The Tower of Heroes (英傑の塔) is a permanent set of high-difficulty missions introduced on October 31, 2019.

Originally, The Tower was built as a way for the Hero King and his companions to seal away the Demon King (Maou) by offering up holy prayers. It was constructed by Solais at the behest of the Hero King.

Each floor is brimming with the divine power of the past fallen Heroes, and thus serves as an excellent training ground for the Prince, current descendant of the Hero King, and his companions, to take part in.

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History Edit

Floors Added Date
1 to 20 31/10/2019
21 to 30 28/05/2020

Tower Overview Edit

  • Unlocked upon reaching Prince Rank 70.
  • Unlike regular missions, Tower missions, or Floors, do not require Charisma/Stamina.
    • Instead, Challenge Rights will be used.
  • By clearing Floors, you will be able to attain a Score.
  • Rewards will be distributed based on the cumulative total of Stars and Score attained throughout the completion of the Hero Tower, so going for a high score is recommended.
  • Floors do not feature any drops.
  • No duplicates of units allowed in the same team. (Units with different versions are permitted)
  • Clearing a Floor allows access to the next Floor. 1★ is fine.
    • You can also return to previous Floors after clearing higher ones.
  • More Floors will be added in future updates.

Challenge Rights Edit

  • Challenge Rights (挑戦権) reflect the amount of "attempts" you get at clearing Floors.
  • Every time you attempt a Floor, one Right is used up.
    • This Right will not be refunded should you "Give Up" partway through the floor, or exit the game forcefully through some other unfortunate means such as game crashes, etc.
  • Challenge Rights are capped at 20 and will recharge at a rate of +3 daily. (Recharges at 4AM JST)
    • Any excess Challenge Rights recharged will be wasted.
  • Challenge Rights cannot be refilled by using Sacred Crystals.

Campaigns Edit

  • During certain campaigns, the rate of Challenge Right recharging will be doubled. (+6 daily instead of the usual +3)
    • The rate will revert back to normal after the end of the campaign.
    • The maximum number of Challenge Rights will not change during the campaign period.
Start Date End Date
31/10/2019 14/11/2019
26/12/2019 06/01/2020
12/03/2020 19/03/2020
28/05/2020 04/06/2020

Scoring Edit

  • Clearing Floors contributes to your Individual Floor Score as well as your Cumulative Floor Score.
    • Rewards will be distributed based on certain score milestones reached for both categories.
  • Score is determined by the following factors:
    • Star Rating
    • Number of Units in your Team Composition
    • Total Amount of Unit Points expended
  • The fewer units you include in your Team, the higher the Score.
    • Unit Rarity has no impact on score calculation.
  • The less Unit Points you expend during a mission, the higher the Score.
    • Score calculation is based on expended Unit Points only. Recovered Unit Points (e.g. from Reinforcement Skills or withdrawing units) will not be reflected in the final Score.


Scoring Specifics Edit

  • Your score is calculated as follows:
    • Base Amount x Unit Count Modifier x Cost Modifier = Score
Star Rating Base Amount
★★ 5000
★★★ 10000
  • Unit Count Modifier
    • If 0 units are present in Team (Prince Only), base multiplier has a value of x2.5
    • For every unit added, -0.1 to base multiplier
    • E.g. If 5 units are in Team, multiplier is x2.0
  • Cost Modifier
    • If no Unit Points are expended, base multiplier has a value of x7.5
    • For every 1 UP expended, -0.02 to base multiplier
    • E.g. If 100 UP is expended, multiplier is x5.5
  • This chart shows how one can manipulate their Team Unit Count (shown on top) and UP expenditure (on left) to reach the minimum score total of 90000 for all rewards.
Herotower scorechart

Hero Crystals Edit

Hero Crystal Icon
  • Hero Crystals (英傑結晶) are awarded upon clearing Floors.
    • They can be used at the Hero Crystal Exchange.
  • Hero Crystals are automatically generated daily at 4AM JST, but only up to a certain limit (e.g. 1200)
    • By claiming these crystals regularly, you will be able to free up capacity for even more daily crystal generation.
  • The maximum amount of crystals you can hold at once is 99999.
  • Having a higher cumulative score increases the rate of daily HC generation as well as its maximum generation capacity.
    • For every 150000 Points, daily HC generation is increased by 10 and capacity is increased by 60.

