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The Imperial Priest Warrior's Return (帝国神官の帰還) is a farming-based urgent mission that ran from 10/11/16 to 17/11/16.

The story revolves around Lucia, a priest warrior from the White Empire. After being abandoned in Makai during one of the White Empire's first Makai expeditions, she wandered Makai aimlessly before being seemingly rescued by a demon.

The Prince thus sets off to the dark depths of Makai, a place so deadly where even the strongest of fighters find their powers being drained. With harmful miasma lurking all over Makai, rescuing Lucia and reuniting her with the White Empire will surely be no easy task...


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Notes
Sta Life Enemies
White Priest Warrior
20 180 750 10 8
Lucia Icon.png
Lucia Lv5
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze -
1 10 32
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Assault on Kingdom
25 220 1125 10 8
Lucia Icon.png
Lucia Lv6
Elaine Icon.png
Elaine Lv6 -
2 10 41
Cyrille Icon.png
Spirit of Silver -
Opening of the

Demonic Gate

30 280 1800 10 8
Lucia Icon.png
Lucia Lv8
Ertel Icon.png
Ertel Lv8 -
4 10 33
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)


Makai's Surface Level

40 360 2250 10 8
Gustav Icon.png
Gustav Lv10
Cecily Icon.png
Cecily Lv10 Allied units' ATK and DEF are reduced by 50%. (Makai miasma.)
5 10 32
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet x2
High-ranking Demon
55 500 2700 10 8
Lucia Icon.png
Lucia Lv15
Dorca Icon.png
Dorca Lv15 Allied units' ATK and DEF are reduced by 50%. (Makai miasma.)
7 10 20
Palace Icon.png
Palace Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
ラピスの気晴らしLapis's Pastime 90 680 3600 5 8
Lucia Icon.png
Lucia Lv20
Dwight Icon.png
Dwight Lv20 Allied units' ATK and DEF are reduced by 50%. (Makai miasma.)
No ranged units allowed.
12 25 40
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon.png
Ruby x2

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Ertel Sprite.png
Physical 2000 200 150
MR 10
Initial: 12
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 1 time (total of 2 lives).
Lucia CC Sprite.png
Physical 3000 250 200
MR 10
Initial: 12
3 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 2 times (total of 3 lives).
Makai Worm Sprite.png
Makai Worm
Physical 3000 250 50
MR 70
Initial: 44
1 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Red Demon Sprite.png
Red Demon
Physical 6000 500 150
MR 50
Initial: 48
1 UP
Succubus Sprite.png
Physical 6000 600 500
MR 70
Initial: 46
1 UP
Imp Sprite.png
Physical 1600 160 200
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Rakshasa Sprite.png
Magic 5000 950 350
MR 30
Initial: 14
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 5 times (total of 6 lives). Becomes stronger with the last resurrection.

Upon the final death, explodes after a short delay, dealing damage to all units within 160 range.

Hellbeast Orthros Sprite.png
Ranged (200)
Magic 4000 320 100
MR 40
Initial: 40
Move: 61
Missile: 8
1 UP
Lapis Sprite.png
- 15000 - 350
MR 40
3 UP
Units within 220 range suffer 30 damage per 0.1 seconds (300 damage per second).


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
White Priest Warrior

Soldier: "Report! Monsters have appeared!"

Anna: "Understood. Prince, please prepare for battle at once!"

Bernard: "—Hm... That's... Prince, please wait a moment. The ones coming to attack at the front lines appear to be White Imperial Soldiers."

Katie: "Are you saying the White Imperial Army are attacking our army!? Even though we don't have an alliance with them, we should've been building a relatively favourable relationship recently, so why are they hostile all of a sudden...?"

Anna: "Isn't there some way we can talk things over, and resolve this...?"

Bernard: "This isn't the time to be talking leisurely. The front line has already begun to battle. It'll be dangerous if we don't disable the enemies' fighting potential."

Bernard: "By the looks of things, it appears the White Empire sent a very small team. The White Empire using strategies with a team that is few in number is strange, though..."

Katie: "In any case, it appears the only path available to us now is to fight."

Katie: "I received a report from the front lines that the commander is a priest knight. They can recover with their own healing art whenever their health is depleted. Alert the team leaders to be careful."


Imperial Soldier: "Lucia-sama, if we continue to fight like this, we won't be able to avoid being wiped out..."

Lucia: "Thanks for the report. Indeed, this area seems to be in their favour. All units, prepare to retreat at once! Retreat to the designated location!"

