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New Year's Special! Otoshidama Rush! (年末年始特別!お年玉ラッシュ) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission running from 30/12/2020 to 14/01/2021.


  • Missions have Completion Rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • One new mission will be made available every day at 00:00 JST (UTC+9).


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion Reward
Sta Life Enemies
Shadow Running Across the Steel Capital
30 300 1200 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Gold Armor Icon.png
Nina Icon.png
Deus Ex Machina Doll Icon.png
Deus Ex Machina Doll
2 10 47
Memories of the Battlefield (2020)
90 500 3000 10 8
Christia Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Diamond Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket
12 90 108
Dressed Up for Battle
30 300 1200 10 8
Calliope Icon.png
Crystal Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket
2 10 50
Early Spring's Princesses and the Daimyo's Procession
50 400 1800 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket
6 15 42
Fifth Popularity Battle Parade
50 400 1800 20 8
Crystal Icon.png
Celia Icon.png
Choice Sake Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket
6 20 27
Arms Merchant and the Cursed Weapons (Memory)
30 300 1200 10 8
Cecily Icon.png
Sara Icon.png
Table Wine Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket Icon.png
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket
2 10 53
Dark Organisation and Hunted Prince (Memory)
30 300 1200 10 8
Gladys Icon.png
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
Happy Icon.png
2 10 25
Sixth Zealous New Year 〇× Quiz Tournament
30 300 1200 10 8
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
Life-Sized Gaoleon Doll Icon.png
Life-Sized Gaoleon Doll
2 3 15
Gaoleon, Leone and Shadia won't affect star rating even if undefeated.

Quiz Questions[]

  • Example Qn. Kingdom, Imperial and Death Quiz-variants included, is this the sixth quiz tournament?
  • Q1. Is Gaoleon the father of Leone?
  • Q2. Does Decius have red and black second forms?
  • Q3. Was the Gaoleon you previously fought at Maou's Castle one of Maou's bodyguards?


  • Example Qn. Yes
  • Q1. Yes
  • Q2. Yes
  • Q3. No (He was an executive leader in Maou's Army)

Drop Information[]

A helpful list as to which enemies drop which items. User contributions are welcome.

  • Enemy kill numbers are relative to the videos provided, please refer to the videos for more clarity.
Stage Name Drop Information
Shadow Running Across
the Steel Capital
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Gold Armor Icon.png
Nina Icon.png
1st Ninja
(Approaches from top-right)
5th Ninja
(1st ninja from the bottom-right)

12th Flying Ninja
(Middle in the wave of 3)

22nd Ninja
(1st ninja from the central path)
Memories of the Battlefield (2020)
Christia Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Diamond Icon.png
1st Chocolate Myconid
(3rd enemy from the right in the beginning)
11th Hot Springs Greater Demon
(2nd enemy from the left in the beginning)
15~19th Mortimer (Female)
(Approaches from the right)
Dressed Up for Battle
Calliope Icon.png
Crystal Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
1st Imp 9th Flying Red Demon
(1st one that spawns, approaches from the right)
18th Demon
(2nd that appears, approaches from the left)
Early Spring's Princesses and the Daimyo's Procession
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon.png
6~8th Samurai
(One of the first two Samurai leading the procession)

24th Samurai
(One of the two Samurai directly in front of Yoshino and Shizuka)

14~15th Ninja
(One of the two Ninjas directly behind Nagi)
33~34th Ninja
(One of the last two Ninjas)
Fifth Popularity Battle Parade
Crystal Icon.png
Celia Icon.png
Choice Sake Icon.png
1st Soldier
(Takes the left path)

7th Altair
18~21st Light Elementals
(One of the four circling Reflet)

22nd Reflet

3rd Imperial Soldier
(One of the two in front of Diana in the beginning)
Arms Merchant and the Cursed Weapons (Memory)
Cecily Icon.png
Sara Icon.png
Table Wine Icon.png
22nd Assassin (Cursed Weapon)
(Assassin stationed on the wall in the beginning)
11th Rogue
(1st rogue from the bottom)

27th Demon
(Last demon approaching from the leftmost path of the two top paths)

