Runaway from another world

Runaway from Another World (異世界からの逃亡者) is an urgent mission based on a collaboration event between Millennium War Aigis and Shiro Project:RE, that ran from 01/09/16 to 08/09/16.

A mysterious fox youkai and her pursuers begin pouring in from gates from...another world??

Facing enemies never before encountered, the Prince has to temporarily set aside these doubts, and rescue the fox-girl from the hands of the monsters!

Start Date End Date
23/02/2017 02/03/2017
14/12/2017 28/12/2017

Revival Notes: Please take note that the map's drops' status will be carried over if it was previously completed (i.e. players can NOT receive another Senko).

Rewards Edit

This is a collaboration event. Besides obtaining a Senko from the event map, which gives 10,005 base EXP during synthesis, additional rewards can be obtained by fulfilling certain requirements in the collaborating games (Aigis and ShiroPro:RE) before the event ends.

Conditions Additional Rewards
Tono Lv5, Prince Rank Lv5 10 Sacred Crystals
Tono Lv10, Prince Rank Lv10 10 Sacred Crystals
Tono Lv15, Prince Rank Lv15 10 Sacred Crystals
TOTAL 30 Sacred Crystals

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Runaway from Another World
1 - - 10 8
Gold Armor Icon
Gold Armor
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
0 99 49
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Senko Icon

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur @ULMF
Story Text

Soldier: "—Report! A strange gate has appeared near the temple!! What in the world is that...?"

Anna: "Don't tell me... that's a gate that connects to another world!?"

Katie: "Prince, please look! Something has stepped out from the gate!"

??? (Senko): "Wh, where... am I? No. Even in the edge of hell, Senko must not get caught at all cost...!"

Anna: "... Are you OK? I'm called Anna. Based on your appearance, you look like you're trying to run away from something..."

Senko: (Beautiful silver hair, transparent white skin... She must be from the West...? Based on the Ki I feel, she doesn't seem to be a bad person.)

Senko: "My name is Senko."

Senko: "I'm searching for the Lord who will rescue the Land of the Rising Sun from the Kabuto (helmets), but I was pursued by the enemy, and have fled all the way here..."

Katie: "Rising Sun? A country I never heard of. As I thought, there's no doubt that gate connects to another world."

Senko: "Another world...!? I see, that mysterious gate is connecting the world of Senko and the others to the world of Anna-san and her friends..."

Senko: "—Kon!? In other words, not just Senko, but even the Kabuto will be here...! Everyone, it's dangerous here!"

Soldier: "Messenger! Unknown beings have appeared from the gate! They appear to be hostile..."

Senko: "... Too late. What to do...? Senko just arrived, and exposed everyone to danger..."

(Helmet army appears)

Julian: "They look like nothing I've ever seen before...! ... Something about them is definitely different from the monsters. However, should we fight without any idea of the situation...?"

Kuroda Nagamasa: "Hand over that ViiixeeeEEN!! Cough out the location... of my castleeeee... I'll never... Eveeer... let you escaaAAPE!"

Katie: "That's the Kabuto...!? What a dreadful shout... It's apparent he's after Senko-san."

Kuroda Nagamasa: "Fellows that protect that vixen... will be punished by deAATH! I'll forgive everything... I'll crush all creation...! Now, go... Whole army, assaaaAAULT!!!"

Anna: "No way... they began to attack with no attempt at diplomacy... We can't leave her like this. Prince, let's fight them here in order to protect Senko-san!"

(Kuroda Nagamasa defeated)

Kuroda Nagamasa: "—SHiiIIIIIIITtt! Whyyyy! Why're you getting in my waaaay!? Unforgivable... UnforgivableeeeEeEEeee!!!"

Ishida Mitsunari: "You damned fool!? Who signaled you to begin fighting...? You deserve the death penalty... Hurry and retreat..."

Kuroda Nagamasa: "Gununuuuu... I... just wanted my castle... I... I aaAAAAm!!!"

Julian: "The enemy has started to retreat...? That new great big guy that showed up didn't come here to fight, did it...?"

Ishida Mitsunari: "Warriors of another world... Your understanding is correct... We are ones who mete out great justice in our world... A world like this is just a world that has nothing to do with us."

Ishida Mitsunari: "For that reason, it is right for that vixen to quickly return to her own world... We'll guide the way... I promise that we won't pursue her for a brief while. Everything is for the sake of righting the wrong world... Now, make up your mind."

Katie: "Senko-san, what will you do? The enemy said they'll let you return to your own world with the condition they won't pursue you for a while..."

Senko: "It doesn't appear... to be a lie. Understood. Senko believes she should avoid recklessly meddling in other worlds..."

Senko: "Well then, Senko will also return to her own world. Prince, thank you very much for helping Senko, who you just met."

Ishida Mitsunari: "Fumu... It appears the vixen has dived into the gate. Well then, we'll also return to our own world. ... Good. We're settled here, don't turn your halberds against us..."

Julian: "... Telling us not to get involved just makes me want to get involved. Say, Prince. Even if it's for that other world, shouldn't we defeat these guys here?"

Anna: "N, no, Julian-san! We should avoid needless battles. Am I clear? We must absolutely not attack them, OK?"


Anna: "The enemy has returned to the gate that leads to the other world... With this, all of the enemy are gone."

Katie: "Furthermore, there are those like us standing up to strong enemies in the other world."

Julian: "Senko... eh? Despite being small, she was a very bold one, I give her that. I hope she finds the Lord she seeks soon."

Anna: "Yes... Like how we met the brave Prince, it would be nice if the day comes where Senko-san will also find a wonderful Lord that she can serve."

Prince: "..."

Anna: "Well then, let us also return home. Prince, you've done an excellent job."

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