Machinist Rikka is a platinum puppeteer obtained from the Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients event.

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Stats Edit

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Rikka Icon
Puppeteer Lv1 1214 250 182 0 1 / 0 19 14 HP+150
Lv50 1920 390 288
Machinist Lv1 1933 393 290 0 1 / 0 22 17 HP+360
Lv70 2866 560 436

Rikka AW Icon
Lv1 2530 534 397 0 1 / 0 / 0 22 17 HP+360
↓ ↑

Certain Death
Lv90 3392 675 548

Rikka AW2 Icon
Lv1 2591 560 482 0 1 / 0 / 0 22 17
Lv99 3600 728 720

Skill Edit

Name & Effect (edit info)
For X seconds, block becomes 0, attacks become ranged, and post-attack delay is reduced (11).
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged



Rikka 5☆
X Reuse
15 44
16 43
17 42
18 41
19 40
21 39
22 38
23 37
24 36
25 35
  • Range 250.

Skill Awakening Edit

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Rikka AW Icon
Normal Mode Change For 25 seconds, block becomes 0, attacks become ranged, and post-attack delay is reduced (11). 35 17.5
Awakened Penetrator Mode For 20 seconds, block becomes 0, attacks ignore defense and magic resistance and become ranged; Post-attack delay is reduced (11). 35 17.5

Ability Edit

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Certain Death Strike
(edit info)
20% chance to increase Attack by 1.9x.
Danan Icon
Ballad Icon
Calliope Icon
CC IconCC IconCC Icon
Julian AW Icon
Garrett AW Icon
Leaf AW Icon
AW IconAW IconAW Icon
Dorothy AW Icon
Chibi Cornelia Icon
Chibi Ibuki Icon
AW Icon
Nendoroid Sybilla Icon
Meiling AW Icon
Liddy AW Icon
AW IconAW Icon
Rikka AW Icon
Ralph AW Icon
Sybilla Icon
AW IconAW Icon
Cornelia Icon
Ibuki Icon

Class Attributes Edit

Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Can't be healed.
Regenerates 10 HP/sec while idle.
Decrease enemy speed while skill is in effect.
  • Actual regen is 1 HP/0.1s
  • During skill use, 70% slow for .25 seconds
Can't be healed.
Regenerates 20 HP/sec while idle.
Decrease enemy speed while skill is in effect.
  • Actual regen is 2 HP/0.1s
Super Electric Machinist
Can't be healed.
Regenerates 30 HP/sec while idle.
Decrease enemy speed while skill is in effect.
  • Actual regen is 3 HP/0.1s
Doll Master
Can't be healed.
Regenerates 120 HP/sec while idle.
Decrease enemy speed while skill is in effect.
Skill duration +30%.
  • Actual regen is 12 HP/0.1s
Ride Master
Can't be healed.
Regenerates 30 HP/sec while idle.
Decrease enemy speed while skill is in effect.
Upon skill activation, recover 50% HP.
  • Actual regen is 3 HP/0.1s

Affection Edit

Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them. Edit

0% Just because this girl is a puppet, don't take her lightly!
12% Did you get a sense of how amazing I am?
25% This girl and I are one in body and soul!
50% I'd like to teach you more about the greatness of puppets!
60% Is it strange... to be talking to a puppet?
80% It would make me so happy if you took a liking to this girl.
100% I'm crazy about you, so I'm sure she's crazy about you too!

Scenes Edit

25% Nude foreplay with female automaton
100% Nude Rikka sandwich with female automaton
Quest Doll straddles Prince in cowgirl position while Rikka facesits on the Prince

All-Age Conversation Scenes Edit

Translated by Petite Soeur @ ulmf

Rikka #1:
I hear happy humming from somewhere. When I walked towards the voice, I saw Rikka doing something with a doll.
Rikka: "Ah, Prince! Going for a walk?"
Noticing my presence, Rikka glanced my way. She spoke as she tended to her doll.

Rikka: "This girl is already like a family member to me. So I need to properly take care of her."
She makes full use of the mechanical doll as she fights, taking an active part in the heat of battle that belies her young looks.
Rikka: "My clan have been puppeteers for generations... So when I saw this girl, I couldn't bring myself to leave her."
While stroking the doll's face, Rikka smiles.
Rikka: "I would be glad if the Prince also likes this girl."
She says as she smiled at me. I responded with a nod.
The doll looked like she was happy as her hair was brushed by Rikka.