Imperial Soldier: "Affirmative! Watch for pursuers, and begin to retreat!"

Julian: "... So they anticipated that this was a losing battle, and made a quick retreat? As expected of the White Empire."

Bernard: "This isn't the time to admire them, Julian. There were few, but it's a fact that the white Empire is hostile to us. That priest knight commander is more than enough proof of that."

Julian: "What do you mean...?"

Bernard: "The White Empire is a military nation, but their belief in the Goddess Adamas is firm. So, the priest knights are given powerful positions and authority within the Empire."

Katie: "In other words, you're saying those priest knights invading us bear the same consensus as the upper echelons of the Empire, right?"

Anna: "However, I think we shouldn't take any rash actions. ... Prince, I'll send a letter to the White Empire at once. I'll ask them about the real intentions of this battle."

Leona Introduction

"I'm Tactician Leona of the White Imperial Army. On this occasion, I came to your country on behalf of the White Empire. I have a personal message from my country's lord, His Imperial Majesty."

"I read the letter from Parliamentary Secretary-dono. ... I believe responding only in writing would give birth to unnecessary misunderstanding. I would be grateful for your understanding by directly visiting you like this."

"Now then, let's get to the matter at hand."

"The other day, as for the incidence where your country received an attack from the Imperial Army, that team is unrelated to our Imperial Army."

"As your country is also aware, the monsters' attacks are increasing in severity. I don't want to expose the internal conditions of our country to others, but most of the forces in our national defences being divided up is our army's current state..."

"I fear a kind of bandit may have stolen arms from our army from some battlefield to trick you into thinking they're from the White Empire."

"... What? The one that was commanding was a female priest knight, you say?"

"Could it be... Lucia...? No... However, she was in Makai back then..."

"Excuse me... Earlier, I was thinking about a priest knight from our army that has gone missing, but the possibility of it being her is close to zero. We're still continuing to search for her, but we don't have any clues at all..."

"—Oops, I wandered off topic. Once again, on behalf of the White Empire, I'll go ahead and hand you this."

"Yes, that's right. That's a personal message from the Emperor himself. With that, it'll again prove that we're unrelated to this matter."

"However, as a member of the army, I cannot ignore these fellows assuming the name of the Empire."

"I'll begin searching on my end, but if you see that priest knight again on your side, please report to us of the White Empire."

"With that, I thank you for your country's calm correspondence in regards to this matter."

"The third party's foolish actions to incite war between unexpected nations is too funny."

"Well then, I'll be taking my leave."

Assault on Kingdom

Phyllis: "Prince, bad news! Demons have appeared in our territory!"

Julian: "Demons!? Oi, oi, is this some kind of joke!? They seldom did such 'til now..."

Barbastraff: "Fumu. The demon's appearance is proof that a gate to Makai has been opened somewhere in the physical world. There'll be trouble if we don't take action soon."

Katie: "Please wait, there are humans among the demon ranks...!"

Julian: "Th, that's...! No mistake, that's the priest knight that was trying to provoke us into war earlier, right!?"

Lucia: "Fufu. It looks like the Prince's army is also late to respond to our sudden invasion into his kingdom."

Lucia: "Demons, now is your chance to defeat the Prince! Begin advancing!"

Phyllis: "I, I don't believe it...! Demons are coming to attack the kingdom alongside humans...!?"

Julian: "Shit, I don't really understand, but the townspeople's lives are in danger..."

Anna: "Prince, let's quickly engage them."


Lucia: "Kuh... ... I can't believe the Prince's army is so strong..."Change of strategy! Lure the Prince's army all the way to 'that place', we'll settle things there!"

Imperial Soldier: "Affirmative! All units, follow Lucia-sama!"

Anna: (Lucia...!? The same name Leona-san spoke of... So, she's the missing priest knight...)

Julian: "Whew, looks like we swept up all of the demons in this area. However, who was she? They called her Lucia, but why was she fighting alongside the demons!?"

Bernard: "Calm down, Julian. There's no point jumping to conclusions. In any case, let's follow after them."

Barbastraff: "Indeed. Now that I see them escaping with the demons, if we follow after them, we may ascertain the location of the gate to Makai in this world."

Anna: "Let's hurry, Prince! Besides, her name is 'Lucia'... It's the same name Leona-san told us. I don't think it's a coincidence."

Opened Demon's Gate

Cecily: "Prince, this way. We should still have time to catch up to the priest knight."

