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Lost Dragons' Island (失われた竜の島) is a farming-based urgent mission that ran from 08/09/16 to 15/09/16.

The Doppelgangers from the Fake City have returned, and have invaded the peaceful Island of the Dragonewts. Dragon Soldier Ignis and her fellow Dragonewts were fooled by the Doppelgangers into attacking the Prince, and the Prince must seek to resolve this conflict while avoiding a total confrontation with the Dragonewt race...


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Fake Prince On Board
20 140 750 10 8
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon.png
Soldier (Heavy) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 21
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Island of the Dragonewts
25 180 1125 10 8
Ignis Icon.png
Ignis Lv6
Ballad Icon.png
Ballad Lv6
2 10 27
Cyrille Icon.png
Spirit of Silver -
Dragonewts' True Purpose
30 200 1800 10 8
Ignis Icon.png
Ignis Lv8
Soma Icon.png
Soma Lv8
3 10 36
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
Flying Dragons of the Island 
40 300 2250 10 8
Ignis Icon.png
Ignis Lv10
Mischa Icon.png
Mischa Lv10
5 10 36
Valerie Icon.png
Valerie Lv10
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet x2
All-out War on the Island of Dragons
55 420 2700 10 8
Ignis Icon.png
Ignis Lv15
Verotte Icon.png
Verotte Lv15
7 10 32
Crave Icon.png
Crave Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum

The Archangel and the
Divine Beast's Egg

90 580 3600 10 8
Ignis Icon.png
Ignis Lv20*
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv20
12 15 42
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon.png
Ruby x2

*Drop is guaranteed on every run.

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Doppelganger Sprite.png
Melee Physical 1500 100 0 101
Initial: 8
1 UP
Ignis CC Sprite.png
Physical 6000 450 200
MR 10
Initial: 12
3 UP

10000 600 400
MR 10
Green Dragon Sprite.png
Green Dragon
Ranged (192)
Magic 6000 500 300
MR 30
Initial: 68
Move: 61
Missile: 5
0 UP
Upon reaching 0 HP, switches to walking form.
Green Dragon (Walking) Sprite.png
Green Dragon (Walking)
Ranged (96)
Magic 10000 500 400
MR 30
Initial: 68
Move: 61
Missile: 5
3 UP
Blue Dragon Sprite.png
Blue Dragon
Ranged (192)
Magic 6000 110×5 200
MR 70
Initial: 68
Move: 101
Missile: 2
0 UP
Upon reaching 0 HP, switches to walking form.
Blue Dragon (Walking) Sprite.png
Blue Dragon (Walking)
Ranged (96)
Magic 13000 110×5 300
MR 70
Initial: 68
Move: 61
Missile: 2
3 UP
Dominion (Sealed) Sprite.png
Dominion (Sealed)
- 10000 800 200
MR 20
2 UP
After a set time, transforms into Dominion.
Dominion Sprite.png
Physical 10000 800 200
MR 20
Initial: 8
2 UP
Superior Angel Sprite.png
Superior Angel
Physical 8000 550 300
MR 20
Initial: 16
3 UP
While on the field, all enemies regenerate at a rate of 20HP/.083s (240HP/s).
Archangel Chief Sprite.png
Archangel Chief
Ranged (300)
Physical 20000 1000 300
MR 40
Initial: 60
Move: 161
Missile: 15
3 UP
Regenerates at a rate of .04% HP/.083s.

Uses melee attack while blocked. Ranged attack hits all allies in range.

1400 151
Initial: 30


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Fake Prince On Board

Julian: "Prince! The doppelgangers should've fled this way! Let's settle this before they transform and commit some nefarious deed!"

Doppelganger: "Sh, shit... Persistent bastards. Since it's come to this, I have no choice but to transform into their leader and make them confused."

Doppelgangers: "If the rest of you transform into all of their soldiers, the battle will go in our favour with our superior numbers!"

Julian: "—!? The doppelganger transformed into the Prince!? Damnit... Even though I know it's a monster, it's not possible for me to turn my sword against the Prince..."

