Popularity contest phase2

Popularity Battle Campaign's Decisive Match (人気闘兵決定戦) is a popularity contest-type urgent mission running from 9 August 2018 to 24 August 2018.

Local loli Shushu is searching for the strongest warrior within the Prince's Kingdom. As many units believe themselves to be the strongest, a voting system was proposed to decide once and for all who the "strongest" truly was. Who will emerge as the victor!?

Event Details Edit

Thanks to Yoxal for the translations.

  • Each unit is sorted into Groups A to C and can be voted with a Voting Ticket within the voting period of each group.
    • The units that can be voted are units currently implemented at the time of the event.
    • Alternate costume and chibi units will not be part of the vote, only the original units will be. Furthermore, fodder-type units and collaboration units are NOT eligible in the voting process.
  • The top 10 of each group with the highest number of votes will advance to the Decisive Battle Campaign; if there are multiple units at 10th place, every 10th place participant will proceed to the Decisive Battle Campaign.
  • During the Decisive Battle Campaign, each unit can be voted with the Decisive Voting Ticket and further compete with each other for the top ranks.
  • Various privileges will be given to the units that achieve top rankings within the Decisive Battle Campaign.

Obtaining Voting Tickets Edit

  • 1 ticket per day is awarded as an event login bonus. This ticket must be used to vote on the day it is received, or else it will expire at the next daily reset.
  • Further tickets can be earned by spending Stamina, 1 ticket per Stamina point spent.
    • Tickets for spending Stamina are only earned for successfully clearing a mission, not for failing or withdrawing.
  • Maximum number of tickets that can be held simultaneously is 999.
    • Every ticket obtained after this limit will be discarded.
  • Maximum number of times a unit can be voted for is also 999.

Voting Phases and Groups Edit

  • There is a grace period beyond the end of each voting period where tickets from that group can still be used to vote. However, any new tickets obtained will be from the new group.
  • Unused tickets will be lost after the grace period ends.
  • For groups A-C, the grace period is 1 hour. For the final vote, the grace period is 6 hours.
  • All times are in JST (GMT+9) unless otherwise stated.