For example:

Cumulative Score HC Generation Rate Capacity
0 ~ 150000 200 1200
150000 ~ 300000 210 1260
300000 ~ 450000 220 1320
450000 ~ 600000 230 1380

Hero Crystal Exchange Edit

  • Use the Hero Crystals you have obtained to trade for Hero Units, fairies that Cost Reduce/Skill Up/Skill Awaken these units, 10x Shrine Summoning Tickets, and more.
  • Some items have a limit on how many times they can be traded for.
  • Some items' costs may either increase or decrease after trading for them once (or more).
    • However, all items will return to their original costs after the Exchange resets.
  • The Hero Crystal Exchange resets at 4AM JST on the 1st of every month.
Hero Crystal Exchange
Unit Price Date Added
Atnates (Black) AW Icon Atnates (Black) 20,000
Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon Atnates (Platinum) 10,000 31/10/2019
Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon Yuugen (Platinum) 10,000 31/10/2019
Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais (Platinum) 10,000 31/10/2019
Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon Tuan (Platinum) 10,000 28/05/2020
Florika (Hero Bonds) Icon Florika (Hero Bonds) 2,500 31/10/2019
Florika (Hero Skills) Icon Florika (Hero Skills) 400 31/10/2019
Celia (Hero Bonds) Icon Celia (Hero Bonds) 2,000 31/10/2019
Celia (Hero Skills) Icon Celia (Hero Skills) 350 31/10/2019
Heroic Naiad Icon Heroic Naiad 400 31/10/2019
10 Consecutive Summons Ticket Icon 10 Consecutive Summons Ticket 10,000
10 Consecutive Silver Summons Ticket Icon 10 Consecutive Silver Summons Ticket 3,000 31/10/2019
10 Consecutive Iron Summons Ticket Icon 10 Consecutive Iron Summons Ticket 400 31/10/2019
Florika (Bonded) Icon Florika (Bonded) 2,500 31/10/2019
Florika (Skills) Icon Florika (Skills) 400 31/10/2019
Celia (Bonded) Icon Celia (Bonded) 2,000 31/10/2019
Celia (Skills) Icon Celia (Skills) 350 31/10/2019
Nina (Bonded) Icon Nina (Bonded) 1,000 31/10/2019
Nina (Skills) Icon Nina (Skills) 150 31/10/2019
Cyrille (Bonded) Icon Cyrille (Bonded) 500 31/10/2019
Cyrille (Skills) Icon Cyrille (Skills) 80 31/10/2019
Farah Icon Farah 5,000 31/10/2019
Florika Icon Florika 480 31/10/2019
Freude Icon Freude 4,500 31/10/2019
Celia Icon Celia 420 31/10/2019
Alegria Icon Alegria 3,500 31/10/2019
Nina Icon Nina 120 31/10/2019
Amour Icon Amour 1,000 31/10/2019
Cyrille Icon Cyrille 100 31/10/2019
Ultimate Gold Armor Icon Ultimate Gold Armor 4,200 31/10/2019

Rewards Edit

  • Achieving a high Individual Floor Score and Stars Total will earn you various rewards.

Floor Score Rewards Edit

Points Reward
5000 Solais (Platinum) (Floor 1)
Gold Armor (Others)
10000 Cyrille
20000 Nina
30000 Platinum Armor
40000 Nina (Skills)
50000 Hero Crystal ×300
60000 Celia
70000 Hero Crystal ×400
80000 Florika
90000 Sacred Crystal

Points Reward
5000 Superior Gold Armor
10000 Amour
20000 Alegria
30000 Hero Crystal ×400
40000 Nina (Bonded)
50000 Hero Crystal ×800
60000 Freude
70000 Hero Crystal ×1500
80000 Farah
90000 Musica (Floors 5/15/25)
Fleur (Floors 10/20/30)