Julian: "Oi, oi... What's going on? There's so many gates to Makai... ... It's strange no matter how you think of it."

Barbastraff: "This has become quite the predicament... A gate to Makai, even among demons, cannot be created by nothing less than a high-ranking demon with tremendous power."

Katie: "Meaning, a demon with sufficient power opened these gates to Makai, right?"

Barbastraff: "There's no doubt in my mind that is the case."

Cecily: "I have confirmed that the priest knight called Lucia is guiding the demons, and shifted positions all the way here."

Katie: "... I don't want to think about it, but she's definitely working in cooperation with the demons."

Soldier: "Report! Demons have appeared from the Makai Gate!"

Mortimer: "Hm!? Ohoh, look! Who is that sexy, red-skinned Onee-chan...!?"

Cecily: "Hey, you, see those horns and wings? That's a demon no matter how you look at it. Get your filthy mind out of the gutter."

Mortimer: "Wh, what, of course, I see that...! So she's a demon woman, eh? The swings of my great axe should work better than magic!"

Anna: "Prince, quickly prepare for battle. I'll dispatch an express messenger to the White Empire about this matter."


??? (Lapis): "For Lucia to be so easily defeated, it's just like the rumours say, the opponents appear to be quite strong."

Lucia: "L, Lapis-sama!? Were you watching this battle...!? I, I'm terribly sorry... I'm nothing but a disappointment!"

Lapis: "I don't mind. I don't like it when you're so formal."

Lapis: "... Anyways, that Prince and that fellow, the human called 'Emperor' in the country Lucia used to live in, which one is stronger?"

Lucia: "... I finally forgot about that country. Right now, Lapis-sama is my lord."

Lapis: "Is that so? That good-for-nothing country that abandoned Lucia out in the frontiers of Makai. I have no pity for the soldiers that serve such a worthless lord."

Lapis: "You can serve by my side forever."

Lucia: "Yes, Lapis-sama. I can never forget Lapis-sama's kindness that saved me when I was aimlessly wandering Makai."

Lapis: "Well then, let's return home. It's been a while since I last had fun in the physical world. It was quite nice that I got to see the 'Prince' I heard about in Makai, and kill some time."

Anna: "Prince, Lucia-san is starting to enter the gate to Makai along with the demons...!"

Barbastraff: "Not that much time has passed since the appearance of the first demon. It'll be a while before the gate to Makai vanishes. If we are to pursue them, now's our only chance."

Mortimer: "Can't stop worrying about that priest knight. Prince, let's follow her at once!"

Makai's Surface Level

Julian: "This... Where the hell are we?"

Barbastraff: "Fumu. The density of Makai's miasma is low... I fear we're at the surface level of Makai."

Soldier: "—Report! We discovered the demons from earlier!"

Mortimer: "Gehhehheh. This time, With this great axe, I'll definitely impre... Ah, no, I'll defeat them!"

Roy: "I'll also assist you, Mortimer-dono. Those female-type demons are truly scandalous... I mean, truly dangerous, *cough*."

Thetis: "I concur! Let us join our strength here, and catch... No, umm, let's fight!"

Anna: "Everyone, even though this is the surface level, this is still Makai. Carelessness will be fatal."

Katie: "Those that live in the physical world cannot operate at their normal strength under the influence of Makai's miasma. Send soldiers to let the team leaders know to exercise caution!"


Lapis: "I'm surprised... That there were humans of this degree living in the physical world. However, I'm still not interested in playing with them any further."

Lapis: "Lucia, let's go."

Lucia: "Hah!"

Mortimer: "The demons have escaped! Tsk, don't think ya'll get away like this."

Thetis: "Prince, we'll lose sight of them if we don't quickly follow them! I can prepare a pursuit! Hurry, and give the order!"

Katie: "It feels like everyone's unusually motivated, huh? Let's follow them at once."

High-ranking Demon

Lapis: "Following me all the way out here, the persistence of the Prince's army is on par with harmful insects. You, what is your goal? Tell me."

Katie: "The woman called Lucia you brought, is she from the White Empire?"

Lucia: "...! You know the White Empire!?"

Anna: "I knew it, you're the priest knight from the White Empire, right?"

Lucia: "... 'Former' White Empire. Now my lord is Lapis-sama who is standing right here. I have nothing else to say."

Mortimer: "Yer a human, so why're ya serving some demon? Don't ya know the demons are the human's enemy—"

Lucia: "—Lapis-sama saved my life. If you keep pestering me, then I'll get serious and defeat you."