Voting Phases
Group Periods
Group A Voting Period August 9th (15:00) to August 12th (14:59)
Grace Period August 12th (15:59)
Results Released August 12th (17:00)
Group B Voting Period August 12th (15:00) to August 15th (14:59)
Grace Period August 15th (15:59)
Results Released August 15th (17:00)
Group C Voting Period August 15th (15:00) to August 18th (14:59)
Grace Period August 18th (15:59)
Results Released August 18th (17:00)
Decisive Battle Campaign Voting Period August 18th (15:00) to August 23rd (09:59)
Grace Period August 24th (03:59)
Results Released August 24th (15:00)
Voting Groups
- Group A Group B Group C
Elyse Icon
Berna Icon
Olivier Icon
Sophie Icon
Matsuri Icon
Grace Icon
Dine Icon
Eterna Icon
Rakshasa Icon
Dark Knight Icon
Ingrid Icon
Kayou Icon
Reshia Icon
Elmira Icon
Angeline Icon
Lapis Icon
Silvia Icon
Koharu Icon
Sylseth Icon
Hakunokami Icon
Kyuubi Icon
Tifa Icon
Anatolia Icon
Saval Icon
Eldora Icon
Orochihime Icon
Kurama Icon
Shu-Xian Icon
Kuuko Icon
Saki Icon
Farne Icon
Aisha Icon
Ester Icon
Cornelia Icon
Sue Icon
Nagi Icon
Rion Icon
Altair Icon
Amanda Icon
Alice Icon
Towa Icon
Cynthia Icon
Rinne Icon
Frederica Icon
Machina Icon
Mireille Icon
Fiore Icon
Wendy Icon
White Emperor Icon
Sieglinde Icon
Kibahime Icon
Miyabi Icon
Ibuki Icon
Teeny Icon
Tenma Icon
Anri Icon
Ema Icon
Remii Icon
Dina Icon
Nanaly Icon
Sybilla Icon
Despia Icon
Clissa Icon
Minerva Icon
Anya Icon
Karma (Black) Icon
Mikoto Icon
Anna Icon
Liana Icon
Kikyou Icon
Estelle Icon
Nataku Icon
Metus Icon
Sarah Icon
Moltena Icon
Hibari Icon
Ashera Icon
Shino Icon
Dorothea Icon
Socie Icon
Aix Icon
Mephisto Icon
Wurm Icon
Diera Icon
Misa Icon
Luxe Icon
Duo Icon
Diana Icon
Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu Icon
Figuneria Icon
Lilia Icon
Bashira Icon
Dahlia Icon
Cypria Icon
Victoria Icon
Gellius Icon
Shizuka Icon
Karma (Platinum) Icon
Spica Icon
Chydis Icon
Uzume Icon
Charlotte Icon
Ada Icon
Horus Icon
Saria Icon
Viera Icon
Zenobia Icon
Eliza Icon
Jessica Icon
Emilia Icon
Elva Icon
Agnes Icon
Lucille Icon
Pupuru Icon
Corin Icon
Eden Icon
Miranda Icon
Sandra Icon
Sera Icon
Eva Icon
Gloria Icon
Rubinas Icon
Anita Icon
Katina Icon
Isabelle Icon
Lieselotte Icon
Leona Icon
Junon Icon
Faa Icon
Sukuha Icon
Dolce Icon
Kokoro Icon
Gretel Icon
Jake Icon
Rösel Icon
Elias Icon
Prim Icon
Aida Icon
Siena Icon
Belzetta Icon
Ignis Icon
Vivian Icon
Itsuki Icon
Sandy Icon
Doula Icon
Xiao-Mei Icon
Kasumi Icon
Clarice Icon
Bestla Icon
Velty Icon
Lepuru Icon
Tial Icon
Lina Icon
Shade Icon
Blanche Icon
Nephty Icon
Psyche Icon
Lan-Fa Icon
Linaria Icon
Taigong Wang Icon
Liza Icon
Lychnos Icon
Sephire Icon
Nakia Icon
Sherry Icon
Garania Icon
Lyla Icon
Akane Icon
Sakuya Icon
Echidna Icon
Odette Icon
Liddy Icon
Shiho Icon
Yurina Icon
Marius Icon
Roana Icon
Lin Icon
Solano Icon
Marle Icon
Beatrica Icon
Ur Icon
Claudia Icon
Patra Icon
Flamel Icon
Memento Icon
Hana Icon
Rorone Icon
Erenia Icon
Paula Icon
Verdinath Icon
Pippin Icon
Ersha Icon
Shirley Icon
Louise Icon
Nadia Icon
Lythtis Icon
Irene Icon
Sarasa Icon
Melvina Icon
Sabrina Icon
Rumaria Icon
Helena Icon
Supura Icon
Maple Icon
Sereina Icon
Meiling Icon
Ralph Icon
Livre Icon
Meredith Icon
Regina Icon
Erica Icon
Loretta Icon
Motley Icon
Leora Icon
