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Millennium War Aigis Darkness Return (sic) (千年戦争アイギスダークネスリターン) is an April Fools' Day-limited urgent mission running from 01/04/2021 to 08/04/2021.


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Life Enemies
目覚め 冥王の誘い
Awaken, Hades' Invitation
10 20 300 30 8
Beer Icon.png
Choice Sake Icon.png
Choice Sake
10 35
Gold Armor Icon.png
Gold Armor
Ultimate Gold Armor Icon.png
Ultimate Gold Armor
Sortie members are fixed.
Road to the Underworld
10 20 300 50 8
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
20 63
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Gladys (Bonded) Icon.png
Gladys (Bonded)
Sortie members are fixed.
Shadow and Shadow
10 20 300 80 8
Ruby Icon.png
Diamond Icon.png
30 45
Gladys Icon.png
Spirit Queen
Gold+ Female Summon Ticket Icon.png
Gold+ Female Summon Ticket
Sortie members are fixed.


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File:MWADarknessReturn map2.png


File:MWADarknessReturn map3.png



  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——Has it already been two years? Since we last heard from him... Dark Prince ."

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "We met Dark Anna-san during the decisive battle with Maou Garius, but..."

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "What helped us back then was the magical power left in his sword. Surely the Dark Prince, himself, has already..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "——Oh? I came to report, but it seems you're having a good conversation."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Tram-sama! Huh...? Weren't you on break...?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "I got caught up in a serious matter on break, you see? Now, Prince, I came to report the introduction of a new companion and the matter surrounding Dark Prince."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "A new, companion... Ehh, eeh!? A matter concerning Dark Prince-san!? He's still alive!?"

Ruin Icon.png ???: "——The answer will come in the latter half of the report. How do you do, Original Prince-sama? I'm the Anti-Human Battle Automaton, Ruin."

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "From here, I'll be replaying the battle memories of Dark Prince."

[Millennium War Aigis: Darkness Return]

[Now able to play the limited mission '千年戦争アイギスダークネスReturn' from the banner.]

Awaken, Hades' Invitation

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: (——Observed worldly crisis. Subjects of crisis——Demigod-tier magical energy source——two. And Hero of Humanity——approximation, one.)

Ruin: (Too many beings, who cannot develop in anywhere but an extremely narrow range of worldly crisis, are gathering. From here, I shall begin observation——in preparation for reactivation.)

Ruin: (——First Observation Point. This must be a grave?)

Orc Warrior Icon.png Orc: "——You, who the hell are you? Dark Prince-sama slumbering here shouldn't be known to anyone but us vassals."

Haidos Icon.png ???: "Yare-yare, won't you lower your blade? I'm merely greeting the grave of a great warrior, to send word of invitation we should fight together."

Orc Warrior Icon.png Orc: "... If it's a grave visit, then do as you wish. However, before that, will you give your name?"

Haidos Icon.png ???: "——Ooh, how impolite of me. It's been a while since I last returned to the human realm, I've forgotten the customs of this land."

Haidos: "My name is Haidos. One who simply listens fondly to the voice of death, and now walks to settle its old scores."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Haidos. That's quite the haughty name. Isn't that the name of the old god that rules the netherworld?"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "I share the same opinion. However, there is nothing 'godly' about this body."

Orc Warrior Icon.png Orc: "... Strange man. Well, whatever, pay your visit without any rudeness towards Dark Prince-sama."

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "——Dark Prince, you had regrets in your former life. Dispatched as a pawn of Garius, no doubt you lost your life whilst bearing a grudge against all manner of things."

Haidos: "However, I can make it so you can clear away your disgrace. This one time, I shall blow a soul into that flesh."

(Base Point spawns)

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Haidos, what have you done? This unusual spell... Necromancy...? No, much closer to darkness... This is...!"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "——Dark Anna, it's like you said earlier. My name is Haidos, ruler of the Underworld."

Haidos: "Now awaken, Dark Prince. Join in our funeral procession of rebellion to avenge yourself!"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Shut up... Don't shout, it's grating."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "Dark Prince-sama...!"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "You've safely awoken, Dark Prince. Come, take my hand, shall we journey together?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Didn't you hear me? I told you to 'shut up'."

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... I see, you're a man of a will stronger than I heard. In that case, I shall first have you show me your power."

(Lynx appears)

Lynx NPC Icon.png ???: "——Thanks for waiting. Haidos-sama, I was wondering why you sent the commander to the front lines?"

