A Sacred Crystal

Sacred Crystals (神聖結晶) are the Premium in-game currency. They provide a number of valuable functions that enhance the game experience.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

There are several methods to obtaining Sacred Crystals:

  • The majority of missions provide one SC for obtaining 3 stars.
  • Story missions will also grant an addition SC for completing the challenging 4 star version of the mission.
  • A few SC can be obtained every month as login bonuses from the Stamp Card, depending on the level of the card (up to 5/month for the Normal card.)
  • SC may also be purchased from the Shop using real money.

SC purchased using real money expire after 180 days. SC obtained via in-game methods have no such expiration date. When spending SC, whether at the Shop, Shrine, or refilling Charisma/Stamina, purchased SC will be consumed before SC earned in-game.

Limit[edit | edit source]

The current max is 600 Sacred Crystals. Excess earned is sent to the item box (which can hold 100 items before deleting oldest).

Uses for SC[edit | edit source]

Summoning[edit | edit source]

There are two Premium summoning options available, which make acquiring rare units easier. For an in-depth look, see Shrine.

Shop[edit | edit source]

In the Shop, players can buy permanent additional slots for their barracks, at a rate of 4 slots to 1 SC. In addition, there are temporary buffs available for purchase that give you +30% melee unit atk, +30% ranged unit atk, -30% damage taken, 1.2x Exp, or 1.5x Gold for 3 SC each or +5 Unit points at the beginning of each battle for 1 SC.

Refill[edit | edit source]

For 1 SC, players can refill their Charisma or Stamina. Any excess is retained, allowing players to exceed their maximum Cha/Sta until said excess is spent.

It is best to refill stamina immediately after gaining a point through natural regeneration to avoid 'wasting' time. For example, refilling stamina when you're 5 minutes away from gaining a point will result in the timer being reset, making you miss out on the last 55 minutes that had been spent regenerating that one stamina.

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