Majin Astaroth's Advent (魔神アスタロト降臨) is a Majin Advent urgent mission running from 20/12/18 to 04/01/19.


  • Prince's Rank has to be 50 or higher to participate.
  • Multiple units with the same name are not allowed.
  • Previous maps have to be 3-starred in order to unlock the next ones.


Astaroth Map


  • All missions take place in a Poisonous Swamp, so all units suffer constant HP degeneration, which gets more potent with every increasing level.
  • The Basilisks deal 5x final damage, calculated after DEF. Paralyzes targets after 4 hits.
  • Astaroth himself deals 10x final damage and paralyzes targets after 1 hit.
    • Note that paralysis halves a unit's DEF, so the dealt damage will be even greater.
  • On Level 5 and onward, defeating Astaroth once causes him to switch to his 2nd form.
    • In this form, he now flies and has a DoT field, dealing constant damage to all units within his range.
    • The DoT field's drain rate is 60HP/5 frames (360HP/sec) for Levels 5-7, and drains 100HP/5 frames (600HP/sec) for Levels 8-10.
Stage Name Cha Exp Gold (3★) Points Units 3★ Reward
Life Enemies
Lv1 32 400 2400 10 10
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
5 66
Lv2 34 440 2565 10 10
Lv3 36 480 2730 10 10
Lv4 38 520 2895 10 10
Lv5 40 560 3060 10 10
Black Armor Icon
Black Armor
Lv6 42 600 3225 10 10
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Lv7 44 640 3390 10 10
Lv8 46 680 3555 10 10
Lv9 48 720 3720 10 10
Lv10 50 760 3885 10 10
Black Armor Icon
Black Armor
Lv11 52 800 4050 10 10
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
Lv12 54 840 4215 10 10
Lv13 56 880 4380 10 10
Lv14 58 920 4545 10 10
Lv15 60 960 4710 10 10

Enemies Edit

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  • Lv 2
  • Lv 3
  • Lv 4
  • Lv 5
  • Lv 6
  • Lv 7
  • Lv 8
  • Lv 9
  • Lv 10
  • Lv 11
  • Lv 12
  • Lv 13
  • Lv 14
  • Lv 15
Name Types HP ATK DEF Details Notes
Majin Astaroth Sprite
Danger superboss

Majin Astaroth ×1

Demon 45000 HP Physical
ATK: 720
DPS: 194
400 DEF
60 MR
550 MOV Paralyzes target for 12 seconds after 1 hit.

Deals 10x damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*10

Greater Roper Sprite
Danger normal

Greater Roper ×55

3150 HP Physical
ATK: 300
Range: 40
DPS: 234
100 DEF
15 MR
700 MOV
1 UP
Paralyzes target for 12 seconds after 6 hits. Attacks all units within range.
Basilisk Sprite
Danger strong

Basilisk ×5

18900 HP Physical
ATK: 540
DPS: 189
1200 DEF
0 MR
550 MOV
2 UP
Paralyzes target for 12 seconds after 4 hits.

Deals quintuple damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*5

Acid Slime (Green) Sprite
Danger normal

Acid Slime (Green) ×5

7200 HP Magical
ATK: 350
Range: 20
DPS: 304
2200 DEF
0 MR
500 MOV
1 UP


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
Mei-Hua Introduction

Mei-Hua Icon "Awawawa... Bad news, bad news, Prince-samaaa!"

"——Ahh, s-sorry for bursting in! But there's something I need to quickly tell you no matter what!"

"For the last few days, I was consulting with Katie-san because the flow of Qi from certain directions was unusually distorted."

"She had some soldiers head out to investigate, but there seems to be a poison swamp, that wasn't there before now, spreading at that spot...!"

"What's more surprising, the soldiers said it was as if that poison was dripping from the tip of a spear an elderly person was holding..."

"A thing like this couldn't possibly be done by some normal human or monster."

"As I was working with a secretary-san to investigate the powerful being that manipulates poison, one name had been recorded in an old text."

"——Majin Astaroth. The true identity of the one that was in the poison swamp, I believe it's without a doubt Majin Astaroth."

"In that text, this was what had been written. A deadly poison is perpetually dripping from the great spear that one wields——"

"——Merely a graze from a single thrust of that spear is enough to taste a hellish pain that numbs the whole body and amplifies the pain it feels many times over."

