Redroguebride phase2

Red Rogue Bride (赤き盗賊の花嫁) is a collection based urgent mission running from 20/06/2019 to 04/07/2019.

In order to prevent Maou's Army from abusing the power of the "Blessed Magic String", Berna, the Prince, and his army, set off on an expedition to recover all the scattered string. How much string will they be able to recover?

Start Date End Date
15/06/2020 21/06/2020

Revival Notes Edit

Time Crystal Icon
  • Players farm Time Crystals from any of the event maps.
  • A certain amount of Time Crystals is needed to trade for a copy of the revived unit.
    • Subsequent copies will cost less Time Crystals.
  • For the duration of the revival, the chance of Skill Level Up and Cost Reduction for the unit is doubled.
  • For Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (JST time, UTC +9:00), all Time Crystals gained from farming any of the maps will be multiplied by 1.5x.
  • During the revival, special fairies, known as Bonboris, will be dropped.
    • These fairies are used specifically to skill up Berna (Bride) for this revival only.

Unit Details Edit

Unit Name Class Skill AW Skill Pre-AW Ability AW Ability
Berna (Bride) Rogue 秘愛の仕込みブーケ
Bouquet Prepared for a Secret Love
Attack and Defense increases. Paralyzes enemies after a few hits.
Ribbon Knife of Holy Light
Attack increases. If the target is a Demon or Undead, Attack increases even further. Paralyzes enemies after a few hits.
Magic String Veil
MR and Physical Evasion Rate are increased.
Blessed Dress of Magic String
MR and Physical Evasion Rate are further increased.

Rewards Edit

This is a collection type event. The player improves the quality of their event unit by collecting Blessed Magic String and also earns additional rewards in the process.

The unit will be distributed at the end of the event while additional rewards are granted instantly.

Blessed Magic String Unit Blessed Magic String Additional Reward Blessed Magic String Additional Reward
10 Berna (Bride) 45 Gold Armor 945 Platinum Armor
30 Skill Level 2 90 Spirit of Gold 990 Spirit of Platinum
50 Initial Lvl 10 135 Platinum Armor 1035 Celia (Bonded)
100 Skill Level 3 180 Spirit of Gold 1080 Spirit of Platinum
150 Cost -1 (-1) 225 Crystal Shard x1 1125 Crystal Shard x2
200 Skill Level 4 270 Spirit of Platinum 1170 Spirit of Black
250 Cost -1 (-2) 315 Gold Armor 1215 Platinum Armor
300 Skill Level 5 360 Spirit of Platinum 1260 Spirit of Black
400 Initial Lvl 20 405 Platinum Armor 1305 Florika (Bonded)
500 Skill Level 6 450 Spirit of Black 1350 Spirit of Rainbow
600 Cost -1 (-3) 495 Crystal Shard x1 1395 Platinum Armor
700 Skill Level 7 540 Spirit of Black 1440 Spirit of Platinum
800 Initial Lvl 30 585 Gold Armor 1485 Platinum Armor
900 Skill Level 8 630 Spirit of Rainbow 1530 Spirit of Platinum
1000 Cost -1 (-4) 675 Platinum Armor 1575 Crystal Shard x3
1100 Initial Lvl 40 720 Spirit of Platinum 1620 Spirit of Black
1200 Skill Level 9 765 Nina (Bonded) 1665 Gold Armor
1300 Cost -1 (-5) 810 Spirit of Platinum 1710 Spirit of Black
1400 Skill Level 10 855 Crystal Shard x2 1755 Platinum Armor
1500 Initial Lvl 50 900 Spirit of Black 1800 Spirit of Rainbow

