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  • It's fine really, as exemplified right now, I, too, have my inconsistency in replying. It seems that some people nowadays, when messaging someone, expect them to reply right away, not considering that it may not be possible at the time. But I don't want people to think they need to answer me quickly, so when you can, you can, when you can't, you can't, and that's fine, I'll also take longer to asnwer from time to time, for some reason or another anyways. However, one thing that was bothering me a bit was us using the comment section as a chat (as someone who got scolded for doing this on another site), so I moved the conversation to here, if it's okay with you.

    With my memory, whenever new Story Missions are added I watch videos of them, since I know I won't remember anyways. This also applies to the Jungle maps, I don't really remember them, but I know my team can handle, I just didn't go there yet because even in games I'm lazy. About the Makai maps, I just kinda remember until Makai Depths, but since I feel I can't beat it just yet, Plague Rats must be nightmare. But I don't know, two weeks for me seems a reasonable time to clear a Story Mission map (at least they are always there, contrary to Event Missions).

    I see, we shall just wait then I guess. Also, can I take it as you didn't see the Industrial maps' enemies yet? Are you thinking in the Industrial City being the first nation that even the Prince would perceive as enemies, because what you said certainly gave me that impression. Indeed it could.

    Well, you at least think of what you need when you're deciding on who to level up, I decide completely based on feeling (kinda), I highly doubt there's many other players with Azami as their 6th AW'ed unit. Well², considering I saw quite some people saying that Konoha is better than Kurama, I'd say it was a pretty good pull as well.

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    • I know the feel, my time is also very scarce nowadays.

      And I'm here with a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and as you said, 2019 was a cursed year (this final are my own words), and I sure hope 2020 will be better, at the very least, it started more good than bad for me, how was the beginning for ya?

      Yes, indeed, now I can finally quit this game . . . joking, I'll see this game to the end, although with my time now, I can barely play... I couldn't even try the newest Great Total War...

      Anyways, that's it for now, I was planning to wait for your next message to reply to everything at once, but I was feeling kinda bad for not giving back the happy wishes.

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    • Thank you ^_^ and hopefully everything goes well as well. To be honest when I go to Greece it’s usually for a family function, but I did spend an enjoyable time with cousins I rarely see.

      Indeed it was, though I think that several others have gotten mixed in. Sorry about that got a little type happy. Wait are LN’s only on computer? It saves paper but that seems an odd choice to me. Then again simply posting it online for purchase as an e-book might actually reduce costs. Hmm, there is the option for audiobooks, being the most well-known, though this may depend on your mode of transportation and your monetary funds of course. Gilgamesh from the Fate series? I wonder how that conversion went, considering the defensive nature we mentioned concerning this. True and humans are the only animals that can comprehend it however I have to ask you to elaborate, how is it “misused”? Ah, good point. Should I feel proud, upset, or confused at having killed my own argument? That rule needs something to either keep it in check or abolish it, it’s being used far too frequently. True, I suppose, but I can be a bit stubborn. I don’t think you mentioned them, who are Hao and Schneizel? I salute you having a stronger stomach than me. In that case I’ll hold back on the title, the concept was there but the gore was too excessive and squandered the plot, for me gore is one those effects that should be used only when necessary, too much and it’s simply sickening rather than entertaining. Not to mention the author had a habit of introducing interesting characters only to kill them off immediately. Good God man, why would you do that to yourself? I only had read the premise and I stayed away. And there’s three of them?! How popular is this thing? Will do. That may also explain why I mostly run into the more cutesy aspect of nature, I tend to be in areas that primarily focus on that.

      That’s… far simpler than I imagined. Does she care for her children or are they more so of a collection? Oh, and by “kicking her husbands out” you mean have them killed quietly I assume? And that right there is one of the biggest reasons why, though I am tempted to go back in, I am hesitant to do so. I love when a story is expanded and focused on so all the details flourish as it is far more often for a show, arc, etc., to be too short. But to take nearly two years to tell a small portion of a greater tale, it’s too much and some even have filler episodes like in the Enies Lobby arc. There are simply too many episodes to catch up on and I feel that even with mild one hour binging I’ll be burnt out. I just remembered, that’s the reason why I stopped watching it on Funimation’s channel some years ago. I don’t know. I commend those who are able to do it and at times I want to try to do it again, but if I will or not, I can’t say at the moment.

