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Skill Awakening (スキル覚醒) is a system that allows the skills of Awakened units to be changed to a new form. Most units have unique awakened skills that are not shared by any other units. Awakened skills are often very powerful and often more powerful than the original skill, although they are not strictly better. Awakened skills cannot be leveled up -- they are always at full strength.

To achieve skill awakening, a unit must be Awakened and it must have a max level skill. The cost of skill awakening in orbs and gold is exactly the same as for Awakening itself (summarized below). In addition, players will need a special fairy that is primarily available from a weekend Daily Mission, in which only Awakened units (and the Prince) are usable. The Skill Awakening menu is a sub-menu of the normal Awakening (next to Special Awakening).


  • A Spirit of Skill Awakening, obtained from The Battlefield of Warriors.
  • Either 100k, 200k or 300k gold, depending on if their rarity is Gold, Platinum or Black respectively.
  • Specific type and amount of Awakening Orbs, gathered in special Daily Missions. The amount required varies by rarity (1 for Gold, 2 for Plat, 3 for Black) and the type depends on the class. Certain classes will require 2 types of orbs.

Skill Swapping[]

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As of February 21, 2019, players can freely switch between the unit's base and awakened skills once Skill Awakening is completed. To do so, one must open the unit's information window and press the relevant button on the right side. The base skill will be on the left, and the awakened skill will be on the right. This can be performed as needed with no penalties.