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Rance 10 x Aigis Collaboration Event(『ランス10 -決戦- × 千年戦争アイギス』 コラボ記念ミッション) is an urgent mission based on a collaboration event between Millennium War Aigis and Rance 10: Decisive Battle, running from 08/02/18 to 22/02/18.

Rewards Edit

This is a collaboration event. Rewards are as follows:

  • Hanny, a being from The Continent, the world where Rance originates from, can be obtained as a one-time only completion reward from the event maps.
    • Every Hanny gives 8210 EXP, and cannot be used in conjunction with fairies.
  • Sill, faithful slave of Rance, will be given out to players for free daily between February 9th, 2018 to February 15th, 2018, making for a total of 7 copies.
  • During the 2nd week of the Rance 10 collab, 1 SC will be distributed to all players daily for 7 days.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Sta Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Life Enemies
1 15 225 10 8
Gold Armor Icon
Gold Armor
Gladys Icon
Spirit Queen
10 19
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
Hanny Icon
United Military Front from Another World
1 15 225 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Gladys Icon
Spirit Queen
10 38
Ruby Icon
Hanny Icon
Mission added midway through the event
The Hanny King
2 30 450 10 8
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Crystal Icon
10 39
Ruby Icon
Sill Icon
Additional Note: When the Hanny King's HP falls below a certain threshold, it will start attacking with a very powerful ranged attack. It does not need to be defeated for a 3-star clear.

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Hanny Enemy Sprite
Melee Physical 2000 150 0
MR 90
Initial: 20
3 UP
Black Hanny Sprite
Black Hanny
Ranged (121) Magic
Splash 133.33
1200 250 30
MR 90
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 6
1 UP
Red Hanny Sprite
Red Hanny
Melee Physical 1000 150 0
MR 90
Initial: 20
1 UP
Hanny King Sprite
Hanny King
Melee Magic 150000 500 500
MR 90
Initial: 20
3 UP
Does not use ranged attack until HP is 99% or lower.
Ranged (400) 1800 131
Initial: 20
Move: 81
Missile: 5
Attacks all units within range.

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)

Anna: "Prince, according to the report, the gate to another world that opened seems to be in this area."

Soma: "But by the looks of things, I see no sign of either the gate to the other world nor the monsters that have appeared from it."

Katie: "Setting aside the news of the unfamiliar monsters, could it be the gate to the other world merely closed temporarily?"

Soma: "Indeed... To begin with, it suddenly opened, so it's not strange for it to also suddenly close."

Katie: "Yes. If that's the case, then the possibility of it suddenly reopening cannot be denied, but..."

Anna: "Oya, that's..."

Goblin: "Gyagya! Human, defeat! Defeat!"

Anna: "It looks like we caught the attention of the local monsters. Prince, let's repel them for the time being!"

(Otherworldly Gates Appear)

Alyssa: "——Hii...! P, Prince... Strange monsters from the otherworldly gate...!"

Hanny: "Hanny-ho—!"

Anna: "They look like the unfamiliar monsters in the report. When I look at them carefully, they look to be somewhat cute..."

Anna: "... *Cough*. In any case, those monsters seem to be trying to invade the village up ahead."

Anna: "No matter how cute they are, I won't permit any monster invasion. Prince, let's repel them here!"

Katie: "According to the soldiers' report, it sounds like magical attacks are ineffective against those monsters. Whatever you do, please be careful."


Anna: "... Fuu. It looks like we were able to subdue the strange monsters for the time being. Prince, that was good work."

Soma: "Ah, it looks like the gate to the other world also closed up. With this, we can rest easy for now."

Roy: "I hope that's true. Having such monsters making frequent appearances would make us magicians lose face completely."

Alyssa: "... Oh? Prince, someone's running this way?"

??? (Sill): "Haa, haa... Ah, umm... Everyone, are you army people perchance?"

Katie: "We are, but who are you...?"

Sill: "Ah, let's see... I'm called Sill. Despite how I look, I'm currently a magic user, but..."

Sill: "B, be that as it may... I beg of you, please help!"

Katie: "Please calm down, Sill-san. What in the world happened?"

Sill: "Eh, let's see... The nearby village is being attacked by the Hanny..."

Sill: "No matter how many we defeat, more and more keep coming... I'm... a magic user, so I'm useless..."

Anna: "... I see. I understand the situation."

Anna: "Prince, it looks like the neighbouring village is under monster attack. Let's quickly head out to assist them!"

Another World United Front

??? (Kanami): "——Haaa———hh!"

Hanny: "Aiya—"

??? (Kanami): "Kuh, one after the other...!"

??? (Shizuka): "Kanami-san, are you alright!?"

Kanami: "Y, you could at least help, Shizuka-san..."

Shizuka: "Sorry... I'm a magic user, so..."

Kanami: "Yeah, that's true... Geez, why is it always just me...?"

Sill: "——Kanami-san, Shizuka-san! This world's military people have come to assist!"

Anna: "Are you two alright!? ——Eh... There's a gate to another world here as well!"

Shizuka: "Reinforcements... They really came."

Shizuka: "... Look, Kanami-san. The people of this world have come to help."

Kanami: "Haah, haah... G, great timing, I'm already at my limit..."

Anna: "This world...? Could it be you came from the same world as those monsters?"

Shizuka: "Those monsters... You mean the Hanny? Yeah, that's correct."

