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Lost Demon Summoner Child (迷子の悪魔召喚士) is a farming-based urgent mission running from 16/04/2020 to 23/04/2020.


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Demon in a Run-Down Hut
20 180 750 10 8
Soldier (Magic) A Icon.png
Soldier (Magic) A Lv5
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 23
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Deceived Demon
25 220 1125 10 8
Isla Icon.png
Isla Lv6
Merone Icon.png
Merone Lv6
2 10 29
Cyrille Icon.png
Spirit of Silver -
Suspicious Cult
30 280 1800 10 8
Isla Icon.png
Isla Lv8
Ricardo Icon.png
Ricardo Lv8
3 10 26
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
For the Sake of Returning to Makai
40 360 2250 10 8
Isla Icon.png
Isla Lv10
Valerie Icon.png
Valerie Lv10
5 10 30
Phyllis Icon.png
Phyllis Lv10
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet x2
For the Sake of Returning Home Together
55 500 2700 10 8
Isla Icon.png
Isla Lv15
Mao Icon.png
Mao Lv15
7 25 40
Percis Icon.png
Percis Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Illusion of an Imitation God
90 680 3600 10 8
Isla Icon.png
Isla Lv20
[100% drop]
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv20
12 25 57
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon.png
Ruby x2

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Isla Sprite.png
- 2000 - 50
MR 30
Initial: 0
3 UP
Units within 220 range suffer 5 damage per 0.1 seconds (50 damage per second).
6000 100
MR 30
Units within 220 range suffer 7 damage per 0.1 seconds (70 damage per second).
Black Cultist Sprite.png
Black Cultist
Ranged (200)
Magic 1800 200 50
MR 50
Initial: 24
Move: 61
Missile: instant
2 UP
Blue Cultist Sprite.png
Blue Cultist
Ranged (120)
Splash 133.33
1800 300 50
MR 50
Initial: 24
Move: 101
Missile: 6
2 UP
Red Cultist Sprite.png
Red Cultist
Ranged (120)
Splash 133
3000 200 50
MR 50
Initial: 24
Move: 61
Missile: 6
2 UP
Black Archdemon Sprite.png
Black Archdemon
Physical 15000 1000 150
MR 90
Initial: 46
1 UP
Makai Boar Sprite.png
Makai Boar
Physical 100000 4500 50
MR 5
Initial: 65
3 UP
Wererat Sprite.png
Physical 4500 300 50
MR 5
Initial: 24
1 UP
Units within range 140 suffer 30 damage per 0.1 seconds (300 damage per second).
Isla Sprite.png
- 8000 - 100
MR 30
Initial: 0
3 UP
Units within 400 range suffer 10 damage per 0.1 seconds (100 damage per second).
Angel Knight (Black) Sprite.png
Angel Knight (Black)
Physical 10000 1000 900 260
Initial: 60
3 UP
Angel Statue Sprite.png
Angel Statue
Physical 30000 2800 4000
MR 10
Initial: 90
3 UP
Angel Mage Statue Sprite.png
Angel Mage Statue
Ranged (159)
Splash 266.67
30000 600 4000
MR 10
Initial: 80
Move: 241
Missile: 6
3 UP
Illusion of Adamas Sprite.png
Illusion of Adamas
Ranged (120)
Physical 30000 800 400
MR 50
Initial: 81
Move: 17
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attacks all units within range simultaneously.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Shabby Shack Demon

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Haa, couldn't find a way to return to Makai today either."

Isla: "What, I can't be moping about! I'll return to Makai and become a fine Demon Summoner!"

Isla: "I finally found a place with a roof. I'm sure tomorrow will turn out to be much better!"

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya! Food, today's share!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Hiee!? Sorry! N, now I have only this much..."

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Nuts, again! Meat, want eat!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "I'm sorry, I'll do something by tonight, OK!?"

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Meat, by tonight! Meat, by tonight!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Fuu, I just got back."

Isla: "Let's do something about the meat. It's thanks to Goblin-san I learned about this small shack to take shelter from the rain and all the clean air."

Isla: "——That's right! I'll double my summoning studies by calling a familiar to catch prey! Meat, meat!!"

(time passes)

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, there was a report that lesser demons have been showing up around here. Though our world's connection to Makai should be weakening..."

Anna: "In any case, we cannot ignore it. Let's subdue them before anyone gets hurt!"


Eris Icon.png Eris: "Subjugation complete."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Really... there were demons."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "I wonder if they were stragglers from Maou's Army? ... Oh, Tsugumi, what's wrong?"

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "*Sniff-sniff*. There's a suspicious smell. I believe it's coming from over there."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Hii!?"

Isla: "Don't tell me that's the Kingdom's Army? That Prince the people travelling along the road said defeated Maou!?"

Isla: "I, if I'm found, I'm sure there'll be trouble! While it's regrettable about the shack, I must flee from here!"

(time passes)

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Muh? Just now... a demon? Kuku, hahaha! At last, luck has graced herself in our presence!"

Demon, Fooled

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Haa... Haa... now that I've come this far, I should be safe, right?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "It's nice to meet you, my fair demon."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Hieeh!? I-I, I'm a human! These clothes are 'cause I've grown somewhat fond of Makai's sense of fashion~!"