52nd Assassin (Cursed Weapon)
(Last assassin stationed at the house in the middle)
Dark Organisation and Hunted Prince (Memory)
Gladys Icon.png
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
1st~3rd Green Assassin
(Frontmost green assassin in the group of five in the beginning)
5th Green Assassin
(First green assassin approaching from the right)

11th Rogue
(First rogue in the wave of rogues approaching from the top-right)

16th Ballad
(First Ballad in the wave of Ballads approaching from the top-right)
Sixth Zealous New Year 〇× Quiz Tournament
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
3rd~4th Soldier
(Left soldier, 1st quiz question)
5~6th Soldier
(Left soldier, 2nd quiz question)
7~8th Soldier
(Right soldier, 3rd quiz question)

Notable Enemies[]

  • M1
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M7
  • M8
Enemy Unit
Mechanical Ninja Sprite.png
Mechanical Ninja
Human Machine
Physical 12000 400 600 90
Initial: 20
3 UP
Negates all damage below 300.

Upon death, leaves behind a bomb that detonates after 10 seconds, dealing 1500 damage with area 400.

Mutant Goblin Sprite.png
Mutant Goblin
Ranged (150)
Physical 3300 580 0 105
Initial: 18
Move: 61
Missile: 2
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).

Uses melee attack when blocked.

Initial: 12


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Shadow over the Steel City

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——Fuu, with this, we're done with our scheduled talk with the City of Steel. Everyone, that was good work!"

Isambard Icon.png Isambard: "It'll take some time for the restoration of the city sector, but us being able to reinstate the security forces is all thanks to the Kingdom. We're truly grateful."

Bearca Icon.png Bearca: "Ahh, Prince-sama! Wanna go sightseeing before returning to the Kingdom? There's a hill where you can get a good view—♪"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod, nod)."

Hien Icon.png Hien: "——My lord, pardon my interruption. Since a moment ago, I've been sensing an unusual presence running about our vicinity."

Setsuna Icon.png Setsuna: "Unusual presence...? *Sniff, sniff*... Hmm, what's this? A machine oil scent unlike that of the City of Steel...?"

Isambard Icon.png Isambard: "Not to mention there's also a burning scent in the air. The security bots have this scent when they're running, but neither bots, nor barriers, are appearing..."

Hina Icon.png Hina: "A running machine that can erect a barrier, yet somehow able to infiltrate without being noticed...? D, don't tell me!"

Juubei Icon.png Juubei: "Muh. Hina-dono, do you have an idea?"

Hina Icon.png Hina: "I, it's just speculation, but... They say there's a legendary ninja with the body of a running machine, so I was wondering if it was the 'Mechanical Ninja' of the East Country!?"

Setsuna Icon.png Setsuna: "Eeh—, wasn't the Mechanical Ninja a children's story? I was also scolded by the princess that 'if I don't hurry up and sleep, the Mechanical Ninja will come and get me!'—."

Nagi Icon.png Nagi: "——Well, it's only been said that the Mechanical Ninja is a children's story. Right now, there's been a presence exploring our surroundings."

Nagi: "Supposing a mechanical ninja has infiltrated the City of Steel and is searching for something, then... ——Prince, quickly give the order for engagement!"

Saki Icon.png Saki: "I see... We cannot underestimate a mechanical ninja as our opponent. Prince, keep an eye out for a ninja with an erect barrier. All lukewarm attacks will bounce off it!"

(defeat Mechanical Ninja)

Setsuna Icon.png Setsuna: "The legendary Shinobi, the Mechanical Ninja——we took its neck!! ——eh, huh!? It's gone!?"

Kibahime Icon.png Kibahime: "Setsuna, stand back! At your feet! There's a bomb! Hurry up and run—!!"

Setsuna Icon.png Setsuna: "Ehh, ehh—!? Everyone, you too! Everyone near also quickly run!! The Mechanical Ninja laid a bomb—!!"


Isambard Icon.png Isambard: "... I can't believe a mechanical ninja actually infiltrated the Steel Country."

Nagi Icon.png Nagi: "That thing came here on who's command——nay, it came here seeking something from the beginning..."

