This page concerns DMM points one can earn for free via various activities. For guides on how to purchase DMM points, please see here (Touken Ranbu wikia) or here (Kancolle wikia)
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There are 3 kinds of free points that players can use: Games Points, Pachinko Balls, and M-Medals.

Games Points[edit | edit source]

Games Points (GP) can act as substitute for DMM Points, but it can only be used for DMM browser games. You can use GP directly from Aigis' Shop Menu.

The exchange rate from Pachinko Balls/M-Medals to Games Points is 10:1.

GP will expire after 6 months.

Pachinko Balls[edit | edit source]

Pachinko Balls (PB) are earned from playing pachinko on a daily basis. However, an active JP phone number is required to be registered before one can exchange the balls into GP. (Once you do so, you will be sent a confirmation message and verification code to it.)

PB will expire after 1 month.

This is the link to exchange PB to GP.

M-Medals[edit | edit source]

M-Medals do not require the user to register a phone number, and are earned by doing the following daily missions, listed as they appear in the page.

Mission List
Play 3 games
(10 point)
Play 5 games
(20 point)
Play 1 game using
DMM Game Player*
(30 point)
Visit the DMM Games top page
(3 point)
Play daily Pachinko
(1 point)
Get 1 'Like' in community page
(1 point)
Visit My Games page
(1 point)
Visit the
(Standard Mission)
M-Medals page

(1 point)
Visit the
Online Games List page

(1 point)
Register your credit card
(150 point, 1 time only;
if you already have a credit
card registered you will
not be able to do so)
Register your (JP)
phone number
(50 point, 1 time only)

It's quite easy to do the 7 missions highlighted in bold, and by doing so a player can earn 37 M-Medals per day, for a total of 1110 M-Medals per month. However, you will need to visit the M-Medals page and click "Receive Medals" (Big orange button between Oncidium picture and stacks of coins) once you complete a mission before you will receive any medals.

(For the "Play number of games" condition, the following games will not count.)
  • Imperial SaGa
  • グランブルーファンタジー (GranBlue Fantasy)
  • 雀ナビ麻雀オンライン for DMM (JanNavi Mahjong Online)
  • 戦国武将姫MURAMASA艶 (Sengoku Bushou-hime MURAMASA Tsuya)
  • 大皇帝 (Dai Koutei)
  • 九十九姫 (Tsukumohime)
  • Trident
  • ピグブレイブ (Pigg Brave)
  • ブレイヴガール レイヴンズ (Brave Girl Ravens)
  • みんなで にゃんこ大戦争 (Minna de Nyanko Daisensou)
  • ブレイヴガール レイヴンズxR (Brave Girl Ravens xR)
  • 式姫草子 (Shikihime Zoushi - service terminated)
  • DMM GAME PLAYERにて配信中のゲーム (any games played via the DMM GAME PLAYER application service)
* How to install and play using DMM Game Player

Eligible games, the ones that the mission button will take you to, consist of this list for R-18 games and this for all-ages games. In all those cases, there should be a big conspicuous button on the front page; click it. Sometimes, it may take you to a DMM login page first, after which you'll have to click the big conspicuous button again.

It should now show a box with two buttons. The button on the right should be for installing DMM GAME PLAYER; click it to download and install. (The installer itself has an English language setting, even if the game player application itself does not.)

Once installed, or if it's already installed, click on the button to the left (and allow DMM GAME PLAYER to run). It should open the GAME PLAYER app to the page of the game you're trying to download. (If it's an all-ages game, it might be region-locked and the page itself won't show, but it still seems to start the game's actual download properly.)

The download screen should first show you a Terms of Use page if you haven't already agreed to it before, with the first checkbox saying "Agree to this game's Terms of Use". (The next checkbox is for letting the game send you notices, and the last checkbox is for showing you play the game on your profile.) Agree and click the yellow button to continue. The next page will ask you where you want to install, tells you how much space it'll take (which I think is exaggerated on the lower side), and presents one checkbox for starting the game after download's finished and maybe another checkbox for placing a shortcut on your desktop. Clicking the orange button should start the download.

Once download's finished and you start the game, getting to the first screen should already be enough to get you the 15 M-Medals.

- Illumini9

M-Medals will expire after 1 month.

This is the link to exchange M-Medals to GP.

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