Whiteempire commence

The White Empire: Commence (白の帝国 始動) is an April Fools' Day-limited urgent mission, that ran from 01/04/16, 0:00 to 24:00.

A powerful force with immense power rivaling that of the Prince's army has arisen. They are the White Empire.

Led by the hero blessed with the power of the Goddess Adamas, the White Emperor, they are on a mission to subjugate Majin Beelzebub when all of a sudden, an ambush occurs. Lead the White Emperor and his allies to victory against formidable foes!

Start Date End Date
01/04/2019 04/04/2019
01/04/2020 09/04/2020

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Special Conditions
Sta Life Enemies
白の帝国 始動
The White Empire: Commence
10 20 450 10 8 - - Sortie members are fixed
0 20 41 - -


Imperial airship

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur @ULMF
Story Text

Leona: "As expected of the pride airship of the White Imperial Army. Your Highness, we shall arrive at the location Majin Belzebuth made its advent in several hours."

Emperor: "..."

Liselotte: "Tactician-dono, this time we shall slay him without fail. He shouldn't expect us to come so soon, Belzebuth should also be flustered."

Leona: "Indeed, he went on a wanton rampage within the territory of the Empire. He'll pay for it in spades... ... Isabelle, you also wave your power to your heart's content."

Isabelle: "I will... I received permission to return to the Imperial Army temporarily from His Majesty. I still haven't cleared my doubts towards the Black Army, but my feelings to my country are the same as everyone."

Dirk: "The elite... It has a nice ring to it, but we hastily put together a team that includes those outside of the Empire. Will this expedition really be carried out safely..."

Verdinath: "You have good reason to feel uneasy. However, I'm certain I'll be able to help as Belzebuth's Yorishiro."

Raven: "I also am connected to both Verdinath and that thing. This invitation is better than I could have wished for. However, I'm surprised to be standing with the Imperial Emperor on the battlefield."

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh, it's as that woman says. I couldn't imagine the Imperial Emperor would really come to such a place... Bubuh."

Leona: "—!? Belzebuth's servant! Damn, they're starting to surround the airship... Why haven't we noticed them...!?"

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... We didn't let you notice. Splitting you into a small team, and luring you from your country was all part of our plan."

Raven: "You mean we fell into your trap...? The Emperor himself going to the front did strike me as a little thoughtless."

Dwight: "You're mistaken, Raven-dono. His Highness is a gentleman who shows the path to us by always standing at the front lines."

Leona: "And that is precisely why we have sworn fealty to His Highness. All members to battle positions! Risk your lives to protect His Highness."

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... That's enough useless chatter. We shall kill you to save Belzebuth-sama the trouble... Bubuh."

Leona: "Your Highness, the enemy is heading towards us! Your orders! Also, the Sacred Treasure of Adamas isn't complete. Don't overdo it."

[All units within the range of Belzebuth's servants have their attack lowered and receive slip damage.]


Belzebuth's Servant: "Buh... Bubu... What is this power... The Empire's ruler has this much power... I must inform Belzebuth-sama... Bubuh."

Verdinath: "... The strength of the Emperor is genuine. It was a desperate situation, but I didn't feel like it was possible for us to lose."

Raven: "That's the divine sword that tears up everything, the Sacred Treasure of the Goddess Adamas, huh...?"

Liselotte: "Tactician-dono. If this was a trap, then...?"

Leona: "Yes, a cunning Majin. Majin Belzebuth must've hid himself already."

Dirk: "So, this was a vain effort. He went and made His Highness travel all this way for nothing..."

Leona: "Your Highness, I have endangered you by falling for the enemy's plot. I'll readily accept any form of punishment."

Emperor: "... In that case, I shall behead all of you as soon as we return to the Imperial Capital."

Verdinath: "No way...! That is too severe a—"

Emperor: "... Just kidding. Now then, let's return."

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