Stars Total Rewards Edit

Stars Reward Stars Reward Stars Reward
1 Demon Crystal ×1 31 Demon Crystal ×20 61 Demon Crystal ×50
2 Beer ×5 32 Millennium Wine ×5 62 Choice Sake ×10
3 Crystal Shard ×1 33 Crystal Shards ×20 63 Crystal Shards ×50
4 Amour 34 Cyrille (Bonded) 64 Florika (Hero Skills)
5 1★ 10× Summon Ticket 35 Gold Armor 65 Superior Gold Armor
6 Demon Crystal ×3 36 Demon Crystal ×25 66 Demon Crystal ×55
7 Bouquet ×10 37 Diamond ×10 67 Ruby ×20
8 Crystal Shards ×3 38 Crystal Shards ×25 68 Crystal Shards ×55
9 Plaisir 39 Nina (Bonded) 69 Alegria
10 3★ 10× Summon Ticket 40 Gold Armor 70 Superior Gold Armor
11 Demon Crystal ×5 41 Demon Crystal ×30 71 Demon Crystal ×60
12 Table Wine ×5 42 Beer ×10 72 Millennium Wine ×10
13 Crystal Shards ×5 43 Crystal Shards ×30 73 Crystal Shards ×60
14 Cyrille (Skills) 44 Celia (Bonded) 74 Freude
15 Gold Armor 45 Gold Armor 75 Superior Gold Armor
16 Demon Crystal ×8 46 Demon Crystal ×35 76 Demon Crystal ×65
17 Crystal ×10 47 Bouquet ×20 77 Diamond ×20
18 Crystal Shards ×8 48 Crystal Shards ×35 78 Crystal Shards ×65
19 Nina (Skills) 49 Florika (Bonded) 79 Farah
20 Gold Armor 50 10× Summon Ticket 80 Superior Gold Armor
21 Demon Crystal ×10 51 Demon Crystal ×40 81 Demon Crystal ×70
22 Choice Sake ×5 52 Table Wine ×10 82 Ruby ×15
23 Crystal Shards ×10 53 Crystal Shards ×40 83 Crystal Shards ×70
24 Celia (Skills) 54 Christia 84 Plaisir
25 Gold Armor 55 Superior Gold Armor 85 Superior Gold Armor
26 Demon Crystal ×15 56 Demon Crystal ×45 86 Demon Crystal ×75
27 Ruby ×10 57 Crystal ×20 87 Bouquet ×25
28 Crystal Shards ×15 58 Crystal Shards ×45 88 Crystal Shards ×75
29 Florika (Skills) 59 Celia (Hero Skills) 89 Gladys (Bonded)
30 Gold Armor 60 Superior Gold Armor 90 Superior Gold Armor

Floors Edit

  • On some Floors, glowing deployment spots may be available. Units placed on them will have doubled ATK/DEF/MR.
  • On some Floors, Tower Devices will be active. They do not count towards the "Enemies Defeated" total and do not need to be destroyed.

Hero Units Edit

  • On certain floors, enemy Hero Units will be present. They have abnormally high stats and can prove to be quite a challenge to defeat.
  • Having an allied Hero Unit in the team will debuff enemy Hero Units by a certain percentage depending on their rarity.
    • Having a Platinum Hero Unit debuffs enemy Hero Units by -40% ATK/DEF/MR.
    • Having a Black Hero Unit debuffs enemy Hero Units by -50% ATK/DEF/MR.
    • Only the highest effect will take precedence.

Floor Number Points Units Main Enemy Type Floor Gimmicks
Life Enemies
Floor 1
10 8  ??? (Hero's Illusion) / Tower Guardian N/A
10 30
Floor 2
10 8  ??? (Humans) / Angels / Demons N/A
25 85
Floor 3
10 8 Goblins and Ogres N/A
30 151
Floor 4
10 8 Gargoyles and Flying Greater Demons
Only one Melee deployment spot.
40 175
Floor 5
10 8  ??? (Hero's Illusion) / Earth Elementals / Tower Guardian N/A
25 80
Floor 6
10 8 Goblins N/A
50 200
Floor 7
10 8 Orcs N/A
8 71
Floor 8
10 8 Golems N/A
20 55
Floor 9
10 8 Yeti / Snowmen
No Ranged Units allowed.
Blizzard Weather Effect
30 87
Floor 10
10 8  ??? (Hero's Illusion) / Dragons
No Ranged Units allowed.
All allied units suffer Damage Over Time.
30 80

Floor Number Points Units Main Enemy Type Floor Gimmicks
Life Enemies
Floor 11
10 8 Angels / Demons N/A
25 100
Floor 12
10 8 Gazers (Flying Eyes)
Only one Melee deployment spot.
Massive swarms of Blue Gazers.
45 135
Floor 13
10 8 Gigas / Makai Boars
Large amount of Rock-Throwing Gigas.
10 31
Floor 14
10 8 Evil Hermits
All Nine Tianjun Evil Hermits + Fuujin + Raijin only.
3 11
Floor 15
10 8  ??? (Hero's Illusion) / Dark Elves N/A
40 89
Floor 16
10 8 Humans N/A
40 165
Floor 17
10 8  ??? (Divine Beast) / Griffins / Insects
Only one Melee deployment spot.
Strong Winds Weather Effect
35 100
Floor 18
10 8  ??? (Majin - Armored) / Demons
Kimaris appears in 2nd Form immediately.
20 67
Floor 19
10 8 Golems
Orichalcum Golem must be defeated in order to achieve 3 stars.
15 44
Floor 20
10 8  ??? (Hero's Illusion) / Tower Guardian
All enemy Hero Units from Floors 1, 5, 10 and 15 are present.
25 74

