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Because I'm not copy-pasting this every time a particular class needs the correct plural form.

On the other hand, it'll probably work perfectly with most things, even regular nouns outside of class names. On the other way of looking at it, most of the failing cases this template churns out can be blamed of the fact English grammar is pretty convoluted.


For convenience, classes like Immortal Princesses automatically become Vampire Princesses for categorization purposes. Which suddenly ran into a problem in pages like Awakening/Immortal Princesses, because the edit button was leading to Awakening/Vampire Princesses instead.

In those cases, you need to add in a second argument telling the template lit to make a literal plural of the class name, as opposed to a convenient plural. (Well...that's how I imagined the explanation in my head. Getting the feeling I'm stretching the terminology a little, though.) For example, {{ClassPlurals|Immortal Princess}} would return Vampire Princesses, but {{ClassPlurals|Immortal Princess|lit}} would return Immortal Princesses.

Currently that only applies to Immortal Princesses (it used to, until Vampire Princesses were given their own distinguishing features. But this class will continue to be used as an example here, because there isn't a perfect substitute for them yet) and Junior/Intermediate Dragon Officers. (Monkey Sages are technically included too, but as their AW requirements are the same, the only Monkey Sage we have at the moment is borrowing Awakening/Hermits on her page rather than making a new Awakening/Monkey Sages page.) If any new examples pop up, they'll have to be manually added to this template.