Katie: "Indeed, transforming into the Prince is troublesome, but in the end, it's a fake Prince."

Katie: "Even though it can mimic the shape, it doesn't look like it can mimic the morale boosting effects the Prince possesses."

Anna: "However, even without a morale boost, that doesn't make it any less of a formidable opponent. Everyone, please make sure you don't get confused."


Julian: "Resign yourselves to your fate, fakes."

Doppelganger: "Sh, shit...! We're gonna be captured!"

Julian: "Hey, wait up! Where do you think you're going!?"

Soldier: "Report! The enemy ship appears to have changed course!"

Katie: "That broken-down ship!? I believe they won't be able to make it too far, but... let's follow after them quickly before we lose sight of them, Prince."

Island of the Dragonewts

Doppelganger: "A, all right... we somehow managed to safely escape. However, it's nice we landed on solid ground, but what in the world is this island...? Hm? Someone seems to be coming this way..."

Ignis: "Discovered an unknown ship! We must investigate below its deck at once... Everyone, I want you to help me take care of this!"

Doppelganger: "Isn't that... A dragonewt!? I see, this must be the dragonewts' island..."

Doppelganger: "Perfect, luck has turned in our favour... Fufufu."

Ignis: "—Mumuh!? Suspicious fellows! What are you doing over there... Huh, what? You're the same race of dragonewt as us? Huh? Those wounds, what happened?"

Dragonewt Warrior (Fake): "Haa... Haa... Attacked by humans... Terrible fellows... We didn't do anything, yet they... Those guys are going to come to this island soon."

Ignis: "Wh, what!? Humans...!?"

Dragonewt Warrior: "Humans... I heard about Great Elder-sama bearing a grudge against them during the Millennium War period."

Ignis: "I don't know much about the Millennium War period, but in any case, I won't forgive them for bringing harm to my kin... I'll do whatever it takes to chase them away from the island!"

(time passes)

Soldier: "It appears the doppelgangers managed to flee to this island! Begin searching the island!"

Ignis: "I knew that you would come! Hurting my friends... I'll never forgive you."

Ignis: "You'll regret bringing conflict to this peaceful island."

Julian: "What're you saying!? We just came to this island, you know? There's no reason we would do such a thing..."

Katie: "... Don't tell me!? The doppelgangers that landed on this island earlier did something...?"

Anna: "The possibility of that is fairly likely... Anyways, it doesn't look like a fight can be avoided..."


Ignis: "Kuhh... you're not bad, humans..."

Ignis: "However, we can't lose... This island is an island for dragons, and us dragonewts...!"

Julian: "Even so, we're not the invaders you think we are! ... It's no use. It doesn't look like she'll listen to us."

Anna: "Fighting more than this will only unnecessarily increase the number of wounded..."

Katie: "Our goal is to subjugate the doppelgangers. Let's retreat for the time being in order to avoid any pointless battles."

Ignis: "They have the advantage, yet they're retreating...? I don't understand their reason, but it might be some kind of plan... Everyone, chase after the humans!"

Doppelganger: (Kukuku, good. While the humans and dragonewts battle, we shall add fuel to the fires of war.)

Doppelganger: (That's right. First off, I'll contact the chief of the dragonewts... Kukuku, I'm a criminal genius at play... This is going to be interesting....!)

Dragonewt's True Purpose

Ignis: "Wait—, humans! I won't let you do as you please—!"

Julian: "Kuh... those guys're fast on their feet... They have us cornered..."

Dragonewt Warrior: "Fufu... seems they gave up! Here will be your grave!"

Anna: "I beg of you! Please listen to what we have to say! We don't have any intentions of fighting with you... Please believe us."

Ignis: "... Believe... What you're saying is..."

Dragonewt Warrior: "Oi, Ignis... words of humans, don't let them deceive! If relax guard, ones who suffer will be us... Never forgive humans!"

Ignis: "I, I know! I'll protect this island... I do whatever it takes to protect it!"

Julian: "It's no use... After all, it's not possible to resolve this by talking it over..."