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Mysterious Bundle of Thread
20 150 900 10 8
Blessed Magic String (3) Icon
Blessed Magic String (3)
Bouquet Icon
1 10 30
Scattered Magic String
30 200 1200 10 8
Blessed Magic String (3) Icon
Blessed Magic String (3)
Bergan Icon
Bergan Lv8 x2
2 10 35
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) -
The Poor Adventurers and the Value of the String
40 280 1800 10 8
Blessed Magic String (3) Icon
Blessed Magic String (3) x2
Cassis Icon
Cassis Lv10
4 10 40
Mischa Icon
Mischa Lv10
Alissa Icon
Alissa Lv10
Maou Army's Magic String Search Party
50 360 2100 10 8
Blessed Magic String (5) Icon
Blessed Magic String (5) x2
Blessed Magic String (3) Icon
Blessed Magic String (3)
7 10 60
Khuri Icon
Khuri Lv12
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Heavily-Armored Orc Shielders
80 450 2700 10 8
Blessed Magic String (5) Icon
Blessed Magic String (5) x3
[100% drop]
Nenya Icon
Nenya Lv15
9 10 55
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Dark Knights' Rain of Arrows
40 300 1950 10 8
Blessed Magic String (3) Icon
Blessed Magic String (3) x3
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv10
5 10 40
Gladys Icon
Spirit Queen
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Indomitable Great Claws
70 400 2550 10 8
Blessed Magic String (5) Icon
Blessed Magic String (5) x2
[100% drop]
Blessed Magic String (3) Icon
Blessed Magic String (3)
[100% drop]
8 10 31
Dan Icon
Dan Lv12
Ruby Icon
Piercing Thunder Spear and the Protective Thread
90 620 3000 10 8
Blessed Magic String (5) Icon
Blessed Magic String (5) x5
Palace Icon
Palace Lv15
12 10 61
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow -
A Strong and Elegant Bride
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 15 75
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow

Fame Edit

Menu Fame

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 暗黒騎士の矢雨 (40/5) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 不屈の大爪 (70/8) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Black Scorpion Sprite
Black Scorpion
Physical 3000 600 3000
MR 30
Initial: 40
2 UP
Paralyzes target after 6 hits. Paralyzed units can't attack, block, or use skills.
Green Ooze Sprite
Green Ooze
Melee Magic 1600 300 1600 121
Initial: 20
1 UP
Greater Demon Sprite
Greater Demon
Physical 52000 5000 150
MR 40
Initial: 84
3 UP
Has an aura.
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Orc Shielder Sprite
Orc Shielder
Armored Orc
Physical 4500 300 1200
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Attracts ranged attacks. Effect is disabled when blocked.
High Orc Shielder Sprite
High Orc Shielder
Armored Orc
Physical 20000 500 2400
MR 70
Initial: 20
1 UP
Attracts ranged attacks. Effect is disabled when blocked.
Attracts ranged attacks. Effect is disabled when blocked.

Has an aura. 50% chance to dodge physical attacks.

Orc Standard Bearer Sprite
Orc Standard Bearer
Physical 5000 250 300
MR 10
Initial: 10
1 UP
Increases attack and defense of all orc-type enemies by 50%.
High Orc Warrior Sprite
High Orc Warrior
Physical 18000 800 500 166
Initial: 30
0 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack, attack speed, and movespeed.
1600 700 116
Initial: 30
2 UP
High Orc Dagger Thrower Sprite
High Orc Dagger Thrower
Ranged (121)
Physical 10000 350 250
MR 20
Initial: 10
Move: 61
Missile: 10
2 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack speed and movespeed.
Initial: 10
Move: 3
Missile: 10
2 UP
High Orc Mage Sprite
High Orc Mage
Ranged (121)
Magic 8000 400 150
MR 20
Initial: 30
Move: 121
Missile: 7
2 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack speed and movespeed, as well as the ability to attack all units within range.
Initial: 30
Move: 91
Missile: 7
2 UP
Orc Commander Sprite
Orc Commander
Physical 15000 2000 300 165
Initial: 40
0 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack speed and movespeed.
450 79
Initial: 28
3 UP
Decius Sprite
Ranged (150)
Physical 10000 300 400
MR 20
Initial: 50
Move: 81
Missile: 12
0 UP
Cannot be paralyzed.

When HP reaches 0, switches to Maou Mecha Decius.

Has an aura.
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.

Maou Mecha Decius Sprite
Maou Mecha Decius
Physical 45000 700 800
MR 20
Initial: 39
3 UP
Melee attack paralyzes the target after 6 hits for 12s.

Cannot be paralyzed.

Has an aura.
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.

Kuroko Sprite
Ranged (215)
Magic 50000 1200 500
MR 10
Initial: 45
Move: 61
Missile: 0
3 UP
Uses melee attack while blocked.
Ranged attack can target all units within range.

Has an aura.
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.

