• I actually entered chibi sophie wrong here which is why she showed up. Anyway, i'm not sure what i'm going to do with the indexing function because if no one ever edits the table its going to be pointless since the whole point is to automate a bunch of page edits.

    Just wanted to know your opinion on the script since you do a lot of the edits it automates anyway, except for the less-popular bits that any random dude does occasionally.

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    • I honestly don't have a clue how to edit those indexing things.

      Also do a consistency fix for gifs order Elmira#Gallery. Base shows skill gif berore attack gif, unlike all the other tabs.

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    • Just changed the way it looks for attack sprites and saw attack sprites and it should work better now. If you're talking about the array i can probably just move it out of a lua array and have it transclude plaintext and make my own pseudo-code for it easily, if you're talking about the syntax of the command itself it will take a bit more effort.

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