???: "We're all comrades whose souls are carved in grudges. Though we're a united army of the oppressed and those who arrived at the Underworld before achieving their goal——"

???: "——Sending the army's commander to the front lines, isn't that the role of warriors hardened in their surroundings?"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "Fumu... My apologies, I'm not the least familiar with the customs of the human realm. In that case, show him the abilities of the warriors of the beastfolk tribe."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Yare-yare, a battlefield right after I've awoken, seems my fate is clearly to fight until the bitter end."

Orc Warrior Icon.png Orc: "My lord, we vassals will rally to your side. Come, give us your orders like the good old days!"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "You're also incorrigible... Should've forgotten about me and lived your lives walking the world. ——However, that's right, it doesn't feel bad."

Dark Prince: "Orc, you become a shield and halt the enemy. Your skill is to become fiercer the more you're wounded, show that skill to me now."

Orc Warrior Icon.png Orc: "Hahaa!!"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Dark Anna, is there a sword? You entrusted my sword to the Original, correct?"

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "I've been entrusted with a new sword from that Original Prince, engraved with the words 'to a fellow soldier'. I hear it was made by the hands of the Kingdom's greatest magical swordsmiths."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Kuku... Fellow soldier, how like the Original. Come, my vassals, I have returned. ——Once again, shall we resume our story?"

[About Allies
Dark Prince: While deployed, ally Atk/Def increases 1.5x.
Dark Anna: While deployed, all allies' HP regenerates.
Orc Warrior: Atk buffed while HP is below 50%.
Goblin: Even if defeated, doesn't affect star rating.]

(Lev Appears)

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: (Noise source in observation. New magical source detected. This is a——beastfolk magician?)

Lev Icon.png ???: "Haa... Haa...! Finally caught up..."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Who's this small girl? Dark Anna, you know her?"

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "Great Dark Prince-sama, she's... one I don't know either. There's no beastfolk in our army."

Lev Icon.png ???: "I'm not particularly following you guys. I came to stop that girl——Lynx!"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Lynx...? Do you mean the beastgirl in Haidos's army?"

Lev Icon.png ???: "Yes... That girl is my important——"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Whatever. No time for chit-chat. Young girl, your name."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "... Lev, magician."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Yosh, I'll lend you a hand. Abandoning those in need, my pride, my soul won't allow it."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Are you sure?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "What's wrong? Jealous, Dark Anna? Rest assured, my woman is only you."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Yes. Evil ruler, conqueror of worlds, my lord, my love, my Dark Prince... sama."


Lynx NPC Icon.png Lynx: "——Kuh... You are certainly a copy of the Prince. In that case, I'll also get serious and——"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... This much is enough. Lynx, withdraw the soldiers. There's no meaning in killing Dark Prince."

Haidos: "Dark Prince, I shall ask once more. Will you settle your grudge against this world alongside me?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Shut up, don't shout. Also, you're mistaken. I don't have a grudge against this world."

Dark Prince: "——I love this world filled with brilliance."

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... Ridiculous, truly ridiculous. In that case, it can't be helped, I shall now bind a curse to your body."

Haidos: "Those given life after death cannot refuse my command. I wanted us to walk as friends until the end, but——"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Hmph, what's wrong, Haidos? C'mon, try and give me an order."

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... What is this? Why won't you obey my command?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Simple. Explain it to him, Dark Anna."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "My great lord has not died. He had his little bit of remaining life sealed by us in this land."

Dark Anna: "So your resurrection spell had no effect on Dark Prince-sama from the very beginning!"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... Fu, fufu, hahahahaha!! I see, I overlooked that. Dark Prince, so you were still alive!?"

Haidos: "I thought you would be my trump card against the Prince, but making you my servant would prove an uphill task."

Haidos: "Lynx, this man matters not. Let us return to the Underworld for now."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "Wait, please wait, wait!! Lynx, please, come back!"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... What's wrong, Lynx, do you know her?"

Lynx NPC Icon.png Lynx: "No, I don't know such a girl. C'mon, let's go, to meet our next comrade."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "... Lynx, why..."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Yare-yare, caught the eye of a troublesome man. And a troublesome girl as well."

Goblin (Unit) Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya. Trouble—? Trouble girl?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Oi, Lev. We're following that man. ——If you join us, it's your choice."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "Ehh...? But there's no reason for you to fight, is there...?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——If I abandon you, it would sully this world. This world is mine. No one has the right to sully it."

Dark Prince: "Come, prepare for departure. Let's resume our journey as soon as possible."

Path to the Underworld

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: (Demigod-rank, two magical signatures, approaching. In addition, one bearing the likeness of the hero of humanity is also approaching the seal ruins.)