Katie: "It may be possible to disable the enemy soldiers present. Let's calm them down a little here."

Julian: "No, looks like that's not going to happen. It appears reinforcements are popping up from all over."

Great Elder: "Hmm... Humans were in this kind of place."

Anna: "Wh, who in the world are you...?"

Great Elder: "I'm the dragonewt elder of this island."

Anna: "Elder...!? In that case, please tell everyone. We didn't come here to fight..."

Great Elder: "Fumu, I'm aware. I heard about the current situation of the world from the doppelgangers."

Anna: "Thank goodness... Now then, please let us withdraw our soldiers. Our goal is the subjugation of the doppelgangers. It doesn't make any sense for us to be fighting each other any longer."

Great Elder: "No, there is sense in it..."

Great Elder: "Because the dragonewt race on this island have decided to side with the monsters a little while ago."

Anna: "N, no way...!? Why in the world would you do that...?"

Flying Dragons of the Island

Ignis: "... Great Elder-sama, assisting the monsters... are you serious?"

Ignis: "Until now, we've been living peacefully on this island... The numbers of our kind have finally started to increased, yet to go to war again..."

Great Elder: "We have ancestors who fought bravely on the monster side during the Millennium War long ago. This is a golden opportunity towards further prosperity for our race."

Ignis: "However, the Millennium War was so long ago... None of that has to do with anyone living on this island now. Great Elder-sama... Please reconsider...!"

Great Elder: "You are speaking foolishness, Ignis!"

Great Elder: "We lost the last war, and were castaway on this island. Now, it is time to restore the greatness of our proud dragonewt race!"

Great Elder: "First, we'll take the head of the Prince and present it to Makai."

Great Elder: "... If we do that, then the fact that our dragonewt race weren't able to participate in battle for a long time will be thrown into the water."

Dragonewt Warrior: "—Great Elder!"

Dragonewt Warrior: "As you ordered, the preparations to our guardian deity-sama are complete! It is dangerous here... Now, please come this way..."

Great Elder: "Understood. I'll leave the rest to you. Ignis... You also make sure you fulfill your duty."

Ignis: "... Understood. Great Elder-sama..."

Soldier: "Confirmed many flying dragons launching an attack on our position! Please be more vigilant!"

Anna: "Why are they here...? No, now's not the time to lose heart. Prince, please prepare for battle!"


Dragonewt Warrior: "No way... Impossible!? Guardian deity-sama was defeated..."

Ignis: "... We never should've engaged in this kind of battle. If our kin are just going to be collapsing, shedding blood on the battlefield, then we should've chosen to live peacefully on this island."

Anna: "If you still intend to continue fighting, then even more will be sacrificed. I beg of you, please put away your weapons."

Ignis: "Understood We'll retreat. So... promise that you won't attack this island."

Anna: "Of course we won't. We never intended to hurt anyone from the very beginning."

Ignis: "Then come with me. We must go to the Great Elder, and tell him our agreement! I believe doing such will put an end to this war."

Anna: "Understood. Well then, Prince, let's go."

All-out War on the Island of Dragons

Dragonewt Warrior: "G, Great Elder-sama!! The humans are approaching this way...! As it is, it we be destroyed instead!"

Ignis: "—Please wait! They said they won't attack this island. Great Elder-sama, there's no point fighting anymore!"

Great Elder: "Ignis... you, have you betrayed us for the humans? You... are the shame of the dragonewt race!"

Ignis: "No way... Great Elder... Why're you clinging to the glory of the past...? There's no meaning... in doing these kinds of things."

Great Elder: "Listen, all of you! We will definitely restore the dragonewts. It's not suitable for dragonewts that were once proud warriors to be living life hidden away in the corners of the world!"

Great Elder: "Oi, doppelgangrs! You also help. Even though you're weak, if you transform into us dragonewts, you should have some portion of our battle prowess. Hurry up!"

Doppelganger: "Shit... Why do we have to get stuck with fighting them..." (Besides that, transforming into dragonewts that lost to the Prince on multiple occasions... We have no choice but to transform into the Prince's army once again!)