Ramii Icon
Elene Icon
Fuuko Icon
Cenote Icon
Aleese Icon
Lateria Icon
Phonia Icon
Shelt Icon
Rindou Icon
Wonder Heart Icon
Saris Icon
Lehren Icon
Tyr Icon
Mei-Hua Icon
D'Arc Icon
Julia Icon
Belphe Icon
Holly Icon
Shushu Icon
Camilla Icon
Adele Icon
Belinda Icon
Thetis Icon
Jerome Icon
Seria Icon
Rachel Icon
Maribel Icon
Hina Icon
Elizabeth Icon
Len Icon
Sasha Icon
Kagura Icon
Chloe Icon
Rikka Icon
Janna Icon
Marnie Icon
Azami Icon
Momiji Icon
Sabine Icon
Rita Icon
Shuuka Icon
Fran Icon
Anelia Icon
Imelia Icon
Waltz Icon
Mia Icon
Daisy Icon
Inari Icon
Charles Icon
Kanon Icon
Raven Icon
Reanbell Icon
Ricola Icon
Yuno Icon
Totono Icon
Fermi Icon
Revy Icon
Miruno Icon
Palfy Icon
Racua Icon
Oscar Icon
Amelie Icon
Alicia Icon
Lucia Icon
Amy Icon
Roza Icon
Viola Icon
Konoha Icon
Aoba Icon
Barous Icon
Seven Icon
Reve Icon
Lei-Mei Icon
Koyomi Icon
Rischelte Icon
Sayo Icon
Helmine Icon
Daki Icon
Friede Icon
Charmy Icon
Carat Icon
Dolly Icon
Marika Icon
Hyuna Icon
Lumian Icon
Suil Icon
Patel Icon
Meteor Icon
Puniru Icon
Parhelia Icon
Lulu Icon
Lien Icon
Ulidem Icon
Forte Icon
Kaguya Icon
Lizette Icon
Hikage Icon
Fee Icon
Lahti Icon
Charme Icon
Tokoyo Icon
Haruka Icon
Leifa Icon
Prisna Icon
Tamamo Icon
Salus Icon
Garrett Icon
Bernice Icon
Barbastroff Icon
Vincent Icon
Yuyu Icon
Dorothy Icon
Stella Icon
Zaram Icon
Anemone Icon
Momo Icon
Laurier Icon
Rino Icon
Margaret Icon
Goliah Icon
Matilda Icon
Gordeaux Icon
Cyrus Icon
Bella Icon
Iris Icon
Betty Icon
Themis Icon
Fedora Icon
Aria Icon
Stray Icon
Monica Icon
Robert Icon
Katie Icon
Marie Icon
Xiao Icon
Mel Icon
Ryuryu Icon
Ehret Icon
Maurette Icon
Abel Icon
Mitra Icon
Kaname Icon
Georg Icon
Guren Icon
Julian Icon
Carrie Icon
Claire Icon
Cloris Icon
Cuterie Icon
Conrad Icon
Mehlis Icon
Kojurou Icon
Hien Icon
Gina Icon
Noel Icon
Chizuru Icon
Zola Icon
Kururu Icon
Erun Icon
Fuuka Icon
Leda Icon
Raichi Icon
Rilke Icon
Leaf Icon
Boris Icon
Frey Icon
Sabein Icon
Mistel Icon
Filine Icon
Bernard Icon
Eunice Icon
Soma Icon
Alissa Icon
Dorca Icon
Leeanne Icon
Lauren Icon
Kagerou Icon
Gustav Icon
Khuri Icon
Ricardo Icon
Rozette Icon
Cassis Icon
Merone Icon
Renarde Icon
Nicholaus Icon
Mao Icon
Eric Icon
Fei Icon
Valerie Icon
Cecily Icon
Phyllis Icon
Christopher Icon
Giovanni Icon
Asar Icon
Ballad Icon
Niel Icon
Saizou Icon
Iroha Icon
Sharon Icon
Thelma Icon
Danan Icon
Tigre Icon
Dwight Icon
Clara Icon
Heath Icon
Solare Icon
Crave Icon
Mortimer Icon
Mischa Icon
Harissa Icon
Elaine Icon
Calliope Icon
Daniela Icon
Gadoras Icon
Rosalie Icon
Sanosuke Icon
Palace Icon
Nenya Icon
Verotte Icon
Percis Icon
Dan Icon
Ertel Icon
Kazuha Icon
Fudou Icon
Maya Icon
Miguel Icon
Lux Icon
Riele Icon
No Icon
Sharqi Icon
Russell Icon
Bergan Icon
Hector Icon
Maullo Icon
Yojiro Icon
Gaga Icon
Wilfred Icon
Leo Icon
Ryujin Soldier Icon
Hayate Icon
Zenmel Icon
Nevin Icon
Roy Icon
Ars Icon
Atla Icon
Hashim Icon
Dirk Icon
Bandit Minion A Icon
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon
Soldier (Heavy) B Icon
Foot Soldier Icon
Desert Soldier Icon
Soldier (Unit) A Icon
Soldier (Bow) B Icon
Soldier (Magic) A Icon
Pirate Minion Icon
Jungle Archer Icon
Soldier (Bow) A Icon
Soldier (Unit) B Icon
Bandit Minion B Icon
Soldier (Magic) B Icon
Ninja (Unit) Icon


