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Records of the Kingdom Hot Springs' Prosperity (王国おんせん繁盛記) is a star rush urgent mission running from 14/01/2021 to 28/01/2021.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Additional Reward
Earn 5 stars Soma joins Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 6 stars Soma (Hot Springs) joins Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 2 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 8 stars Skill Level 3 Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 9 stars UP Cost -1 (-1) Earn 9 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 10 stars Initial Level 10 Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 11 stars Skill Level 4 Earn 11 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 12 stars Skill Level 5 Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 13 stars UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 14 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 14 stars Skill Level 6 Earn 15 stars Gold Armor
Earn 15 stars Initial Level 20 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 16 stars Skill Level 7 Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 17 stars UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 21 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 18 stars Skill Level 8 Earn 22 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 19 stars Initial Level 30 Earn 23 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 20 stars Skill Level 9 Earn 24 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 21 stars UP Cost -1 (-4) Earn 25 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 22 stars Skill Level 10 Earn 26 stars Spirit Queen
Earn 23 stars UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 27 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 24 stars Initial Level 40
Earn 25 stars Initial Level 50
Earn 26 stars Freude
Earn 27 stars Onyx

Missions[edit | edit source]

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Crisis of the Hot Springs Inn
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Bow) A Icon.png
Soldier (Bow) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 34
Beer Icon.png
Beer -
Welcoming a Group of Orcs
30 200 1275 10 8
Phyllis Icon.png
Phyllis Lv8
Wilfred Icon.png
Wilfred Lv8 x2
2 10 34
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Deep Soak in Hot Water
40 250 1500 10 8
Khuri Icon.png
Khuri Lv10
Niel Icon.png
Niel Lv10
3 10 55
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
Contamination!? Abnormal Hot Springs
50 300 2250 10 8
Harissa Icon.png
Harissa Lv12
Dan Icon.png
Dan Lv12
5 15 71
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon.png
Demons Love It Hot
70 350 3000 10 8
Palace Icon.png
Palace Lv15
Kazuha Icon.png
Kazuha Lv15
6 15 54
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon.png
Demon Crystal (2)
Blazing Heatwave weather effect active.
Missions added midway through the event
ツルっと万来 獣の御一行
Great Horde of Beasts Upon the Slippery Surface
40 270 1800 20 8
Elaine Icon.png
Elaine Lv10
Mortimer Icon.png
Mortimer Lv10
4 10 52
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon.png
Choice Sake
Source of Abnormalities
50 300 2250 10 8
Dorca Icon.png
Dorca Lv12
Kagerou Icon.png
Kagerou Lv12
5 15 73
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Peace Within the Hot Springs Inn
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
2 30 85
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon.png
Spirit of Rainbow'
Great Ayakashi Battle ~Onsen Edition~
70 350 3000 10 8
Shiho Icon.png
Shiho Lv15
Azami Icon.png
Azami Lv15
6 30 60
Soma Icon.png
Soma Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum

Notable Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Unit
Ilios Sprite.png
Ranged (200)
Physical 12000 160 100 171
Initial: 25
Move: 121
Missile: 10
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all orc-type enemies by 25%.
High Orc Warrior Sprite.png
High Orc Warrior
Physical 18000 800 500 166
Initial: 30
0 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack, attack speed, and movespeed.
1600 700 116
Initial: 30
2 UP
Assistant Lich Sprite.png
Assistant Lich
Ranged (300)
Magic 5000 320 50 145
Initial: 40
Move: 61
Missile: 0
0 UP

7000 420
Metus Sprite.png
Ranged (200)
Magic 12000 600 250
MR 20
Initial: 54
Move: 101
Missile: instant
3 UP
Mutant Goblin Sprite.png
Mutant Goblin
Ranged (150)
Physical 3300 580 0 105
Initial: 18
Move: 61
Missile: 2
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).

Uses melee attack when blocked.

Only appears if a regular goblin steps into the green water.

Mutant Sahagin (Swimming) Sprite.png
Mutant Sahagin (Swimming)
Ranged (69)
Magic 8000 200×4 120
MR 15
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 1
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).