Picky Icon.png Picky: "——Master—!! Master Prince—!! Bad news! It's horrible—!!"

Isambard Icon.png Isambard: "Hm, what's wrong, Picky—?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "We understand what's been stolen! The security team on patrol discovered that every last research note from the Goblin Doctor's lab was stolen!"

Bearca Icon.png Bearca: "T, the Goblin Doctor's lab!? Didn't we put a tight seal on it!?"

Nagi Icon.png Nagi: "Before the Mechanical Ninja, there's no meaning in seals. More importantly, none of the guards were hurt, were they?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "Ahh, right! It looks like it only put everyone to sleep!"

Isambard Icon.png Isambard: "Haa, I'm glad everyone's safe. But what a bother... Having the notes from that room stolen... Hmmm..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "What in the world kind of notes did the Goblin Doctor leave behind?"

Isambard Icon.png Isambard: "——Remember the mutants? Technology that robs even the will of demons and turns them into horrific mutated creatures."

Isambard: "What was left in that lab were notes to create mutants."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "... I see. Someone behind the scenes hired the Mechanical Ninja and intends to do something with mutants..."

Isambard Icon.png Isambard: "They're up to no good, I'm sure. We have to do whatever it takes to find out where the Mechanical Ninja's headed."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Right. The one who dispatched the Mechanical Ninja, mutants... The threats keep on increasing, let us also investigate at full force!"

Memories of the Battlefield (2020)

Reve Icon.png Reve: "——As I thought, it's incredible inside Prince's dream this time as well."

Reve: "Chocolate monsters and the Greater Demon enjoying the Onsen, the Holy Order and gigantic Zaratan. Even the Demigod Gorgon and the soldiers of Tenkai are making a ruckus..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "The Prince is fighting in his dreams, eh...? If you told me he was a battle maniac, I would be convinced, but is he really like that?"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "Eeh, I'm sure the Prince is fighting in his dreams so he doesn't forget all his battles."

Reve: "Anyways, let's scout! We need to watch out for the enemies in the dream from the last year, and the great chaotic battle they'll have with the Kingdom Army within the dream."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Indeed, I wouldn't want to take on this many opponents all at once..."

Tram: "... But since the Prince is stuck in a nightmare, I wonder if it's our duty to help him?"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "Ehh, ummm...? Tram-sama, why are you raising up your Silver Arm...?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "——So he can catch a glimpse of me among the enemy."

Reve Icon.png Reve: "Y, yes? Does that mean Tram-sama is also fighting...?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "By the Prince! I don't want him to think of me as an enemy!! Though I was hostile once, we're friends now!"

Tram: "For that reason, come Reve, let's beat away the nightmare and show the Prince a great dream!"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "Ehh, ehh, eeh—!? Does it have to happen this time as well!?"

Reve: "Everyone from the Kingdom Army in the dream!! Please—! Please help—!!"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Prince, I'll be giving you a great dream, so prepare yourself! I shall scatter away a year's worth of nightmares!!"


Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Guu)."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Fuu, with this, everything's settled down. Furthermore, sleeping while in his dream, I wonder if this is what they mean by having the capacity of a leader?"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "We were saved by everyone from the Kingdom Army in the dream this time as well, but I was quite on edge, you know...?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Fufu, but showing us this expression? Oh, Prince, you've gotten too careless."

Reve Icon.png Reve: "He is... Whenever I look at his sleeping face, I want to work hard."

Reve: "Anyways, Prince, that was good work this year as well. I'm sure next year will be filled with many nice things!"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Next year, the Prince will have the blessing of Aegis——and Demigod Tram."

Dressed up for Battle

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "——Ooh, this is what you meant by dressing up? I assume these are dresses from the East Country?"

Grimm (New Year's) Icon.png Grimm: "Oh—, it's fluttery, frilly, and flappy—. It's easier to move around than I thought."

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "Great, the length's perfect. These are special ordered for you two."

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "... Yare-yare, even the Prince has his sad hobbies. However, it doesn't feel bad."

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "The puny-puny Prince does good work from time to time. He even gave money so I could dress up."

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "Splurging for the occasion. Eithne hasn't also taken a liking to the Prince, has she?"