Isla: "I, I'm going to be studying now! Excuse me!"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Please wait! I am your ally. An ally of a demon like you who has been left in the physical realm."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Ehh...? I, is that so?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Yes. Please look. This grimoire. If I was an enemy of demons, I wouldn't have this now, would I? Come, let us open a gate to Makai together."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "But now the connection to Makai is..."

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Correct, it has weakened. However, that doesn't mean Makai itself has vanished. If we were to borrow the power of a mighty being like a Majin, or..."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "We'll be able to return? To Makai!?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Fufufu, we'll be able to return. However, suddenly summoning a Majin is dangerous. So as the first step, let's test this spell."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "This is, lessee, a winged demon? ... Ehee~i! Ahh, it turned out nicely!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "The presence is... this way?"

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "Hohho—uh, looks like we're on the mark. The thing floating in the far off sky is a winged aberration, and it looks like it has began to chase the beasts of the field. Prince- dono, are you ready?"


Isla Icon.png Isla: "Hieee! Stay away~!"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Cheh! The Kingdom Army? Not now!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Hii!?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Oops, my apologies. I was also troubled by them, you see."

Mysterious Man: "However, it'll be OK. If we go together, we won't be caught and tortured by them."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Tortured!?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Quite fearsome tortures at that. Now, let's go. I am your ally."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Y, yes! Thank you!"

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "Oya, oya, looks like they're running away. Like scared bunnies."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "Just now was a demon, right? The one with her looked like a human, but..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "I doubt they're unrelated to the lesser demon appearances. Let's chase after them, Prince!"

Suspicious Cult

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Prince, found her. Over there..."

(boindemon and cultists appear)

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Awawawa, what're we gonna do, they're getting close! The way things are, our fate will be capture and torture~!"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "I won't let them. Come, next this spell. Just a little more till we summon a mighty Majin!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "U, understood! Let's see, this spell...?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Mysterious Man: "Listen, my brothers! She will be a trump card for our cult."

Cultist: "However, the hateful Prince Army that alienated us from Makai is after her. For the sake of our long held desires, do whatever it takes to protect her!"

Cultist: "I shall begin preparations for the Majin advent ceremony. Know that this battle holds the fate of our cult!"

Demon Cultist (Blue) Icon.png Underling: "Your will!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Lessee... There! Yattaa! The summon went well~! If this keeps up, I might really return to Makai!"

Isla: "Y, you guys! Please stay away! If you come near, if you come near, err... It'll hurt!"

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "Hahaan, I read it. From what I gather, she's being deceived by those suspicious guys."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "I'm also curious about that man's motivations. Prince, let's engage them here!"


Isla Icon.png Isla: "Owowow... Hii! If I don't escape, I'll be tortured!?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Prince-sama is kind, so he won't torture you..."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "You said return to Makai, right? If you're unable to return home and are having problems alone, I think we should discuss it."

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "Prince-dono is a nice fellow that doesn't discriminate against even Youkai like me. Even demons aren't exempt~♪"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "B, but I was so close! If I can summon a Majin-san, I can return home!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Ahh... She ran."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "S, sorry, Prince, Anna-san. Perhaps I should've caught her before engaging in diplomacy?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "No, it would be preferable if she came with us willingly."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Acchi, I have a bad feeling. Watch out, Prince..."

To Return to Makai

Isla Icon.png Isla: "T, t-t, they came! Those guys!"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Cultist: "It'll be OK. We're ready for them. Come, use this book. Now, summon the Majin!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "O, OK...!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Even if you summon a Majin, I doubt you'll return to Makai..."

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "Truly. Though the convincing power of what Saoshu-dono says may be dubious."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "You're being deceived by them! Please, listen to us!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Y, you say that, but...!?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Cultist: "They intend to put you off guard so they can capture and torture you. Please remember. Have I lied to you even once?"

Cultist: "We've been preparing and preparing, without suddenly summoning a Majin, all for the sake of you returning to Makai."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Uuuuugh, I don't know what I should believe!"

Isla: "But! I want to return to Makai! Please... don't get in my way!!"


Isla Icon.png Isla: "I, I'm sorry... I, lacking power, wasn't able to summon the Majin..."

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Cultist: "... Why? The procedure should've been proper. We summoned mightier and mightier devils to offer as sacrifices. So why? Why won't you answer us? Why, why, why!?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Makai is too far away, it looks like that book is no good."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "Are you OK? I'll heal your wounds now. I'm sorry for acting rough. Will you listen to us now?"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Ehh? Th, thank you... W, wait, this is also paving the way for my torture later, right?"

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "Prince-dono, Prince-dono. Isn't now the time for you to step forth?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "........."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Ah, what? It'll be alright...? Y, you won't torture me~?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Shake-shake)"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Th, then... if it's talking."

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Cultist: "Please wait, don't go..."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "!?"

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Cultist: "One more time, one more time. Next time, we'll make it succeed! Come, summon! Come here! Summon! Come! Come!!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Oww!? P, please let go! I no longer have any magical power from this power... Nooooo!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "If she uses her power any more than she has, her life will be in danger! Prince, let's hurry after them!"