Switches to walking form upon reaching land.

Only appears if a regular Sahagin steps into the green water.

Mutant Sahagin Sprite.png
Mutant Sahagin
Ranged (104)
Magic 8000 200×4 120
MR 15
Initial: 60
Move: 301
Missile: 1
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).
Mutant Gillman Sprite.png
Mutant Gillman
Physical 15000 1100 800
MR 20
Initial: 45
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).

Only appears if a regular Gillman steps into the green water.

Mutant Ogre Sprite.png
Mutant Ogre
Melee Physical 15200 1800 50 171
Initial: 55
2 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 160HP/.083s (1920HP/s).
Hot Springs Greater Demon (Swimming) Sprite.png
Hot Springs Greater Demon (Swimming)
Ranged (320)
Magic 52000 2000 150
MR 40
Initial: 32
Move: 101
Missile: 4
3 UP
Attacks all units within range simultaneously. Switches to walking form after a set time.
Hot Springs Greater Demon (Walking) Sprite.png
Hot Springs Greater Demon (Walking)
Physical 52000 1500 150
MR 40
Initial: 23
3 UP
Acid Slime (Green) Sprite.png
Acid Slime (Green)
Ranged (20) Magic 8000 350 2200 69
Initial: 28
Move: 21
Missile: instant
1 UP
Acid Slime (Blue).png
Acid Slime (Blue)
Ranged (20) Physical 8000 450 500
MR 60
Initial: 28
Move: 21
Missile: instant
1 UP
Kraken Sprite.png
- 210000 - 200 181 250
3 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 700HP/2s.

Damage dealt to the tentacles is also received by Kraken.

Ranged (113)
Physical 8000 263
Initial: 48
Move: 181
Missile: 0
Attacks all units within range simultaneously.
Kraken's Tentacle Sprite.png
Kraken's Tentacle
Ranged (104)
Physical 40000 1800 200 126
Initial: 36
Move: 61
Missile: 0
1 UP
Does not count towards the enemy kill counter.

If Kraken is slain, all tentacles are also destroyed.

Mechanical Ninja Sprite.png
Mechanical Ninja
Human Machine
Physical 32000 1050 600 90
Initial: 20
3 UP
Negates all damage below 300.

Upon death, leaves behind a bomb that detonates after 10 seconds, dealing 3600 damage with area 400.

Makai Boar Sprite.png
Makai Boar
Physical 100000 4500 50
MR 5
Initial: 65
3 UP
Mutant Makai Boar Sprite.png
Mutant Makai Boar
Magic 100000 3200 50
MR 5
Initial: 45
3 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 60HP/0.083s (720HP/s).

Units within 90 range suffer 12 damage per 0.1 seconds (120 damage per second).

Paralyzes units within range 90 after 9 seconds for 12 seconds. Paralyzed units cannot attack, cannot use skills, and have halved defense.

Only appears if a regular Makai Boar steps into the green water.

Inari AW Sprite.png
Magic 25000 400 300
MR 10
Initial: 16
3 UP
70% chance to avoid physical attacks.
Kayou AW Sprite.png
Ranged (280)
Magic 20000 300 250
MR 20
Initial: 16
Move: 31
Missile: 15
3 UP
50% chance to avoid physical attacks.
Attacks all units within range.

Fame[edit | edit source]

Menu Fame.png

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear ツルっと万来 獣の御一行 (40/4) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 変異の源泉 (50/5) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Crisis at the Hot Spring Inn

Soma Icon.png Soma: "——This expeditions was also something, wasn't it...?"

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "I'm already worn out... Once we return to the Kingdom, I want to sleep in a warm and fluffy bed."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "Right, I want to take a long nap, but——Hm, speaking of which, wasn't there a hot spring in this area?"

Shushu Icon.png Shushu: "Hot spring! There's a hot spring—!?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Shushu-chan, we're coming through here on a mission, you know? On an expedition all the way back to the Kingdom."