Floor Number Points Units Main Enemy Type Floor Gimmicks
Life Enemies
Floor 21
10 8 Tower Device / Golems
While the Red Orb Device is active, all enemies' ATK is increased by 2x.
15 42
Floor 22
10 8 Mermen / Dragons N/A
30 100
Floor 23
10 8  ??? (Divine Beast) / Beasts
Features Genbu.
15 40
Floor 24
10 8 Tower Guardian / Armored
Only one Ranged deployment spot.
10 32
Floor 25
10 8  ??? (Hero's Illusion) / Beastfolk / Orcs
Only one Ranged deployment spot.
20 50
Floor 26
10 8 Golems / Crystals
Features 2 Aerial Iron Golems.
40 100
Floor 27
10 8 Ropers / Demons
Continuous HP Degeneration: Large
Features global-paralysing enemies.
30 75
Floor 28
10 8 Tower Device / Machines
While the Blue Orb Device is active, all allies' ATK is decreased by 50%.
Machines will nullify damage below a certain threshold:
Small - 500
Flying - 1200
Medium & Mecha Dragon - 1500
Large - 2000
20 49
Floor 29
10 8 Tower Devices / Dragons
While the Green Orb Devices are active, all enemies will gradually regenerate HP.
Features Nidhoggr.
25 57
Floor 30
10 8 Geomancer's Illusion / Humans / Tower Guardian
While the True Geomancer's Illusion is present, she will summon a magic circle that increases enemies' stats tremendously.
Furthermore, the ATK and DEF of Earth Elementals will be increased.
15 114

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Rank 70 Introduction

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "——Pardon my intrusion. May I have a moment of your time? There's someone I would like to introduce to the Prince——"

Solais NPC Icon ???: "You're the descendant of that man——the Hero King, Prince-kun, right?"

Solais: "I'm Solais. One of those who subdued Maou alongside the Hero King long ago."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... *ahem*. Prince, there seems to be no doubt to Solais-san's identity. I even received Shadia-san's confirmation earlier."

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "Fufu, back then, Anna-chan had a nice response. On the hand, Prince-kun, h—mm? It seems you haven't budged an inch..."

Solais: "That quiet part of you is just like that man. Well, joking aside, my coming here is to guide you to the 'Tower of Heroes'."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... Tower, of Heroes...?"

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "Yes. A tower created with my magics long, long ago that exists for the sake of the one who will fight with Maou. I believe it'll surely become useful to Prince-kun."

Solais: "If you're interested, please visit the 'Tower of Heroes' at any time. Fufu, I'm sure it'll be no problem with Prince-kun's strength."

Tower of Heroes Introduction

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "Well done on coming here, Prince-kun. This 'Tower of Heroes' is to test the calibre of those who are heroes and grant greater power to those who respond to its call."

Katie NPC Icon Katie: "... Was this tower always here? I could've sworn there wasn't any sort of structure in this place..."

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "Fufu, that's because I was hiding it. It would've been terrible if anyone besides a true hero were to stumble upon this tower..."

Soma Icon Soma: "Stumble upon, terrible...? What one earth do you mean by that?"

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "Ooh, so you're curious about it, Soma-chan? Fufufu, this tower was something I built with the help of the Hero King after we sealed Maou long ago."

"Inside, I've prepared various trials to measure the strength of heroes on each and every one of its floors."

"Yes, it would be proper to say this tower is a tool to build up heroes and grant them the power to avert any worldly crisis."

Katie NPC Icon Katie: "I see... So by overcoming these floors, it'll show our strengths as heroes... Am I getting you right?"

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "Fufu, Katie-chan's also quick on the uptake! This is a perfect chance to talk about the special mechanisms set up in the Tower of Heroes."

"In the event you challenge its trials, the fewer people on your team and the less cost you spend will be tallied when you clear and then rated as a 'score'."

"Of course, the ★s captured are also part of the score rating, OK?"

"And if you show your pure strength and flexibility in confronting a myriad of situations, then——"

"——as a reward for conquering the tower's floors, I'll give you 'Hero Crystals'."

Soma Icon Soma: "Hero Crystals...? Umm, what are those...?"

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "Despite their name, there just a temporary thing I made. If I were to say their true role, it's more like proof of your abilities."

"If you can prove you're able to overcome the tower's trials, then you may trade them for all sorts of rewards in the 'Hero Crystal Trading Post'."

Katie NPC Icon Katie: "Such a structure was right under our noses... Err, so by proving our strength, you'll aid us in striking down Maou, right...?"