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "Wha...!? I, I haven't taken a liking to him! I'm only cooperating because that girl's here, it can't be helped!"

Grimm (New Year's) Icon.png Grimm: "Dishone—est."

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "G, geez~!! I'm straight as an arrow! The puny-puny Prince is beneath my notice!"

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "Fufu, sorry for teasing. More importantly, Eithne, I want to give my thanks to the merchant who tailored this dress..."

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "Ahh, if it's that, he's already coming."

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "——I'm glad it pleases you."

Grimm (New Year's) Icon.png Grimm: "... Errr? Could it be these dresses are from Demon Chef!?"

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "Umu. In this industry, we must protect our employees in times of trouble. We're training in preparation for different businesses in the future."

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "The employer himself... You have a commendable heart."

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "Aah, but test is is still not over. If you would like, won't you join us for dress-up battle test?"

Grimm (New Year's) Icon.png Grimm: "... Yes? Battle test?"

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "These prototypes are dresses to wear on a new battlefield, designed for comfort, beauty, and defence!"

Demon Chef: "Kukuku... If this goes well! The orders from the female soldiers throughout the world will make a killing! There's no doubt in my mind a beautiful battlefield will be born!"

Demon Chef: "For that reason, Part-timer Eithne! Commence out the dress-up battle test!"

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "Fufufu, that's how it is, so please be my sparring partner for the sake of my part-time pay—♪"

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "Yare-yare, so that's how it is...? Grimm, engage!"

Grimm (New Year's) Icon.png Grimm: "Wa—h, this is an emergency, right? I can use my summoning spell, right—♪"

[Serious Mecha Goblin Queen 【Parallel World】]
[Lv1; Cost9; HP3160; AT577; DF261; MR23; 15s, delivers 15-con attack.]


Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "Ooh, not a scratch! It'll be possible to put them to market...!"

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "Fuu, indeed they're nice and comfortable. They don't hinder movement, and makes it easy to guard during celebrations."

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "Ooh, to receive such words of praise from the Former Maou Bodyguard Shadia...!"

Demon Chef: "Come, Part-timer Eithne, from here, we'll be stocking up on dresses!"

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "Ehh, no can do."

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "Wha... Why!? Your performance is excellent! Your dress is perfect, is it not!?"

Eithne (New Year's) Icon.png Eithne: "The performance Demon Chef desires is too great. I used up the budget given to me by the puny-puny Prince for 3 dresses."

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "Kuh... Is that so...? So my pursuit of a good thing has led to this...?"

Grimm (New Year's) Icon.png Grimm: "Balancing budgets. It's a hard world you live in."

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "All things require balance."

Demon Chef Icon.png Demon Chef: "But the skills in our bodies aren't a lie. For the sake of increased business, we won't stop!"

Demon Chef: "... Oops, before that. Give my New Year greetings to the Prince. We'll be starting business in the Kingdom."

Grimm (New Year's) Icon.png Grimm: "I'll guide you—. Let's go get Otoshidama together with everyone."

Shadia (New Year's) Icon.png Shadia: "Hahah, that's nice. Well then, let's go to the Prince's place."

Early Spring Princesses and Daimyo Procession

Eldora (New Year's) Icon.png Eldora: "——The best place for Hatsumode!"

Rozette (New Year's) Icon.png Rozette: "We came here not just for Hatsumode, but to watch Yoshino-san's Daimyo Procession, you know?"

Angeline Icon.png Angeline: "Aah, goodness. Don't talk with your mouth full. You mustn't forget we're ambassadors of friendship."

Eldora (New Year's) Icon.png Eldora: "Hefuwa? *Munch, munch*..."

Sybilla Icon.png Sybilla: "By the way, don't you think they're late? It'll freeze before the Daimyo Procession comes."

Themis Icon.png Themis: "I agree... The process may be late due to this snowy path."

Angeline Icon.png Angeline: "It's so cold, we'll also freeze..."

Rozette (New Year's) Icon.png Rozette: "Ahh, why don't we do some exercise? I ate a little too much for New Years, so..."

Sybilla Icon.png Sybilla: "... Another mock battle? But I guess a little won't hurt."