Ruin: (By my automated assessment, they'll begin to engage. Scanning danger levels of individuals——complete. Begin preparations to attack the monster army.)

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Dark Anna, my love. It seems you've lived, keeping my last will."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "Your last will... As you can see, you're alive. Besides, the one who told me to live a long life was none other than you, Dark Prince-sama."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Fu... the woman I love, geez. I didn't think you would use what's left of your life to fight, but it makes me happy for us to be reunited like this."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Evil king who rules the world, great Dark Prince-sama. How much time do you have left?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "One, no, two more battles, I figure. It was correct to seal my remaining reserves."

Dark Prince: "I can't believe a being with as much magical power besides Maou Garius existed in this physical realm."

Dark Prince: "I don't intend to allow this world to fall into the hands of anyone besides me. Haidos and his ambition, I better shatter them here."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "Umm... Who in the world are you guys? Dark Prince, san? Do you have business with them?"

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Haidos is the name of an old god. That name has been passed down as the god who rules the netherworld, the world after death that differs from the physical realm, Tenkai, and Makai."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "A, a god...!? You're going to fight such a being..."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Never fear, I'm with you. Slaying a god, my Original has proved such. A demigod so much the better."

Orc Warrior Icon.png Orc: "My lord, this place is the graveyard closest to the Underworld. If it's from here, it'll be possible to enter. I believe we've entrusted the grave keeping to the lich, but..."

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "O, ooh... My liege...! Am I dreaming? For the day I can reunite with Dark Prince-sama!"

Lich: "No, or perhaps you've finally entered the Underworld...? Ooh, ooh, how regrettable. In that case, I'll also join you and end my life here——"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Lich, don't jump to conclusions. A body that has already perished cannot perish again.

Dark Prince: "However, when the time comes to meet my end, I shall have you steer my boat to the afterlife."

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "Ooh, I don't deserve such words...! ——However, my lord, you've come at a bad time."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "Is something happening in this land?"

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "Aye. The other day, ever since the gate of the Underworld has opened, the undead that have been slumbering in this land have been awakening."

Lich: "Furthermore, they're trying to awaken what has brought about their deaths, the killing machine, created in the post-war after the end of the Millennium War..."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Hoh... Perfect time for a warm-up. My servants, no need to wait for the enemy to form ranks. Let's strike them preemptively."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "These are not undead, they appear to be resurrected soldiers who've received a temporary life."

Dark Anna: "I believe they'll gradually break down, but receiving the magical power of this land, they appear to be more nimble. Everyone, stay on your guard."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "U, understood! ——Also, what did you say about killing machine?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "It won't be a problem against Dark Anna and my power. Come, you guys, as ones who know a brilliant world, let's give these Underworld fellows a peaceful rest."

[Each Underworld Soldier will change their attack type depending on the number of attacks; after 4 attacks, they'll deliver true damage that cannot be debuffed even by divine intervention.]

(Ruin Appears)

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "——System check. Reactivation, complete. Monster army and its commander confirmed."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Hoh? You're not human. Not monster either... What are you?"

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "I am a shadow. I am a machine modeled after a warrior. Name according to my profession——Ruin. A battle automaton created in the likeness of the 'Progenitor of All Machines'."

[t/l note: The "Progenitor of All Machines" is Arge.]

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "From here, I shall begin the erasure of all beings trying to cause chaos in this land."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "A Machine that kills people to protect people... And a shadow created in the likeness of someone."

Dark Prince: "Very well, we shall put an end to your mission. As kindred spirits born as shadows, let's speak through our skills."

[Ruin will deliver a true damage ranged attack that cannot be nullified or debuffed; while being blocked, she'll switch to physical damage.]


Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "——Systems halted, systems halted. No system errors, reactivation possible."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Ruin, I heard the dead in this land were those you killed in an era of war."

Dark Prince: "Why? Why must you brandish your power? What were you trying to accomplish by killing people?"

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "... I wanted to protect people. War destroys everything. So, I fought to destroy war."

Ruin: "My Original——the machine called the progenitor of all machines, I heard she also fought to protect humanity. However, these feelings aren't a copy; they're my own."

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "... Hahah, that sounds just like my lord. So even machines have a mind of their own?"

Goblin (Unit) Icon.png Goblin: Gyagya. Mind, important. Want protect, feelings, very important!"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Ruin, I acknowledge your reason to live. However, we must pass through here."

Dark Prince: "Take this defeat to heart and muster up the effort to protect humanity, the world. Work hard, Machine Girl Ruin."

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "........."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Now then, Lich, guide us to the Underworld."

