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This page will attempt to explain the various stats of units in the game. Note that these apply to both allied units and enemies.

HP[edit | edit source]

  • Health Points - a measure of how much damage a unit can take. Upon reaching 0, the unit is removed from play.
  • Melee units generally have significantly more HP than Ranged units.
  • The majority of Elves have much lower HP than their counterparts of the same class and/or rarity.
  • Many effects can take place upon death - i.e. Rakshasa's explosion, Wendy's delayed revival, etc.

Attack (攻撃力)[edit | edit source]

  • A measure of the offensive power of a unit. For attacking units, this refers to how much damage they can deal per attack. For healing units, this is how much HP they can restore per cast.
  • Attacks can deal 3 different types of damage - physical (no special mention), magical (referred to as some variation of 'ignores defense'), and true (referred to as some variation of 'ignores defense and magic resistance').
  • Note that for a true measure of a unit's power, many other factors must be taken into account - notably Attack Speed.

Defense (防御力)[edit | edit source]

  • A measure of the defensive power of a unit. Defense only affects physical damage.
  • Defense removes a flat amount from the damage taken - for example, if a enemy physical unit has 1000 ATK, and hits a unit with 500 DEF, they will take (1000 - 500) = 500 damage per attack.
  • If defense exceeds 90% of the attack, damage is set to a minimum of 10%. For example, if a enemy physical unit has 1000 ATK, and hits a unit with 1200 DEF, they will take 100 damage, rather than the expected 0.
  • For certain projectiles, if defense exceeds attack as above, there is a 50% chance that the attack is 'nullified' or 'deflected'. The result is that no damage is done.

Magic Resistance (魔法耐性)[edit | edit source]

  • A measure of the defensive power of a unit. MR only affects magical damage.
  • MR removes a percentage of the damage taken - for example, if a enemy magical unit has 1000 ATK and hits a unit with 30 MR, they will take (1000 - (1000 * 0.3)) = 700 damage per attack.
  • Note that if MR exceeds 100, the same minimum damage rule as defense (10%) applies.

Block (ブロック)[edit | edit source]

  • Exclusive to Melee units, block refers to how many enemies a unit can engage in battle and prevent from moving.
  • Some units perform different actions depending on whether or not they are blocking an enemy, such as Priest Warriors.

Range (射程)[edit | edit source]

  • A measure of the effective distance that a unit can cover in combat.
  • This is not exclusive to units in the ranged-slot - certain melee classes, such as Bowriders have both block and range.
  • Only ranged enemies can attack a player's ranged-slot units.
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