Angeline Icon.png Angeline: "Since we're princesses, I guess it'll be more a rehearsal than a mock battle? However, it's a good idea since it's cold like this."

Eldora (New Year's) Icon.png Eldora: "Fufufu, since it's a mock battle, I won't lose! A princess exists to fight. I shall show you the true power of a Dragonewt princess!"

Yoshino Icon.png Yoshino: "——Oh my, I told them there'll be a Daimyo Procession, and they've started celebrating something on their own?"

Yoshino: "Haa, can't be helped. Yosh, everyone, let's deliver a military performance beside those girls!"

Yoshino: "No need to hold back. They say princesses are strong enough to fight one or two countries!"


Eldora (New Year's) Icon.png Eldora: "Fuu, my body's warmed up! ... Eh, huh? Yoshino's already here?"

Yoshino Icon.png Yoshino: "Yare-yare, you were so enamoured with the mock battle, you didn't see the Daimyo Procession?"

Rozette (New Year's) Icon.png Rozette: "Wawawa... E, excuse us... We went off and enjoyed ourselves and..."

Yoshino Icon.png Yoshino: "Hahah, it's fine. Well then, let's go for our promised Hatsumode, shall we? It's not bad going out with fellow princesses, no?"

Angeline Icon.png Angeline: "Yes, it's something I never considered in the past. ... Though, even now, it's hard to believe we're actually allies."

Yoshino Icon.png Yoshino: "Fufu, likewise. But holding hands like this. I believe there won't be a war for some time."

Sybilla Icon.png Sybilla: "... I wonder if it's thanks to the Prince."

Eldora (New Year's) Icon.png Eldora: "Yes, yes, yes~♪ Well then, let's depart for Hatsumode at once—♪"

5th Popularity Vote Parade

Mary Icon.png Mary: "——Ehh, r, read this? O, OK. This parade is fantastic and gorgeous! That's why I'm Mary, Lord of Cuihua (翠花; Green Flower)~♪"

Sonia Icon.png Sonia: "The 5th Popularity Vote was very white-hot this time, wasn't it!? Sonia's also elated with it~♪"

Mary Icon.png Mary: "Sonia-san, thank you for the modifications of the magic vote box. Thanks to you, we were able to safely carry out the festival."

Sonia Icon.png Sonia: "No, no, I was also progressing in my research of the vote box. More importantly, Mary-qing, the top participants will be coming soon!"

Reflet Icon.png Reflet: "Waah, everyone's smiles are sparkly-sparkly~♪ Parades are quite fun, aren't they!?"

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Uugh, is that so...? I'm wondering if it's really OK for me to be here."

Char Icon.png Char: "Of course it is. Your having won is because of the support from everyone in the city, see!?"

Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu Icon.png Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu: "Haa... We had so much fun bloodily competing last year, yet for our friendly play to be forbidden this year is..."

Diana Icon.png Diana: "The Kingdom has been conducting mock battles all year. Let's at least give it a rest for the parade."

Sybilla Icon.png Sybilla: "Right, parades are proof of a nation's strength. Festivals are supposed to be a break for the people."

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Yep, yep~♪ Everyone's rejoicing, taking breaks is important after all~♪ Aah~, but I'm so hungry..."

Augusta Icon.png Augusta: "Endure until the parade's over. I'll fix you plenty of delicious dishes~♪"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "——Ahh, by the way, Mary. Shouldn't you be reading the rest of your script?"

Mary Icon.png Mary: "Ahh, there's still more? Let's see——W, well then, mock battle, begin! ... Huh, ehh, mock battle!? Mock battle!?"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Nihihi, the old switcheroo~♪ It's not a festival without a mock battle?"

Village Chief Icon.png Citizen: "Uoh—! Mock battle! Kingdom army's mock battle—!!"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "So it's come to this in the end? Well, it's been an established custom since the times of Hero King-chan, so I'll also give it my best~♪"


Rinne Icon.png Rinne: "... Settled down?"

Augusta Icon.png Augusta: "Fufu, looks like everyone's tuckered out from all the fighting."

Rinne Icon.png Rinne: "... Fufu, this also follows the usual. In other words, it was inevitable..."