Shizuka: "There's no time to explain in detail. I'm sorry, but will you take Kanami-san's place and fight the Hanny...?"

Anna: "Understood. Prince, let's relieve the one called Kanami-san and fight the horde of monsters attacking the village!"


Soldier: "——Confirmed the annihilation of the Hanny. It seems as though all of the otherworldly gates have also closed."

Kanami: "Ah... Thank you very much. We were saved thanks to you."

Anna: "No, we're the ones who should thank you. Thank you very much for protecting the village. Umm, you are...?"

Kanami: "Ah, errr, Kentou Kanami. And over here is..."

Shizuka: "Masou Shizuka. Nice to meet you."

Katie: "Yes, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. By the way, why have you all come to this world?"

Sill: "You see... We wound up in this world when we were investigating the Hanny in our own world."

Kanami: "There was an outbreak of Hanny near the place we lived. So, we were told to chase them away because they were noisy, and..."

Shizuka: "And when we reached the source of the Hanny, we were sucked into a dimensional portal——the otherworldly gate that led to this world."

Sill: "Even though we want to return to our home world, every time those gates open, many Hanny pour out and... *Sob, sob*..."

Prince: "......"

Anna: "... I understand the situation. Sill-san, I assure you that we'll subdue the Hanny so that you may return to your own world."

Sill: "Eh... But that's... ... Are you really sure about that?"

Katie: "Yeah. When the gates to the other world reopen and the Hanny come to attack, we'll quickly annihilate them."

Shizuka: "So we're to pass through the gate before it closes to return to our own world... ... Is what you're saying, right?"

Sill: "B, but... For us to return without repaying you after all the help you've given us is..."

Kanami: "Sill-chan, let's take them up on their kindness, OK? If we don't return to our own world soon, that guy... will definitely be sad, you know?"

Sill: "...... You're right. Yes, understood."

Sill: "Prince-sama, please do that for us. Next time the otherworldly gate opens, please defeat the Hanny for us!"

Hanny King

Soldier: "Report! Confirmed the appearance of an otherworldly gate and the Hanny!"

Hanny: "Hanny-ho—!"

Sill: "Wa, wa, wa... More and more are coming out! Ah, au au, au au..."

Anna: "Sill-san, please calm down."

Kanami: "Kuh... Here I'll also...!"

Prince: "........."

Kanami: "Eh... Wh, why're you stopping me?"

Shizuka: "I guess he's asking you to stand down... Kanami-san, you're completely exhausted."

Kanami: "Ugh... But that's no reason for us to be the only ones that don't do anything..."

Anna: "No. Please get ready so that you can quickly return to your own world before the gate to the other world closes."

Sill: "I, I'm so sorry... for being unable to be of any assistance..."

Shizuka: "If you think that, then let's make sure we return to our own world when the next chance presents itself. So that we don't put the kindness of these people to waste."

Sill: "B, but... ...... *Glance*."

Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Sill: "P, Prince-sama...!"

Sill: "... Understood. Prince-sama, everyone... Please look after us!"

(Hanny King appears)

Mortimer: "UOGH!? Wh, what's... that white and huge Hanny?"

Shizuka: "Wa... Isn't that the Hanny King!?"

Sill: "Eeh!? H, how terrible—!"

Katie: "Hanny King... Is it that dangerous a being?"

Kanami: "... It is. Its unbelievable strength is unquestionable."

Shizuka: "But it's odd... Unlike the other Hanny, it doesn't give the impression it's coming to attack us."

Sill: "Ah... It's true. It's looking around restlessly... Like it wanted to go sight-seeing in this world..."

Anna: "Prince, it looks like the Hanny King has no intention to attack us at the moment. Please take care so as to not inadvertently attack it."

[If the Hanny King's HP decreases, it will deliver a fierce ranged attack. It won't head to base or affect star rating if undefeated.]

★★★ Defeat Hanny King (Extra):

Prince: "........."

Kanami: "Ah... The Hanny King has pulled back. Don't tell me... You won against that thing?"

Sill: "Waah, amazing—! *Clap, clap*..."

Shizuka: "... Though there wasn't a particular need to defeat it, you know?"

Kanami: "But it's amazing, that man called Prince! Eheheh... He's kinda cool."

Shizuka: "Well, yeah..." (He's like him if only a little, I suppose...) ★★★


Soma: "... Fuu. Somehow managed to repel them."

Sill: "Ah, the Hanny King-san is returning home..."

Anna: "Why in the world do you suppose it's doing that?"

Kanami: "Who, who knows...? What Sill-chan said earlier is probably correct, it wanted to travel to another world..."

Shizuka: "Or it was planning to take over some land in this other world to build a vacation home or something..."

Shizuka: "Whatever it had in mind, it must've found our unexpected resistance to be too much of a bother so it returned home."

Shizuka: "... Anyways, let's return to our own world before the gate closes."

Kanami: "Ah, you're right... Everyone, thank you very much for everything. Well then, take care!"

Anna: "Yes. You all also take care."

Sill: "........."

Shizuka: "Hey, let's go, Sill-chan. ... Everyone, you were a great help."

Sill: "Ah, umm... Prince-sama...!"

Prince: ".........?"

Sill: "I... Sill Plain, will return to my own world. Because... I have someone there waiting for me."

Sill: "But someday... I'll surely come to repay you for what you've done for us today. When that time comes, let us meet again."

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