Reverse AWing Materials List Edit

A list of all fodder classes and the classes that use them as awakening material. Classes with a (2) next to them require 2 copies of that material (i.e. Heavy Armors and Mage Armors require 2 Heavy Armors as fodder).

Fodder Class Base Classes
Crave Icon
Soldier, Heavy Armor, Princess, Dark Fighter, Monk, Vanguard Tactician, Magic Fencer, Sailor, Priest Warrior, Dragon Soldier, Imperial Knight, Royal Guard, Dark Stalker, Vampire Lord, Gladiator, Grand Knight, Sapper, Maou's Bodyguards
Leeanne Icon
Heavy Armor
Heavy Armor (2), Valkyrie, Puppeteer, Dragon Princess, Samurai, Pegasus Rider, Dark Fighter, Avenger, Mage Armor (2), Dragon Rider, Heavy Artillery, Royal Guard, Grand Knight
Elaine Icon
Valkyrie, Princess, Ninja, Pegasus Rider, Bowrider, Avenger, Vanguard Tactician, Angel, Dragon Rider, Imperial Knight, Vampire Princess, Immortal Princess, Youko, Royal Guard, Hermit, Monkey Sage, Griffin Rider, Dancer
Cecily Icon
Soldier, Valkyrie, Rogue, Maid, Vampire Lord, Spirit of War, Oni, Jiang-shi, Pirate, Thief, Druid, Jester, Maou's Bodyguards
Eunice Icon
Soldier, Rogue, Bandit, Avenger, Monk, Dragon Rider, Dragon Soldier, Heavy Artillery, Swordmaster, Blacksmith, Gladiator, Pirate, Thief
Sanosuke Icon
Rogue, Bandit, Dragon Princess, Samurai, Vanguard Tactician, Youko, Swordmaster, Spirit of War, Nurarihyon, Oni, Gladiator, Fuuhaku, Mage, Onmyouji, Nekomata
Kagerou Icon
Ninja, Magic Fencer, Sailor, Youko, Maid, Nurarihyon, Tengu, Raikou, Griffin Rider, Rearguard Tactician, Dancer, Ranger, Thief, Curse User, Nekomata
Dan Icon
Monk, Puppeteer, Maid, Hermit, Majin, Monkey Sage, Oni, Blacksmith, Raikou, Fuuhaku, Grand Knight, Sapper
Ricardo Icon
Magic Fencer
Magic Fencer, Imperial Knight, Swordmaster, Nurarihyon, Tengu, Blacksmith, Raikou, Druid, Enchanter, Elementaler, Demon Summoner, Maou's Bodyguards
Niel Icon
Angel, Majin, Spirit of War, Dark Stalker, Tengu, Griffin Rider, Dark Priest, Jester
Ertel Icon
Priest Warrior
Priest Warrior, Jiang-shi, Alchemist, Chrono Witch
Gadoras Icon
Dragon Soldier
Dragon Soldier, Dragon Princess, Dragon Shaman
Soma Icon
Bowrider (2), Archer (2), Shaman, Bishop, Rearguard Tactician, Ranger (2), Necromancer, Beast Tamer, Merchant, Fenrir Shaman, Monster Slayer
Valerie Icon
Samurai, Pegasus Rider, Sailor, Mage Armor, Mage, Healer, Witch, Dragon Shaman, Bishop, Feng Shui User, Gunner, Alchemist, Onmyouji, Summoner, Necromancer, Beast Tamer, Chrono Witch, Demon Summoner, Acolyte, Rune Acolyte
Alissa Icon
Dark Fighter, Angel, Priest Warrior, Healer (2), Dragon Shaman, Vampire Hunter, Shaman, Bishop, Feng Shui User (2), Dark Priest, Immortal Princess, Dancer, Curse User, Summoner, Enchanter, Fenrir Shaman, Acolyte, Rune Acolyte
Calliope Icon
Princess, Ninja, Mage, Witch (2), Vampire Hunter, Shaman, Curse User, Vampire Princess, Onmyouji, Summoner, Necromancer, Enchanter, Chrono Witch, Elementaler, Demon Summoner
Giovanni Icon
Bandit, Puppeteer, Archer, Pirate, Rearguard Tactician, Gunner, Merchant, Monster Slayer, Jester
Khuri Icon
Vampire Hunter
Vampire Hunter, Vampire Princess, Immortal Princess, Majin, Dark Stalker, Monster Slayer, Vampire Lord, Jiang-shi
Fudou Icon
Curse User, Dark Priest, Beast Tamer, Druid, Fenrir Shaman, Elementaler, Nekomata, Acolyte, Rune Acolyte
Percis Icon
Hermit, Monkey Sage, Heavy Artillery, Fuuhaku, Sapper, Gunner, Alchemist, Merchant

Reverse Orb List Edit

A list of all Awakening Orbs and the classes that use them as material. Note that several classes require more than 1 orb type and will thus appear multiple times on this table.