Katie: "In the end, a fight cannot be avoided, huh...?"

Anna: "Prince, the dragonewts are starting to attack! Please prepare for battle!"


Doppelganger: "Dragonewts, you lost just as I expected... Hmm, it was a mistake to join hands with stupid dragonewts that were easily deceived just by us transforming into the humans."

Doppelganger: "All that work to get you dragonewts to fight with the Prince's army was all in vain. We have no use for this kind of island."

Ignis: "The doppelgangers deceived us...!? Wh, what's the meaning of this, Great Elder-sama...? Did you... know of this...?"

Great Elder: "What will you say if I did...?"

Ignis: "We believed in living peacefully on this island, and obeyed Great Elder-sama... We don't want... to fight anymore...!"

Great Elder: "There is no other way but to fight in order to restore the greatness of our dragonewt race... Those that are unable to agree should leave the island..."

Katie: "It appears the Great Elder's feelings won't change."

Katie: "I guess the scars of war won't heal so simply...Ignis-san, what will you do?"

Ignis: "I... don't know about the Millennium War period. So, in the end, it's not possible for me to agree..."

Ignis: "I've been living on this island for a long time. Besides, as a dragonewt... I'm very young... So, I plan to leave the island, and experience the world with my own eyes."

Julian: "I see... I think that's a good idea. Well, if anything troubles you, be sure to give us a holler anytime. We'll be your strength!"

Ignis: "Thank you... I still cannot bring myself to trust in humans, but you're different... If something happens, I'll be counting on you."

Anna: "Yes, likewise, please look after us!"

Julian: "Seems those doppelganger guys made a clean escape... Those bastards won't escape next time!"

Anna: "That's right, let's continue to be ever vigilant. However, our soldiers are also exhausted from continuously fighting, so let's return home for now."

The Archangel and Divine Beasts' Egg

Angel: "... Archangel-sama, I have a report. We discovered the egg of the divine beast. We also captured a dragonewt that was nearby."

Ignis: "Let me go! I was just sleeping here! What's this all of a sudden!?"

The Archangel: "The dragonewt race? So they still existed. It might still be useful. I'll consider its treatment later."

Ignis: "Damn you, let... me..."

The Archangel: "We're wasting time. Now then, the egg of the divine beast..."

The Archangel: "Ohh... there's no mistake. God created it at the time of the Millennium War long ago, a forbidden weapon given life..."

The Archangel: "While it was just one step away from cornering the humans, the divine beast that ceased its functions... Very well. Once again, that role—"

Eln: "—Archangel! I won't let you touch the divine beast anymore!"

The Archangel: "... Eln, you again? Even if you're a fallen angel, I cannot pardon you for meddling with our task like this..."

The Archangel: "Very well, Eln. I shall show you the end of an angel that fell to earth. Now then, angels. Spread your light far and wide, let's begin the purge."

Katie: "The Archangel seems to have taken battle positions... An overpowering feeling as if he's a completely different person than he was earlier."

Eln: "Prince, we must not let him wake up the divine beast! We must do whatever it takes to stop the Archangel here!"

(high-ranking angel appears)

[while a high-ranking angel is present, all angels' HP regenerates.]


Eln: "Now, Prince. Now's our chance to secure Ignis-san and the egg of the divine beast!"

The Archangel: "... I won't let you. I won't let a filthy fallen angel get in God's way. We'll secure just this egg of the divine beast."

Julian: "Kuh... We were one step too late... The angels have stolen the egg of the divine beast..."

The Archangel: "... Fufufu. Our original goal was to secure the divine beast... Bringing this back will mean our victory."

Soldier: "Report! The angels are starting to steadily retreat!"

Eln: "... What are we going to do now? Thanks to this, the divine beast's awakening is only a matter of time... God really intends to destroy the humans..."

Katie: "... There are still other options. Now, let's search for something we can do."

Eln: "... You're right. I'm sorry for losing hope..."

Eln: "I'll definitely try and protect the humans... That is my hope as Eln the fallen angel, and my wish as the Prince's ally..."

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