Shushu Icon.png Shushu: "No waaay... Hot 'n toasty... Hot spring... Suuun..."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "........."

Shushu Icon.png Shushu: "Look—! Please look! Even Prince-sama is making a face of wanting to take a dip in the hot spring—!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Indeed, breaks are necessary, so if it's just for a little while, then——"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "——Wait a sec. You hear something from over there?"

Village Chief Icon.png Villager?: "H, h, h, help me~!!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "B, bad news!! Someone is being attacked by monsters!!"

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "Let's put aside the hot spring. Prince, let's quickly go rescue that man!"


Village Chief Icon.png Villager?: "Haa... Haa... You saved me. For monsters to appear so close to our inn..."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Despite the influence of Makai waning, monsters are still infesting the regions."

Village Chief Icon.png Villager?: "If you lot didn't come, who knows what would've become of me. However could I thank you?"

Village Chief Icon.png Hot Spring Inn Owner: "I know! Allow me to show my gratitude to everyone from the Kingdom Army! There's a hot spring inn I manage nearby, but——guuh!?"

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "D, don't move! You're badly wounded! I'll cast a healing spell at once!"

Village Chief Icon.png Hot Spring Owner: "No, this kind of wound is nothing to bother your——guaahh!?"

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "I told you not to push yourself! I covered the wound, but you absolutely need some bed rest, you know?"

Village Chief Icon.png Hot Spring Inn Owner: "No... I couldn't possibly! A party has already made reservations at the hot spring inn. Surely the guests would be disappointed if I weren't there to receive them..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Let's see, why don't we work at the inn in your place?"

Village Chief Icon.png Hot Spring Inn Owner: "About that, when the monsters were resurrected, in consideration of their safety, I had all my staff return to their homeland."

Hot Spring Inn Owner: "Since then, I hired new staff and I thought I could put the hot spring inn back in order little by little, but... Kuuh..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Prince, this is a perfect time for the soldiers to rest. Why don't we help with the hot spring inn?"

Shushu Icon.png Shushu: "Yay—! Hot spring? Hot spring—!?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Shushu-chan! We're not going there to bathe, we're going to the hot spring inn to help—!"

Shushu Icon.png Shushu: "Warm 'n toasty—♪ Hot spring~♪"


Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "For that reason, we have temporarily taken over the duties of the hot spring inn and will be exterminating monsters in this area."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "It sounded like a group has made reservations, so our being able to relax will have to come later."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "For a group to reserve a hot spring inn this deep in the mountains, it must be quite popular."

Ema Icon.png Ema: "——It's precisely because it's in the back of the mountains. The children of man desire what is different from their norm to heal their daily exhaustion, do they not?"

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "I see, there's some truth in that. ——Anyways, what should we be doing?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "First we need to divide the work in the hot spring inn between everyone."

Ema Icon.png Ema: "——Well then, I shall take the duty of hostess. I have past experience in such matters."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Eh, Ema-san!? You worked at a hot spring inn!?"

Ema Icon.png Ema: "Fufu, many things are possible in the eternal night. Such will be true so long as the nature of the darling children of man persists."

"Well then, for the young hostesses, I shall be borrowing your strength, Soma, Saoshu."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Young hostesses...!?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Young hostesses...?"

Ema Icon.png Ema: "What? It'll only be temporary. Don't believe I shall turn you into drinkers of blood so you can be 'young' hostesses for all of eternity."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Ah, I know that—!! ——But, it does sound kinda fun, being a young hostess!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Mm... I also want to try it."

Ema Icon.png Ema: "Well then, the managerial positions are filled. Everyone, please gather this way."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... Ema-san, what on earth happened in her past? In any case, it looks like we'll be busy."

"However, while the days of our battle continues, I'm sure this'll be a wonderful break, right~♪"

Orc Party Reception

Ilios Icon.png Ilios: "——O—K, Orc excursionists, today's inn is this way—!"

Orc Icon.png Orc: "Uooooooh! This is a hot! Spring!!"