To Return Together

Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Cultist: "Fufu! Ahahahaha! This time should go well! Please look! Makai begins one after another!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Ugh... It's no use... My magic is...! Spreading too far... I cannot, control it...!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "The way things are, that girl... will die."

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "She's summoning aberrant beasts, it appears we're at the climax of a ghost story you could say."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "Is this the time to be calmly watching!? It's clear as day her magic's out of control, we have to hurry and stop her!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "P, please run, kindly one...! The way things are, I'll, you...!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince... Nay, we won't pull back! Let's rescue her!"


Demon Cultist (Red) Icon.png Cultist: "Wh... y...? Majin... our, earnest wish..."

Tsugumi Icon.png Tsugumi: "At least sleep in peace. Your ambition shall be yet another untold story. Later, rumour will beget rumour and a ghost story shall be begotten."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Are you OK?"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "M, more or less..."

Isla: "I was being deceived...? I really, really caused you so much trouble... Is there any way I can apologise...? I don't... know..."

Isla: "........."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "... She's fine. She used too much power and merely lost consciousness. She's in no danger of dying."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "So now the matter's settled? Prince, that was good work on this expedition!"


Isla Icon.png Isla: "Ex, excuse me~..."

"Eh, Eris-sa~n... I really caused you trouble. Freeloading off you after causing such a mess."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "Oh, I believe the Prince said he wouldn't abandon this girl?"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "No, no, no, no way! You kept me safe like this and fed me delicious food after all the trouble I've caused! I, it doesn't sit right with me!"

Eris Icon.png Eris: "You say that, but you have nowhere else to go."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "You're putting me on the spot! Uugh, Eris, you bully~. You don't have to put it so matter-of-factly!"

"... Ah, umm, is it really OK? Some dropout demon like me."

Eris Icon.png Eris: "The Prince is a man who cares little of such things. He has the Majin-possessed, Youkai, and demons other than you by his side."

Isla Icon.png Isla: "I, is that so? Then I want to meet him by all means!"

"H, however, is it really OK? I'm sure I'll only be causing you more and more trouble."

"If you permit even that, than I want to live here!"

"——!! Thank you so much! I'm inexperienced, but please look after me!"

Fake God Phantasm

Katrina Icon.png Katrina: "Please look, over there! Something that looks like Adamas-sama is descending—!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........!!"

Halina Icon.png Halina: "What do you mean 'looks like'? Saying that to the deity the people of the Empire worship."

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "We have no faith to offer a phantasm."

Adamas (Shadowed) Icon.png Adamas?: "........."

Halina Icon.png Halina: "One who is not a god, to use the power of a god. Is that the power of the 'Divine Wedge' I heard tale of?"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "These opponents I leave to you, Prince, Halina."

Halina Icon.png Halina: "What of you, Your Highness?"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "I'll crush the other units. They must be thinking to shake us under a divine guise."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "Pitiful children of man. You may scatter before the divine power while knowing nothing."

Katrina Icon.png Katrina: "It's precisely because I know nothing that I'm curious! Please have a taste of this, my proudly crafted work~!"

Halina Icon.png Halina: "Embedding a foreign object in The World Tree, and in addition, the barbaric deed of arson... Atone with your bodies!"

[Adamas Phantasm delivers true damage attack that cannot be nullified or debuffed by divine intervention blessings.]

(mid battle)

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Uugh... I completly lost my way. Perfect, there's lots of people over there... Geh, angels!?"

Isla: "I, I, I must run! Nooo~! Please stay away~! Prince-samaaa! Where are yoouu~!? Prince-samaaa~!!"


Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... Mission completed. Give the sign to withdraw."

Halina Icon.png Halina: "Hmph, sour grapes. Aren't you simply exposing your ineptitude before the Prince and I?"

Katrina Icon.png Katrina: "You're the girl that was with Prince-sama? Why're you collapsed here~? Are you OK~?"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Owowowow... I was suddenly surrounded by angels, and couldn't tell what's what."

Halina Icon.png Halina: "For the angels to surge into the Empire at this scale. We cannot overlook the trends of Tenkai."

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "——I agree."

Katrina Icon.png Katrina: "You've returned, Your Highness! I'm glad you're safe—!"

Halina Icon.png Halina: "How were things on your end?"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "I crushed their other units. There were no victims among the people. Oddly enough."

Katrina Icon.png Katrina: "Could this be a test run for that Adamas-sama-looking thing?"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "Who knows. But we should also prepare for a new war."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Halina Icon.png Halina: "Prince. I, Halina, am willing to lend my strength against the World Tree crisis. You may call me whenever the need arises."

Katrina Icon.png Katrina: "Already finished with the conference, Prince-sama? In that case, how about we go sightseeing around the city!?"

Katrina: "Please also have a gander at my proud crafts as well! Now, now, this way~!"

Isla Icon.png Isla: "Ahh! P, please wait! I'll also go~! Please don't leave me behind~!"


Menu Fame.png
  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear デーモン、騙される (25/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 怪しげな教団 (30/3) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

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