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Oceanic Trench Sanctuary
File:Oceanic Trench Sanctuary.png
Mission Type Story Mission
Charisma Cost 87
EXP 1445
Base Gold (3★ Gold) 4970 (7455)
Life 3
Initial Unit Points 10
Deployed Unit Limit 10
Number of Enemies 66
Special Conditions Allies' post-attack delay increased by 90 frames, stronger constant HP degeneration.
Prerequisite Below the Seabed
Unlocks A Giant Shadow Approaches the Seabed City
Defeat the ritual-performing Ghigael in the sanctuary that sealed Bahamut, and put an end to God's ambitions!
<Deep Sea (Strong): Post-attack delay increased.>
<Constant HP degeneration after a period of time.>


Oceanic Trench Sanctuary (海溝神殿) is the sixth mission in the Under the Sea chapter of Story Missions.


Enemy Unit
Sea Caterpillar Sprite.png
Sea Caterpillar ×20
Physical 7000 220 1200
MR 30
Initial: 50
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 1%/0.033s (30%/s). Regen is disabled when blocked.
Jellyfish Sprite.png
Jellyfish ×14
Ranged (100)
Physical 5000 400 200
MR 60
Initial: 50
Move: 61
Missile: 0
1 UP
Paralyzes target for 12 seconds after six hits.
Infant Deep Sea Saratan Sprite.png
Infant Deep Sea Saratan ×16
Ranged (200)
Magic 20000 700 8000
MR 40
Initial: 26
Move: 181
Missile: 4
2 UP
Uses melee attack when blocked.

Ranged attack increases post-attack delay of units struck.

Deep Sea Sharkman Sprite.png
Deep Sea Sharkman ×6
Physical 70000 2000 5000
MR 40
Initial: 46
2 UP
Deep Sea Manta Ray Sprite.png
Deep Sea Manta Ray ×8
Ranged (200)
Magic 100000 1000 2000
MR 40
Initial: 40
Move: 101
Missile: 1
2 UP
Attacks all units within range.
Monsterized Scar Sprite.png
Monsterized Scar ×1
Physical 250000 4500 5250
MR 50
Initial: 51
0 UP
Becomes stronger with each attack.
15187 400
3 UP
Ghigael Sprite.png
Ghigael ×1
Ranged (80)
Physical 360000 1000×10 1200
MR 60
Initial: 36
Move: 1
Missile: 0
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all Merfolk by 50%.

Attacks all units within range.

Whirlpool Sprite.png
Whirlpool ×10
Melee - 120000 - 10
MR 5

Move: 1
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attracts ranged attacks.

Does not count towards enemy total, and does not need to be slain to complete a map.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Oceanic Trench Sanctuary

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "This is the temple where Divine Beast Bahamut is sealed..."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "... T, this is not good. There's open seams in the seal and magic is spilling out. It looks like they're already carrying out the ritual!"

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "——So you've come, people from the land who drown. Just a moment more and the ritual will be finished."

Sophie Icon.png Sophie: "Ghigael, what do you intend by releasing Bahamut's seal?"

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "... Release, seal? Hahah, I see, that's right, it certainly looks that way, doesn't it?"

Ghigael: "But Sophie, there's a small matter you're mistaken about. My true goal is not the release of Bahamut's seal."

Ghigael: "However, it's not necessary to tell you that goal. Scar, go ahead and keep them busy for a moment."

Monsterized Scar Icon.png Scar: "——Hah, Ghigael-sama."

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "What are those eyes of rebellion? Does your ego still linger?"

Liban Icon.png Liban: "... Scar-san."

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "Come, the ritual will soon be complete. Children of those who drown, you may wait here for a short time."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Prince, Ghigael's forces are coming. We cannot let him complete the ritual, please give the order for battle!"

(Ghigael Appears)

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Your Majesty, Prince! Bahamut's seal——H, huh? The seal has been broken, yet...?"

Katara Icon.png Katara: "Only magic is flowing out from the seams of the seal. Is he sucking out the magic while keeping the seal on Bahamut...?"

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "——Correct. Bahamut's power will be mine, that is the very goal of this ritual."

Merman Icon.png Merman: "Wha... What do you mean? Ghigael-sama! The Lord ordered the release of Bahamut's seal!?"

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "This is also within the plan that was concealed to you. Surely you don't intend to doubt god?"

Ghigael: "Now then, from here, I'll be entering meditation to complete the ritual. You go delay the Prince's army."

Merman Icon.png Merman: "... Hah!"

[Once a certain amount of time passes, Ghigael will take Bahamut's power and create 'whirling currents'. These 'whirling currents' will draw ally unit ranged attacks.]

[While imbued with power, Ghigael will increase the number of 'whirling currents'. Once created, the 'whirling current won't disappear even if Ghigael is defeated and won't count towards defeat total.]


Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "——Aah, Bahamut's power is flowing through me. As expected of the divine weapon spun by the sea god comparable to Kralhu-sama, the power of Divine Beast Bahamut."

Ghigael: "With this power... It's not impossible to protect my dear master and slay that sea god..."

Obed Icon.png Obed: "... What, what're you saying, Ghigael?"

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "You have no reason to know. Now then, let's test this power."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Magical whirling currents are surrounding Ghigael... Your Majesty, Prince, our arrows and even our magic is being sucked into the currents!"

Liban Icon.png Liban: "Then we won't be able to target Ghigael...! Your Majesty, Prince, please give your orders with care!"


Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "Guh... Bahamut's power is...! I finally gained the power to protect my master...!!"

Floga Icon.png Floga: "The seams of the seal stopped expanding! I see, it's because we interrupted Ghigael's ritual...!"

Ghigael Icon.png Ghigael: "Children of the deep sea, Prince... you shall soon realize what you've done."

Ghigael: "And yet, it seems... If it's you lot, then perhaps, your hands might reach the sea god..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Ghigael, he's sinking into the trench. Is he trying to... escape...?"

Obed Icon.png Obed: "... He said a curious thing. What did he mean by a sea god comparable to Kralhu-sama?"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "We have no choice but to search for the details... There's many legends pertaining to the sea. Nothing we can do but filter through which ones are true..."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Also, Bahamut's seal has opened seams. The way things are, the seal may really release before long."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "Ghigael's ambition, Bahamut's opened seal. There's a pile of things that need investigating..."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "However, we won't stand idle. To protect the peace of the deep sea, let's join hands with the Seafloor City and proceed onward!"

(time passes)

Scar Icon.png Scar: (... I was, weak. That is apparent to the point it hurts...)

Scar: (Damnit... More, stronger... Enough to beat the shit out of that shitty bastard Ghigael, that sea god, the Prince, and any other god...)

Scar: (Aah, I'll grow stronger...)

Scar: (Until then, this match is yours, Priiince...)


Roy Icon.png
Roy Lv. 40
Hayate Icon.png
Hayate Lv. 40
Junior Deep Sea Soldier Icon.png
Junior Deep Sea Soldier Lv. 40
Niel Icon.png
Number of Drops 1 3 2
EXP 265 265 265+30

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