Mechanical Soldiers Ancients

Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients (古代の機甲兵) is a farming-type urgent mission running from 07/17/14 to 07/24/14.

The story follows Rikka, a puppeteer and automata expert. Upon discovering that the seal on the automata was broken, she enlists the Prince to assist her in uncovering the reason, and preventing the automata from running rampant.

This event received a revival from 11/14/15 to 11/15/15.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients:
The Ancient Legacy
20 150 750 10 10
Rikka Icon
Rikka lv1
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
1 10 15
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients:
Lords of the Cavern
30 300 1125 10 10
Rikka Icon
Rikka lv3
Sanosuke Icon
Sanosuke lv3
2 10 20
Sara Icon
Spirit of Copper
Beer Icon
Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients:
Three-Sided Battle
40 350 1500 20 10
Rikka Icon
Rikka lv6
Soma Icon
Soma lv6
3 10 37
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients:
Automata Corps
50 400 2250 20 9
Rikka Icon
Rikka lv10
Nenya Icon
Nenya lv10
5 10 43
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
古代の機甲兵:制御不能 極級
Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients:
Out-of-Control X
70 500 4500 25 9
Rikka Icon
Rikka lv13
Cecily Icon
Cecily lv13
7 10 62
Gustav Icon
Gustav lv13
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Additional notes: Continuous HP degeneration: Big
古代の機甲兵:烈火 神級
Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients:
Inferno G
100 200 1500 40 10
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 10 64
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
Additional notes: Continuous HP degeneration: Big
Missions added in revival
古代の機甲兵:再起動 神級
Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients:
Reboot G
90 580 3600 10 10
Rikka Icon
Rikka lv20
[100% drop]
Dan Icon
Dan lv20
12 30 65
Giovanni Icon
Giovanni lv20
Diamond Icon
  • 'Inferno G' stage unlocks after earning 3☆ on all previous stages.

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Sword Automata
Sword Automata
Melee Physical 3000 350 50
MR 10
Initial: 20
1 UP
Gun Automata
Gun Automata
Ranged (233) Physical 1500 300 200
MR 10
Initial: 5
Move: 91
Missile: instant
2 UP
Armored Soldier
Armored Soldier
Melee Physical 8000 500 300 191
Initial: 20
3 UP
Armored Gun Soldier
Armored Gun Soldier
Ranged (180) Physical 8000 550 500 91
Initial: 5
Move: 61
Missile: instant
3 UP
Only deals half damage when not engaged with a blocker. Has an aura.
Melee Physical 5000 350 700 175
Initial: 24
2 UP


Story Text Edit

  • Translations taken from Nutaku version.
The Ancient Legacy

Monster: Graaaa!

Anna: Prince! A monster! Prepare for combat!

(Automata appears)

Monster: G-g-g! Help! Grraaa!

Anna: Just who is that woman who came out of the cavern? It looks like she's attacking the monsters, but...

Puppeteer: Look out! That's an automata! It's going to attack you!

Anna: Attack!? What do you mean!?

Puppeteer: That looks like a human, but it's a weapon!

Anna: A weapon!? Sure, now that you say that, its movements are different from a human's, but...

Anna: A-anyway, it's going to attack, so be ready to counter it!

(Automata defeated)

Puppeteer: Phew... That seems to have worked out.

Anna: That woman... Wait, or was it an automata?

Puppeteer: Yes, an automata.

Anna: What is an automata?

Puppeteer: Put simply, it's said that it's a weapon that moves on its own, built by the ancients.

Anna: A weapon that moves on its own...

Anna: This is hard to believe so suddenly. There was something like that in the cavern!?

Puppeteer: It seems someone broke the automata's seal and set it on a rampage.

Puppeteer: Right, I am introducing myself. I am the Puppeteer Rika.

Anna: Puppeteer? I've never heard of that vocation.

Rika: I am an automata expert who researches and handles them.

Rika: If an automata isn't commanded by a knowledgeable puppeteer, they can become uncontrollable at the slightest thing.

Rika: I must investigate the cause quickly, and stop the automata.

Rika: If they become uncontrollable and get out of the cavern, they can cause great amounts of damage.

Rika: Right! You all seem to be fairly strong. Would you help me in my investigation?

Rika: Also, during the investigation, if you're able to capture an automata, I can add to your battle strength!

Anna: Prince, it seems the automata are extremely dangerous. We can't let the enemies out of the cavern.

Anna: We will help with the investigation.

Rika: Then it's decided!

Rika: Thank you for the assistance, Prince!

Lords of the Cavern

Anna: This is the cavern entrance. I wonder what it's like inside?

Monster: Ge-geh! You... get outta the way!

Anna: Prince! A monster! Prepare to counterattack!

(All enemies defeated)

Anna: It looks like those monsters were being chase by automata.

