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Summer Festival Expedition: Pursue the Phantom Ingredients! (夏祭り探検隊 幻の食材を追え!) is a farming-based urgent mission running from 13/08/2020 to 20/08/2020.


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Targeted Food Stalls
20 180 750 10 8
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon.png
Soldier (Heavy) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 31
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
To the Gourmet Jungle!
25 220 1125 10 8
Regina (Yukata) Icon.png
Regina (Yukata) Lv6
Phyllis Icon.png
Phyllis Lv6
2 10 35
Cyrille Icon.png
Spirit of Silver -
The Gourmet Jungle Actually Exists!
30 280 1800 10 8
Regina (Yukata) Icon.png
Regina (Yukata) Lv8
Christopher Icon.png
Christopher Lv8
3 10 44
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
Catch in the Chocolate Field
40 360 2250 10 8
Regina (Yukata) Icon.png
Regina (Yukata) Lv10
Eunice Icon.png
Eunice Lv10
5 10 36
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv10
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet x2
Pursuing the Phantom Dragon Meat!
55 500 2700 10 8
Regina (Yukata) Icon.png
Regina (Yukata) Lv15
Ertel Icon.png
Ertel Lv15
7 10 25
Niel Icon.png
Niel Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Resounding Gun Salutes, Thundering Roars
90 680 3600 10 8
Regina (Yukata) Icon.png
Regina (Yukata) Lv20
[100% drop]
Percis Icon.png
Percis Lv20
12 15 52
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon.png
Ruby x2

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Regina (Yukata) CC Sprite.png
Regina (Yukata)
Ranged (300)
Armored Human
Splash 53.33
7000 300 300 281
Initial: 45
Move: 201
Missile: 4
3 UP
Ranged attack targets up to 2 units simultaneously.

Uses melee attack when blocked.

Armored Human
Physical 500 87
Initial: 14
Ranged (300)
Armored Human
Splash 53.33
20000 700 700 281
Initial: 45
Move: 201
Missile: 4
Armored Human
Physical 1000 87
Initial: 14
Dracoraptor Sprite.png
Ranged (160)
Physical 15000 300 250
MR 5
Initial: 40
Move: 21
Missile: 0
2 UP
Ranged attack targets all units within range simultaneously.

Upon attacking, gains movement speed. Uses melee attack when blocked.

700 87
Initial: 45
2 UP
Dracorex Sprite.png
Ranged (220)
Physical 250000 700 1000
MR 10
Initial: 50
Move: 121
Missile: 0
3 UP
Ranged attack targets all units within range simultaneously, and paralyzes units struck in 1 hit.

Upon attacking, gains movement speed. Uses melee attack when blocked.

3000 247
Initial: 40
3 UP
Giant Chocolate Myconid Sprite.png
Giant Chocolate Myconid
Melee Physical 60000 1000 1500 118
Initial: 22
1 UP
All units suffer 20 damage per 0.5 seconds (40 damage per second).
Giant Chocolate Treant Sprite.png
Giant Chocolate Treant
Ranged (208) Magic 40000 650 2500 135
Initial: 10
Move: 101
Missile: 0
1 UP
Regenerates HP: 1%/0.5s for 250s, then 0.75%/0.5s.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Stall Food Besieged

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "——Prince, you came!? Bad news, monsters appeared in the summer festival grounds...!"

Mao Icon.png Mao: "They took the stall food and now they're climbing up the Yagura! Geez—! Hey—! Get down from there—!!"

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya! Pillage! Belly full! Yum!"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Kuh... Those food items are the important ones everyone prepared for the summer festival...!"

Daniela Icon.png Daniela: "The way things are, we'll be left with a summer festival with empty stalls..."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "We have to protect them no matter what. Prince, lend a hand. Let's clear away the monsters!!"


Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "——We completed the monster subjugation, but..."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "The Yagura and the stalls themselves are safe, but most of the food items are ruined. Those rotten goblins, were they THAT hungry!?"