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "Hah! The gate to the Underworld is slowly closing, but we still have time. I shall quickly guide you to the location of the gate!"

Goblin (Unit) Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya! Attack! Attack—!"

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... My lord, my love, great Dark Prince-sama. The Ruin girl is following us."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Let her do as she likes. That girl has a mind of her own. If she's to become human, then let her decide her own path."

Dark Prince: "... While we're shadows, we're still fools who've chosen the same paths as our originals."

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "Come, my lord, step through the gate to the Underworld...!!"

(time passes)

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "I sensed Ruin's reactivation, so I came... I see, that's Dark Prince. A man in the likeness of the Prince trying to protect the same world."

Tram: "Even if I were to request assistance from the Prince now, we won't make it in time... Can't be helped, I suppose I'll assist him alone."

Shadow and Shadow

Ikai Summoner Icon.png Ikai Summoner: "Kihiii! You took your time, Dark Priiiince!!"

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... This is Maou's Castle? Also, the Ikai Summoner, I believe you died."

Ikai Summoner Icon.png Ikai Summoner: "By the hands of Haidos-sama, I was brought back from the netherworld! What's more, you are my creations! Whether you live or die is for me to decide!"

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Don't tell me you did something to Dark Prince-sama aside from giving him life for one day...?"

Ikai Summoner Icon.png Ikai Summoner: "Of course. On the ten-thousand-to-one chance he turned his blade towards his creator."

Ikai Summoner: "Kihihi, I'll rise up as Haidos-sama's executive by presenting your heads as a souvenir! Come, Dark Prince, dieee!!"

Ikai Summoner: "——Muh? Die, you, diee!! Why won't my magical command reeaach!?"

Lev Icon.png Lev: "... While I can't do anything about his lifespan, if it's a magical curse, even I can stop it."

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "Agreed. I would be troubled if you've forgotten we have two magicians on our side!"

Ikai Summoner Icon.png Ikai Summoner: "Kiiii!! In that case, I'll kill you through force! For that I have recreated a shadow of Maou Garius in this land...!!"

(Garius Appears)

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Maou Garius, the one defeated by the Original. His shadow is blocking my way..."

Dark Prince: "Will my army of copies defeat the copy Maou? Very well. You will be my final battle in this life."

Orc Warrior Icon.png Orc: "... Dark Prince-sama. My skills are for times such as these."

Goblin (Unit) Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya! Fight! Fight! Dark Prince, let's go!"

Red Flying Demon (Cannon) Icon.png Flying Demon: "This moment I thought would never come again, this battlefield to fight alongside you! My power, please use it as you wish!!"

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "Ever since that day, I merely buried my heart in sadness. Aah, Dark Prince-sama! The joy of fighting alongside you now is overflowing my dead heart!"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "For the sake of slaying Maou Garius's shadow, Dark Anna and I will have to give it our all."

Dark Prince: "You guys, buy us time. We'll prove here and now we're beings that eclipse even Maou."

Dark Prince: "... And Lev, Ruin. Thank you for coming all this way."

Dark Prince: "I have a final request for you. I wish for you to transmit to the Kingdom's Prince our way of life in this battle."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "... Understood. B, but, this isn't the end, right? I still have to pay you back for all the help you've given me!"

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "Agreed. I also still don't comprehend you. It would be troublesome to have you die here."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Hahah, in that case, I shall take proper measures so as to not die. Come, let's go, my army! Show you're the strongest by slaying Maou Garius's shadow!!"

[Even if Automaton Ruin reaches 0 HP, she'll revive where she's deployed after some time has passed; cannot receive healing.]

(Maou Approaches)

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Cheh... This is Maou Garius's power! I don't want to say I can't reach, but——"

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "——Yes, not enough time. We need a little more time, just a little more to demonstrate our full power."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "——Well then, I shall buy you time."

(Tram Appears)

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Today's the day people I don't know keep popping out of the woodwork... I don't know who you are, but can you handle Maou's shadow?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Yeah, he's the shadow of a god and I'm a demigod, so I suppose it'll be an even match."

Tram: "... I want to repay you for not killing that girl, Ruin. So I gotta do my best!"

Tram: "Ahh, but it'll be hard alone, so... Dark, Anna-san? I would appreciate you help with your 'Dark Prayer'."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "If it brings about our victory, I shall help. My lord, my love, great Dark Prince! Let's grip victory, everyone!"

(If Garius moves past where Tram is deployed)

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "This is as far as I go...? Dark Prince, I leave the rest to you."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Unfamiliar demigod, I'm grateful for the help. Leave the rest to me. Dealing with shadows is a shadow's duty."