Rikka #2:
Rikka: "Prince... do you think I'm strange?"
When I asked her why she was asking me that all of a sudden, Rikka opens her mouth.
Rikka: "I... Besides the doll, I don't talk to anyone but the Prince. Do you think it's strange that I talk to dolls...?"

She asks. It seems she was alienated from others because she talked to dolls when she was little, and wasn't able to make friends.
Rikka: "Others will think the Prince is also weird by being around me, and..."
Rikka shut her mouth right when she said that much. I patted the head of Rikka's doll that was sitting next to her.
Rikka: "Prince..."
It doesn't matter what others think, I'll treasure both Rikka and the doll. When I said that, Rikka's expression brightened up.
Rikka: "I'm sure this girl will also treasure the Prince. ... I will too."
While hugging the doll, Rikka beams a smile at me.

Rikka #3:
Rikka: "Recently, it feels like this girl has started to smile more often."
Rikka said, and I turned my gaze towards the humanoid being standing right beside her.
—The wisdom of the ancient past gave birth to the 'puppet', a strange being that imitates humankind.

There was only an unchanging, impassive look etched on her beautiful and elaborate face.
Rikka: "You can't tell? This girl is smiling with a very tender look on her face, see?"
I looked at the 'puppet' closely, but I still couldn't see any change in her expression.
Rikka: "I guess I'm the only one who can tell, since I'm always working with her. ... However, this girl is growing day by day."
Rikka: "Today, this girl wanted to meet the Prince, so that's why we made a visit to your room."
I don't know too many details concerning the mechanical soldiers known as 'puppets'.
However, I was purely happy that Rikka's partner has started to regard me with affection rather than hostility.
Rikka: "But... this might just be a mirror that reflects the heart of the one that controls the 'puppet'."
Rikka turned her face downwards as if she was slightly embarrassed.
Rikka: "Although I said this girl is growing day by day, I feel like... I've also been making progress in no small way..."
If anyone saw her from the time she joined, it's clear her words are true.
I responded with a silent nod, and Rikka raised her head that was drooping and smiled happily.
Rikka: "Yes! Both I and this girl think, for the sake of protecting our friends... and for the sake of being useful to the Prince, that we want to grow much, much more!"
But... she resumed speaking quietly.
Rikka: "It wasn't just this girl who thought she wanted to meet the Prince, you know...?"
Though she was slightly embarrassed, she tried her best, and forced out a shy smile. I was totally flabbergasted by her words and cute gestures.
Rikka: "Prince... Right now, I'm smiling... Not just this girl... I, too, have become able to smile much more."
She walks up to me timidly.
When I realized it, her hands were touching my hands.
Rikka: "From now on, please let us be by your side... If it's for that, we will overcome any adversity."
The strength of her will became a light that filled her lovely round eyes.
Rikka: "Prince... From now on, please look after us..."
Gripping my hands affectionately, Rikka carefully spun those words.
The 'puppet' standing beside her, for the first time, looked like she was smiling at me.

Class Change Materials Edit

Required units (edit units)
Celia Icon
Gladys Icon
Material 1
Leeanne Icon
Bernard Icon
Dwight Icon
Danan Icon
Material 2
Giovanni Icon
Verotte Icon
Material 3
Cecily Icon
Harissa Icon
Ballad Icon

Awakening Materials Edit

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon
Onyx Icon
Material 1
Leeanne Icon
Bernard Icon
Dwight Icon
Danan Icon
Garrett Icon
Bernice Icon
Matilda Icon
Leeanne (New Year's) Icon
Filine Icon
CC IconCC IconCC IconCC Icon
Material 2
Dan Icon
Mao Icon
Gina Icon
Momo Icon
Mao (Yukata) Icon
CC IconCC Icon
Material 3
Giovanni Icon
Verotte Icon
Monica Icon
Maurette Icon
Giovanni (School) Icon
Verotte (Halloween) Icon
CC IconCC Icon
(edit info) Money Orbs
Platinum 200,000G 2 x Machinist orb

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