  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C
  • Finals
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3

001. Lapis 16.1%
002. Sylvia 6.63%
003. Ingrid 5.47%
004. Shu-Xian 5.31%
005. Elyse 4.44%
006. Kyuubi 4.2%
007. Kayou 2.58%
008. Sylseth 2.02%
009. Kuuko 1.98%
010. Tifa 1.9%
011. Dark Knight 1.81%
012. Kurama 1.66%
013. Soma 1.51%
014. Sophie 1.5%
015. Orochihime 1.46%
016. Grace 1.34%
017. Eterna 1.32%
018. Bashira 1.28%
019. Olivier 1.26%
020. Eldora 1.25%
021. Hakunokami 1.23%
022. Dine 1.23%
023. Spica 1.21%
024. Lieselotte 1.17%
025. Rino 1.14%
026. Clarice 1.07%
027. Anatolia 0.97%
028. Zenobia 0.96%
029. Koharu 0.95%
030. Leona 0.84%
031. Taigong Wang 0.82%
032. Junon 0.82%
033. Charlotte 0.78%
034. Elmira 0.74%
035. Angeline 0.66%
036. Prim 0.64%
037. Elias 0.63%
038. Berna 0.57%
039. Velty 0.54%
040. Siena 0.53%
041. Rakshasa 0.52%
042. Vivian 0.51%
043. Reshia 0.49%
044. Leeanne 0.49%
045. Kokoro 0.48%
046. Saval 0.47%
047. Margaret 0.4%
048. Matsuri 0.4%
049. Dolce 0.39%
050. Eden 0.37%
051. Dahlia 0.32%
052. Parhelia 0.3%
053. Forte 0.3%
054. Agnes 0.29%
055. Patel 0.29%
056. Cypria 0.29%
057. Kasumi 0.28%
058. Linaria 0.28%
059. Vincent 0.28%
060. Saria 0.26%
061. Lychnos 0.26%
062. Shizuka 0.25%
063. Rösel 0.25%
064. Nephty 0.24%
065. Dorca 0.24%
066. Shade 0.24%
067. Gellius 0.23%
068. Rozette 0.23%
069. Alyssa 0.21%
070. Sandy 0.2%
071. Sera 0.2%
072. Meteor 0.19%
073. Lulu 0.19%
074. Miranda 0.19%
075. Karma (Platinum) 0.18%
076. Gordeaux 0.17%
077. Lan-Fa 0.17%
078. Pupuru 0.16%
079. Khuri 0.16%
080. Lina 0.16%
081. Puniru 0.16%
082. Victoria 0.16%
083. Bernice 0.16%
084. Lucille 0.15%
085. Lepuru 0.15%
086. Momo 0.14%
087. Katina 0.14%
088. Desert Soldier 0.14%
089. Sandra 0.14%
090. Cassis 0.14%
091. Laurier 0.14%
092. Dorothy 0.14%
093. Psyche 0.13%
094. Eric 0.12%
095. Sephire 0.12%
096. Eliza 0.11%
097. Elva 0.11%
098. Anemone 0.11%
099. Stella 0.11%
100. Isabelle 0.11%