Bestla Icon.png Bestla: "Ooh, warmth is shooting up from the spring! This is the hot water spring I heard so much about... A hot spring, right!?"

Orc Icon.png Orc: "I hear the best bath is proof of strong warriors. We must strike for the bath before anyone else!"

Ilios Icon.png Ilios: "Ehh? Umm, that's not good, you know!? You need to wash your body properly and——wah, wah—!?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "——B, bad news—!! Ema-sa——H, hostess-san!! The orc group are gunning for the bath!"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Fufu, brings back memories. They say troublesome guests are present in every age."

Ema: "Soma, Saoshu, please remember. Guests are not gods and still far from being demigods; rambunctious guests are beings that enjoy themselves by exercising their strength."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Exercising their strength...? Umm, what do you mean by that...?"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "First I shall show you an example of how a hostess fights. As young hostesses, remember how to treat your guests."

Soma Icon.png Soma: (Ema-san, who in the world is she...?)

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "How do you respond, young hostesses?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Y, yes!! Please set an example for us—!!"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Now then, come at me, children of Orcs. Lawlessness isn't permitted in my hot spring."


Orc Icon.png Orc: "Ooh... Such strong... To make nothing out of our army..."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Have you enjoyed yourselves? However, there are other guests at our inn, so please keep your rambunctious nature quelled in the hot spring, OK?"

Ilios Icon.png Ilios: "My apologies, everyone saw the hot and toasty spring, and then got carried away..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: (Ema-san... No, Hostess-san was very cool...!)

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: (... She was cool, wasn't she? Ema-san, how did she get to be so cool?)

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "——Fufu, that's because I'm the hostess. Though trifling, if one were to be in possession of their own domain and castle, one must succeed in showing a performance to this extent."

Ema: "However, from here you'll be working together to face the coming adversities, OK? You mustn't always rely on me."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... Yes!! Yoosh, Saoshu-chan, let's also do our best!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Yes, I'll do my, best!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "The next party has made reservations for tomorrow. Let's aim for being a cool hostess-san like Ema-san!"

Bone-warning Bath

Soma Icon.png Soma: "——Fuu, finally finished today's work as well. Saoshu-chan, wanna take a dip in the hot spring together?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Hot spring! Can we really take a dip...?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Of course, we're temporary young hostesses, so let's take a dip and build up our friendship!"

Villager Icon.png Villager: "——H, help meee—!! Ghosts! Ghosts in the hot spring—!!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... G, ghosts? Uugh, looks like we'll have to put the hot spring on hold. It seems we have another job to do."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "It's an old hot spring inn, so... there might be real ghosts..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Eeeeh!? I, I'm sure he was just seeing things! That's totally what it is!"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "——Fuu, this is a hot spring... Not bad, it feels as if I'm being brought back to life."

Assistant Lich Icon.png Lich?: "........."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Fufu, you also think so too, no? Healing even the hearts of corpses, that is a hot spring."

Assistant Lich Icon.png Lich?: "......... *Kata-kata*. *Nod*..."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "By the way, do you hear a commotion coming from the changing room? It sounds like someone's running towards us..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "——Wah, wah, waaaaah!? The floor's so slippery, I cannot stop—!!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "That's because... you were running, in the hot spring...! Wah, a-ahead, please watch out...!"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Kyaaaa!? Wh, what!? Enemy attack!? Enemy attack, is it!?"

Metus: "To protect the peace of the hot spring——let's go, everyone!!"


Soma Icon.png Soma: "... I, I see. You were taking a bath late at night so as to not frighten the other guests, right?"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Eeh, I'm terribly sorry, I should've informed you ahead of time."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "No! I'm the one who should be apologising for attacking a guest..."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "... Fufu, out of respect for such cute, young hostesses, I shall not let a word slip to Hostess-san."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Wawah... Thank you very much!"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "No problem. Besides, doesn't fighting suit a hot spring?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Hot spring, nice and toasty. A place everyone can take it easy..."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "I also think so. A hot spring to forget status and position, where you can relax your bones..."