Augusta Icon.png Augusta: "Now then, everyone, I'll get the fire going—! Feel free to line up starting from the hungriest—!"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Food!! Food!! Augusta, please give me a big serving—!"

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "Prince, it's turned into a wild parade this time as well. It looks like everyone from the city enjoyed it."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "So as to continue protecting these peaceful days, let us also do our best in the future!"

Arms Merchant and Cursed Weapon (Memory)

Seven Icon.png Dream Seven: "Aah, what should I do...? For some reason, I've gotten excited. Calm down... Once this deal succeeds, I'll obtain the sum to wash my feet of this business..."

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "——This is inside Amy-san's dream. What we're seeing in the distance is Seven-san and... a Demon Swordmaster...?"

Reve: "It's a memory from back when we helped Amy-san recover the 'cursed weapons'!"

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "You guys did great work back then... The cursed weapons were very dangerous, yet I couldn't make progress in recovering them."

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "This is right when the cursed magic sword Seven obtained was being sold to the Demon Swordmaster."

Seven Icon.png Dream Seven: "——This is a valuable great-sword type perfect for you. To be honest, its value is 100,000,000 gold, but especially for you, you may have it for 50,000,000 gold."

Demon Swordsman Icon.png Dream Demon Swordmaster: "Hoh, if that is genuine, there is no weapon greater. ... However, it's quite expensive. I want proof. Prove to me the capabilities of this weapon."

Seven Icon.png Dream Seven: "... H, haa? Proof, what do you mean by that?"

Demon Swordsman Icon.png Dream Demon Swordmaster: "Simple. you use that weapon and cut down the humans."

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "... Ahh, th, this is not good! To prove the power of the cursed magic sword, it looks like there'll be a fight with Seven-san!?"

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "Though it's a dream, fighting with a current comrade doesn't have a good feeling to it... Reve-san, let's help everyone in the dream!"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Let's do it! Please also help, Dream Prince—!"


Amy Icon.png Dream Amy: "Wow... You defeated the demon that has the 'cursed weapon'. I knew the Prince was an incredible man!"

Dream Amy: "Thanks to you, I recovered the weapons and caught the merchant to boot!"

Seven Icon.png Dream Seven: "Haa... Don't bind me so tightly. What'll you do if you leave a mark... Take responsibility—!"

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "Ahaha... I'm gonna bind her extra tight so she doesn't escape this time."

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Fufu, but she really did get away. Back then, Seven still hasn't joined the Kingdom."

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "She was still in the Dark Guild. Though she's now a comrade that fights alongside us!"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Seven-san, I believe she was saving up money to leave the Dark Guild..."

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "——Nng, ah, huh? Where am I?"

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "... Huh? There's two Seven-sans?"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "W, we were talking about Seven-san, did we summon her inside the dream...!?"

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "Let's see, I don't get it, but this is the dream world?"

Seven: "Eh, ah—! I remember! Amy, you tied me so tightly!"

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "Eeeh!? Didn't you get away soon after—!?"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Wah, wawah, please don't fight, you two—! The dream, the dream will get messy! The way things are, the three of us in Seven's dream will——"

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "Wah, wawaah!? KyaaaaAaah!?"

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "Waaaaah!? What's happening!?"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "We've connected to Seven-san's dream! Can't be helped, let's head to the next dream!"

Dark Organisation and Targeted Prince (Memory)

Seven Icon.png Dream Seven: "——Six! Oi, are you listening!? Why did you kill Nine!? Weren't we comrades!?"

Six Icon.png Dream Six: "Fufu, it's precisely because I think we're comrades I did it, Seven-san. If I left him to blab about the organisation, it would expose everyone to danger, you see? Besides, thanks to me, you can escape, no?"

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "——This stage is... Six! That bastard, killed Nine...!"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "P, please calm down! This is inside your dream!"

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "He went and killed Nine to become an executive of the Dark Organisation. ... Nine must be rolling in his grave."

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Let's avenge Nine-san in the real world. Also, I believe Nine-san would be happy to learn Seven-san is alive and well."

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "I wonder. ... But I don't really want to remember the battle from this time."