Ramii Icon.png Ramii: "Uwaah, there really isn't any food left—! Uuugh, I wanted to eat the fried cooorn."

Mao Icon.png Mao: "Oh bother... The summer festival is days away. It'll be difficult shocking up ingredients now..."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "... Can't be helped. This is also for the stall foo——I mean, this is also for the people looking forward to the festival."

Fuuko Icon.png Fuuko: "Regina, do you have any ideas?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "They ruined the festival. So I was thinking we should have a luxurious festival many times better, and make the monsters pay dearly."

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "B, by luxurious ingredients... You don't intend to go to that jungle, do you...?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "You better believe it. We're going to eat delicious stall food at any cost!"

Regina: "——Come, Prince, get ready to depart. Let's go, to the Phantasmic Gourmet Jungle...!!"


Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——The Phantasmic Gourmet Jungle. A jungle with a joke-like name..."

Augusta NPC Icon.png Augusta: "Ahaha... Though it's nothing more than a nickname. It's famous among hunters and chefs."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Yeah, because it's isolated from society, it's a jungle renowned for it's unique ingredients——and the creatures that live there."

"But the Gourmet Jungle's ingredients rarely circulate in the city. So——"

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "——The legendary Gourmet Jungle is the home of the Draco-rex, a fearsome dragon."

"They say the Draco-rex is the king of the Gourmet Jungle. I hear plenty of hunters and chefs became its prey and were killed."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "I see... In other words, this'll be a hunting expedition. We'll be hunting while avoiding the Draco-rex, right?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Fufu, the exact opposite. What we're after is the highest grade item, the Draco-rex itself."

"It's finally the summer festival, doesn't that make you want to eat the best dragon meat? Prince must also think so, right?"

"... Fufufu, I believed the Prince would say that. Well then, let's go at once! To the Phantasmic Gourmet Jungle...!!"

To the Gourmet Jungle!

Duo Icon.png Duo: "Phantasmic Gourmet Jungle, eh...? I ate it only once, but the Draco-rex jery was sooo good."

Reanbell Icon.png Reanbell: "What? How did you come across an expensive ingredient like that?"

Duo Icon.png Duo: "Fufufu, that's my secret. But this time it's going to be fresh meat, not jerky! I wonder what it'll taste like."

Reanbell Icon.png Reanbell: "Hmm... I'll just have to question you for details later. By the way Duo, what is Regina and the others doing?"

Duo Icon.png Duo: "Ah—... A mock battle, I wonder?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "——For that reason, Prince, I'll play the part of the Draco-rex and attack while you do your best to hold me back!"

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Ah, umm, Regina-san? Wouldn't be a little unreasonable to have a human player the Draco-rex role...?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Fufufu, but I'm unable to sit still and do nothing when I think how close we are to the Gourmet Jungle. Look, the Prince also looks like he's excited, see?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Tremble-tremble)."

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Geez, not you too, Prince... But this area is spot with many monster sighting reports. So try not to cause too much of a racket, OK?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Yosh, now that it's decided, mock battle! Let's go, Prince, I'll be marching forward like I've become the Draco-rex!"


Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Yosh, the monsters have also been subdued along with the mock battle, prep exercises complete."

Duo Icon.png Duo: "It'll be smooth sealing with the sea clean~♪ Now then, the Gourmet Jungle will be over the horizon soon. Prince, Regina, are you ready?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Yeah, leave it to me! Let's make the summer festival stalls exceptionally luxurious!"

The Gourmet Jungle Was Real!

Reve Icon.png Reve: "——A phantasmic and unexplored region of high quality ingredients. Our Kingdom Army, seeking the meat of the Draco-rex, has ventured into the Gourmet Jungle——."

Mao Icon.png Mao: "Reve-san, you're surprisingly calm. Keeping your cool, jotting down in your journal, even in this sort of situation."

Reve Icon.png Reve: "It depends. Either I'm calm, or I'm writing to keep my cool..."