      Why are sale numbers so difficult to find? It seems that yes, in total, in it’s first week apparently, it sold over 6 million copies (< 2 million in Japan). And now it seems to be over 7 possibly 8 million copies. Well let’s be realistic as to why these numbers exist: 1. It’s the first main-line game on a console and 2. It’s Pokémon. Despite the backlash, the lack of content, the sheer dishonesty of GameFreak’s claims and it’s PR disaster, Pokémon will sell because it’s Pokémon. They lucked themselves into a base formula that wonders, which resulted in fan obsession, and now they know they can do practically what little they can and still make an immense profit. Whether this is the fault of GameFreak or The Pokémon Company I can’t say as there seems to be evidence for both. Also, I’m sure you heard of the Expansion Packs which include another 200 Pokémon returning, both things they have stated will never happen. I am wholeheartedly with you on Gen IV. While Gen V maybe the best, Gen IV will forever be my favourite. But I am afraid they might be gearing up for it. If you noticed they seemed to focus a fair bit more on Platinum when they announced the Expansion Pass, and this might be a hint. The truth is a remake will sell like mad, it is a popular gen after-all, but given their current mindset, it will most likely be butchered and if that does indeed happen then I am done. I have seen SilphSpectre actually, yeah he does some informative videos but I haven’t really seen things that are too questionable, unless you mean where he assumes some aspects of the companies involved? As for Little Town Hero it essentially failed in many regards. In short it was drawn-out, the gameplay was not fun, the story was uninspired, game mechanics made little sense, etc. Basically it suffered from many complaints that GameFreak has and is treated as simply a poor developer that got lucky. And this was a passion project mind you. Ah, speaking of R34, there is one thing that GameFreak knows how to do very well, and that is the female pokemon characters. I mean look at this! And this is from the actual game! Lastly let’s not forget deliberate decision behind making pokemon like Hatterene. They know damn well what they’re doing, haha!

      It makes me wonder how artists/authors handle such long running series. Do they keep notes on what happened, so they don’t forget? The same, for what might happen? Or do they make it up as they go? This also begs the question on what happens if the they are incapacitated in some way, or even die, prior to series conclusion. I would expect someone close to them, a colleague or an apprentice, to have a general idea on how to carry on the story. That’s disappointing to hear. On the one hand, I love it. The concept of just leave people alone, mind your own business, and just don’t be an idiot is something that many have forgotten. On the other hand though, the fact that it would actually cause harm or perpetuate bad and harmful practices is terrible. Oh for heaven’s sake, really?! I looked up their twitter and it seems a hacker shut down their account. This is literally why we can’t have nice things! Outstandingly yes, it was in fact a passion project. All the music, animation, graphics, and story boarding were done by a singular person (as far as I can tell), which makes the channels deletion even worse. Hmm, true unfortunately. In that case it would need greater discretion from the creator over who can adapt their material, or by fans who truly love the franchise. I am of a similar position, as I mentioned before it depends on how it’s used. For example, I started watching Boku no Hero Academia with my niece recently and she mentioned how some dislike Momo’s design for being to revealing/inappropriate. However given how her quirk works it needs to be the way it is so I wasn’t bothered by it. Truth is though even if fan-service has a function, people will still dislike simply because it exists. Wait, there was fan-service in the X/Y anime? Where? I as well. Ah okay. That doesn’t sit well with me though. An event like raid bosses should be something optional, on the side that doesn’t directly rely on other missions. Not to mention that, aside from collaborations, it shouldn’t be a one-time thing. At the very least the main prizes should be available for those haven’t been able to partake in the event originally.

      And the ironic thing? It blew over after a few days of it’s release. All the ridiculous actions would have been avoided if both sides simply held their mouths shut and their fingers away from their texts.