Seven: "It was the first battle I tried to kill someone."

Seven Icon.png Dream Seven: "Kill... No way, I don't really want to do that, but... But, there's no other way... There's no other way but to do it. ... I have no choice... but to take a life...?"

Six Icon.png Dream Six: "Yes, that's right, Seven. Don't worry... I'll also help. You killing your first mark, I'll help with that important task, OK...? Fufu."

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "Kuh... I don't wanna watch! Oi! The Seven over there! I'll be your opponent!!"

Seven: "I won't let your skill be polished to kill people!!"

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "Wawah, she's gone out!?"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Such a hopeless girl... I'll also help!"


Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "... I see, if I recall, I joined the Prince around this time."

Seven: "... I'm truly glad I didn't kill the Prince. Back then, I'm glad... he stopped me..."

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Seven-san... That's right, let's go see the Prince when you wake up! We can kill time for the New Year!"

Seven AW Icon.png Seven: "Hahah, I wonder. I bet he's busy with bothersome stuff even after New Years. But... It wouldn't hurt to say hello."

Amy AW Icon.png Amy: "Well then, let's bring some goods I'm planning to sell for the New Year~♪ Then let's meet up with everyone to celebrate the New Year~♪"

Reve AW Icon.png Reve: "Let's do that! Well then, I'll wake up everyone. When we meet next, it'll be in the real Kingdom~♪"

6th New Year Hot-Blooded Marubatsu Quiz Meet

Risley Icon.png Risley: "——OK, thank you very much for the full house, a round of applause, gaogao—♪ Come, Leone-chan, tell them with a roar!"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "G, GAO—!! New Year Hot-Blooded Quiz Meet, begin—!!"

Leone: "And so this time I'll be acting as moderator for the Quiz Meet!"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "GAO—H!! It was a nice touch of Risley-dono to have the moderation split between father and daughter!!"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Gaoleon, your roar is too loud! Yare-yare, I'll handle the hints. If you have a problem, you may ask me."

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Yosh, yosh, yosh, yosh, now scream, yo—sh! Well then, let's explain the rules~♪"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "The quiz consists of three questions. All of them will be answered with a '○ or ×'."

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "There's a big ○ and × drawn on the ground! When you answer, place your ally on the 'melee square' you think is CORRECT!!"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "If the answerer is hidden, we won't be able to tell which answer you picked. So deploy someone we can see, OK?"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Umu! It'll be a hassle if they're hiding out of sight!!"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Also, take note, take note there's a time limit as well! Answer before the stamina on the soldier-san holding the answer button board depletes, OK~♪"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "OK, thanks—! We prepared a fabulous prize for you this time as well, right—?"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "From the hands of the artisans of the reclamation village... Wh, what? A 'Fullscale Gaoleon Village Chief Doll'?"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "... Ehh?"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "... Wh, what!? I told them to make a Leone Doll!!"

Villager Icon.png Reclamation Village Resident: "Chief Gaoleon—!! We present to you our greatest work—!!"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "—Well, whatever! Well then, before we start the quiz! Leone-chan, tell them what'll happen if they cheat and pick both answers!"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Fufufu, you know what'll happen? Of course, there'll be a spanking—!

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Well, when you're unable to make heads or tails of the answer, you may deploy a soldier in front of me."

Shadia: "I did manage to infiltrate Maou's Army. So I'm knowledgeable when it comes to these questions, see?"

(battle starts)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Well then, first the preliminary question! Let's go—!!"

[Test Question]

[Is this the 6th Quiz Meet, including the Kingdom, Imperial, and Death Quiz?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Gao—! First a tryout!! Answer freely!!"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Ahh, but if you get it wrong, I'm gonna dunk your head in a 'washtub'!"

★Test Hint★

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "If I'm not mistaken, 3 times in the countryside, 1 time at the beach... After that, Mecha Goblin Queen hosted once."

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Let's see, 3 plus 1 plus... 1 plus...umm, 1? Then, adding this time would be... 6 times!"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Oh-ho, so you learned how to use a merchant's calculator? Very studious of you, Ethnea."

(When time is up)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Stop right there! OK, the answer is~?"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Gao—! '○'!!"


