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Supreme Ruler of the Sky (大空の覇者) is a Subjugation based urgent mission running from 25/05/17 to 22/06/17.

This event received a revival from 20/02/2020 to 19/03/2020.

Rewards Edit

This type of event has 2 reward scales. The first is based on the total number of enemies slain over the duration of the event. The second is based on the highest number of slain enemies in a single attempt.

Original Edit

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
1000 Alegria 100 Imperial Pegasus Knight Clara
2000 Spirit of Gold 300 Platinum Armor
3000 Spirit of Platinum 400 50 Demon Crystals
4000 Spirit of Black 500 Freude
5000 Spirit Queen
6000 Freude
7000 Spirit of Platinum
8000 Spirit of Black
9000 Spirit of Rainbow
10000 Freude

Revival Edit

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
500 Alegria 100 Platinum Armor
1000 Spirit of Gold 200 Alegria
1500 Platinum Armor 300 50 Demon Crystals
2000 Spirit of Platinum 400 Freude
2500 Spirit of Black 500 Farah
3000 Freude 501 1x Summon Ticket
3500 30.000 Gold
4000 Spirit of Platinum
4500 Platinum Armor
5000 Spirit of Black
5500 Spirit Queen
6000 Freude
6500 60.000 Gold
7000 Spirit of Platinum
7500 Spirit of Black
8000 Platinum Armor
8500 Spirit Queen
9000 Spirit of Rainbow
9500 90.000 Gold
10000 Farah

Additional rewardsEdit


Every 100 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until 2000 monsters.

From then onwards, every 200 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until the max limit of 10000 monsters.

Crystal Shards may be used in Base Summoning SP, which has a higher chance of summoning Silver-rarity or higher units than the normal 2000G Base Summon.


Supremerulerofthesky map

Missions Edit

General Edit

God EX Edit

  • A new difficulty tier featuring stronger enemies as well as bonus enemy kill multipliers upon mission clear.
    • Upon mission clear, total enemies slain is multiplied by 1.3x.
    • If all enemies were slain, the multiplier is instead 1.5x.
  • Duplicate units are not allowed.
Difficulty Tiers Cha Points Units Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Beginner 15 70 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
30 100
Hard 30 60 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
40 300
Extreme 35 50 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 400
God 40 40 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 500
Mission added in revival
God EX 50 50 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 501

Enemies Edit

  • Each wave corresponds to 100 enemies. Waves are shared between difficulty levels - Beginner only has wave 1, Hard has waves 1-3, etc. Easier difficulties have reduced enemy stats.

  • EX Wave 1
  • EX Wave 2
  • EX Wave 3
  • EX Wave 4
  • EX Wave 5
  • EX Wave 6
Enemy Unit
Red Goblin Soldier Sprite
Red Goblin Soldier ×40
Physical 3000 450 0 101
Initial: 12
1 UP
Red Goblin King Sprite
Red Goblin King ×3
Physical 4500 450 0 133
Initial: 12
3 UP
Goblin Archer Sprite
Goblin Archer ×4
Ranged (121)
Physical 1920 200 0 171
Initial: 35
Move: 121
Missile: 3
1 UP
Goblin Mage Sprite
Goblin Mage ×2
Ranged (120)
Splash 133
1920 180 0 231
Initial: 40
Move: 161
Missile: 6
1 UP
Red Goblin Mage Sprite
Red Goblin Mage ×2
Ranged (131)
Splash 133.33
3600 250 30 191
Initial: 40
Move: 121
Missile: 6
1 UP
Gazer Sprite
Gazer ×18
Ranged (180)
Magic 900 100 150
MR 60
Initial: 16
Missile: 7
1 UP
Does not stop to attack.
Red Gargoyle Sprite
Red Gargoyle ×25
Flying - 3000 - 300 21 650
1 UP
Does not attack.
Red Drake Sprite
Red Drake ×5
Ranged (56)
Magic 8400 350 300 541
Initial: 60
Move: 361
Missile: 4
1 UP
Nidhoggr Sprite
Nidhoggr ×1
Flying - 750000 - 1200
MR 40
3 UP
Entering map. Highest defense and movespeed during this phase.
MR 20
3 UP
Hovering in place. Defense/MR is lowered from previous. Will not attack.

