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Unit Role Description[]

Disclaimer: These terms are not official, and were created by players for the purposes of classifying the available units. The roles listed here are not mutually exclusive - most units belong to two or more groups. For example, most Duelists can be used as Gankers. Neither are they comprehensive, as players may find a unit more useful in a role not listed here.

A list of what unit can generally fulfill each role can be found here.

  • Anti-Rush
    • Anti-Rushers are low-cost early map units meant to deal with an early rush. Some classes that normally fit this role are Youko, Monk, and Rogue. Special note to Bronze Soldier, Bronze Dragon Soldiers, and unCCed Silver Soldiers. Though they must be minimum cost.
  • Assist
    • Assisters are units that fit into a melee slot but can provide ranged damage support. Some classes that normally fit this role are Dragon Riders, Magic Fencer, and Ninja
  • Duelist
    • Duelist are units that are capable of taking on powerful enemies one on one with the assistance of a Healer. These units will normally be your go-to for bosses. Some classes that normally fit this role are Avengers, Bandits, and Princesses.
  • Ganker
    • Gankers are often considered more specialized Duelists. They are units that can be dropped in to fight a priority target and pulled out without possibly risking their life, your 3 Star, or too many of your precious unit points. They all have some form self-sustain, damage reduction, Dodge, auto-withdraw, or outright simply cannot be healed. Some classes that normally fit this role are Majin, Valkyrie, and Vampire Princesses.
  • Gateway
    • Gateway units as their name might suggest are units used to the control the flow of enemy units. There are two types of gateway units. The 'open' type that starts off holding no enemy units back, and the 'closed' type that starts off blocking units. When units of this role use their skill they will open/close the gate to allow or deny the enemy a path. Some classes that normally fit this role are Angels, Puppeteers, and Sailors.
  • Healer
    • Burst Healers: Are units capable of only healing one target at a time. They will normally have a skill that boosts their healing power or the range at which they can heal. They are your go-to healers especially when fighting bosses. Classes that normally fit this role are Healers and Priest Warriors.
    • Multi Healers: As the name would suggest, Healers that are capable of healing multiple allies at once. This can be their base heal or what they do during skill use.The class that normally fit this role are Feng Shui Users.
    • Damage Healers: Are Damage Dealers that are capable of healing or healers that are capable of doing damage, and in some cases, they will do both at the same time. Some classes that normally fit this role are Bishops, Shamans, and Dark Priest.
  • Ramp
    • Ramp units are simply units that do one of two things. Generate unit points for you to use or lower the cost of your units so that you can get them out faster. Some classes that normally fit this role are Vanguard Tacticians, Soldier, and Merchants.
  • Rear
    • Physical Rear: They are simply ranged physical based single target damage dealers. Some classes that normally fit this role are Archers, Pirates, and Vampire Hunters.
    • Magical Rear: They are simply ranged magic based single target damage dealers. Some classes that normally fit this role are Witch and Chrono Witch.
    • AoE Rear: They are simply units that go in a range slot, and have AoE attack as their attack. Some classes that normally fit in this role are Gunner, Mage, and Summoners.
  • Specialist
    • Specialist is a unique role. It was made solely for the Swordmaster class as they did not exactly fit anywhere else really while being great all their own
  • Staller
    • Stallers are a role that excels in holding high threat targets in place. This is normally due to one of a few things. They have high dodge, the ability to use paralysis, the ability freeze enemies in place, or they have Immortality. Some classes that normally fit this role are Immortal Princesses, Vampire Lords, and Onmyouji.
  • Support
    • Armor Breaker: They are units that lower the defense or magic resistance of enemy units, or changing your units damage type to bypass the armor of your enemy. Some classes that normally fit in this role are Enchanters and Alchemist.
    • Buffer: They are units that increase the offensive and/or defensive capabilities of your own team. Some classes that normally fit this role are Dancers, Maids, and Rear Guards
    • Debuffer: They are units that weaken the enemy in some form outside of reducing either forms of armor. Some classes that normally fit this role are Curse Users, Monster Breakers, and Nekomata.
    • Greed: They do nothing for combat or progress. The only current use is to make resources easier to get, but this comes at the cost of stronger enemies. The class that solely holds this role is the Thief class.
  • Sweeper
    • Sweepers are unit capable of dealing with large waves of smaller enemies by themselves. Some classes that normally fit this role are Oni, Pegasus Rideers, and Samurai.
  • Tank
    • Offensive tank: They are as their name suggest, the offensive focus tanks of the game. They block anywhere from 2-4 units, and have offensive focused skill allowing them to not only tank, but take down their opponent when ranged support may be lacking. Some classes that normally fit this role are Dragon Princesses, Heavy Artillery, and Mage Armor.
    • Defensive tank: They are as their name suggest, the more defense focus tanks of the game. They block anywhere from 2-4 units, and have defense focused skills allowing them to hold down multiple heavy hitters while their range support tanks them down. Some Classes that normally fit this role are Heavy Armor and Royal Guards.
  • Token Fighter
    • Token Fighters are units that use tokens as a big part of fighting style/use. Some classes that normally fit this role are Demon Summoners, Elementaler, and Necromancers.