Reve: "I heard you're going to the Phantasmic Gourmet Jungle, so I thought I had to keep a record of it, but now I'm having some second thoughts...!"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Didn't expect us to be surrounded by the natives this quickly... It would be nice if we could somehow tell them we don't wish to fight them here, but..."

Jungle Archer Icon.png Native: "... Rejoice. Draco-raptor-sama says to welcome you."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Ooh, thank goodness! It looks like our thoughts somehow got through!"

Jungle Archer Icon.png Native: "You shall be eaten by Draco-raptor-sama and become one with this jungle."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Be eaten...? Err, what do you mean?"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "... I, I remember! I believe I heard there should be natives that worship the Draco-raptor in the Gourmet Jungle!"

Reve: "If I recall, they call it a welcome, but it's closer to sacrificing lost people to the dragon called Draco-raptor!"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "I see... By the way, Reve, is the Draco-raptor tasty?"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "Ehh, umm... There's something about it having a rich flavour that differs a bit from the Draco-rex...?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Yosh, now that it's decided, let's quickly sweep the area and greet the Draco-raptor!"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "Ee—hh!? P, please be careful, OK? A Draco-raptor is a vicious dragon that will attack without hesitation when it spots its prey!"

Reve: "If we keep a distance, our ranged attacks may prove effective. So let's try to attack from afar as much as possible!"


Jungle Archer Icon.png Native: "... Draco-raptor-sama lost! Ooh, impressive! It's the return of the Hero King of legend!"

Reve Icon.png Reve: "H, Hero, King...? Are you saying Hero King-sama also visited the Gourmet Jungle!?"

Reve: "This must be a new discovery. As the secretary, It was worth coming here!"

Jungle Archer Icon.png Native: "That must mean you're the Kingdom's people. That was rude of us."

Native: "As an apology, we shall guide you to our chocolate fields."

Regina (Yukata) AW Icon.png Regina: "Chocolate fields!? As expected of the Gourmet Jungle, it's a food paradise that defies common sense...!"

Regina: "Prince, let's have them guide us at once! Our stalls will be complete with chocolate!"

Catcher in the Chocolate Field

Alice Icon.png Alice: "——Err, is that chocolate moving?"

Aix Icon.png Aix: "It's animated and lively... It feels similar to the monsters that were coated in chocolate we saw before, but..."

Sharqi Icon.png Sharqi: "It's chocolate we can eat properly, right? Right?"

Jungle Archer Icon.png Native: "No need to be afraid. That is the chocolate field. It's being aged with magic into the chocolate made from cocoa and sweetness."

Native: "However, if we pour too much magic, they start to move like that. Come, harvest as much as you like."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "I, I see... Meaning, those things are normal chocolate only moving through magic."

Regina: "Yosh, in that case, I won't hold back! I love sweet things. Prepare yourself, chocolate field...!"


Sharqi Icon.png Sharqi: "Waah, the chocolate we caught is nice and sweet—!"

Leaf Icon.png Leaf: "Really! It's nice and refined, the sweetness has been aged and is exceptional!"

Alice Icon.png Alice: "Hey, hey, there won't be any left to use in the stalls, you know? You also tell them, Regina-sa——"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "*Lick-lick*... Mm~! This is yummy...!!"

Alice Icon.png Alice: "——Uugh, then me too! It'll be fine if it's just one bite!"

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Eehh, in that case, I'll also... eh, huh...? These footprints... They look familiar..."

Claudia: "... Ahh, aaah!! Prince, Regina-san, I found a clue...!"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "*Munch-munch*... *Gulp*. A, a clue? Could it be the Draco-rex!?"

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Yes. This shape is suggests it was running and it's the largest size even in the Gourmet Jungle. There's no doubt, it's the footprint of a Draco-rex."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Yosh, at last the real deal! Prince, let's follow these tracks!"

After the Phantasmal Dragon Meat!

