Majin phenex advent

Majin Phenex's Advent (魔神フェネクス降臨) is a Majin Advent urgent mission running from 27/04/17 to 11/05/17.

Start Date End Date
28/12/2017 04/01/2018
20/08/2018 26/08/2018
21/11/2019 05/12/2019


  • Prince's Rank has to be 50 or higher to participate.
  • Multiple units with the same name are not allowed.
  • Previous maps have to be 3-starred in order to unlock the next ones.


Phenex map2


  • While Phenex is present, all enemies will gradually regenerate HP.
    • However, Phenex himself will gradually degenerate HP as the mission progresses.
  • On Level 5 and onward, defeating Phenex once causes him to switch to his 2nd form.
    • In this form, Phenex no longer experiences HP degeneration.
  • (Lv16) While Phenex's Servants are present, all allied units have 40% reduced Attack.
Stage Name Cha Exp Gold (3★) Points Units 3★ Reward
Life Enemies
Lv1 32 400 2400 10 10
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
5 65
Lv2 34 440 2565 10 10
5 70
Lv3 36 480 2730 10 10
5 75
Lv4 38 520 2895 10 10
5 85
Lv5 40 560 3060 10 10
Black Armor Icon
Black Armor
5 85
Lv6 42 600 3225 10 10
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
5 85
Lv7 44 640 3390 10 10
5 100
Lv8 46 680 3555 10 10
5 105
Lv9 48 720 3720 10 10
5 110
Lv10 50 760 3885 10 10
Black Armor Icon
Black Armor
5 120
Lv11 52 800 4050 10 10
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
5 120
Lv12 54 840 4215 10 10
5 120
Lv13 56 880 4380 10 10
5 120
Lv14 58 920 4545 10 10
5 120
Lv15 60 960 4710 10 10
5 120
Lv16 50 760 3885 10 10
Black Armor Icon
Black Armor
5 129
Lv16 ★4 50 760 3885 10 10
Sacred Crystal Icon
Sacred Crystal x3
1 129
Initial HP Reduction: 95%
All enemies' Range increased by 1.5x.


  • Lv 1
  • Lv 2
  • Lv 3
  • Lv 4
  • Lv 5
  • Lv 6
  • Lv 7
  • Lv 8
  • Lv 9
  • Lv 10
  • Lv 11
  • Lv 12
  • Lv 13
  • Lv 14
  • Lv 15
  • Lv 16
Name Types HP ATK DEF Details Notes
Majin Phenex Sprite
Danger superboss

Majin Phenex ×1

Flying Demon 56000 HP Magical
ATK: 450
Range: 320
DPS: 179
100 DEF
70 MR
400 MOV
Desert Lizard Swordsman Sprite
Danger normal

Desert Lizard Swordsman ×8

Dragon 840 HP Physical
ATK: 210
50 DEF
30 MR
1500 MOV
1 UP
Desert Lizard Axethrower Sprite
Danger normal

Desert Lizard Axethrower ×5

Dragon 700 HP Physical
ATK: 300
Range: 147
50 DEF
30 MR
900 MOV
1 UP
Desert Soldier Sprite
Danger normal

Desert Soldier ×18

Human 1050 HP Physical
ATK: 175
50 DEF
10 MR
600 MOV
1 UP
Red Worm Sprite
Danger normal

Red Worm ×14

Insect 1487 HP Physical
ATK: 178
50 DEF
10 MR
800 MOV
1 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Makai Ant Sprite
Danger strong

Makai Ant ×17

Insect 700 HP Physical
ATK: 210
200 DEF
30 MR
800 MOV
1 UP
Makai Ant Queen Sprite
Danger boss

Makai Ant Queen ×1

Insect 14000 HP Physical
ATK: 700
600 DEF
40 MR
300 MOV
3 UP
Red Makai Ant Sprite
Danger strong

Red Makai Ant ×1

Insect 840 HP Magical
ATK: 200
Range: 80
Splash: 133.33
900 DEF
30 MR
700 MOV
2 UP


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
Farne Introduction

Farne Icon "Prince, pardon my intrusion."

