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Woman of Steel Leeanne drops from the following Event Missions.

  • Event and Mission names in Bold are no longer available.
  • Mission names in italicized Red no longer drop Leeanne.
  • Mission names in bolded Green have Leeanne as a Completion Reward.
  • Mission names in bolded and italicized Purple have Leeanne as a no longer obtainable Completion Reward.
  • All other Missions are repeatable via Revived events or Daily Revivals.
Leeanne (Up to Date 08/13/20)
Event Mission Cha Sta
Cloris Icon.png Save the Witch! Witch's Banquet 35 3
Belinda Icon.png Witch's Daughter Witch's Pursuit 35 3
Maribel Icon.png Holy Warrior's Challenge Lines of Armor 2 60 6
Karma (Platinum) Icon.pngKarma (Black) Icon.png Vampire Bride The Dweller in the Darkness X 60 6
Yurina Icon.png Dark Knighthood's Threat The Saint of Darkness 25 2
Lin Icon.png Monks' Training Grounds Tenth Degree 30 3
Solano Icon.png The Summoned Beast Sleeping in the Earth Gravestone of Darkness 50 3
Horus Icon.png Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands Magic Sword of Sorrow X 60 5
Janna Icon.png Gold Rush 3 Raising the Curtain 30 2
Momiji Icon.png Oni-Possessed Swordswoman Power Unleashed X 70 7
Fran Icon.png Demonfolk's Fate The Vampire's Attack 30 3
Memento Icon.png Daughter of the King of the Dead Undead Assault 20 2
N/a Gold Rush 5 Forbidden Giant Rock Soldier 30 2
Rorone Icon.png The Road to Becoming the King of Bandits The Bandits' Fighting Methods 40 5
Corin Icon.png The Alchemist and the Philosopher's Stone The Cost of Truth 55 7
N/a Gold Rush 6 The Hearts of Maidens 30 2
Sandra Icon.png The Lethal Blade that Severed the Sky Sky Army 50 5
N/a Gold Rush 7 Fiery Blood Training 30 2
Kanon Icon.png Gunnery Academy's Trainee Geographical Advantage 30 3
Verdinath Icon.png The Dark Priest and the Heretical Altar Ritual of Darkness 50 5
Yuno Icon.png Dark Knights and the Targeted Healer Power of Stolen Healing 40 5
Eterna Icon.png Death Dragon and the Vengeful Magic Priest Soul-Hunting Monster 30 2
Fes Icon.png The Holy Spirit of Light and Darkness Golden Demon 40 3
Sarasa Icon.png Dark Knights and the Holy Night's Gift Dark Bowrider 40 5
Sukuha Icon.png Treasured Sword of Mo Ye Further Pursuit 40 3
Meiling Icon.png Evil Hermit Country's Trap Rematch with the Tiger Princess 30 2
Ignis Icon.png Lost Dragons' Island The Archangel and the Divine Beast's Egg 90 12
Erica Icon.png The Pumpkins' Magic Armor Soldier Desperate Summoning 50 5
Doula Icon.png Makai Martial Arts Competition 2nd Battle 40 3
Reve Icon.png Memories of the Battlefield Strategist's Successor (Memory) 30 2
Koyomi Icon.png Third Great Youkai War Yao Tian-Jun's Trap 50 5
Elene Icon.png Giant-Slaying Sword Large Giant 40 3
Phyllis (Yukata) Icon.png Prince Army's Summer Festival Phyllis' Summer Vacation 90 12
Sayo Icon.png Memories of the Battlefield
~Recollection Chapter~
Makai Ants' Counterattack (Memory) 30 2
Saval Icon.png Great Thief and the Treasure of the Pyramid Youma Queens' Coordination Tactics 80 9
Psyche Icon.png Half-Asleep Dark Priest Demon-Summoning Vessel 90 12
Lan-Fa Icon.png Lingering Scent of Flowers that Remember the Deceased Bewitching Evil Hermit 50 5
Saris Icon.png Wandering Guardian's Shield Terrified Soldiers 25 2
Mei-Hua Icon.png Feng Shui Master of the Dragon Vein Trembling Flames and Sand on the Lake 70 8
Lumian Icon.png Apprentice Blacksmith and the Giants' Divine Authority Cavern of the Giant Clan 40 3
Carrie (Swimsuit) Icon.png Swimsuit Cavalry Blooming at the Beach Wild Horse on the Sunset Beach 55 7
Mine Icon.png Floating Stone and the Dwarves' Foster Daughter Illegal Miners Pursuit Battle 50 5
Quill Icon.png Griffin Cavalry Launching Out Proof of Destructive Strength 40 3
Dulphia Icon.png Heroine from Another World and the Soukaku's Young Lady The Young Puppet Doll Lady 50 4
Karin Icon.png The One Chosen by Hakutaku Scoffing Xun Tianjun 50 5
Homura Icon.png Kijin Ōtakemaru and the Black Scarlet Wings The Aobōzu's Raging Flames 40 4
Leaf (Valentine's) Icon.png Seductive Valentine Battlefront Pursuing the Chocolate Thief 30 2
Wangfei Ren Icon.png Hermit of the Biwa and the Melancholic Melody Wandering Guardian Knight 40 4
Mischa (School) Icon.png Freshman of the Academy's Cavalry Course Review Right After Returning 55 7
Fluffy Icon.png White Beastgirl and the Dark Organisation Toll Road 30 3
Faust Icon.png Librarian from Another World Faust's Thirst 50 5
Berna (Bride) Icon.png Red Rogue Bride Dark Knights' Rain of Arrows 40 5
Houtou Icon.png Koihime from Another World and the Evil Hermit's Scheme Cat's Ally 70 6
Mao (Yukata) Icon.png Ayakashi Tanuki and Yukata Fistfighter Shapeshifting Youkai Tanuki 40 3
Floga Icon.png Crimson Magician and the Knight of Makai Heaven-Piercing Spear Warrior 40 4
Katara Icon.png Warriors of the End Civilian-Rescuing Knight 40 4
Prince (Hero King) Icon.pngSanara (Platinum) AW Icon.png Hero King's Successor Decisive Battle At Maou's Castle 40 3
Shinomiya Komachi Icon.png Detectives from Another World Battle that an Officer Soul Can't Afford to Lose 50 4
Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Kingdom Army's Relaxation Trip
-Hot Springs Edition-
Evil Influences Staying Away from the Women's Bath 70 6
Isla Icon.png Lost Demon Summoner Child Illusion of an Imitation God 90 12
Finan Icon.png Devoted Faith, Deprived Will Controlled Magic Armor Girl 25 2
Diera (Bride) Icon.png June Bride Midnight Shadow of the Old Ones 90 12
Ganimard Icon.png Librarian and Summoner from Another World Summoned Bugs 30 2
Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Summer Festival Expedition:
Pursue the Phantom Ingredients!
Catch in the Chocolate Field 40 5