• It's fine really, as exemplified right now, I, too, have my inconsistency in replying. It seems that some people nowadays, when messaging someone, expect them to reply right away, not considering that it may not be possible at the time. But I don't want people to think they need to answer me quickly, so when you can, you can, when you can't, you can't, and that's fine, I'll also take longer to asnwer from time to time, for some reason or another anyways. However, one thing that was bothering me a bit was us using the comment section as a chat (as someone who got scolded for doing this on another site), so I moved the conversation to here, if it's okay with you.

    With my memory, whenever new Story Missions are added I watch videos of them, since I know I won't remember anyways. This also applies to the Jungle maps, I don't really remember them, but I know my team can handle, I just didn't go there yet because even in games I'm lazy. About the Makai maps, I just kinda remember until Makai Depths, but since I feel I can't beat it just yet, Plague Rats must be nightmare. But I don't know, two weeks for me seems a reasonable time to clear a Story Mission map (at least they are always there, contrary to Event Missions).

    I see, we shall just wait then I guess. Also, can I take it as you didn't see the Industrial maps' enemies yet? Are you thinking in the Industrial City being the first nation that even the Prince would perceive as enemies, because what you said certainly gave me that impression. Indeed it could.

    Well, you at least think of what you need when you're deciding on who to level up, I decide completely based on feeling (kinda), I highly doubt there's many other players with Azami as their 6th AW'ed unit. Well², considering I saw quite some people saying that Konoha is better than Kurama, I'd say it was a pretty good pull as well.

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    • I have noticed that sentiment as well. I used to watch a Youtube channel called Good Mythical Morning. I'm not sure how familiar you are with them but in one video they talked on what is the appropriate time to respond to emails and messages and both hosts agreed that a day is the maximum wait time. I find this ridiculous because as you said, some people may not have the time or ability to respond immediately. I suppose that given how information works today with having it immediately available, people forgot to have patience. 

      I am perfectly fine with this. I was also wondering the same thing but I didn't know were exactly to continue it.

      Plague Rats is indeed a nightmare. I would argue that the Makai maps were not properly thought out since even high level teams would have difficulty getting around the UP generation. I understand this is why they have the Sacred Arms Prince implemented in the Jungle Arc, but he doesn't negate the halved UP generation. Thankfully I have Totono for UP so when she's ready I might be able to get through it. Interestingly when I read the comments for Plague Rats it was mentioned on how 2AW units now make it more doable. It's almost as if the Dev Team made maps for them prior to making them.

      I have not seen the Industrial maps' enemies but from what I hear they are machince based but that's all I know. Well remember the White Empire was enemies with the Kingdom as well prior to saving the WE. Leona even threatened to take the Prince's head if they didn't become a vassal state. This is because the White Empire is heavily military based and the Kingdom being more focused on discourse there was bound to be tension. That reminds of Ancient Sparta and Athens actually. I am expecting a similar outcome for the Industrial City, since they are very machine oriented and the Kingdom very nature oriented.

      To be fair Ninjas being no-block, high aspd units have their uses. I wouldn't doubt that they are or were part af many core teams. I kind of disagree with that, since Tengu are a utility class no two members would be the same. However, given that I lack a high dps unit, I am thankful for getting Konoha.

      Oh dear, I really need to be more concise ^_^;

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    • Never heard of this channel, but then again, there's just around 4 english speaking channels I watch in a regular basis. But this is very true indeed, people are growing more and more impatient as the years go by, and even if it's kind of a natural consequence of the advence of society, as everything happens quicker and quicker, it seems people are getting a little too entitled regarding response times (and that's why everyone should watch animes, then they would learn to be more patient).

      If two other users here hadn't asked me stuff on my profile's "Message Wall" before, I probably wouldn't be sure where to continue either, but thanks to them, this idea came instantly, and here is probably the best, since its the closest we have of a personal space.

      I already had my fair amount of UP Generation problems, but I guess I'll have to face it again a couple more times in the future... You don't have Amy? Although I often wonder which to use, Amy's instant 10 UP, of Totono's gradual 16 UP... anyways, hope you can win that soon. And about the 2AW units being better at this point, I like to see it as the eternal trope of evolving to save the day when the situation is getting too desperate (the example I'd say I like the most is D.Gray-Man, ever watched it?). I don't think things will get hard enough for we to eventually need a 3rd Awakening, but I would appreciate it (as long as they make all the arts for them as they release them, because having this many units without 2AW art is too sad).

      I won't talk about them then, since it seems you want to avoid it. Yeah, I didn't get to play WE's event, so I don't know how things ended, but I remember that, however, even if the White Empire saw the Kingdom as enemies, the contrary wasn't entirely true, since the Prince, as the eyeless hollow protagonist, just try to accept everyone and eventually makes peace with them, but mayhaps, that won't be the case for the Industrial Capital, and they will be the first ones that even the Prince cannot accept.
      Also, I see that you are looking forward for Assassin's Creed Odyssey (or just likes history).

