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Sorcerer Palace drops from the following Event Missions.

  • Event and Mission names in Bold are no longer available.
  • Mission names in italicized Red no longer drop Palace.
  • Mission names in bolded Green have Palace as a Completion Reward.
  • Mission names in bolded and italicized Purple have Palace as a no longer obtainable Completion Reward.
  • All other Missions are repeatable via Revived events or Daily Revivals.
Palace (Up to Date 09/04/20)
Event Mission Cha Sta
Charlotte Icon.png Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman King of the Dead 50 5
Final Battle X 70 7
Ada Icon.png Pride of the Beastwoman The Starving Wolves 40 3
Horus Icon.png Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands The Strange Visitor 20 2
Marie Icon.pngBeatrica Icon.png The Treacherous Pirate Pride of the Pirates X 60 6
Claudia Icon.png Sword of the Dragon Slayer Water Dragon of the Lonely Isle 40 4
Xiao Icon.pngShuuka Icon.png General of a Ruined Land Blue Giants: X 60 5
Memento Icon.png Daughter of the King of the Dead Call to the Undead 40 3
Elva Icon.png The End of the Dark Knights The Dark Knight Commander's Resolve 60 5
Pupuru Icon.png The Druid Miko Princess Long Road to the Sacred Tree 40 3
Eden Icon.png Vampire's Counterattack The Underground Lair 50 5
Sandra Icon.png The Lethal Blade that Severed the Sky Defend the Tower 40 3
Gloria Icon.png Deadly Sword that Shakes the Earth Red Army 40 3
Verdinath Icon.png The Dark Priest and the Heretical Altar Ritual of Darkness 50 5
Reanbell Icon.png The Ghost Ship and the Admiral's Resolve The One who Controls the Dead 55 7
Isabelle Icon.png The Imperial Pegasus Knight Black Rampage 40 5
Ricola Icon.png The Dark Knight and the Sacred Forest's Guard Warmaiden's Anger 50 5
Yuno Icon.png Dark Knights and the Targeted Healer Plotted Assault 30 4
Lieselotte Icon.png The White Empire and the Fake City Fake Hero 55 7
Irene Icon.png The Dark Guild's Servant Shipboard Shootout 70 6
Sarasa Icon.png Dark Knights and the Holy Night's Gift United Front of Snowy Mountain 55 7
N/a Gold Rush 9 Incomplete Giant Soldier 30 2
Revy Icon.png Witch Doctor and the Youma Queen Witch Doctor's Curse 25 2
Sabrina Icon.png The Corsair Captain and the Demonic Seas Majin Vepar 55 7
Sukuha Icon.png Treasured Sword of Mo Ye Pursuing Youkai Tiger 30 2
Helena Icon.png The Youma Queen and the Tactical Genius Queen's Wrath 90 12
Kokoro Icon.png The Witch Who Leapt Through Time Those Destroyed in the Past 70 6
Sereina Icon.png Angels' Plot Kidnapped Sereina 90 12
Meiling Icon.png Evil Hermit Country's Trap Castle of the Dead 50 5
Meredith Icon.png Enchanter and the Youma Queen Magicians' Training 70 6
Lucia Icon.png The Imperial Priest Warrior's Return High-ranking Demon 55 7
Aoba Icon.png Youkai Slaying Sniper Master's Teaching 70 6
Reve Icon.png Memories of the Battlefield Vampire's Counterattack (Memory) 30 2
Velty Icon.png The Stolen Grimoire Contract with a Majin 40 4
Fuuko Icon.png Wind God's Daughter Cave of Windstorms 40 4
Sayo Icon.png Memories of the Battlefield
~Recollection Chapter~
The Holy Spirit of Light and Darkness (Memory) 30 2
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope and the Night of Terror Mist-Clothed Crimson Blood Princess 90 12
Daki Icon.png Alluring Youko and the Seduced Prince Prince's Escape 40 4
Psyche Icon.png Half-Asleep Dark Priest Demonic Nature Hidden in Slumber 40 5
N/a Labyrinth of Evil Spirits IX Undead Forbidden 30 0
Taigong Wang Icon.png Taigong Wang's Divine Foresight Cliffside Invasion 40 3
Lehren Icon.png Alchemist Doctrine Insatiable Inquisitivity 70 6
Hyuna Icon.png Evil Bird Archer War Elephants Approaching the Oasis 70 6
Sonken Chuubo Icon.png Koihime from Another World Door to Another World 40 4
Candy Icon.png Magician of the Pumpkin Country Candy Rescue Battle 55 7
Camilla (Christmas) Icon.png Holy Night's Healer Praying to the Stars Rescue Drill!? The Black Shadow on Christmas Eve 90 12
Karin Icon.png The One Chosen by Hakutaku Sickly Jungle's Warriors 40 4
Mammon Icon.png Majin of Greed and the Power of Destruction Meeting with a Majin 30 2
Estrie Icon.png Bloodsucking Princess and the Broken Magic Sword Huge Wings Covering the Dark Sky 90 12
Fluffy Icon.png White Beastgirl and the Dark Organisation Five's Hunting 55 7
Berna (Bride) Icon.png Red Rogue Bride Piercing Thunder Spear and the Protective Thread 90 12
Houtou Icon.png Koihime from Another World and the Evil Hermit's Scheme Young Genius's Plan 40 2
Floga Icon.png Crimson Magician and the Knight of Makai The Power of the Magicians' Guild 30 2
Katara Icon.png Warriors of the End Scorching Lava Tube 40 3
Shinomiya Komachi Icon.png Detectives from Another World Hellbeasts' Traffic Control 40 2
Raichi (School) Icon.png Two Stars Aiming for the Top Chaotic Brawl With The General Audience! 40 4
Diera (Bride) Icon.png June Bride Midnight Invisible Lightning 40 5
Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Midsummer Joint Training
~With a Giant Crab~
Fierce Battle on the Summer Island 30 2
40px Opened Gates and the Gathered Warriors Obstructing Giant Beast and Divine Bird 50 5