Solais NPC Icon Solais: "I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can. But I still have my doubts."

"Prince-kun, are you of a calibre that rivals the Hero King, I wonder? Do you have what it takes as a hero to conquer Maou and protect the physical realm?"

"So think of this as a challenge——from me, who was a comrade of the Hero King, to the current generation's hero."

"Well then, once you're resolved, I'll be waiting for you at the entrance to the 'Tower of Heroes'~♪"

First Floor

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——Aren't you amusing yourself too much? I heard Solais-sama set up a trial to test the Prince, so I came, but now isn't really the time for tests of strength..."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Shadia-chan, still the same old stick in the mud. I didn't build this kind of tower for my own amusement, you know?"

Solais: "We also weren't able to truly destroy that Maou. But by borrowing the power of Aegis-sama, we were only able to temporarily seal him to be dealt with in the future."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "That's true, but..."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Even with the power of that Hero King, the subjugation of Maou wasn't achieved even with him..."

Solais: "So if Prince-kun and the others aren't able to show me even a sliver of his talents, then it's the elder's role to persuade them into giving up here."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "... So you're saying if the Prince and the others' strength isn't up to the task, then you'll scatter them here and ask them to give up on this world?"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Well that depends on Prince-kun and the others' abilities~♪ That is what the Tower of Heroes is for."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "——This is the Tower of Heroes? Are these things I'm seeing before my eyes otherworldly gates?"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "For you to know of otherworldly gates, it seems the current generation of magicians aren't to be scoffed at. These points are spaces that connect to other places, or something like that."

Solais: "First I'll test you with the tower guardians to see whether the companions, who Prince-kun trusts, have the capacity to simply enter this tower."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Fumu... What she means is to show suitable abilities to enter the tower. Prince, do not underestimate her."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Very good. The guardians that will appear from space and my magics. Please show me your abilities to splendidly repel them!"

[Solais will deliver a long range attack; also, if her HP drops below 50%, she'll attack 3 targets.]


Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "——Oya, this is beyond my prediction...?"

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "It would trouble me if you sold us short. We've faced many a harsh battle till we've come here."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "I see... In that case, I acknowledge you have the merits to enter this tower."

Solais: "Well then, feel free to enter the Tower of Heroes——"

Second Floor

Soma Icon Soma: "Waa... The footing is floating...! It has a mysterious feeling that differs from Makai and the physical world...!"

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "It feels similar to the Magic City, but the entire structure is unlike anything I've seen before..."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "——Fufufu, Welcome to the Tower of Heroes."

Solais: "Now then. This is a place to temper Prince-kun, so I can't give you any special treatment. If you want to quit, now's the time, OK?"

Diana Icon Diana: "Giving up... The Prince, who we of the Empire acknowledged for his abilities, is not a man who'll turn back in a place like this."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Fufufu, for him to be highly trusted by former foes, that part of him is so like that man."

Diana Icon Diana: "... Former, foes? Solais-dono, how do you know of the relationship between the White Empire and the Kingdom?"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "——Simple. There's been countless revolutions of stars and frost since the conclusion of the Millennium War. I have spent a long time within the seal of this tower."

Solais: "Though the tower can't move until it's activated, I've been watching over this world for a long time. That includes the battle between both of your nations."

Solais: "So, I suppose I shall start by making your first trial based on the information I gathered through that process? You'll be facing——"

(Prince and Emperor appear)

Diana Icon Diana: "——Don't tell me that's his Imperial Majesty!? Also, there's a phantom of His Highness, the Prince...!"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "But just these two won't be enough. So I'll add angels and demons... ——that's better~♪"

Diana Icon Diana: "What a mysterious art... ... Oya? Solais-dono, there's something glowing in the centre over there?"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Right, right. You can receive a special blessing while making contact with that light. Please put it to good use."

[Units deployed on the glowing squares will have their ATK, DEF, and MR doubled.]

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Well then, Prince-kun, these are reflections of yourself and the worthy opponents you confronted in the paths of battle you tread up to this point. Please repel them splendidly...!"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........!!"

[While Prince is present, all enemy AT & DF buffed.]


Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Fufufu. Splendid! This floor has been conquered."

Diana Icon Diana: "... This is hard. I can't believe even the information of the battles we've faced has been collected by Solais-dono..."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Oh, should we quit here?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Shake-shake)."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon Solais: "Fufu, I knew it. If it's you, there may be hope that Maou will be destroyed."

Solais: "However, let's take a break for now. What's important for warriors is not just fighting, but also resting, OK?"

Floor 21

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