3000 203
Initial: 24
Dark Elf Avenger (Male)
Dark Elf Avenger
Melee Physical 6000 300 150
MR 50
Initial: 23
1 UP
HP below 51%: ATK x2
HP below 41%: ATK x3
HP below 31%: ATK x4
HP below 21%: ATK x5
HP below 11%: ATK x6
HP below 1%: ATK x7
Dark Elf Shielder Sprite
Dark Elf Shielder
Physical 8000 800 1000
MR 20
Initial: 24
2 UP
Counterattacks with true damage when struck. Will not retaliate against untargetable units. Deals 25% of ATK as true damage in retaliation.
Dark Elf Rune Fencer Sprite
Dark Elf Rune Fencer
Ranged (250) Magic 9000 400 250
MR 50
Initial: 145
Move: 31
Missile: instant
2 UP
Uses melee attack while blocked.
Melee Physical 600 154
Initial: 20

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Mysterious Thread Bundle

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——Everyone, are you safe!?"

Berna Icon Berna: "Anna! The Prince also came, right...!? Thank goodness; the way things are, we were on the verge of being destroyed!"

Katie Icon Katie: "We received a report that monsters bearing a strange power have appeared, so we rushed over as soon as we possibly could. In any case, what's important is that everyone's safe."

Berna Icon Berna: "Right! Look!! Monsters with a queer power are scattered among the regular ones!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——A strange ability? Tell me the specifics."

Berna Icon Berna: "It's not like they can't be defeated, but they're somehow able to evade our physical attacks and even when we strike them with magic, it doesn't seem to be very effective."

Berna: "Thanks to that, we're short of hands on our side... I'm truly glad the Prince and the others have come..."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Resistance against magic... eh? A number of causes come to mind, so we'll just have to defeat the monsters first to confirm which one."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... That so? Prince, please give the order for battle!"

(Aura Monster Appears)

Berna Icon Berna: "Aahh! Prince, that one! That's one of the guys with the queer power I talked about!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "... It looks like it's holding something. That's... could it be a bundle of thread...?"

Shadia: "Prince, since the monster is resistance to both physical and magical attacks, then attacks with piercing properties may prove most effective. Keep this in the back of your head."


Katie Icon Katie: "——Fuu, somehow managed."

Berna Icon Berna: "Yosh, yosh, well then, the spoils of war——eh, huh? Ahh, this's the thread bundle Shadia mentioned earlier."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Berna, will you let me see that thread? I may be overthinking it, but I have an idea."

Berna Icon Berna: "Idea? Does Shadia happen to know something...?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——Fumu, this is... Like I thought..."

Shadia: "Prince, let's change locations. It looks like an expedition will be in order. I want to settle down in a place where we can devise a strategy and talk."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Berna Icon Berna: "Ehh, ehh, are you implying this high-quality thread is pretty dangerous stuff!?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "... Well, it could be one of my groundless fears. Come with us, Berna. I also want to ask the opinion of the one that was fighting the monsters holding these threads."

Berna Icon Berna: "U, understood. Well then, Prince, let's quickly hold a war council!"


Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "——Based on Berna's report, it's a fact this thread is unmistakably strengthening the monsters."

Berna Icon Berna: "Shadia, you mentioned something about having an idea, but...?"

Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "Aye. Like I told you before, Maou is having his servants seek out a type of power that has been hidden throughout the world."

"And this thread bears a close resemblance to the characteristics of the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' I learned about while searching for the power."

Berna Icon Berna: "Let's see, umm, meaning...?"

Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "I'm saying we obtained a clue regarding one of the powers Maou's army has been seeking."

Berna Icon Berna: "Isn't that great!? Let's go take it!!"

Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "... Where're you going to take it, Berna? We've confirmed the existence of the 'Magic Thread of Blessing', but we still don't know its whereabouts, do we?"

Berna Icon Berna: "Don't worry, it'll be OK. The monsters with the thread appeared outside the royal capital, so——"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——Prince! Bad news! There's a report bandits holding the aforementioned thread have appeared!"

Berna Icon Berna: "——Like I'm saying. The monsters probably cleaned out wherever the thread's been hidden."

"I don't know whether the hiding place is some ruin, dungeon, or crypt, but doesn't that mean we know it exists there?"

"Since it's something of value that can be plundered, then it won't be just monsters, but bandits should be after it as well. If we don't hurry, the last of the thread will get snatched!"

Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "... I see, what Berna says has merit. Prince, I want you to lend your strength. Let's secure the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' before Maou's army."

Berna Icon Berna: "Yosh, it's decided! Let's go take the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' for ourselves!!"