Mao Icon.png Mao: "Oh, Prince! Please look! There's two giant dragons!"

Nanaly Icon.png Nanaly: "Dragons, fighting...? It looks like they're battling..."

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "I hear the Draco-rex has fierce fighting instincts. They may be fighting over territory."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "But it looks like it's about over. Both sides are already battered and bruised."

(There can be only one!)

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Kuh... What a roar...! Just listening makes my body numb."

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Somehow, it looks like that Draco-rex has also noticed us. It's starting to head this way...!"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Prince, it looks like that thing suffered injuries from its battle with its kin."

Regina: "However, that's not enough to quell its fighting instincts. That thing is evaluating us, now's our hunting chance!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Yosh, begin the hunt...!!"


Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Fuu... Slain the Draco-rex...!!"

Augusta Icon.png Augusta: "With this much meat, we can not only stock the festival, but are stores many times over. Fufufu, I'm itching to put my culinary skills to use."

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "But we don't have enough ingredients. Isn't that right, Augusta?"

Augusta Icon.png Augusta: "... *Gulp*. Could it be you still intend to secure other ingredients...?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Naturally! Cause this is the Gourmeet Jungle. We'll bring back a mountain of ingredients to the Kingdom!"

Augusta Icon.png Augusta: "Very well. I shall accept that challenge!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Collecting ingredients is fine, but let's make sure we return before the day of the festival, OK?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "In any case, Prince, that was good work on Draco-rex hunting project!"

Resounding Gun Salute, Thunderous Roar

[——Day of the Summer Festival.]

Regina (Yukata) AW Icon.png Regina: "Badabo—om~♪ Fufufu, looks like everyone's enjoying the festival."

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "It's thanks to Regina-san's using her brains and telling us to go to the Gourmet Jungle. Everyone in the city also looks shocked at the rare dishes."

Regina (Yukata) AW Icon.png Regina: "A festival without stall food is tasteless. Now that business is booming, let's go fire some fireworks!"

Regina: "Se—no, kabo—om!! kabo—om! Badabo—om! Hyu~, Kabo—om~♪"

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Wah, waaaAH!? Regina-san! You're firing too many! Eh, she's not listening at all...!?"

Claudia: "Prince, please help! Regina-san is firing all the fireworks...!"

("Go be fat somewhere else.jpg")

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "... Hah, I got so into it, I lit too many fireworks."

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Geez, you startled us. Now, Regina-san, let's visit the stalls toget——eh, huh?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Muh... Somehow, it's getting louder and louder. What's that?"

Phyllis Icon.png Phyllis: "——B, bad news! The fresh ingredients woke up!"

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Fresh... Err...?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Do you mean the Gourmet Jungle ingredients we put to sleep to preserve their freshness and transported here are...!?"

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "What sort of transport method did you...!? Hah... Did the sleeping ingredients awaken due to the Regina-san's fireworks earlier?"

Phyllis Icon.png Phyllis: "On top of that, thanks to them being fully rested, they're not in any weakened state. In any case, help us suppress the ingredients!"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Can't be helped. Prince, let us also head to out suppress the ingredients! We'll split up and neutralise the ingredients!"


Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "I can't believe we would fight the Draco-rex here..."

Phyllis Icon.png Phyllis: "Fuu, it looks like no one from the city was hurt. But let's refrain from anything dangerous like putting the ingredients to sleep and transport them, OK?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "No, I have no excuse. I was only prioritising their freshness..."

Claudia Icon.png Claudia: "Fufufu, let's reflect on it later. Come, Prince, Regina-san, the summer festival isn't over yet, you know?"

Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Regina: "Right... Yosh, I'll make another sweep of the food stalls!"

Regina (Yukata) AW Icon.png Regina: "Prince, let's eat and compare the Draco-rex and Draco-raptor grilled skewers. Let's eat till our stomachs are full~♪"


Menu Fame.png
  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear いざグルメジャングルへ! (25/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear グルメジャングルは実在した! (30/3) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

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