Metus: "So, come, you two, how about you while away the time with me?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Ehh, b-but bathing with a guest is..."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Oh, I believe what I see over there is a bath set, but...?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Ugh, you're correct, but... Are you sure? You finally have a chance to relax, so..."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Of course? ——Bathing with comrades is wonderful, is it not?"

Mutant Contamination!? Mutant Bath

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "——I heard monsters have appeared in the hot spring, but..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "What in the world...? The hot spring is dyed green!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "And those are... Goblins...? Uuughn, there's a pack of other monsters as well...!"

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "——Gyagya! Hot spring dip! Tingly! Body, grow strong!!"

(Mutated Goblin Appears)

Soma Icon.png Soma: "T, the goblin that took a dip in the hot spring has mutated...!?"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Looks like some manner of unwholesome matter flowed into the hot spring from outside..."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Mixing mutagens into the relaxing hot spring and, what's more, giving birth to mutants."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Mutants... There were monsters that had powerful mutations that appeared in the Steel City. Their regenerative abilities were outstanding..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "If the other guests took a dip in the hot spring by mistake, then there would surely be a disaster. I absolutely, absolutely cannot forgive this!"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Yes, there's only one thing that must be done. Soma, Saoshu, please seal off the hot spring. We cannot let a single monster escape."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Yes! Hah, I'll request reinforcements from the Prince as well! I'll go call for him!!"


Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya... Body... Worn out..."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "... Odd. I thought mutagens were mixed into the hot spring, but for all the hot springs to be changed into this at the same time means..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Could it be the mutagens are at the source...? That would mean all the hot springs connected to the source changed colour at the same time, right...?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "And the reason no one has seen the criminal also... Mm, since there's mutagens at the source, then that explains it...!"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Fufu, as expected of my young hostesses. Let's quickly sound out the Prince for an investigation of the source."

Ema: "This is a grave matter for all the hot springs in this area. Let us reward the foul act of sullying the hot water with our claws and fangs."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "I, I don't have any fangs... But I'll do my best! Let's quickly find the mutagen-polluting criminal!"

Demons Prefer Heat

[——One day at the hot spring inn.]

Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "——An inn with three beautiful hostess sisters. Umu... Very nice..."

Greater Demon: "I failed in taking over the business from last year, but taking over this inn next won't be bad."

Greater Demon: "Even my cute pet, Kraken-kun, has taken a liking to those hostesses and this hot spring, right?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Ahh, Greater Demon-san. How is the water temperature?"

Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "Umu, the temperature's not bad. My pet slime-slime monsters also look like they're getting slimier."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... Ehh? S, slime-slime?"

Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "But the temperature is not high enough. For me, just a little more, yes, boiling would be perfect."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "B, boiling...!?"

Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "Yes, for example, this sort of temperature is nice. With my magical power, I shall make the hot spring boil."

Greater Demon: "Young hostess, you may memorise the perfect temperature with your body."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Kyaaa!? No, no! Nobody will be able to relax with their health decreasing in this heat!"

Soma: "E, everyone! Please help—!! The way things are, the hot spring is going to boil—!!"


Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "I can't believe the Prince came to help... It'll be difficult taking over the business with him around."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "No taking over the business or making the hot spring boil, OK?"

Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "Can't be helped. The customs of the human realm are such a bother."

Greater Demon: "But the entertainment and cooking is top class. This hot spring inn is good enough it makes me seriously want it."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "... Thank you for your kind words, honoured guest."

Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "That said, once I leave, we'll once again be enemies. If you interfere in my rule of might, I shall crush you three beautiful hostess sisters."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Fufu, when that time comes——"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "The three beautiful hostess sisters!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Shall punish you."

Greater Demon (Hot Springs) Icon.png Greater Demon: "Umu, as a business rival, that is truly a charming proclamation of war."

Greater Demon: "However, the people of the human realm are naive. One day, all businesses shall fall under my rule. Please look forward to when that day comes."

