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The Strategy Lesson Quest (戦術指南クエスト) series is to provide a new player with general information about basic unit types and strategy, with each mission focusing on a new aspect. There are a total of 7 missions in this quest line. Each mission requires 10 charisma point to attempt, and when the player has successfully completed the final mission with 3 stars they will receive Tactics Instructor Katie. These missions are unique in the fact that you are given premade teams to attempt rather than using your units.

Missions Edit

Stage Name


3★ Bonus

Exercise: Basics of Blocking
Gain an understanding of the basics of blocking and the warriors best suited to block. Leeanne
Exercise: Power of Healing
Get to know the healer's capabilities to restore the HP of your troops. Alissa
Exercise: Airborne Enemies
Get to know the way to deal with flying enemies that cannot be blocked. Daniela
Exercise: Mages' Magic
Experience the basics of coordinating a defense against the enemy using block and defeating them with magic. Valerie
Exercise: Witches' Magic
Get to know the special magic of witches. Calliope
Practical Exercise: Unit Points
Experience the importance of the Unit Points and how it affects the battle. Phyllis
Practical Exercise: How to Deal With Strong Enemies
Experience battling a strong enemy that dramatically changes the battle. Katie

Video Guides Edit

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