Popularity Contest Rewards Edit

  • For units that attain the highest rankings in the Decisive Battle Campaign.
Rank Rewards
1st Place
  • AWed Chibi Unit
  • Special Background when set as adjutant
  • Exclusive homecooking item
  • Appears in Popularity Battle Campaign Summons
  • Appears in Title Screen
2nd and 3rd Place
  • Exclusive homecooking item
  • Appears in Popularity Battle Campaign Summons
  • Appears in Title Screen
4th to 10th Place
  • Normal homecooking item
  • Appears in Popularity Battle Campaign Summons
12th and 28th Place
  • Exclusive Present from Anna
??? Place
  • Exclusive homecooking item

Details About Each Reward Type Edit

  • AW Chibi Unit - 1st Place unit's AW'ed Chibi unit will be distributed to all players; limited to gold and higher rarity units.
  • Special Background - Special background will be implemented for the 1st place unit when set as adjutant; limited to silver and higher rarity units.
  • Exclusive Homemade Cooking - A special homemade dish only for the specific winning units will be distributed to all players. Unlike the regular homemade dish, a conversation event will occur after consumption. Recovers stamina like the regular homemade dish. Limited to silver and higher female units.
  • Popularity Battle Campaign Summons - The winning units will appear in the Popularity Battle Campaign Summons. The higher the ranking, the higher chance for them to appear. Limited to silver and higher rarity units.
  • Title Screen - The winning units will appear in the game's title screen illustration for a limited time.
  • Exclusive Present from Anna - Units that place 12th and 28th in the Decisive Battle Campaign will receive a unique "Parliamentary Secretary Prize" from Anna, as Anna's birthday falls on December 28th.
  • All privileges will be distributed and implemented at a later date.

Additional Rewards Edit

You can earn additional rewards corresponding to the cumulative number of tickets used during each voting period. These rewards will be distributed immediately and appear in your present box.

Groups A - C Reward Decisive Battle Campaign Reward
5 Tickets Gold Armor 5 Tickets Platinum Armor
10 Tickets Platinum Armor 10 Tickets Crystal x5
20 Tickets Shushu 20 Tickets Shushu
30 Tickets Spirit of Platinum 30 Tickets Spirit of Rainbow
40 Tickets Crystal x5 40 Tickets Spirit Queen
50 Tickets Shushu 50 Tickets Shushu
75 Tickets Spirit of Black 75 Tickets Ruby x5
100 Tickets Shushu 100 Tickets Shushu
125 Tickets Spirit of Rainbow 125 Tickets Nina (Bonded)
150 Tickets Shushu 150 Tickets Shushu
175 Tickets Freude 175 Tickets Superior Gold Armor
200 Tickets Shushu 200 Tickets Shushu
Every 100 tickets beyond 200 Shushu 225 Tickets Celia (Bonded)
250 Tickets Florika (Bonded)
275 Tickets Farah
300 Tickets Shushu
Every 100 tickets beyond 300 Shushu

Fame Edit

Menu Fame

(1st Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 Daily Mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 3 Daily Missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear any 5 Daily Missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear any 10 Daily Missions: 500 Fame

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 Daily Mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 3 Daily Missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear any 1 Challenge Quest: 500 Fame
  • Clear any 3 Challenge Quests: 500 Fame

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Shushu Introduction

■Shushu Appears

Shushu Icon ??? (Shushu): "Please excuse me—e...?"

■Anna Appears

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... Oh? Who might you be?"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Ahh, sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I'm called Shushu. I heard that Prince-sama is in here, but..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Such a polite girl. Shushu-san, do you have have some sort of business with the Prince?"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Yes... Actually, by the order of the elder in my homeland, I've been seeking a very strong person..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "A very strong person... You say?"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "An extraordinary strong and amazing person on top of that. Since I don't know what's going to happen, I..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... Will you explain the details?"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "According to the elder's prophecy, a disaster is going to befall my homeland in the not so distant future."

Shushu: "And it seems the only one capable of averting that disaster is a great person, who's not only strong, but admired by everyone."