Dark Prince: "——Let's go, Dark Anna!"

(When Garius is defeated)

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——I see, this is Maou Garius? No wonder the Original had a difficult fight."

Dark Prince: "But that doesn't mean I cannot do what the Original has done. ——Farewell, Maou's shadow."


Ikai Summoner Icon.png Ikai Summoner: "Kihii!? H, he slew Maou's shadow...!?"

Ikai Summoner: "H, Haidos-samaa! Please, I beg of you, reinforcements! Help me——"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Return to the Underworld once more, Ikai Summoner. Your voice won't reach anywhere."

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... Aye. I didn't think he would be a man this lowly and useless."

Ikai Summoner Icon.png Ikai Summoner: "Haidos-sama, I beg of you, please have mercy...! Kihii, hii, I'm dying again, I don't wanna die! Noooooo!!"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "... Dark Prince, your abilities are genuine. And that also goes for your words of loving the world."

Haidos: "I thought you were one who hated the world, but since your love is real, then it seems there'll be no future where we walk together."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Naturally, lord of Hades. I am the man who will be king of the physical realm. There's no need to serve a being of the same rank, is there?"

Haidos Icon.png Haidos: "Hahah! Correct! Man who wishes to be king, if I may request, may we meet again someday. Whether it be as friends, or as enemies."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Cheh. You must know my life will end before such a day comes."

Lynx NPC Icon.png Lynx: "Haidos-sama, it's almost time. Before the gate to the Underworld completely closes."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "Lynx! Please, please listen to me!"

Lynx NPC Icon.png Lynx: "... You followed. But if you say you want to bring me back, then I cannot listen to your words."

Lynx: "Gaoleon has chosen the path of coexistence with other races, your father is no longer our Champion."

Lynx: "Lev, if you have any pride left in you, then come to my side someday. We'll retake the pride of beastmen together. ... I'll be waiting."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "... I'll surely go to your place. But not to become friends, but to take you back."

Dark Anna Icon.png Dark Anna: "... Haidos's army has started to vanish into the gate to the Underworld."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Almost at my limit, eh...? Wasn't able to sustain enough life to slay Haidos."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "... Dark Prince, I heard from the Prince about you. Thank you for taking the sword once again."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "It was only to protect my world. More importantly, you're called Tram? I want you to look after this automaton, Ruin."

Dark Prince: "She's a doll born with a heart that wishes for a peaceful world. I'm sure she shares the same feelings as her original."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Yeah, leave her to me. As for your vassals, what shall I do?"

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "They'll decide for themselves. Come, go, Demigod Tram. The gate to the Underworld is about to close."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "... Right, the next time the gate opens will be the time Haidos invades. Lev, Ruin, let's go."

Lev Icon.png Lev: "... Thank you so much, Dark Prince. Thanks to you, I was able to at least talk to that girl."

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "My gratitude. Fellow shadow, you have my respect."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "Hah, I did what I wanted, I don't need your gratitude."

Dark Prince: "... This time is really the end? Dark Anna, my vassals, farwell——"

Lich (Unit) Icon.png Lich: "——My lord, an unusual magical power is approaching! Shapeless, what is this broken magical power...!?"

(Divine power flashes)

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "——Maou Garius. No, the soul born as the shadow of Garius?"

Garius' True Form Icon.png Garius' Shadow: "......... ——........."

Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince: "... Hah, that so? Didn't know you had a will you weren't able to accomplish, but..."

Dark Prince: "That magical power, I shall take it. I don't care for the way you took, but I'll grant only the determination you carry."

Dark Prince: "Come, my vassals, let's return to our world. Our journey won't end here"

Dark Prince: "It's the time for our dark return——and triumph."


Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "——That concludes Dark Prince's battle report."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... Demigod Haidos, huh? So the door to Hades is going to open in the future..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Ah, umm... By the way, is Dark Prince-san safe?"

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "That is unknown. I returned to the human realm before the gate to Hades closed, so..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "I believe we'll meet again somewhere, someday. He seems to have taken quite an interest in the Prince."

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "Agreed. He was asking all sorts of things about Prince-heika while we were travelling."

"Well then, I'll relay his final message. Shall I replay it?"

"Very well——"

"——It's still early to call me friend. But I shall accept this sword, my fellow soldier."

"... That is all."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "That all...? Fufu, his directness is very much like the Prince, I suppose?"

Ruin Icon.png Ruin: "They're mysterious. I cannot quite read either of their emotions. However——"

"——I'll analyse whether or not Prince-heika is making an amused expression right now."

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