Scattered Magical Thread

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "Kukuku... Hard to believe these thread scraps hold such power, huh!?"

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit B: "With this power, those merchants' bodyguards will be a piece o' cake. Stealing their goods would be like stealing candy from babes!"

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "Also this power alone probably enough to fetch us good coin. Yosh, let's go plunder that dungeon again!"

Berna Icon Berna: "——Heeh, aren't we talking big? So, so, so, where's this dungeon? Fancy letting me in on the action?"

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "Ah? If it's that labyrinth, it's——who the hell are you!? You're not one of us!?"

Berna Icon Berna: "Acha—, looks like that was a no-go. But from what we heard earlier, these guys seem to know the whereabouts of the thread."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Yeah. We'll have them tell us the whereabouts of the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' by all means possible."

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit B: "Cheh!? Who'll talk!? Oi, you guys, take care of 'em!!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——Hoh, how spirited. Prince, it seems they wish to trade blows with us. I suggest you take care of them promptly."

Berna Icon Berna: "Shadia, we'll deal with the ones over there. Prince, please take care of the ones in this area!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Though our opponents are bandits, there are also ones holding the 'Magic Thread of Blessing'. So let's take plenty of caution and neutralise them!"


Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit B: "W, w-w-w, we yield!!"

Berna Icon Berna: "Before you beg for your lives, I think you should tell us where you plundered these threads chop-chop, don't you...?"

Berna: "Ahh, if you spit out any lies, then this Shadia Onee-san is gonna give ya a sca—ary punishment, OK?"

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "Hiiii!! I'll talk! I'll tell you everything!! So just spare our lives...!?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "... Why's he so frightened? That Berna, I'll remember this later."

Berna Icon Berna: "Heheheh. So, where did you plunder the thread?"

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit B: "From inside the dungeon!! From a hole made from a recent rockslide, we found a new path!!"

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "W, we were attacked by monsters coming out from that dungeon, and stole these threads from 'em!!"

Berna Icon Berna: "Hm, hm. And the vital location of that dungeon?"

Bandit Minion A Icon Bandit A: "W, we wrote it down on this map! C'mon, please, we told you straight, so will you let us go...?"

Berna Icon Berna: "... It's up to the guards whether we let you go, you know? Ahh, if you stop your bandit-ways and work honestly, then I guess I'll forget about reporting this matter~♪"

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit B: "Kuhh... It was a well-paid job I enjoyed...! Fine! We'll make an honest living!! So, pardon our actions!"

Berna Icon Berna: "Yoosh, Prince, we know the dungeon's location! Let's hurry and secure the 'Magic Thread of Blessing'!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Value of Thread and Adventurers in the Red

Paula Icon Paula: "——Slain monsters and empty potion bottles. Looks like this dungeon already has visitors."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Could it be the thread has already fallen into the hands of Maou's army...? Well, but those from Maou's army using potions is..."

Paula Icon Paula: "Drinking this many potions is proof it's a party without a healer. There's no doubt our guests are those broke adventurers."

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "——Who're you calling broke? Who!?"

Paula Icon Paula: "Look, broke adventurers. ——But them surviving without a healer and them being capable enough to make it this far means..."

Berna Icon Berna: "It means the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' is without a doubt somewhere in here."

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "So you've also come here seeking the rumoured high-quality magic thread, eh?"

Adventurer: "But we also have to live. There's no mistake that thread will fetch a high price from the tailors. There's no reason we can go: 'sure, go ahead, the road's all yours'."

Berna Icon Berna: "The 'Magic Thread of Blessing' isn't that sort of plain ol' treasure, you know? What's more, Maou's army is also after that thread, so——"

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "But! It'll! Fetch! A! Good! Sum! Right!? I'm sorry, but we cannot let you go ahead! We shall defeat you here for the sake of our potion expenses!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "They have no intention to negotiate! Can't be helped, Prince, let's repel this party."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, on top of taking on both the adventurers and monsters at the same time, monsters holding the thread are also among them. Please stay on your toes!"


Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "... Kuh, in the red again?"

Berna Icon Berna: "Hey, hey, it seems you had some thread, so where did you get that?"

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "We just took it from the monsters we defeated. Thanks to that, we quaffed a bunch of potions."

Berna Icon Berna: "Really? You really don't know the whereabouts of the thread? If you spit out a lie, this sca—ary Sha——"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——There's no telling what this scary Lady Paula will do."

