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Third Popularity Battle Campaign's Assault Mission (第三回人気闘兵強襲ミッション) is an urgent mission running from 12 September 2019 to 27 September 2019.

General Information Edit

Assault Mission (強襲ミッション) Edit

  • A mission appearing during a Popularity Campaign event that players can participate in.
  • Similar to a Subjugation, you can earn various rewards according to the number of enemies killed.
    • In addition, one Voting Ticket will be granted every 150 kills.
  • For every 15 votes you make, you can earn one 'right to challenge' (挑戦権). Participation in Assault Missions consumes these 'rights'.
    • Assault Missions do NOT consume Charisma and Stamina.
  • Similar to Subjugations, if your lives reach 0, the number of enemies slain is counted towards your total.
  • If you give up during the mission, the number of enemies killed will NOT be counted and the 'right to challenge' will still be consumed.
  • Total maximum kills needed for final reward is 10,000 kills.
  • Total number of earnable tickets is 66 from 9900 kills.

Rewards Edit

This type of event has 2 reward scales. The first is based on the total number of enemies slain over the duration of the event. The second is based on the highest number of slain enemies in a single attempt.

Total Kills Reward Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
100 2 Sacred Crystals 6000 5 Sacred Crystals 100 Platinum Armor
300 20,000G 6300 60,000G 200 Spirit of Rainbow
600 Spirit of Platinum 6600 Spirit Queen 300 Black Armor
900 20,000G 6900 60,000G
1200 Bouquet x10 7200 Ruby x10
1500 2 Sacred Crystals 7500 Spirit of Rainbow
1800 30,000G 7800 Gold Ring x1
2100 Gold Ring x1 8100 Alegria
2400 30,000G 8400 Diamond x20
2700 Choice Sake x10 8700 Platinum Ring x1
3000 3 Sacred Crystals 9000 Freude
3300 40,000G 9300 Spirit of Rainbow
3600 Spirit of Black 9600 Black Ring x1
3900 40,000G 9900 Farah
4200 Crystal x10 10000 Spirit of Brilliance
4500 3 Sacred Crystals
4800 50,000G
5100 Platinum Ring x1
5400 50,000G
5700 Millennium Wine x10


File:Thirdassault map.png

Mission Edit

  • A 'Challenge Right' (挑戦権) is needed to attempt this mission.
  • One Challenge Right is awarded every 15 Voting Tickets used.
    (Does not matter if used on one or multiple units)

Assaultmission counterexample
  • The game tracks used Voting Tickets on the left counter as seen in the image, which decrements accordingly based on ticket usage, looping back to 15 once it hits 0.
  • Total available attempts are displayed on the right counter
    • The counter increments by 1 every time 15 tickets are used, and conversely decrements accordingly for every Challenge Right used.
  • For more information on how to obtain Voting Tickets, please see Third Popularity Battle Campaign's Decisive Match.
Name Points Units Drops Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Assault Mission
100 9
Ilios Icon
Ilios Lv1
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x3 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 300
Ruby Icon
Ruby x2
Bouquet Icon

Enemies Edit

  • Each wave corresponds to 100 enemies.

  • Wave 1
  • Wave 2
  • Wave 3
Enemy Unit
Ilios (No Flag) Sprite
Ilios (No Flag) ×1
Ranged (200)
Physical 40000 180×2 100 171
Initial: 25
Move: 121
Missile: 10
3 UP
If she is not defeated in Wave 1, leaves and respawns in Wave 3 with her flag.
Lesser Orc Sprite
Lesser Orc ×70
Physical 960 240 80 221
Initial: 30
1 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack, defense, attack speed, and movespeed.
400 130 141
Initial: 30
1 UP
Lesser Orc Archer Sprite
Lesser Orc Archer ×26
Ranged (120)
Physical 720 150 50 146
Initial: 24
Move: 101
Missile: 3
1 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains movespeed and double shot.
150×2 1500
1 UP
Orc Warrior Sprite
Orc Warrior ×2
Physical 4000 400 300 166
Initial: 30
1 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack, attack speed, and movespeed.
600 450 126
Initial: 30
1 UP
Orc Standard Bearer Sprite
Orc Standard Bearer ×1
Physical 5000 250 300
MR 10
Initial: 10
1 UP
Increases attack and defense of all orc-type enemies by 50%.

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)

Note: Takes place in between the Group B and Group C Introductions from Third Popularity Battle Campaign's Decisive Match

Assault Mission Opening

Orc Icon Orc: "Ooh, is that box the 'Magic Voting Box' to select the strong...!?"

High Orc Icon High Orc: "To grant even us the right to vote, I'm moved by the breadth of the Prince's heart...!"

Orc Commander Icon Orc Captain: "But we know who'll stand at the top even without a casting of votes."

Orc Icon Orc: "Hahahah! You're absolutely right! Captain's also... our champ——"

High Orc Icon High Orc: "Wha!? If it's a vote, what about that girl that keeps challenging the champ to a fight despite losing countless times!?"

Orc Commander Icon Orc Captain: "What're you saying? My vote's going to that orc swordmaster girl that's been showing her true potential recently."

Orc Icon Orc: "Muuuuh!? But if I were to put it to words, haven't you started getting a good feeling about that human archer and healer...!?"

High Orc Icon High Orc: "Kuh... How vexing! An event to decide the strong through voting without a direct clash, such a vexing custom...!!"

Orc Commander Icon Orc Captain: "Since it's like this, we have no choice but to display our spirit by swiftly striking with our vote tickets...!!"

Orc Icon Orc: "Uoooooooohh!! Vote! Vote!!"

High Orc Icon High Orc: "Uooooooohh!! To the strong I adore! Send forth my feelings!!"

Ilios Icon Irios: "——No, that's not right! If you vote with such passion, you'll break the voting box—!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, if we don't quell this sudden disturbance, the 'Magic Voting Box' will be destroyed! Let's halt the Orc-sans' movements!"

(Ilios appears.)

Ilios Icon Irios: "This unworthy Irios also received vote tickets! As the cheerleading captain, I must go out at full strength!"

Irios: "Hah! Now that I think about it, I need my cheerleading banners! Please wait for me—! Anatolia-sama—!!"

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