Greater Demon: "Acquiring and taking over businesses is the king's road. I shall make you understand that one day."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "——It sounds like the Greater Demon has really taken a liking to the hot spring."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Without their Maou, they're trying to make a living in the world. Though we're enemies, we need to acknowledge that much."

Ema: "However, if the day comes where they cross the line, I shall say a requiem for them then."

Slippery Guests, Beast Party

——One day at the hot spring inn.]

Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Shushu: "B, b-b-b, bad news—!!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "What's wrong, Shushu-chan!? You shouldn't run out in a towel, you know—!?"

Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Shushu: "Soma-san, Saoshu-san... I mean! Young hostess-sans, bad neeews!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... How about we calm down? With me, deep breaths, su—, ha—."

Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Shushu: "S, su—, hya—... *cough*... E, emergency—! The hot spring has been taken over by animal-sans—!!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Animals took over the hot spring...!? What on earth do you mean!?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Outside is snow, shivering cold, so the animal-sans must've desperately sought out the hot spring...?"

Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Shushu: "At first, we were all getting along, but you see... The hot spring got popular and—look—you hear those footsteps coming from the mountain even now——"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "——Ah, footsteps... There's a great many!?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... If they enter all at once, the hot spring will be crowded. And there will be no money to gain from them."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Right! Let's hurry and call for the Prince!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Yes, hot spring defence battle...!"


Soma Icon.png Soma: "Fuu... Finally calmed them down."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "But... Leaving them in this snow, I would feel bad if they left without entering the hot spring..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Yeah... Hmm, what should we do...?"

Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Shushu: "Ahh, let's guide the animal-sans to the hidden spring at the back of the mountain~♪"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Hidden spring...? Shushu-chan, how long did you know about that...?"

Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Shushu: "When I was looking for the monster nests in this area, I stumbled upon it by coincidence—♪"

Shushu: "Ahh, that's right! If it's alright, why don't the three of us take a dip in the hidden spring? With the animal-sans~♪"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Umm... but we have work as young hostesses, and..."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "——Isn't it good? Let's put this also in the realm of monster investigation."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Hostess-san! Eheh, if Hostess-san says so, then let's go take a dip in the hidden spring!"

Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon.png Shushu: "Yay—! Well then, you two, get ready for a bath and then meet up—!"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "... This is also a beautiful, sparkling thing. Life is limited, enjoying it is an important right granted to the children of man."

Ema: "As for helping out at the inn, that's right. I shall ask the Prince. ——Fufu."

Mutagen's Source

Soma Icon.png Soma: "—— This is the place the hot spring's water is flowing from."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Wah... This hot water is hot-hotter than the hot spring inn's...! Why is the temperature so different?"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "Fufu, on its journey to the inn, the hot water is cooled to a comfortable temperature. One of the pieces of wisdom the children of man have worked out."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... Hmm, huh? Isn't that hot water's colour weird?"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Muh... This green colour, it's the same colour that's flowing to the hot spring inn."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "Meaning, we're getting close to the location of the mutagen-dumping criminal."

Kagerou Icon.png Kagerou: "——Wait. Look over there, isn't that the mechanical ninja we faced at the Steel City?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "The ninja skilled in switching their body with a puppet..."

Risley Icon.png Risley: "What he's stolen from the Steel City was the Goblin Doctor's research notes for creating 'mutants'. And the monsters that touched this hot water turning into mutants means——"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Let's teach him a lesson. They're totally related."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "As expected of Gaoleon's underling. You have pluck, Saoshu. Come, Prince, let us also prepare for battle!"

(Mechanical Ninja Defeated)

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "——That face, the group who was at the Steel City? I see, you're good fighters."

Mechanical Ninja: "However, it is an honour in meaninglessness. Your fate is death by explosion."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "Wha... He vanished!?"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Watch out, that guy switched himself with a bomb! Vacate that area immediately—!!"


Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "——Hoh. To survive that explosion, I give you praise."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "You slipped chemicals into the hot spring, right? Why did you do such a thing!?"

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "Young lady, it appears you've been raised well. To be born in such an environment where anyone would answer once questioned.