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "H, honest! We also just came here a moment ago!"

Paula Icon Paula: *Stare...*

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "Hiii!? W, we do have some rough idea! The monsters that had the thread were coming from that direction! There's little doubt the place the thread's hidden is that way!!"

Berna Icon Berna: "... Looks like he's not lying, I guess. Thanks for telling us. Prince, let's hurry further in!"

Paula Icon Paula: "——Ahh, my apologies for frightening you. I'll heal your wounds."

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "... R, really?"

Paula Icon Paula: "We're all the same in times of need. But it's about time you hire yourself a good healer, you know?"

Adventurer Icon Adventurer: "Hmph, potions are enough for us. But I'll give you my thanks."

Paula Icon Paula: "Geez, how dishonest."

Maou's Army Magical Thread Search-Party

Berna Icon Berna: "——Oops, wait, Prince. Looks like someone's up ahead. A great many someones."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "This magical power... Could it be a Greater Demon? So Maou's army also noticed the whereabouts of the thread after all..."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "——Gyagya! Prince here! Prince spotted!!"

Berna Icon Berna: "Waahh!? Goblin scouts!?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "It was a futile gesture to move with this large team without being spotted by scouts to begin with. Besides, there's no path where we don't fight from the beginning."

(Greater Demon appears)

Greater Demon Icon Greater Demon: "——Hmm, I was wondering who it could be, but it's you? You beings called humans just keep coming out of the woodwork."

Berna Icon Berna: "I wish you wouldn't talk as if we're bugs. ——Prince, looks like those guy's are holding the thread. My danger senses are tingling!"

Greater Demon Icon Greater Demon: "Hoh, you know about the thread. But it's a shame. Our main team is already further in."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "... In other words, an executive from Maou's army is also seeking out the 'Magic Thread of Blessing'?"

Greater Demon Icon Greater Demon: "I'm not obligated to answer that much. Now then, I wish to know the power of this thread. I guess I'll test it out with you as my first opponent."

Berna Icon Berna: "Prince, now that a greater demon has the power of the thread, there's no telling how strong he's become. Give your orders with care!"


Greater Demon Icon Greater Demon: "Gufuh... Such strength... So you've grown further since the Makai Martial Arts Competition..."

Prince Icon Prince: "........."

Greater Demon Icon Greater Demon: "Very well, you may go on ahead... All hands, withdraw. Don't forget the orders from that one."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... The Greater Demon and his servants are starting to retreat into the gate."

Berna Icon Berna: "That one... Who could it be...?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "At the very least it's someone who treats a greater demon like a pawn."

Shadia: "But what's important is that we know Maou's army is on the move. We have no choice but to carefully proceed further in."

Berna Icon Berna: "Well, when push comes to shove, I'll steal the thread from under their noses. Prince, just leave it to me!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, once we've treated our battle wounds, let's proceed into the dungeon's depths."

Stalwart Orc Shielder

Orc Icon Orc: "——I see, you were looking for this thread?"

Soma Icon Soma: "Y, yes. Umm... Would you kindly give us that thread...?"

Orc Icon Orc: "......... Hm. I don't mind handing it over."

Soma Icon Soma: "Really!?"

Orc Icon Orc: "But on one condition. We're breaking in some new equipment, so we're in the middle of holding a mock battle."

Orc: "In preparation for battles with even stronger foes, we were deploying the ones with the thread on the enemy's side and training to deal with all sorts of battle situations."

Berna Icon Berna: "Let's see, that means...?"

Orc Icon Orc: "So long as we're stretching out our training gear, something equivalent to compensation in our training is warranted."

Orc: "As warriors, we wish for a heated and passionate battle. The brave human warriors of the Kingdom, as warriors, you wouldn't answer us with an emphatic 'no', would you!?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Orc Icon Orc: "Ooh, as expected of the Prince...!! In that case, we'll quickly don our new gear and present our stalwart warriors!!"

(Orc Shielder appears)

Leeanne Icon Lean: "Heavy armor, and a gigantic shield!? I see, so this is the orcs' new equipment!"

Orc Icon Orc: "Aye! With their unyielding defensive power, so long as they strike their shields, they'll draw the attention of the enemy archers! The flower of the battlefield that protects their allies, the Orc Shielders!"

Leeanne Icon Lean: "I see, by the looks of them, they appear to be strong. But since they're so heavily armoured, once we block them, I doubt they'll have room to strike their shields."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Though it's a mock battle, the opponents are hardy Orcs. Prince, please give your orders with care!"


