answered. Though the strange life form that she holds, with eyeballs peeking out and chain weights extending from it, does pique my interest.

Lapis : "Don't mind him."

Lapis : "He'll do ferocious things sometimes, but he's not a bad guy."

It'll be troublesome to have ferocious things inside the castle, so I try to inspect it.

Lapis : "……Like I said, don't mind him."

Lapis : "…………"

Lapis : "……You are persistent..."

Lapis : "No, besides that. Why don't you understand that I have free time..."

In the end, this conversation is looping back, and I sighed.

Lapis : "Besides, now that I have decided to lend my power and wisdom, why aren't you humans putting in any effort to entertain me?

Lapis : "……Although I look like this, I'm quite strong you know."

"Is that really a thing for herself to say...?", I wondered, as my shoulder loses its strength upon hearing her childish statement.

Since we have fought several times before we became allies, I know full well of Lapis's terrifying strength.

Lapis : "Then why don't people try to entertain me?"

With that being said, starting with Anna, many people have had various preparations for her needs the moment she arrived at my kingdom.

Lapis : "I don't understand a thing about the "deliciousness" of human meals."

Lapis : "Perhaps, that was intended to entertain me?"

Lapis : "Hm……? Giving me a room in the castle?"

Lapis : "Oh, that cramped room."

Lapis : "Such a room is nothing more than a goblin's hut when compared to my house."

Lapis : "……I'll be sure to suffocate if I stay in that place."

Lapis : "……To put it simply."

Lapis : "...I have free time……"

In the end, we're restarting again.

"Then what do you want? Can you tell me more specifically?" I asked Lapis.

Lapis : "What do I want……you say?"

Lapis : "That's obvious!"

Lapis : "Call the White Empire's soldiers here."

Lapis : "Also, the Priest Warriors."

Lapis : "……Especially the girls."

...I was bewildered by her overly-specific request.

However, from her words, I had an idea on who she was referring to.

A human girl who Lapis had once saved in Makai.

She is one of the White Empire's Priest Warriors.

Lapis : "The White Empire has a good relationship with your kingdom, am I correct?"

Lapis : "Then my request should not be difficult."

Lapis glares intensely at me.

No, that's not it.

Her eyes aren't glaring. Rather, this is one of her ways to express how serious she is about her request.

Since I understood this, I replied to her.

Lapis : "……What? If I want to meet the White Empire's Priest Warriors, then I had better not disturb you?"

Lapis : "...What does that mean?"

To clarify her doubts, I show her the letter I had stopped writing before.

Lapis : "……Can't read it."

Lapis : "What's the subject?"

Lapis : "……We will host a banquet to strengthen the bonds with the people of the White Empire, you say?"

Lapis : "--For real!?"

Lapis : "Then Luc……I mean, the White Empire's Priest Warriors are coming too?"

"Probably", I answered.

Lapis : "……Is that so."

Lapis : "Alright, I understand!"

Lapis : "Then hurry up and continue working on that letter."

Lapis : "Until then, no one may enter this room, and neither will I let you go out."

Lapis : "Now, be relieved and write already."

Lapis : "Whatever monsters that come, I shall protect you from them!"

That said, Lapis goes to sit in the room's sofa and stares intensely at me.

Somehow, I'm delighted to see her being interested in humans. While thinking about it, I took the brush again and continued writing the letter.

Lapis #2 :

Lapis : "Prince……"

Lapis : "What should I do?"

"All of a sudden, what's the matter?", I ask her, and Lapis begins to speak reluctantly.

Lapis : "Soon……the Kingdom, will host a banquet to strengthen the bonds with the people of the White Empire."

Lapis : "……Right?"

"Yeah", I answered a little late, unable to understand her motive.

Lapis : "That day is coming soon, however, do I a normal human?"

Lapis : "…………Hm?"

Lapis : "What are you surprised at?"

Lapis : "Is it wrong for me to want to behave like a human?"

"No, that's not it...", I replied.

"It's just really unexpected to see you trying to fit into human customs."

Lapis : "Just what do you think I am?"

Lapis : "Even for an inhabitant of Makai, I do have the discipline to uphold proper conduct."

Lapis : "……Besides, I have an important friend in the Empire."

Lapis : "I don't want her to see me in an embarrassing state..."

Lapis : "...Is it wrong to think like that?"

After hearing Lapis's emotionless reply, I felt a strange urge of motivation.

"It's not wrong at all," I respond. "If that's the case, I'll cooperate unconditionally."

Lapis : "Is that so...I am grateful."

Lapis : "Well, firstly, I want to know more about table manners."

Lapis : "Which hands to hold food with is considered 'polite'?"

Somehow I don't understand what Lapis is asking...

Is she talking about eating bread or fruit...?

Lapis : "……Eh? Bread? No, It's not about that fluffy food…… Rather, I do eat all kinds of food with hands."

Lapis : "……Huh? The act of eating using bare hands is strange?"

Lapis : "…………Mmmuu."

Lapis : "Neither the caretaking waiters nor Anna and the others have given me any advice regarding this matter."

Lapis : "……No, When I first came here, I think they did tell me about a lot of things."

Lapis : "Certainly, at that time……"

Lapis : "They were talking about something called a 'knife' and 'fork', while showing me strange looking weapons. Thinking they were trying to be hostile, I unleashed my power."

Lapis : "Really……Since then Anna and Katie have been avoiding me. Are they really planning to kill me...?"

"There's no way that will happen," I replied. At the same time, I realized my own lack of understanding regarding this strange being known as 'Lapis'.

I had entrusted the girls to take care of all her needs, but I never thought it would end like this……

Lapis : "……What?"

Lapis : "Having a meal in the human world, using a knife and fork…… There's also a spoon, and to be using them appropriately...?"

Lapis : "But why?"

Lapis : "Do you mean humans eat without directly touching the blessings of the earth?"

Lapis : "……This is hard to understand."

Lapis : "Although 'meals' are not just an act to satisfy taste and hunger..."

Lapis : "Enough of this. There is no meaning in preaching such a thing right now."

Lapis : "Prince, there is no time. Before I meet with people of the Empire, teach me the etiquette of the human world."

Lapis : "……What?"

Lapis : "What is important, is the feeling of 'consideration' towards your companions……?"

Lapis : "...Enough of that."

Lapis : "Come on, prepare to teach me immediately."

Lapis : "For the time being, I will memorize some table manners today."

Lapis : "As for tomorrow--"

After that, Lapis tells me about various things she wants to learn as well.

Somehow, after seeing Lapis display such a passion for hard work and curiosity about this world, I couldn't just ignore her. I decided to teach her various bits of common sense in this world for a while.

Awakening Materials[]

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon.png
Onyx Icon.png
Material 1
Ricardo Icon.png
Cassis Icon.png
Anemone Icon.png
Ricardo (School) Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 2
Valerie Icon.png
Palace Icon.png
Maya Icon.png
Cyrus Icon.png
Barbastroff Icon.png
Mehlis Icon.png
Maya (Swimsuit) Icon.png
Miere Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 3
Calliope Icon.png
Nenya Icon.png
Merone Icon.png
Cloris Icon.png
Yuyu Icon.png
Ryuryu Icon.png
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png
Nenya (School) Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
(edit info) Money Orbs
Black 300,000G 3 x Lord Witch orb & 3 x Witch Doctor orb


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