This is for those whom are new to the game wanting to know how to best organize their starting units. Some of you may just want the units listed so without further ado:

  • Quantity: Role
  • 1: Anti-Rush
  • 2: AoE Rear
  • 2: Duelist
  • 2: Healer
  • 2: Magical Rear
  • 2: Physical Rear
  • 2: Ramp
  • 2: Tanks

This is an example of a core setup. It may ideal to obtain a Princess by re-making accounts, but in the case that you already have valuable event units, or a favorite unit, etc. do not feel pressured to reroll. Your soldiers should have Call for Reinforcements as their skill to serve as your Ramp units.

Before moving onto an Intermediate composition make sure all these units are 50CC30, or just 50 for any class that does not CC. Make sure to read up on all the classes currently released.


This is for players whom been playing for a couple weeks and have gotten their units up to 50CC30 or base 50 (for non-CC units). Here branching out a little more into the more 'niche' roles is important. With the knowledge of the roles provided take consideration and make your own choices on which units go where. For those whom just want the list, here you go:

  • Quantity - Role
  • 2: Anti-Rush
  • 2: AoE Rear
  • 1: Assist
  • 2: Duelist
  • 1: Ganker
  • 1: Gateway
  • 3: Healer
  • 2: Magical Rear
  • 2: Physical Rear
  • 2: Ramp
  • 1: Sweeper
  • 2: Tank

Ideally you want to obtain a third healer first. Either through summons or through map completions as this will be the most important. Following it in priority will be second Anti-Rush unit, more specifically a Bronze Soldiers, Bronze Dragon Soldiers, or non-class changed Silver Soldiers (Phyllis or Asar in particular are amazing choices due to their skill, allowing you to get some stronger units out faster [Note: These units MUST be minimum cost to properly fulfill their roles]). Some people prefer the extra stats by them but they cost 1 Unit Point more. Next up should be an Assist unit, followed by your Ganker and Gateway units of choice in no specific order. Finally round up your new team with a Sweeper.

The order these new units should be leveled up by is 50CC30 Healers, Anti-Rush to their base cap of 40 or 50 if using minimum cost silver soldiers, Second Anti-Rush to 50CC30, and then Assist to 50CC30. Then Ganker, Gateway,a nd Sweeper in no particular order. Once your additional 6 units are on par with your primary units, you'll want to level them all up by 10 levels a piece until you have reach their maximum level. Once bring all 21 units to 50CC50 or Base 50 depending on CC possibility. Start ot use EXP armors to level up your units, and feel free to slowly add units from the Advanced section one at a time. Not going past the previously stated levels. However do not use EXP armor on these units until your Intermediate choices are at least AW50.


Welcome to the advanced section. So you have been playing for awhile now. Notice how much of a demoness Aigis is right? Anyway, I guess I should get onto the final section dealing with making your army 'perfect'. For all intents and purposes after this you should be able to conquer all battlefields you grace with your harem. Keep in mind in this section roles that have sub-roles (i.e. Tank -> Offensive Tank) will be broken apart. Here is the list.

  • 2-3: Anti-Rush
  • 2-6: AoE Rear
  • 1-3: Armor Breaker
  • 1-4: Assist
  • 1-3: Buffer
  • 2-4: Burst Healer
  • 1-3: Damage Healer
  • 1-3: Debuffer
  • 1-2: Defensive Tank
  • 2-4: Duelist
  • 1-3: Gateway
  • 1-3: Ganker
  • 0: Greed
  • 2-4: Magical Rear
  • 1-3: Multi-Healer
  • 2-3: Offensive Tank
  • 2-5: Physical Rear
  • 2-5: Ramp
  • 1-2: Specialist
  • 1-2: Staller
  • 2-3: Sweeper
  • 1-2: Token Fighter

There now that you have all the slots sorted out I do hope you heeded my advice in the intermediate section and put together who would be your 'perfect' army. The reason for this being for quite a long while your primary and secondary units of your 'perfect' army will have substitute units. Those being units that aren't the ones you want, but fill the position until you do get the one you want. A substitute unit should never be leveled over, but always leveled to 50CC50(or 50 for those that cannot CC) while there is a non-sub unit that can still gain experience. The reason for this is that after level 50, leveling up becomes extremely costly and time consuming. In addition do not use any bronze units or platinum armors to level up a sub unit. Those should all go towards your non-sub units, so that they can reach their level cap. This is because you just simply do not know when you will replace that substitute unit. Making all the experience put into them mostly a waste.

Now on how to build up this massive 30-70 unit army. You'll first want to completely build up the minimum amount for the army. This is 30 units, this is quite easy as your should have 21 of these units already prepared for your army. So in other words, you'll need to train up 1 Armor Breaker, 1 Buffer, 1 Healer (what is missing), 1 Debuffer, 1 Tank(what is missing), 1 Specialist, 1 Staller, 1 Sweeper, and 1 Token Fighter. I know that some of these may be hard to obtain immediately once reaching this stage, but they will be extremely helpful to you in all your future maps.

Now, that you have your advance base all together. I'm sure your wondering about the other 40 units. I want to make one thing clear. I do not expect you nor recommend you to even attempt to do this immediately. These potential 40 units are to augment the base to fit your personal playstyle. While not over committing if you are the choke point tank and spank kind of player or the multiple fighting points type of player. Ideally this will leave you at 45-50 units trained to their maximum potential. After this do whatever you like.

Credits To: Lafate, and others of a M.W.A. Thread, Aikyr

Updated by Lafate - 03/31/18