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Sea Demon Army of the Roaring Waves (潮騒の海魔軍) is a Subjugation based urgent mission running from 08/08/19 to 05/09/19.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

This type of event has 2 reward scales. The first is based on the total number of enemies slain over the duration of the event. The second is based on the highest number of slain enemies in a single attempt.

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
500 Alegria 100 Platinum Armor
1000 Spirit of Gold 200 Alegria
1500 Platinum Armor 300 50 Demon Crystals
2000 Spirit of Platinum 400 Freude
2500 Spirit of Black 500 Farah
3000 Freude
3500 30.000 Gold
4000 Spirit of Platinum
4500 Platinum Armor
5000 Spirit of Black
5500 Spirit Queen
6000 Freude
6500 60.000 Gold
7000 Spirit of Platinum
7500 Spirit of Black
8000 Platinum Armor
8500 Spirit Queen
9000 Spirit of Rainbow
9500 90.000 Gold
10000 Farah

Additional rewards[edit | edit source]


Every 100 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until 2000 monsters.

From then onwards, every 200 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until the max limit of 10000 monsters.

Crystal Shards may be used in Base Summoning SP, which has a higher chance of summoning Silver-rarity or higher units than the normal 2000G Base Summon.

Map[edit | edit source]

Seademonarmy map.png

Missions[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Tiers Cha Points Units Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Beginner 15 70 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
30 100
Hard 30 60 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
40 300
Extreme 35 60 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 400
God 40 50 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 500

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Each wave corresponds to 100 enemies. Waves are shared between difficulty levels - Beginner only has wave 1, Hard has waves 1-3, etc. Easier difficulties have reduced enemy stats.

  • Wave 1
  • Wave 2
  • Wave 3
  • Wave 4
  • Wave 5
Enemy Unit
Green Sahagin (Swimming) Sprite.png
Green Sahagin (Swimming) ×64
Ranged (67)
Magic 1500 150 60
MR 10
Initial: 20
Missile: 1
1 UP
Does not stop to attack. Upon reaching land, switches to Green Sahagin.
Merman Sprite.png
Merman ×33
Physical 2500 250 50
MR 30
Initial: 40
1 UP
Green Gillman Sprite.png
Green Gillman ×3
Physical 5000 500 300
MR 15
Initial: 45
1 UP

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Beatrica Introduction

Beatrica Icon.png Beatrica: "Yo, Prince. Aren't we late? Look, it's time for the war council, you know?"

"Now then, though it's sudden, let's move on to the meat of the matter, shall we? ——You know of the monster attacks plaguing the fishing villages, right?"

"Hahah, that's my Prince. So you've already gotten prepped for the monster subjugation."

"However, hold a moment. As a pirate, I have some info I wish to impart."

"——Yosh, then shall I tell you? First, though there's a beach in that area, due to the influence of the ocean currents, the tide ebbs and flows, making it a very harsh place."

"The spots that were land till then will often sink into the sea at a moment's notice."

"There should be some rocky outcrops that won't sink, so pay attention where you deploy your soldiers."

"Also, though it's nothing more than tales being passed among pirates, it seems the bloody monsters creeping from the sea aren't going ashore on base instinct."

"The fishing villages hired skilled mercenaries to subdue the monsters, but from what I heard, there's not enough hands and legs against the schools of monsters being led by someone."

"It's just my speculation, but do you suppose there's a chance Maou's army's behind this? It'll be best if you stood on your toes whatever the case."

"Yosh, then let's get ready to set sail. The battle this time will take the form of a 'Great Subjugation Mission' I heard from Katie a while back."

"Our top priority is protecting the peace of the fishing villages, so defeating 'as many enemies as possible' is what counts."

"So whatever happens from what I hear, even if your life reaches 0, you'll clear the mission and the number you defeated till then will be counted and tallied in the battle results."

"If you're the man I think you are, you'll bust up those monsters without fear of being wounded."

"Oops, also, the deploy cost won't recover over time. So it'll be best if you brought those with the 'Reinforcements' skill and Valkyries along, OK?"

"You won't obtain any gold or EXP, but——hahah, it's not like we're plundering it right from under your noses, you know? I'm not the type that's swept by a chicken feed sum of gold."

"Now then, how about we head to the battlefield, Prince. Let's begin the 'Great Subjugation Mission', shall we?"

Map Opening

Kralhu Icon.png ???: "——The tide, darkness, cold water heavy and still, and my comrades who know the dim, deep sea... Let us finish this trial for our next conquest."

Merman Icon.png Merman: "Hah! Our leader! The one who rules the deep sea! The Great Sea Devil!"

Kralhu Icon.png ???: "Because I have been called by that youngling Galious, I must cross over to Makai, but you may enjoy the merciful conquest in my stead."

???: "You may grant a merciful death to those drowning in sadness, unable to return to the mother ocean..."

Merman Icon.png Merman: "Death to those who drown! A merciful death!"

Beatrica Icon.png Beatrica: "——Prince, I see signs of the merfolk heading towards us from the water's surface. It looks like they intend to go ashore from this beach."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Past here are many fishing villages. If we don't stop them here, there'll be countless casualties..."

Beatrica Icon.png Beatrica: "What, doesn't change what we do, does it? The sea belongs to us pirates. We can't let these monsters grow a big head now, can we?"

Maurette Icon.png Maurette: "Right, right. So, let's blow 'em to smithereens right here!"

Beatrica Icon.png Beatrica: "——Also, Prince, it'll be time for high-tide before long. Like I told you before, take care in the deployment of your soldiers."

Maurette Icon.png Maurette: "Ahh, but if it's those rocks, we may have some footing even when the tide comes in, right...?"

Beatrica Icon.png Beatrica: "Pretty fine intuition you have there. Prince, like she says. You should also make effective use of the footing that won't sink."

Beatrica: "Well then, let's subdue these bloody fishmen, Prince. I'll leave the orders for battle to you!"

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