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Status Effects are negative states applied to allied units either by enemies, map conditions, or a side effect of your units' own skills. These effects apply various penalties to the units affected by them, for instance, paralysis, which halves a unit's defense and reduces their block count, which may be undesirable for a unit during a mission. 

Below are a list of status effects observed in Aigis so far.

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Paralysis is a status that incapacitates the unit, rendering them unable to attack or use skills. Any skills currently in use will be abruptly terminated and the timer set to reuse timer. However, Demon Summoner's area of effect damage continues even when paralyzed. And Prince's Moral Boost will also remain in effect.

Paralyzed units have halved defense and most often lose the ability to block. Chance to dodge, avoid abilities (e.g. Rogues) are negated while paralyzed. Paralyzed units can be withdrawn.

Units with paralyzing attacks can cause Paralysis status after a certain number of hits. In many cases it is paralyzed with 6 damage, but there are also enemies that cause paralysis fewer times.

If the paralyzed attack unit is within the range of a Saint, it may endure more paralyzing hits than usual before becoming paralyzed. Number of hits to paralysis do not increment while a unit is paralyzed (if they are still capable of taking paralyzing hits while paralyzed). Hits that are dodged, avoided, or negated do not contribute to paralysis counter.

Units typically recover from paralysis in 12 seconds. If the unit is within a Saint's range this time will be halved. Placing a Saint near a paralyzed unit will reduce the time left to recovery by half (i.e. if there was 10 seconds remaining, it will be reduced to 5 seconds. When a Saint is paralyzed, her paralysis time can not be halved.

While using Liana 's skill or Cenote 's awakened skill, allies within the skill range can not be paralyzed.

Liana 's skill, Cenote 's awakened skill, and Lehren 's awakened skill all immediately clear paralysis for allies within skill range and reset the number of hits to paralysis to zero.

Some units can inflict paralysis on enemies. Vampires have paralyzing attacks as a class characteristic, and can paralyze an enemy after 6 hits. There are also units who can paralyze enemies with their skills (e.g. Kibahime.

Paralyzed enemies cannot move or attack for 12 seconds, their defense is halved, avoidance abilities are negated, regeneration abilities are stopped, and flying enemies are grounded. Some unit (most angels and demons) are immune to paralysis.

Block Source of Paralysis
Blocks maintained Lesser Vampire

Vampire Goblin

(Green) Lesser Demon (Whip)

Blocks invalidated Prince 's skill "Sacred treasure of Aegis" · "Sacred treasure of Kelaunos"

Awakened Skill of Momiji Swordsmen " Demonic Power "

Some Ninja Units

Vampire Eden

Lesser Demon (whip)

Dragon zombie

Damage Over Time[]

Some enemies, terrain effects, and weather effects can cause damage over time, with the most common in-game explanation for it being poison and fire. This is, usually small, constant damage that does not hit (and therefore does not trigger retaliation), but is different from damage over time caused by an enemy's aura (e.g. Majin Belzebuth, enemy Lapis) where there is a visible area of where the aura's effects are applied. The damage ignores defense and MR and cannot be dodged or negated.

Abilities that grant immunity to status effects are the only way for units to be immune to DoT from terrain effects while Abilities that grant immunity to certain weather effects (in addition to certain classes like Rangers) are the only way to gain immunity to DoT from weather effects. DoT caused by the appearance of enemies will always hit your allied units until the enemies are defeated or have escaped.

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