Leone Icon.png Leone: "Fufufu, as expected of the Prince! The man competing with me to be the star of the new generation!"


Leone Icon.png Leone: "Prince, do you need Ethnea to teach you some arithmetic? Miscalculations can't be helped, let's learn!"


Leone Icon.png Leone: "Hey, you really did it huh, Prince."

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Prince! As the star, I've been waiting to deal punishment for foul play!!"

(time passes)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Well then! Let's begin the real thing—!"

Leone: "The first question is... this—!!"

[1st Question]

[Are Gaoleon & Leone father and daughter?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Y, you know this one, right!? ... No, hmm, you gotta know it?"

★1st Hint★

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "For him to be a father, and her a daughter. Didn't Leone often say, 'I'll one day defeat my father and become champion.'"

Shadia: "...I'm sure this is enough to provide an answer?"

(When time is up)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "OK, stop right there! The answer is——"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Umu!! '○'!!"


Leone Icon.png Leone: "Who made these questions!? Though he's correct, I'm embarrassed, geez!"


Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Prince, do we really not look alike? Just look at our fur."


Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Gao—!! Dishonest play is forbidden!!"

(time passes)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Next is the 2nd question! The next question is... this—!"

[2nd Question]

[Does Decius' 2nd form have 2 types between red and black?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Tick-tock~♪ Tick-tock~♪ What will your answer be—!"

★2nd Hint★

Decius Icon.png Deicus: "Nuh!? A question about me!?"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Decius, he went and came out from the spectator's seats. Now then, about his types of armour..."

Shadia: "His tenacity to grow strong has given birth to two armours. One capable of delivering a mighty blow and another fit for a schemer burrowing through the earth."

(When time is up)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Time's up—! OK, the answer is—?"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Umu! '○'!!"


Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "When I think he's a little one I've never seen before, Decius's tenacity is both brave and fierce!"

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Yeah, Decius's unbreakable heart sparkles back to even me."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "... Fufu, I'm happy for you, Decius."

Decius Icon.png Deicus: "Nuuu, it irritates me I have no memory of it!!"


Leone Icon.png Leone: "Nn, incorrect. Well stuff like this happens."


Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "I will not overlook foul play!!"

(time passes)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "At last, the final question! Let's take a deep breath and shout!"

[3rd Question]

[In the past, was Gaoleon, who stood in front of Maou's Castle, the sole Maou Bodyguard?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "You're sweating bullets, young man!!"

★3rd Hint★

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "You're asking me to give a hint for this?"

Shadia: "Gaoleon, even among the Maou Army Executives, was a man suited to standing at the forefront."

Shadia: "He'll draw any ranged attack and because of that, he's suited to be a Maou Army Executive."

Shadia: "Well, that's an old story."

(When time is up)

Leone Icon.png Leone: "And the answer is...!"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Umu! '×'!!"


Leone Icon.png Leone: "Righto—! As expected of the Prince!! Absolutely correct—!!"


Leone Icon.png Leone: "Oh, it can't be helped."


Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Prince! I'm well acquainted with the idea of play! However, we are in the middle of a National Event!!"

(time passes)

★All Correct★

Leone Icon.png Leone: "All~correct~♪ It goes without saying! Total domination—!!"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Umu, umu! That was a marvellous fight!!"

★One Incorrect★

Shadia Icon.png Shadia: "Hm, 1 incorrect. Well, an event like this is important."

★Two or More Incorrect★

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Mu-, of course you would have you hands full with Tenkai. However, be sure to remember me!!"

(time passes)

★Normal Ending★

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Well then, let's meet again for the next Quiz Meet~♪ Leone-chan, let's give everyone a final greeting!"

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Let's give a big roar for a healthy and lively year! Together with me, 'GAO—H!'!"

Leone: "OK, everyone with me~? GAO—H!! GAO—H!! GAO—H!!"

★Ending if Caught Cheating★

Leone Icon.png Leone: "Yare-yare, even though I told you not to."

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Punishment to the unjust! Iron Fist Punishment!!"


Menu Fame.png
  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 鋼都を駆ける影 (30/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 戦闘用晴れ着はじめました (30/2) with only Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

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