Shushu: "However, for me, finding the strongest and most amazing person in the Kingdom is——"

■Erase Anna & Chouchou

■Julian Appears

Julian Icon Julian: "Strong and amazing, eh? In that case, I'll be troubled if you forgot my swordsmanship!"

■Carrie Appears

Carrie Icon Carrie: "I've been training every day, so I definitely won't lose!"

Julian Icon Julian: "You say that but during the last training session, instead of riding the horse, weren't you being ridden by it?"

Carrie Icon Carrie: "Mumumumumu! But the best yields to absolutely no one, you know!?"

■Erase Julian & Carrie

■Anna & Shushu Appears

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Looks like things have gotten white-hot. Anyhow, our Kingdom is full of elite soldiers, so simply deciding who's the best is..."

Anna: "... Ehh? As expected of the Prince, a wise plan! If we decide with a vote among all those living in the Kingdom, we'll know who's the best!"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Ehh? Ehh? V, vote...? Umm, will I really know who's the best with that...?"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Well, but since it's a vote, I might find someone who's not only strong, but amazing... I shall leave this voting matter to you...!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, I shall prepare the vote at once. You also go vote by all means, Prince."

Group A to B Phase Shift

■Anna & Shushu Appears

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Ahh, Prince-sama! Could these be the votes?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Prince, right now we're holding the votes for Group B."

Anna: "On one hand, Group A was a fierce battle, but on the other hand, I anticipate Group B to be quite eventful in its own right..."

Shushu Icon Shushu: "I'm moved by everyone in the Kingdom's passion, even my ears are twitching...!"

Shushu: "I also want to go vote, but... Uuugh~. Everyone's so wonderful, I'm at a loss...!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Prince, have you already decided who you're voting for?"

Anna: "The voting has a deadline, so please make sure you don't forget, OK?"

Group B to C Phase Shift

■Anna Appears

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Prince, the voting for Group C has begun."

Anna: "All those who've responded along with those that participated in Group A & B are getting heated up."

Anna: "... By the way, Prince, just to let you know, I'm also participating in the popularity vote."

Anna: "I was declining because I'm just a Parliamentary Secretary, but Shushu insisted, so..."

Anna: "But since I'm participating, I'll also do my best. I'll sing, I'll dance, and I'll..."

Anna: "... Ah, n, no! Nevermind!"

Anna: "Well then, Prince, if there's anyone you would like to support, then please vote before the deadline, OK?"

Group C to Decisive Phase Shift

■Anna & Shushu Appears

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "At last, the decisive vote battle has begun."

Shushu Icon Shushu: "It sounds like even those in the castle town have been bustling with excitement, huh? Looks like everyone isn't budging on who'll be the best..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "It seems everyone's more excited than even the ones being voted for!"

Anna: "However, when I look at how much fun everyone in the castle town's having, it reminds me of the days before the monsters resurrection."

Anna: "Shushu-san, thank you very much for creating an opportunity for this kind of festival."

Shushu Icon Shushu: "I, I didn't do anything, you know!? I just came looking for whoever is the strongest and most wonderful...!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "You say that, but you've also been helping us count votes."

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Enough of that! I just thought I might as well make it a fun festival!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "However, now that spirits have risen so much in this country, even as a Parliamentary Secretary, I want to prepare some kind of item to commemorate the occasion."

Shushu Icon Shushu: "I suppose you could have the merchants prepare some kind of prize for the one in first place...?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Right, but I thought why not also give many others a chance."

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Many more people, you say—......? Hmmm, how about something nice for those with a certain number in their ranking, ehh...? ——huh, Prince-sama, what did you say?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... Ehh? Prince, what was that just now? A prize to those with the same ranking as m-my birthday!?"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "As expected of Prince-sama! Anna-san's giving the prize, so it'll be Anna-san's birthday!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1 Anna: "My birthday is December 28th, so... I see, so let's award those in 12th and 28th place the Parliamentary Secretary prize."

Anna: "Well then, Prince, let's move on to the final vote!"

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