Orc Icon Orc: "... Splendid, Prince. Furthermore, it's our complete loss... As promised, we'll present these threads to you."

Soma Icon Soma: "Thank you very much, Orc-san."

Orc Icon Orc: "There's no reason to give us your thanks. We fight as warriors, we merely presented the spoils of battle as proof of that clash."

Orc: "But remember this, we Orcs shall brush up our martial skills further till the day we defeat you!"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Orc Icon Orc: "Now go, surely you have places you need to be, don't you? There's no need to linger here any longer."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, Prince, let's hurry onward. That was good work during the mock battle with the Orcs!"

Dark Knight's Arrow Rain

Decius Icon Decius: "——Muuu, for him to head to the deepest chamber before me, hasn't that guy heard of restraint!?"

Dark Knight Underling Icon Dark Knight's Subordinate: "To put it nicely, he's aloof. To put it negatively, he's egocentric."

Decius Icon Decius: "Honestly, I wish he would follow our example. ——Well, I've also been learning from that man's example when it comes to group battles."

Dark Knight Underling Icon Dark Knight's Subordinate: "That man...? Ahh, you mean the Prince? Decius-sama is quite fond of the Prince, isn't he?"

Decius Icon Decius: "Eeh, shaddup! Who'd be fond of a soft-hearted guy like that!?"

Dark Knight Underling Icon Dark Knight's Subordinate: "Hahaha, Decius-sama, it's written on your face. Then again, we don't have any faces, either."

Dark Knight's Subordinate: "Normally, it feels like you're looking for a place to die, yet when it comes to the Prince, you're awfully lively, aren't you?"

Decius Icon Decius: "... It's true I have an awfully noisy subordinate. In any case, focus on gathering the thread! Fortunately, this labyrinth isn't known to the Pri——"

Flying Demon Icon Demon: "——M, message! Message! Decius-sama, the Prince's team is approaching!"

Decius Icon Decius: "What!? The Prince, you say!! ——There's no time to waste, all men prepare for battle!! Kukuku... Now my crossbow's also howling!!"

Dark Knight Underling Icon Dark Knight's Subordinate: "Hah, let's give them a grand reception!"

Berna Icon Berna: "——Prince, I sense monsters up ahead. This is... Living Armours, I guess...?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Living Armours...? I would wonder 'could it be?', but the one waiting up ahead... must be that guy?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Decius is packing his favourite crossbow... Prince, try to take care in the positioning of your soldiers."

Berna Icon Berna: "Yoosh, well then, Prince, please give the order for battle!!"


Decius Icon Decius: "Kuuh, I can't win at this rate!!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——Decius, your being here. Is your target the 'Magic Thread of Blessing'?"

Decius Icon Decius: "Sh, sh-sh-sh, shut up! Don't think I'll give you information each and every time you ask! ——Oi, withdraw into the depths!"

Dark Knight Underling Icon Dark Knight's Subordinate: "Hah! I'll run a message to the team ahead as well!"

Berna Icon Berna: "... His attitude's as if he's saying they're after the magical thread. He doesn't have a face, but it's written all over it..."

Katie Icon Katie: "They said something about running a messenger further in, do you suppose their main team is up ahead..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "The chance of that is highly likely... Prince, let's stay alert and hurry onward."

Great Indomitable Claws

Berna Icon Berna: "Yeah, there's no doubt they're coming from this direction. Their footsteps are drawing near."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "The magical power of the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' is also growing stronger. There's little doubt we're approaching the innermost chamber of this dungeon."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "If Maou's army has made it this far, then it's highly likely they've taken most of the magical threads. It looks like we'll need to steal them back in direct combat..."

Berna Icon Berna: "When the time comes, leave it to me~♪ I'll use every trick in the book to steal 'em back!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "... Fufu, I'll be relying on you, Berna. Now then, we'll be catching up to them any moment now. Prince, don't get careless."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

(Bwat-faced Dragonman Appears)

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "—Hoh, I was wondering what was all the ruckus. So the Prince really did come to the labyrinth."

Decius Icon Decius: "That's what I just reported! Why won't you believe my words!?"

Goliah Icon Goliah: "That guy's... Kuroko! You have some nerve to be showing your face!!"