Day Orb Classes
Dark Knight Orb Icon
Dark Knight Dark Fighter, Gladiator, Dark Stalker, Royal Guard, Vampire Princess, Knight 【7Sins】
Priestess Orb Icon
Priest Healer, Dark Priest, Dragon Shaman, Fenrir Shaman, Immortal Princess, Lifelinker, Princess 【7Sins】, Acolyte/Rune Acolyte
Sniper Orb Icon
Sniper Archer
Rearguard Strategist Orb Icon
Rearguard Strategist Rearguard Tactician, Chrono Witch, Beast Tamer, Jester, Strategist 【Koihime】
Heavy Gunner Orb Icon
Heavy Gunner Gunner, Heavy Artillery, Monster Slayer, Sapper
Unicorn Knight Orb Icon
Unicorn Knight Valkyrie, Princess, Royal Guard, Phantasm Beast Tamer
Pegasus Knight Orb Icon
Pegasus Knight Pegasus Rider, Fuuhaku, Griffin Rider, Raikou, Tengu, Fairy 【7Sins】
Master Monk Orb Icon
Master Monk Monk, Avenger, Maid, Youko
Berserker Orb Icon
Berserker Bandit, Avenger, Blacksmith, Oni, Monster Breaker, Giant 【7Sins】
Feng Shui Master Orb Icon
Feng Shui Master Feng Shui User, Hermit, Monkey Sage, Zhenren, Evil Hermit
Soldier Chief Orb Icon
Soldier Chief Soldier, Imperial Knight, Spirit of War, Ruler 【Koihime】, Knight 【7Sins】
Assassin Orb Icon
Assassin Rogue, Beast Tamer, Dark Stalker, Jiangshi, Nurarihyon, Bandit 【7Sins】
Captain Orb Icon
Captain Pirate, Monster Slayer
High Shaman Orb Icon
High Shaman Shaman, Dragon Shaman, Fenrir Shaman, Nekomata, Onmyouji, Phantasm Beast Tamer
High Bishop Orb Icon
High Bishop Bishop, Druid, Immortal Princess, Monster Breaker, Princess 【7Sins】
Battle Master Orb Icon
Battle Master Heavy Armor, Dragon Princess, Oni, Spirit of War, General 【Koihime】, Giant 【7Sins】
Samurai Master Orb Icon
Samurai Master Samurai, Fuuhaku, Nurarihyon, Swordmaster, Youko, General 【Koihime】
Rune Fencer Orb Icon
Rune Fencer Magic Fencer, Dragon Princess, Majin, Princess, Fairy 【7Sins】
Vampire Killer Orb Icon
Vampire Killer Vampire Killer, Vampire Princess
Sailor Chief Orb Icon
Sailor Chief Sailor, Merchant
Warlock Orb Icon
Warlock Mage, Elementaler, Necromancer, Summoner, Acolyte/Rune Acolyte
Ninja Master Orb Icon
Ninja Master Ninja, Jiangshi, Raikou, Swordmaster, Zhenren, Bandit 【7Sins】
Vanguard Strategist Orb Icon
Vanguard Strategist Vanguard Strategist, Tengu, Vampire Lord, Sapper, Ruler 【Koihime】, Strategist 【Koihime】
Lord Witch Orb Icon
Lord Witch Witch, Demon Summoner, Elementaler, Onmyouji
Arch Angel Orb Icon
Arch Angel Angel, Majin, Lifelinker
Battle Mage Orb Icon
Battle Mage Mage Armor, Blacksmith, Enchanter
Priest Warrior Leader Orb Icon
Priest Warrior Leader Priest Warrior, Vampire Lord, Grand Knight
Top Dancer Orb Icon
Top Dancer Dancer, Maid, Summoner
Dragon Knight Orb Icon
Dragon Knight Dragon Soldier, Dragon Rider
High Ranger Orb Icon
High Ranger Ranger, Chrono Witch
Bowrider Chief Orb Icon
Bowrider Chief Bowrider, Griffin Rider
Machinist Orb Icon
Machinist Machinist, Hermit, Monkey Sage, Evil Hermit
High Alchemist Orb Icon
High Alchemist Alchemist, Enchanter, Necromancer
Master Thief Orb Icon
Master Thief Thief, Merchant, Jester
Witch Doctor Orb Icon
Witch Doctor Curse User, Demon Summoner, Druid, Nekomata, Fenrir Shaman
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