• So I have a slight issue (again), in my silver units section it will say node count limit exceeded. This occurred after adding some new units to my list (these units were added to the plat list, and it was before I changed my list by adding sprite category titles, similar to Meidozuki's, and made the list collapsible, or should I say I got help from ShinyAfro in making my list collapsible, so the problem was there before these changes, they just persist even now). Whenever I add a new unit to my list (and it doesn't matter if it's black, plat, gold, or silver), units from the silver list will disappear and be counted in the node count limit exceeded thing. I thought perhaps it's cause I have too many units using this template, but that wouldn't make much sense since I've noticed others have more units listed using this template than I do (mainly as a main, and alt acc lists). It's not the biggest issue at the moment cause it's only affecting the silver units list, but it's still annoying and I don't want it to get worse (and I'm not fully familar with the editing code, it makes sense, but since I'm not familar with it I cannot discern the cause of problems that arise, reminds me of why I handle the programming and bug fixing last when working on games, cause it's a pain). Also wasn't able to post this on the template's blog, kept giving me the error, the one that says there's an issue with your login session, action cancelled to prevent session hijacking, please go back and reload page (well did that 6 times, and even closed out of the wiki, re-opened it, logged out and in, the error's still there, just there, I just posted a reply to someone's comment on the shrine page, damn technical difficulties).

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    • It's because each call that script makes counts as a transclusion. Transcluding a page twice only counts as a single transclusion as it is optimized to only need one API call to do so, but if you're transcluding data from a mass number of unique pages (units), that is bound to happen. Probably not the best idea to grab all the silver unit pages, i guess.

      When you hit the transclusion page you will get the result you noted: it simply cuts off and stops.

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    • but I've seen people with more units than I have using the template, one of them being Kkentauro (who even included bronze), so I'm wondering how to get around this, since so many others have done so, should I just try using a different template for silver and see if that works (cause I've no idea how they have more than I and don't have the same error), cause I do want to include my silvers on my list, but don't want to watch as they slowly begin entering the voided section of it. I'll try messing around with some things maybe I'll figure it out, or perhaps a solution will appear, either way you did provide me with the why this is happening, so thanks (kinda reminds me of when I had not properly set up a script array, that was not fun, not even in the slightest, ended up deleting the whole array and started it over).

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    • They might just use a different method for the silver/bronze, such as iconrows, since iirc embedding images without aligning them does not count as a transclusion since you're not making API requests.

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    • I included bronze but I left out some uninteresting (event) platinums because I was hitting the transclusion limit. Nothing you can really do except prioritize which units you want on there. That was one of the reasons for thinking about switching to a database model.

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    • we have the technology

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    • I guess I'll just have to begin experimenting, I'll applaud those who's ideas I've taken from, and I thank you both.
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      But sadly I do not share

       I think you two deserve a cookie (but I'm not one to share snacks).

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      Instead I'll warn you about how dangerous a cute loli can be, example:
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