Name Types HP ATK DEF Details Notes
Greater Lich Sprite
Danger boss

Greater Lich

Undead 30000 HP Magical
ATK: 1000
Range: 250
DPS: 414
400 DEF
30 MR
400 MOV
3 UP
Has an aura.
While present, all Undead-type enemies gain 5% ATK and DEF (stackable).
  • |parameter |scaling and |version must be included for the template to work.
  • |v{anything}_{stat} will let you access that stat by adding |version={anything} in the enemylist entry
  • if |v{anything}_ is omitted before {stat} it will be treated as the default value for that stat (but can still be overridden by specific versions)

Note text shortcuts

Supported parameters:

  • name
  • icon - File link
  • type - Category link
  • hp
  • atk
  • def
  • mr - Magic resistance
  • range
  • damagetype - String, "Physical" "Magic" or "True"
  • splash - Splash radius
  • attackspeed
  • alternate_atk - ATK of secondary attack, for ranged enemies who switch attacks when blocked
  • alternate_range - Range of alternate attack
  • alternate_damagetype - Damage type of alternate attack
  • alternate_splash - Splash of alternate attack
  • alternate_attackspeed - Attack speed of alternate attack
  • multishot - Number of projectiles per attack
  • movespeed
  • up - UP generated when killed by a valkyrie
  • assassination_rate
  • notes
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