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "... Your subordinate is noisy. Decius, I'll leave these ones to you. Our orders are to take the magical threads."

Decius Icon Decius: "... Wh, what? Oi, you don't intend to fight!?"

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "Right now, I am Maou-sama's loyal vassal before I am a warrior."

Kuroko: "The course of the world and fighting for my own desire. It is obvious which is more important. I shall be going ahead."

Decius Icon Decius: "Muuuuh!! I'm always drawing the short end of the stick!! But this is a good opportunity to test the power of the magical threads. Prince, don't think you'll win this challenge so easily!!"

Goliah Icon Goliah: "Cheh, Prince, that shit-bastard Kuroko is escaping deep into the dungeon. Let us defeat Decius at once and chase after him!!"

(Decius Transforms)

Maou Mecha Decius Icon Decius: (Th, this thread's magical power is more difficult to control than I thought...!? Can't be helped... Now that things have come to this...!!"

Berna Icon Berna: "Prince, Decius's form is starting to change! That form's the one we fought before——"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——The armour equipped with giant claws? If you let him scratch you enough in melee combat, your body will be unable to move for a short while."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Looks like we'll need to take caution during melee combat. Prince, please give your orders to the soldiers with care!"


Decius Icon Decius: "——Gufuh... After all, I cannot count on a power I'm unaccustomed to... I should've brought more than just thread..."

Prince Icon Prince: "........."

Decius Icon Decius: "Hmph, you look like you have something to say. However, do you think I have time to chat over tea with you?"

Berna Icon Berna: "——Prince, there was a report from the scouts! Kuroko has reached the innermost chamber of the dungeon!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, let's hurry ahead. We cannot let the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' fall into the hands of Maou's army."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Decius Icon Decius: "........."

Decius: "... Are they gone? Yare-yare, now matter what I do, I'm always drawing the short straw..."

Piercing Lightning Spear, Threads to Protect

Goliah Icon Goliah: "——Caught up to you, Kuroko!!"

Berna Icon Berna: "Prince, b, bad news, bad news! The magical thread got taken!!"

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "... Again with the damned subordinate whose name I do not even know. Tsk, you bark incessantly..."

Kuroko: "However, with these numbers, the casualties will be great even on our side. ——In that case, I have no choice but to also test these threads."

Kuroko: "You should meekly withdraw and quietly watch the end of the world. However, if you choose to resist, then I shall strike you down here."

Berna Icon Berna: "Who'll withdraw!? Prince, you agree, right?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Berna Icon Berna: "Yooosh... Then I'll also have to put some spirit into it. Prince, please fight Maou's army at full strength!"

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "Fufu, resisting to the bitter end. Though I am reluctant to brandish the power of the threads like this against a true warrior, this is also all for the sake of Maou Galious..."

Kuroko: "I will not leave a single piece of you remaining, I shall annihilate you with my lightning spear!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, Maou's army is coming! Let's win this battle without fail!!"


Goliah Icon Goliah: "——Now, Berna!! I will create an opening...!!"

Berna Icon Berna: "——Yoosh! Theeeeeeere!!"

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "......... Wha!? Where did you come from...!?"

Berna Icon Berna: "Acha—... I wasn't able to steal nothing more than half the magical threads. Guess my skills aren't quite up to par...?"

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "For you to take even half the magical threads while I was distracted in the battle with the Prince... I also still have much to learn..."

Kuroko: "I thought you were inconsequential small fry, but I must expand my perception... The one called Goliah, I shall remember your name..."

Goliah Icon Goliah: "... I am not happy even if it is remembered by you."

Kuroko Icon Kuroko: "Human girl over there... For you to slip past me and steal the thread without going the way of the sword, impressive."

Kuroko: "Out of respect for you, I shall withdraw today..."

Berna Icon Berna: "Ble—eh! If you're going to say impressive, then leave the other half behind—!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... Maou's army has started to withdraw into the gate. It's fortunate we were able to avoid a situation where they've stolen all of the 'Magic Thread of Blessing'."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "... Hmm, the fact we stole even half is great. They may have gained a terrible power if they had most of them."

Cyrus: "With them having less than half the threads, it appears its power has weakened considerably."

Berna Icon Berna: "Let's see, meaning... Hmm? We were able to thwart the schemes of Maou's army?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Yeah, that's correct, Berna. Well done."