      Makes you think, which is worse? Those that hate and harp on a product over the most minuscule of details, or those that defend a product regardless of its most glaring flaws? Oh don’t misunderstand me, I don’t watch for Ash, I watch for the girls. The female characters (sans Iris) are almost always more enjoyable than Ash, to the point that I wish the May, Dawn, and Serena (the best poke-anime girl) were the main characters. Even with gen 7, the girls are simply better characters. Although I have to say that after seeing portions of the gen 8 anime in Japanese, I hate Go. I actively despise him. I’ve only play X, X-2, and XII. X-2 and XII are interesting as it is around this time the battle system was starting to change to its current form. Well, we still have until April 10 to find out. Hopefully you’re right and the gameplay is the only thing changed. I fully accept that theory ^_^ Pretty much in agreement here, even if you disagree with the subject matter, the solution is to have a discussion and not forcibly silence and change the other’s views, that only makes things worse. Although let’s be thankful this censorship was incredibly mild, apparently it could have been much worse. Same as well and this will be my first time ever experiencing FFVII, so time to see what all the praise is about.

      Hmm, curiouser and curiouser. Wait, then how does she annoy/educate Reimu so often? Ah alright then haha! Leave it to reimaginings to go off kilter. Slightly off topic, I hate The Little Mermaid both the original and the Disney version for individual reasons. Ooh both good choices and the latter is actually the spiritual successor to the former. Ehhh, technically but not actually? Majora’s Mask is most certainly horror inspired, with having to relive the end of the world every three days, masks representing gods of death and destruction, a mask used for torture, a heavily implied murder related to the mask, and with the general over-all theme of death and depression, but I wouldn’t consider it a true and proper horror game. It’s something akin to Jurassic Park, inspired by but not actually horror. I would like to see a proper horror Zelda though, something like Bloodbourne or Fatal Frame. BotW2 is hinted as being as dark or darker than Majora’s Mask but that can really mean anything. I only managed to read the first chapter but I am intrigued! I’ll get back to this when I read a bit furthermore.

      Wait, is it not this? In truth I know little about this series and only seen this page in passing.

      It’s, it’s music drugs. Someone actually tried to make music drugs… And the tracks are even sold and promoted like drugs! Hey, try this, only 2 bucks. Want more? Gotta pay up. I mean seriously?! Head hitting desk proceeds.

      In this case the former, definitely the former. That is some serious dedication, but to not have anything left to do? Surely there are things like events or raids or something equivalent introduced to freshen up the gameplay. Hmm, I would recommend World of Warcraft or TERA or similar games, but given I know nothing of Ragnarok: Online, I don’t know how any of these games would compare to it. I try to have that mind set, the just “let it go it’s not worth it” but I just can’t. Arguing is a passion of mine and I controlling it is difficult. Considering you got me interested in Shin Megami Tensei I’ll hold off on that response for a bit. You mean Xenoblade Chronicles 2 I believe? Huh interesting, now I am more curious ^_^ You have to admit though, Pyra is pretty. I can understand that viewpoint and agree with it, if the main character is not enjoyable then how can you expect the player/viewer to be invested? I will say that there are some cases where the MC is annoying but the surrounding characters and scenarios do make up for it, slightly. Though admittedly I am having some difficulty coming up with anything. Ah okay then good to know, I wouldn’t want it to be where just playing one house tells you the whole story. Will I finally understand the “Fear the Dear” then? We shall see. No worries ^_^ I know one thing before hand though, I will pair F.Byleth with Edelgard I have seen enough fan art to know that this is the right decision.