"And that's only the introduction; when Astaroth releases his true power, there's something about the life in the area being poisoned by that one simply passing by till they all wither and vanish."

"I don't know how much from the old text is true, but it's a fact the poison swamp is rapidly spreading."

"What's more, whether they're being drawn towards Astaroth's poison, but all kinds of monsters that prefer poison in other lands have started to gather."

"Among them, the presence of dangerous monsters called Basilisks, who are equipped with deadly, venomous fangs and tough scales that arrows and blades can't pass through, have also been confirmed."

"Similar to the legends from earlier, the basilisks' venom seems to have a potent effect that also amplifies the sense of pain many times over."

"Moreover, I don't know if it's because they've been affected by Astaroth's poison, but roper-like monsters that mutated to be even more aggressive has also been confirmed."

"The area tainted by the poison Astaroth's spreading and the number of monsters attracted to that seem to be steadily increasing."

"The way things are, it'll only be a matter of time before every region gets tainted like what happened in the legend..."

"Before that happens, please lend me your strength, Prince-sama. I beg of you...!!"

LV1 Introduction

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "... This is far more dreadful than what we heard, isn't it?"

Mei-Hua Icon Meihua: "This place was also a beautiful meadow till the other day. Now it's been turned into a poison swamp..."

Katie Icon Katie: "We must deal with this as soon as possible. Before this poison swallows our cities..."

Bernice Icon Berenice: "——Ahh, everyone, please look over there!"

(mutated roper appears)

Mei-Hua Icon Meihua: "Hiaahh... Wh, what's this slippery and slimy thing!?"

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "That must be the mutated roper that was in the report. From what the soldier-sans who discovered it said, even after it has paralysed its prey, it'll tenaciously continue to attack it or something like that."

Bernice Icon Berenice: "If it were a regular roper, it wouldn't deliver any additional attacks to the prey it has paralysed..."

Katie Icon Katie: "Also watch out for the 'Basilisks' that were in the same report. If those bite you with their venomous fangs, a fatal injury probably won't be avoidable."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "If you have one well-versed in the healing arts, it'll be possible to hasten the recovery from those afflicted with paralysis. Prince, please make good use of our power, OK?"

Mei-Hua Icon Meihua: "A, and as for the poison in the area... Umm, please leave it to us feng shui masters, Prince-sama..." (Uuuugh, it's so slimy... and gross...)

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, we can't let this poison swamp spread any further. Let's do whatever it takes to stop Majin Astaroth here."

[Received damage from Majin Astaroth (1st Form) is 10x. Also, those that receive attacks from Majin Astaroth (1st Form) will be instantly paralysed.]

(Basilisk Appears)

[Received damage from Basilisk is 5x. Also, those that receive attacks from Basilisk will be paralysed after [4] attacks.]

Lv. 10 Clear

Bernice Icon Berenice: "Prince, Majin Astaroth is starting to retreat!"

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "He's starting to vanish, like he's sinking into the poison swamp. With this, it'll be hard to pursue him..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "It looks like he's losing the will to fight. Though we barely managed, I believe we could call this our victory."

Katie Icon Katie: "Prince, the soldiers that were patrolling the area have also reported that the spread of the poison swamp has ceased."

Mei-Hua Icon Meihua: "... Y, you mean everything worked out? Geez, you slippery and slimy creatures, don't come out ever again, OK?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "We haven't completely subdued them, so I think we'll need to keep a steady watch from here on out, but it's apparent we averted this crisis."

Mei-Hua Icon Meihua: "Fuaaa... Thank goodness... But the nature in this area has turned into quite a mess..."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "It'll probably take quite some time to neutralise the poison and restore the nature here to its former glory..."

Bernice Icon Berenice: "Geez, don't be so glum! We were able to safely emerge victorious, so let us all restore the nature here together!"

Mei-Hua Icon Meihua: "Berenice-san... You're right. Yes! We have to neutralise the poison and rescue all of the local animal-sans, there's a mountain of things we must do!"

Bernice Icon Berenice: "Yes, yes, keep your chin up, that's the spirit~♪"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Prince, that was great work subduing Majin Astaroth. Well then, let's return to the Kingdom for now to organise the restoration project of the surrounding region!"


Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity. He is a male figure most likely named after the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar.

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