• Did you get my message here? tl;dr just wanted something simple like "$('.Timewidget-Container').hide();" where ever "widget.addClass("hidden");" was executed. I could do it myself but i'd rather ask out of respect.

    Does not have to be the method i showed, just basically want a class that hides with the timewidget so if i put the timewidget in a container div with some other stuff related to that instance of the timer it all goes poof and does not leave the text we have to the left on the front page for your widgets.

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    • Thank you for asking

      I changed it to hide all siblings of the timewidget, so just put everything you want hidden in a div

      I also changed the css class from hidden to timewidget-hidden so that it doesn't conflict

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    • Cool, When that gets approved we should be able to import it, so you can edit it whenever and it will update a lot faster. I also heard that dev.wikia scripts get approved faster in general, though i'm not sure if that's true.

      Also imho its a lot easier to write using the dev wikia if you use the right scripts ( i use 'u:dev:ToggleTestMode/code.js' in my personal import.js to test javascript remotely from dev.wikia and see its effects on a specific wiki without having to be approved) and it seems atleast to me to update a lot faster then user/common.js, which seemed pretty slow to the point where i'd have to wait up to 10 minutes for the dang thing to update to the newest iteration of the script (Honestly easier to use JSFiddle then use fandom test mode 90% of the time unless you are playing with site-specific functions / AJAX)

      Cheers for adding the request by the way.

      I'm probably going to wait for yours to get approved then remove the code from the common.js, and add the import back either instantly if it behaves with the other version of the script (It should just execute twice per second doing both scripts, i don't see how it would conflict really since they use the same css pretty much) or 16-24 hours after i submit the .js with update

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    • I meant so that it doesn't conflict with the other uses of .hidden

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    • Ah, yeah. I can retroactively add the new css and remove the old one after it's live. Any reason why you don't use .hide() btw? i was using it for a weekly widget on jewel princess wiki and it seems to just add display:none to class (i think? either way it hides it lol)

      Just a copy of timewidget > .hidden as "timewidget-hidden", right?

      Edit: Also re-reading, what i meant by conflict was running an old and new version of your script at the same time, since editing the Common.js is slow and we ain't got time to wait on wiki staff, it would be easier to run it twice on the common and the import until it gets removed from common.

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    • oh and by the way on line 96 i noticed you had "widget.addClass(".timewidget-hidden");". Assuming you copy pasted from the css and forgot to change it (remove the dot) :P

      Sorry if it was intentional, just stuck out like a loose nail to me.

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    • Example setup Could you do the same for the when the timer expires? Then it should be perfect. Currently it seems to work fine for hiding the timer before it exists which is great but it seems i need another hide trigger for when it expires to make this seamless.

      To be fair, i didn't mention adding a hide command under "widget.remove();", just "widget.removeClass("timewidget-hidden");"

      Other then that, Cheers mate. Nice job. Works very well though i needed to add all the text inside a span, which is a bit odd but honestly not an inconvenience at all so it doesn't bother me though it makes me curious as to why it behaves in such a manner. Also, as you probably noticed i removed the code from the wiki common.js now and its all being imported from the dev wiki page completely. If you need CSS updated feel free to drop a comment on my wall.

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