Anna: And, are those people... Dwarves?

Dwarf: Hmmm.

Dwarf: You're the intruders here for the automata! We won't allow you in this cavern!

Anna: Was it you that broke the automata's seals? They're dangerous things to be handled by people without knowledge.

Dwarf: Humph! Our family leared about them from ancient documents.

Dwarf: This cavern is our holy land. We can use whatever we find here as we please!

Rika: So if you know about them, you also know the dangers, right?

Rika: I'm begging you, please restore the seals of the automata!

Dwarf: We found them first! We won't allow you to steal them!

Dwarf: I'll say it one more time. We won't allow you in this cavern.

Dwarf: If we catch you again we'll attack you as intruders. Got it?

Anna: The dwarves have left, too...

Rika: We can't be afraid of the dwarves! Let's keep moving, Prince!

Rika: As a puppeteer, I cannot allow the automata to rampage!

Anna: It seems Rika gets heated when it comes to automata.

Anna: Alright Prince, let's continue on.

Three-Sided Battle

Anna: We've come to a wide floor.

Anna: I want to finish this investigation and get out of this cavern before the dwarves find us, but...

Monster: I find Prince. I kill here...!

Anna: Argh... It seems we've been discovered by the monsters.

Dwarf: You! So you ignored our warnings!

Anna: And at the worst possible time, we've also been discovered by the dwarves.

Dwarf: With these automata newly released from their seals, we'll shut you out of this cavern!

Rika: Unlike the automata so far, it looks like these automata were stored in poor conditions.

Rika: It seems their performance has degraded, but they're still very strong. Be on guard.

Anna: We're being attacked from two sides. Prince, let's break through somehow!

Automata Corps

Rika: Only a little further until the deepest section.

Rika: Let's move veeeery sllloooowly so we don't get caught.

Rika: Huh? Did I hit something?

Dwarf: ...!!

Dwarf: Hey! Over here! They're over here!!

Rika: Aaaaah! Did they find us!?

Anna: ...

Anna: I heard the dwarves shouting from over there.

Anna: Prince, prepare for combat!

Rika: Sooorryyy!

Rika: Ah, there are ranged types among the automata with the dwarves.

Rika: They'll attack from a distance, so be careful!

Out-of-Control X

Anna: It's hot... It seems this is the deepest section of the cavern.

Rika: Ah! Dwarves!

Dwarf: Hey! You said you're a puppeteer. That automata stopped listening to commands!

Dwarf: You tell me what I should do!

Rika: Well that's... if it operates in this heat, then of course it will overheat and go wild!

Dwarf: Overheat!?

Dwarf: Well, you've got to do something! It's coming deep into the cavern now!

Rika: No way!

Rika: Why, in this heat, do I have to be lead around by a sweaty old man!?

Dwarf: Shut up! Quit your babbling!

Dwarf: Grr... Even though I told you that the automata who won't listen is coming this way!

Dwarf: That's it! I'll bring you if I have to force you!

Rika: Ahhhh! Stop! You're so sweaty!!!

Anna: Prince! Let us protect Rika!

Anna: The dwarf said that the automata were headed this way.

Anna: I'll bet the automata will attack after the dwarves!

Anna: What's more, the soldiers' strength will be sapped in this heat!

Anna: Fight while paying attention to remaining strength!

Anna: Alright, prepare to fight!

(All enemies defeated)

Anna: We managed to defeat them somehow...

Rika: It looks like almost all of the unsealed automata were broken.

Rika: I know they were on a rampage, but they're so pitiful now.

Rika: All you dwarves... Automata are dangerous things.

Rika: Amateurs who have only read the documents shouldn't touch them!

Dwarf: ... Yeah-yeah, we get it.

Dwarf: The automata we tried to handle ourselves rampaged and attacked.

Dwarf: We won't use something this dangerous again. From now on, even if we find an automata we won't touch it.

Dwarf: However, this place is our holy land. Your business here is done. Kindly leave.

Rika: As long as you understand, that's fine.

Rika: Prince, the automata investigation is finished. Let's get out of this cavern.

Rika: Now even if people will come to misuse the automata, the dwarves will protect this cavern. So we can rest easy.

Dwarf: Hmph!

Anna: It seems this trouble has subsided. It's really good that we were able to keep the rampaging automata from leaving the cavern.

Anna: Now we should get out of this cavern too, and go back to the royal castle.

Inferno G

Goddess Aigis: This magic power! Prince... can you hear that?

Goddess Aigis: It feels like a powerful magic force. It seems that with all this commotion a fire beast has awakened.

Anna: Looks like we awakened something really annoying.

Anna: Prince! It seems the rampaging automata are being driven here by the heat generated by the fire beast.

Anna: Prepare to counterattack!

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