Berna Icon Berna: "Eheh, eheheh, well done? Well done? Hehhe—n, go ahead and praise me more, Prince?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "However, we still can't relax. We still need to bring the magical thread outside and secure them. For now, let's focus on getting out of this dungeon."


Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "Ta—da!!"

"Well, what do you think? Does it suit me? Does it suit me? I had this dress made from the magical thread from before~♪"

Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "——Ooh, so you were in here, Berna? If you run around like that, you'll get the hem of your dress dirty, you know?"

Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "Oops, sorry, sorry. I just got a little excited is all. That's right, anyways, I have to report the result of my investigation."

"The securing of the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' scattered outside the dungeon is proceeding smoothly. I guess it'll just be a little while longer till we secure most of the thread?"

Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "We considered the highly magical nature of the magical thread we secured from that and had it turned into a dress."

"Of course it's for Berna, who did most of the work securing it. It seems she caused quite a celebratory stir during the tailor-sponsored unveiling in the city."

Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "Everyone was making such a fuss, and before I realised, I noticed I fled all the way here~♪"

"But when I look at everyone enjoying themselves in rowdy merriment, this sort of fun unveiling isn't that bad, I suppose...?"

"Yeah, it's not bad. Rather it's fun! Almost like I want to try this every year! Yo—sh, how about we have the Prince also wear a dress next time?"

Shadia NPC Icon Shadia: "Why do you want to make the Prince wear a dress, Berna... ——Well, it's probably not as bad as it sounds."

"In any case, as the administrator, surely you have interest in the celebration of the people, right? Today, how about you take a break and also join in the unveiling?"

Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "Right, right! I finished my report, so come with Prince. Let's go, let's go! Fufufu, like a flower in either hand, I'm twice blessed, see~?"

A Hanayome is Strong and Beautiful

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "——Alicia-san, Berna-san, the meeting is this way."

Alicia (Bride) Icon Alicia: "Waa... It's so sparkly and very pretty...!"

Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "Though Alicia's sparkling's not playing second fiddle to my own, OK?"

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "Fufufu, you're both very cute, you know? More importantly, I'm truly sorry for summoning you two to the festival in the Fairy Country on such short notice..."

Olivia: "For the sake of building relations between the Kingdom and the Fairy Country, our people insisted we hold a joint celebration..."

Alicia (Bride) Icon Alicia: "It's no problem, thanks to this, I was able to join such a wonderful festival."

Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "Right, right. It's not every day a girl with little prospects of finding a husband gets to dress so feminine..."

Alicia (Bride) Icon Alicia: "Fufu, that's cause it's our duty to fight while brandishing weapons."

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "You two are also cute girls before you are warriors, you know? That's why, today you should leave your weapons and——"

Supura Icon Supura: "——B, bad news! The Dark Elves have started to attack...!!"

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "... Looks like we cannot put aside our weapons. We need to fight so we don't dirty our dresses..."

Alicia (Bride) Icon Alicia: "Yeah, looks like it. I don't want the Prince to see me when the hem of my dress is all dirty!"

Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "Yeah, yeah. For the cute dress, let's show him how we fight in cute dresses. I'll take care of the ones over there, I'll leave these ones to you, OK!?"

Dark Elf Icon Dark Elf: "——Where's the 'Magic Thread of Blessing'!? Hand over the 'Magic Thread of Blessing' to us...!!"

Alicia (Bride) Icon Alicia: "Prince, I'll handle the path over here. I'll never surrender this dress!!"

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "Then I'll watch the path over here. Prince, please give suitable orders to us as well!"


Dark Elf Icon Dark Elf: "What...? Why're these females so strong!? Hah, could it be those dresses were woven with magical thread——"

Alicia (Bride) Icon Alicia: "——A maiden in love is strong!"

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "Right, don't think you'll steal away these dresses so easily."

Dark Elf Icon Dark Elf: "Damn it all, I never heard such reasoning! Eei, retreat! Retreat!!"

Berna (Bride) Icon Berna: "——Fuu, most of the Dark Elves over there have started to retreat. With this, I guess we can settle down, right?"

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "I'm terribly sorry for involving everyone in the Kingdom in a battle with the Dark Elves."

Alicia (Bride) Icon Alicia: "With this we protected the festival with the Fairy Country, so there's no need to apologise, you know?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Olivier (Bride) Icon Olivia: "... Fufu, thank you very much. Well then, let's continue the festivities, shall we?"

Olivia" "Please enjoy yourselves in full by all means, OK?"

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