Lapis: "Wait, Lucia. I'll briefly teach them the fearsomeness of Makai."

Lucia: "But Lapis-sama...!"

Lapis: "Lucia, you should wait behind me."

Soldier: "—M, messenger! According to the testimony of the soldiers from the front line, if you get close to the demon called Lapis, she'll gradually sap away your bodily strength!"

Anna: "Sap away strength just by being near her...!? Prince, please be careful so as to not deploy soldiers too close to the demon called Lapis!"


Lucia: "Damnit...! Lost again... Same as back then... When I was abandoned by the army... With this, I'll also be abandoned by Lapis-sama...!"

Anna: "Lucia-san...! Please listen! The Empire did not abandon you! Leona-san said that she's been searching for you, even now.

Lucia: "L, Leona-sama...!? ... So I wasn't abandoned...? Even now, they're... for me..."

Katie: "Shouldn't you return to the White Empire? There are people waiting for you."

Lucia: "... No, I won't return. My lord is Lapis-sama. Returning to the White Empire... now. I can't do such a thing..."

Lapis: "..." (Are you crying, Lucia...? I don't really understand human emotions, but she must want to return.)

Lapis: (I saved Lucia from being killed by the lesser demons on a whimsy, and right when I was about to destroy her myself, Lucia hugged me with emotions I don't understand.)

Lapis: (... After all, demons and humans, everything about us is too different. Simply walking with me, could such a thing be possible—?)

Katie: "—Look out! Lucia-san! What are you doing!? Suddenly attacking Lucia-san, aren't you friends!?"

Lapis: "Friends...? Is there some misunderstanding? She's merely a pet that I'm bored with. I understood from this battle that she's a useless servant."

Lucia: "Ehh... N, no way... You must be joking, right... Lapis-sama!?"

Katie: "Lucia-san, she's serious. Hurry and come this way! All units, please form ranks to protect Lucia-san!"

Lapis: "Their numbers are many. Killing them would be impossible. I don't intend to participate in any hopeless battles. Well then, I'll be gone from here."

Katie: "... For some reason, it looks like she no longer intends to fight. Lucia-san, let's return to the physical world together."

Lucia: "......... Yes."

Lapis's Pastime

Dwight: "Leona-sama, there's no trace even in this area. A lot of time has passed since then, and we also searched many tens of time. After all... they're no longer..."

Leona: "Don't finish that sentence. As long as there's a one in a ten-thousand chance, we must try and rescue Lucia's team!"

Dwight: "... Leona-sama." (Poor Leona-sama, going so far for one team. After all, she's still worried sick about back then.)

Dwight: (Building the country, our first campaign in Makai... You couldn't have predicted the strength of such a fierce demon. No one blames you for making that order, Leona-sama...)

Leona: "—Dwight! What are you spacing out for!? A report came from the front that a demon has been discovered! Settle into battle positions at once!"

Dwight: "Terribly sorry. Affirmative!"

Lapis: "More humans came...? I'm a little on edge after just losing a precious thing earlier. I won't go easy on them."

Anna: "—Ah, that force!? Lucia-san, please look! It's the White Imperial Army!"

Lucia: "You're lying... It can't possibly be... That's Leona-sama!? She came all the way out here to rescue me?"

Anna: "Prince, it appears the Imperial Army have entered a battle with the demons! Let us also assist Leona-san and the others!"


Dwight: "Confirmed the demons' retreat! Thank goodness, it's a miracle we got away with only this much damage."

Lucia: "... Leona-sama... And the White Imperial Army... It's like a dream come true...!"

Leona: "—Lucia!? Yeah... That's right. I was always searching for you... ... I'm so sorry. It's my fault... you were left in this kind of place..."

Lucia: "Please don't make that kind of face... Leona-sama. I should blame myself for doubting the White Imperial Army. ... But for us to meet like this, I'm so... relieved."

Leona: "All of your other comrades are worried about you. Now then, let's return to the Empire at once. We must report to the Emperor as well that you're safe."

Anna: "Prince, I'm really glad that Lucia-san is returning to the Empire. Well then, let us also return home."

Lucia: "—Wait, Prince!"

Lucia: "Thank you for everything. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have reunited with Leona-sama. Instead, I would've been a demon's servant in Makai for the rest of my life."

Lucia: "When things settle down, I want to repay you again. Well then, let us meet again some time... Prince."

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