Begins moving after a set time.

Moving phase.

Units within range 66 suffer 400 damage per 0.333 seconds (1200 damage per second).


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Clara Introduction

Clara Icon Clara: "—L, let's see, I'm the Imperial Pegasus Knight, Clara! P, pardon my intrusion!!"

"Ex, excuse me for biting my lips. Auu~... As I thought, standing before the Prince is making me nervoouus..."

"... You see, to counter the flock of flying monsters approaching the Kingdom, you requested the use of the Imperial Airship, but..."

"... About that, permission has been officially granted by the Empire, so I came bearing a message concerning it."

"'Geez, it's not a thing we can lend out so easily. But we'll be troubled if the Kingdom were to fall, so we'll go ahead and lend you it this time.' That's the message from Leona-sama."

"The deployment of the airship is already underway, so it will be possible to set sail anytime, but... Eh, if you can get it ready, then right now?"

"Un, understood, I'll pass on the word then. Well then, excuse me... Ah, sorry, but I forgot something important!"

"Let's see, Prince-sama, please listen carefully, OK? The battle this time is a 'Great Subjugation Mission' whose goal is to merely defeat the enemy."

"Subjugation Missions are different from regular missions in several ways. ... Let's see... I was sure the memo was here..."

"... Ah, here it is! Let's see, the most important goal in a Subjugation mission is to just 'defeat the enemy'."

"So, you should focus on defeating as many enemies as possible rather than worry about casualties in your army."

"Furthermore, you'll clear even if your life reaches 0, and the number of enemies defeated at that point will be tallied in the results."

"Please concentrate on defeating as many monsters as possible without fear of being wounded."

"This time you'll be fighting on board the airship, so you won't be able to deploy your forces very well."

"Because of that, your deploy cost won't recover over time, so don't forgot to bring horsemen or those with the 'Call for Reinforcements' skill on your team."

"Even if you defeat the enemy, you won't gain any EXP, gold, or drops, so please keep this point in mind."

"... I did it! Thank goodness, I said it without biting my lips...... Aahh, there was one more memo!!"

"Among the monsters, we've confirmed a flock of one-eyed monsters that aren't seen very often. Please take care not to be misled by the irregular movement of those monsters."

"We've also seen gargoyles hardened so that arrows won't pass through, and a new blue variant of the aforementioned one-eyed monsters."

"Leading the monsters are gigantic demons that can control lightning... That is all for the report. ... Whew, I said everything without biting my lips this time!!"

"Prince-sama, whatever you do, please be careful, OK...? Well then, please announce the 'Great Subjugation Mission'!"

EX Mission Introduction

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Prince, please wait a moment! A new message from our scouts arrived just now."

"It confirms the appearance of an especially powerful monster to the rear of the flying monster flock."

"Should the flock headed toward the kingdom be under the command of this monster, it's possible that it will be especially difficult to handle."

"According to the scouts' memo, subjugating the flock led by the powerful monster would be the same as subjugating 1.3 times their number."

"Furthermore, if all monsters including the powerful one were to be subjugated, it would be the same as subjugating 1.5 times their number."

"Battling such a powerful monster will be difficult. Please command us with caution!"

Map Introduction

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "—Enemy flock confirmed! Only a matter of time before we plunge into an area where we can do battle!!"

Katie Icon Katie: "Good work on your report, all members to your positions!"

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "Hah!"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "... By the way, there's a great number of enemies, aren't there~? It would be dangerous if we were suddenly attacked by those kinds of numbers."

Katie Icon Katie: "It's fortuitous that we have been given the chance to strike first. I can't thank the Empire enough for lending us their airship."

Boris Icon Boris: "If you think that, then make sure you produce good results, and report them."

Katie Icon Katie: "You're right. I would also like to thank you, Boris-san, for coming out to steer the airship."

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "B, but will we be OK? If this ship gets busted, we'll be diving headfirst into the ground, ya know!?"

Boris Icon Boris: "Hahn, no need to worry about that. With my steering techniques in addition to this ship that was maintained by yours truly, it'll be like handing a golden club to an oni!"

Boris: "Before worrying about the ship, you better pay attention so you don't fall overboard! Well then, let's go... Begin battle!!"

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