Mechanical Ninja: "In comparison, the hostess over there is cold and inhuman. I've been pondering for some time how to destroy her."

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "... Young hostesses, do not underestimate him. This shinobi is an unconventional master."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Y, yes... Carelessness is... forbidden."

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "——Fumu. I thought you were no average fighter, but... you are the Kingdom Army that slew Maou."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "F, for your information, I've grown plenty! I won't answer even when questioned!"

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "——For shame. To be beaten by such a pleasant girl. I shall let you witness one of my techniques as a reward."

Peace in the Hot Spring Inn

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "Savage black, trampling limbs, pulverising tusks... Incarnation of devastation who inhabits Makai. Ninpou, channelling art——Makai Boar!!"

(Inoshishi Appears)

Soma Icon.png Soma: "T, the Makai Boar turned into a mutant!?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... It feels different from a regular mutant. It's covered in tingly... electricity...!"

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "An electrified Makai Boar? How on earth did he make such a mutant?"

Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "Ah—, I recall something familiar, probably...? Ueeeeh, though biology isn't my speciality."

Nicole: "Prince-sama, you've seen fish covered in electricity, right? That mutant has gained similar electrical discharge organs."

Nicole: "Its electrical discharge is enough we can see it in the air! Just getting close is totally dangerous, and you might be unable to move if you continue to bathe in the electricity!"

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "Scientist——no, alchemist. However, it's a shame, though you're an enemy, for me to slay a master of wisdom."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "I won't let you hurt anyone! And the hot spring will also be returned back to normal!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Right... B, because we're the young hostesses of this... hot spring!"

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "Young hostesses... Your words are unsuited to the battlefield."

Mechanical Ninja: "——Therefore, those who are going to perish, smile. From here is the land of death, the battlefield."


Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "... Have I miscalculated? I thought you were good fighters, but I didn't expect you to have this much skill."

Mechanical Ninja: "However, you haven't reached my core. If your next strike deviated a little, you would've been able to halt my systems."

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "That's because... you kept running around. Are you still continuing...?"

Mechanical Ninja Icon.png Mechanical Ninja: "Kuku... Gladly. I thought you were a weak girl, but to make such a face."

Mechanical Ninja: "The first stage of the experiment has been completed. There's no reason for me to linger in this land. ——Therefore, I shall grant you this victory."

Mechanical Ninja: "Ninpou——Smokescreen art!!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Wha... *cough*, *cough*! Where's the Mechanical Ninja...!?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "*Cough*, *cough*... Uugh, I'm sorry, I lost sight of him..."

Shushu Icon.png Shushu: "... Huh? Isn't the colour of the hot spring returning to normal?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Did the Mechanical Ninja-san return it to normal...?"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "... That man isn't one who operates on either kindness or madness. He must've thought of neutralising the mutagenic drug so we cannot study it."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "Mechanical Ninja... What on earth is he after...?"

Ema (Hot Springs) Icon.png Ema: "An opponent adept at withdrawing is a fearsome foe on the battlefield. Prince, we need to be vigilant for that man's schemes."

Ema: "In any case, young hostesses, shall we return to the inn? We need to check whether the inn's hot spring has returned to normal."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Yes, Hostess-san!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "Let's return, Hostess-san!"


Soma Icon.png Soma: "Haa... Hot spring inn, it was fantastic, huh...?"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "It rid me of my daily fatigue... We were working there, so I bet it's the hot spring's healing power..."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Fufu, we've only just returned to the Kingdom. I suppose there's nothing wrong with making another trip to that hot spring inn in the future."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "It's rare to see Hostess-san——*cough*, Ema-san also eager about something, huh~♪"

Ema Icon.png Ema: "Fufu, it brought back so many memories, I may have said too many unnecessary things."

Ema: "From a piece of my whimsical past, what I found in the nostalgia there is shared between the children of man and my blood kin."

Soma Icon.png Soma: (Could it be Ema-san worked at an inn...?)

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: (Perhaps...)