"In the western desert, that thing... The Majin Phenex has shown itself."

"Surely you've seen it once before, right? Possessing strong regenerative abilities, it's a Majin shrouded in blue flames."

"It has been frequently witnessed at the front lines of various places, but now it has been content to stay in the desert for quite some time."

"The inhabitants that live in that land believe Phenex to be a god. Dedicating offerings to it, we've found signs of people helping it in its actions."

"I fear that may be the reason it has chosen to take root in that land."

"Using the people who believe in it, it appears they've already attacked a number of human settlements. There'll be problems if we keep ignoring them... What do you think?"

"... I see, I thought you would say that. Let's repel them at once before there are any more victims."

"Beyond defeating Phenex, a fight with the inhabitants of the desert who believe in it will be inevitable, please be prepared to have a fight with them as well."

"Phenex's strong regenerative abilities will affect not only itself, but those under its influence, so watch out for that."

"Any odd injuries they sustain will immediately be healed. Defeating them with strong attacks without giving them a chance to heal should be effective. Do not forget to make the right preparations, OK?"

"Well then, we shall start as soon as you are ready. ... Also, I forgot something important."

"Phenex is, without a doubt, a strong enemy... But, even so, I won't forgive you if you selfishly go out to die. You'll defeat it, and return back with everyone... Promise me!"

Lv1 Introduction

Katie Icon Katie: "Thank you very much for holding the front lines. What's the battle situation?"

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "I, it's no use! No matter how much we attack, we cannot defeat even the regular monsters, whose wounds mend instantly!"

Conrad Icon Conrad: "Can't be helped... Step aside! With the power of my 'Abandon Body', I'll blow them away before they have a chance to recover!"

Katie Icon Katie: "Indeed. If we can deliver strong blows to them, I'm sure we can quickly defeat the enemy!"

Katie: "Prince, please give orders to soldiers with high attack power!"

[While Majin Phenex is present, all enemy HP regenerates. In addition, Majin Phenex's health will steadily decrease.]

Lv3 Mid-Battle

Zaram NPC Icon Masked Man: "Hmph... Useless. Your half-baked attacks won't pass through our iron wall flesh!"

Asar Icon Asar: "No way... Even with our swords and magic, not only is it hard for our attacks to pass through, but we cannot make them sustain any lasting damages thanks to the power of Phenex!"

Cecily Icon Cecily: "I see... However, if I were to strike at their vitals, then perhaps...!"

Lv5 Transformation

Katie Icon Katie: "Kuh! Phenex's regeneration power has grown even stronger...!"

Farne Icon Farne: "From here is the critical moment. ... Everyone, let's go at full strength!"

Lv10 Clear

Asar Icon Asar: "Majin Phenex has been destroyed! We've done it, Prince. We defeated Phenex!"

Farne Icon Farne: "It's unfortunate, but Phenex hasn't been destroyed. It's an immortal bird; no matter how many times it's defeated, it will regenerate and resurrect itself. It's that kind of Majin."

Asar Icon Asar: "No way..."

Farne Icon Farne: "... However, it looks like we definitely delivered a great deal of damage that far exceeds its regenerative strength. I believe it has returned to Makai to mend those wounds for the time being."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... Even though there's no hope in defeating it completely, let's rejoice in the fact that we halted the invasion of Majin Phenex for now."

Asar Icon Asar: "You're right... no matter how many times it resurrects itself, as long as the Prince is with us, we definitely won't lose!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Right. Prince, you must be exhausted from the fierce battle here. Rest for now, nourish your spirit in preparation for the next battle. You've done excellent work."


In demonology, Phenex is a Great Marquis of Hell and has twenty legions of demons under his command. He teaches all wonderful sciences, is an excellent poet, and is very obedient to the conjuror. Phenex hopes to return to Heaven after 1,200 years, but he is deceived in this hope.

He is depicted as a phoenix, which sings sweet notes with the voice of a child, but the conjurer must warn his companions (for he has not to be alone) not to hear them and ask him to put in human shape, which the demon supposedly does after a certain amount of time.

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