      I am with you completely there. If there is something I hate the most it’s misinformation and misrepresentation. Oh joy, and Miyazaki is apparently a fan of his -_- The problem is not simply R.R. Martin’s writing, it’s his world building. Despite how much I dislike his work, he has imagination and ideas, but he does not build them up well. In his own words (can’t find the article) he characterizes himself as a gardener to Tolkien’s architect. He will have an idea and work with it but ultimately have no knowledge on where it leads. This was the problem with the GoT tv series because he told the directors how the series ends years ago and that ending is no longer how his book will end since it leads into a different direction. To expect him to tell you a grand epic tale with minute details is foolish since that is simply not his style, and to have From Software, famous for their minute details, work with him is just bizarre. And this is the reason why so many people, and as you said the actors themselves, were so furious with the tv ending. The directors were following Martin’s new route leading to an unknown destination and some how end up in a place they weren’t heading towards for the past several years. It’s like going to London from New York and one hour later the plane lands in Seoul. I now conclude my rant. On the topic of dragons being weaker than they should, what did you think of Nidhoggr from the Ruler of the Sky EX subjugation? If we’re looking for powerful dragons this is certainly it. The Fame has been getting me nothing but chibis for months now. I am starting to think they increased their drop rate. Thank you! I haven’t really been pulling much lately, saving for Sylvia (Summer). Hopefully you have some pulls to tell. [Just happened this morning on the 10-pull ticket from the Hero’s Tower, I finally got Estelle! Oh my God I’ve been wanting her ever since I started playing!]

      I mean, well, I guess, but she was a non-dupe haha! Ah okay, in that case I see your comparison. Bwahaha!! They have been hearing you my friend! They most certainly have been Hahaha!! Oh my God the odds! So far Anna’s only saving grace is decreasing AW’ed Prince’s cost but even then there are better units. I know she’s not experienced in fighting but she’s been on the battlefield long enough by now she should have picked up a thing or two. I agree with you, though I may pull a few times, I would mostly save crystals.

      But I can’t help worrying about it ^_^;

      I have a feeling you and Reimu would along splendidly heheh. I have yet to play a proper Kirby game, though I have tried Kirby’s Adventure on the Nintendo Online, before the subscription ended. It was fun and silly, but I can’t really go into detail since I only got as far as the second world. By the way can we talk on how the end bosses for Kirby are so terrifying? They are so simple and yet they are the most eldritch abominations Nintendo has ever made.

      Oh God the shame. Well, if you insist. My last post took me near a whole month, early October to November, to write. And this one took me nearly three months, from mid-January to late March. I would have started earlier as I intended but Christmas and New Year’s and after events distracted me a fair bit. Add to that that lately I have been helping parents and taking care of them for a mild fever they had a couple of weeks, and I just lost hold of time completely.

      I can’t possibly imagine Christmas or the end of the year for that matter without coldness, though this year it was far warmer than I would have liked. It seems the COPPA situation has resolved itself slightly for now. Apparently the commission taking care of it realized and heard the various problems and complaints with the bill, and even though it still enforced, it is being handled by a more modern mindset of what popular culture is at the moment.

      You are going to have to help me out here with “Dai Maou”. Are you referring to Garius or to another character? As for the event itself I was, how to say, satisfied. I liked how the previous events led to the confrontation with Garius, I liked its build up with the collection of various heroes having to work across the world in tandem to be able to handle such a high level threat. I also liked the after-math as well with certain members, no longer able to go back to Makai and Garius ultimately defeated, have renounced their ways and decided to find a quite place to live like Harmonia, or how some like Gaoleon are searching for a new purpose. I mean one demon tried to make toys and become chef. So I like the whole of the situation. If I remember correctly we both foresaw the fight against the angels in Tenkai and we that to look forward to now. The actual fight however, was a little disappointing. I don’t know, I personally expected and would have preferred a Majin Advent with Garius in all his power but we got a simple event boss. Simple being an exaggeration of course. Then again to properly be able to witness the end of such a long story arc, no other option would have been better as not many players would be able to participate in a Majin Advent. Honestly though, I know the consensus is that Garius properly died, I don’t think so. He’ll be back, maybe not a world ending threat, but he’ll return just like Keraunos did.

      Considering how late I usually am I can’t fault you ^_^ For me the year started off the same way it always does, a promise to shape up, get better, but as I try reality reminds me. However I am starting to think that waiting for the next year to be better is a jinx considering the now current pandemic. I hope you and your family are doing well in this situation.

      Don’t, don’t scare me like that. Oh dear that’s a shame, how often do you mange to play? I usually login once to twice a day.

      No worries and thank you ^_^ I know I say this all the time but I will try my best to answer within a reasonable timely fashion.

      Also can I ask how you managed to make it into an almost list-like fashion? I like how neat and organized it looks but I have been trying and failing to do it.

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