Ema Icon.png Ema: "More importantly, Prince, this is my report. ——It contains all information concerning the matter of the Mechanical Ninja."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Ever since that incident, we've completely lost sight of the Mechanical Ninja..."

Hien Icon.png Hien: "The short accounts of the Mechanical Ninja are nothing more than children's tales."

"They say he doesn't serve one master, something about him being a legendary ninja-for-hire who'll perform any Shinobi duty where the money lies..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Mercenary... Someone hired him to test the mutagenic drug... Uugh, I don't want to imagine why..."

"We have no choice but to continue investigating other leads, right? Prince, let's keep an eye out for him in the future!"

Great Ayakashi Decisive Battle ~Onsen Part~

Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "——At last, the day has come-pon."

Kayou Icon.png Kayou: "Though everyone on this side of the Kingdom have been acting as good friends..."

Suzune Icon.png Suzune: "We're Youkai! And Tanuki and Kitsune don't share an affinity with one another-pon!"

Inari Icon.png Inari: "Fufu... From the beginning, it was impossible for Kitsune and Tanuki to hold hands."

Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "We're Ayakashi who both transform into humans. The territorial wars between our ancestors were like a fiery inferno-pon."

Kayou Icon.png Kayou: "Joining the peaceful land called the Kingdom doesn't erase our thousand-year grievances."

Suzune Icon.png Suzune: "——But if we're to fight seriously, it would trouble Prince-sama-pon."

Inari Icon.png Inari: "I don't want to trouble the Prince. Hmm, then what shall today's Bakebake Ayakashi Decisive Battle pertain to—?"

Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "Popon~♪ Of course, it'll be a joint transformation battle-pon~♪"

Kayou Icon.png Kayou: "Fumu... You appear quite confident. Are you playing with a hidden ball?"

Suzune Icon.png Suzune: "Fufun, if we're going to have someone judge our transformation battle, then it has to be the Prince. And how does one bewitch the Prince? We thought of it whilst soaking in the hot spring-pon."

Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "Hot and toasty hot spring... It was great-pon... And the result brilliantly resurrected memories of past hot springs, in the form of this transformation-pon...!!"

Kayou Icon.png Kayou: "Wha... That, that form is...!!"

(Brothel Madam Soma Army Appears)

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... Though something like this has happened before! Why are all the Tanuki-sans transformed into me!?"

Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "Popon, because young hostess Soma-chan is very cute and very eye-catching-pon?"

Suzune Icon.png Suzune: "The hard-working young hostess was very cool-po—n~♪"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Uuuugh~! Even so, looking like me and standing in a bath towel is just too embarrassing~!"

Soma: "Prince, please stop them with me! Hurry! Quickly! As soon as possible~!!"


Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "... Muu—, this time's Bakebake Ayakashi Decisive Battle——"

Kayou Icon.png Kayou: "——was halted by the Prince, so it's a draw."

Inari Icon.png Inari: "No use arguing since it was halted by the Prince—."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... Everyone, you reined in yourselves quite easily despite your quarrel, huh?"

Suzune Icon.png Suzune: "Ahaha... Actually, our relationship isn't that bad-pon."

Suzune: "We're Ayakashi who live by transforming into humans. It's because we're that way we have our conflicts-pon."

Inari Icon.png Inari: "But it's because our races are decreasing in number that we fight."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Ahh... That's because all Youkai-sans need the awe of people, right...?"

Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "Fufu, and that's why we've partaken in Soma-chan's awe for today-po—n~♪"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... Ehh?"

Yashima Icon.png Yashima: "Now that our stomachs are full, how about we take a dip in the hot spring after this-pon?"

Kayou Icon.png Kayou: "Hoh, good idea. Let's go visit the hot spring inn from before."

Inari Icon.png Inari: "I'll go bring the Prince as well. He was finishing up reports till late at night, so it'll refresh him—."

Suzune Icon.png Suzune: "Fufu, are you coming too, Soma-chan-po—n?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "I, I'm not going! ——Ahh, b-but everyone looks like... they want to go, so! Please wa—it!!"

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