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This template realigns unit icons using negative margins within a div for the sake of prettiness. See Blog:Kasarn/Align Icon for some other thoughts.

If the appropriate keywords ("Margins left:-6px, top:-5px", and such) isn't in the file's page, though, this just makes the picture float left by default.


Base usage is just:

{{Align icon|<UNITNAME>}}

But it can also go into more details, such as manual overriding of the negative margins.

{{Align icon
|image =     This can take either a filename (such as [[File:Lynn Icon.png]],
             with alternate links inside) or, like above, just a unit's name.
             In that case, a "File:<UNITNAME> Icon.png" page must exist.
|left =     This and the three more beneath are the manual override parameters.
|top =      It takes values like "-6px", with "px" included.
|right =
|bottom =
|link =     If you didn't put in a link inside the filename itself, this
            will let you link to an actual page rather than the file page.
            Note that if you put in just a name, like "Lynn", it'll auto-
            matically link to that unit's page.
|float =     Defaults as "left". You can also make it "center" or "right".
|othercss =     Any other CSS stuff you want to add; delete if not using

As this template automatically makes an icon float left, you'll want to use Template:Clr (like this: {{clr}}) to give it line breaks. Using <br> won't work for new pictures or new text that you want to place beneath the icon, though you can also change the float orientation to "center".

Also for the same reason, this icon won't follow the alignment dictated by a table - that is, even if you tell a table cell that everything inside has to align "center", it won't do anything to this icon's alignment. You have to tell the icon itself to |float=center.


Example Text used Example Text used
Lin Icon.png
{{Align icon|Lin}}
Dine Icon.png
{{Align icon|Dine}}
Rosalie Icon.png
{{Align icon|Rosalie}}
Sanosuke Icon.png
{{Align icon|Sanosuke}}
Example Text used
Jerome Icon.png
{{Align icon|[[File:Jerome_Icon.png]]|left=0px|top=0px}}
Example Text used
Jerome Icon.png
{{Align icon|[[File:Jerome_Icon.png]]|left=-6px|top=-5px}}


When using this template, anything moved outside of Wikia's article space will get chopped off even if it doesn't show it in the preview. If placed on the left edge, make sure the left margin is 0px.