      True, I myself bring Azami along as much as I can, but I also remember that a lot of people just see her as food for Saki, so when I used Azami as my example, I was talking about her as an individual, instead of the Ninja class. Well, I don't really like to compare units, but there's an (kinda) old discussion on Kurama's page regarding this.

      You and me both I suppose (although, I know myself well enough to know that I won't change).

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    • I haven't seen a video of theirs for a couple years now, the best way to describe them was weird, entertaining nonsense. I agree that technology is the primary reasons for this, but I also feel that people just make the situation worse. Even with technology some things take time yet some people fail to understand it. For example, I occasionaly bake/cook from time to time and the dishes can take a couple of hours to get right. I am always asked if I can do it faster but with preparation and cook time it's simply not possible to do.

      I have both however Amy is preferable if you want to extra boost to fire power where Totono focuses more on UP generation. I believe the comments on Amy's page go into better detail on this. Thank you, I just need to SAW two more units and I just found out I'm out of Naiads. I'll have to wait until Friday to continue building. That actually reminds me of Pokemon. Just when Ash is about to lose and learn an important life lesson his pokemon evolves and everything is exactly as it was before. I have heard of D. Grey-Man but I am not that familiar with it. If we get 3AW then the we know the game entered a new level of difficulty at that point. Has it ever been said why some units don't get 2AW art? I understand it takes time to do and draw but given that we get the announcement a month in advance wouldn't the artists have more time?

      I admit I have a bit of a thing of avoiding spoilers when it comes to movies and games. Hopefully I see them soon and have a better impression of them. That's true actually, the Kingdom tried to get along with the White Empire but they essentially refused with the excuse of not wanting to side with someone who's soft. That changed since the Labyrinth of Evil Spirits and now they are trusted allies, though there is still a bit of frction when it comes to comes to how to handle disputes. I still think there will be allies in the Industrial Capital but as whole they will end up as enemies.

      A bit of both actually. I do want to play Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and I do like history. Granted being Greek makes me inclined to have to know this ^_^

      I don't think comparing units is best either but it is something you run into with this sort of game. As a result I think the best way to compare are between units in the same class, role, and keeping acquisition in mind. Anything outside of that is definitely uncalled for.

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    • I see, I'm pretty familiar with nonsensical entertainment. Well, that's pretty much ingrained into human nature by now, the need for having what they want, when they want it, and the future isn't looking good in this regard. And about baking/cooking, next time people ask you if you can do it faster, show them one of those cartoon scenes were the character increases the oven temperature by 100x specting the (usually cake) to bake 100x faster, but ends up in explosion (I know it happened in quite some cartoons I used to watch as a kid, but I can't really recall in which ones it happened right now... it's kinda frustrating).

      I see, I'll take a look at that later. With how fast time is going nowadays, friday will be here in a blink of the eye. I was thinking about Digimon (aside from D.Gray-Man) when I was typing that, but as much as I hate Ash, I guess it's a fair example. Then whenever you have time, I'd recommend you to watch it~. Well, right now I can already think about one possibility, that are the Majins, to this point, we are just defeating them, but they are all still alive (aside from Beelzebub I guess?), so when the time comes for we to actually go to exterminate them, maybe a 3AW would be needed. I don't thing we know why, so we can only speculate... which I'd say that the artist's personal life are probably the most likely reason for that (or laziness, but I'll evade this line of though), because, of course, drawing takes time and effort, and since I'm no artist (because I am lazy), I can't really judge, however, if you saw the "Bowsette" (Peachowser or just Koopa-hime) craze we had a few days ago, after the original tweet, within 2 days the internet was flooded with fanarts of her, also, I don't know how much Touhou fanart you see, but (today not as much) whenever a new game is anounced, or more precisely, whenever a new character is revealed, within hours there's fanarts of said character. So artists can draw really good art pretty damn fast, but then again, just because some can, it doesn't mean anyone can.

      Me too, but in my case what I avoid is AW/2AW art until I myself Awake my units, but the Story Missions I don't mind seeing since I don't know the story behind them yet anyways. Hehe, well, even being allies, there was just no way the White Empire would just fully accept/agree with the Kingdom's methods. And yes, there'll be people from the Industrial Capital that will ally with us, since just because they live there, they don't necessarily like the place, but yeah, the Industrial Capital in itself will probably be full enemy. Man, this conversation really is making me more excited to see what the Industrial Capital will bring in the future.

      I see. Me on the other hand, just heard about Sparta when the movie "300" came out, and Athens I just knew by name until now with this new Assassin's Creed... the part of history I'm more familiar with are the World Wars, since most documentaries on NatGeo were about it at the time I used to watch the most.

      Don't even need to be this sort of game, humans do tend to compare things in one way or another, just look at videos of old music on YouTube, there'll be a lot of comments comparing it with nowadays music (they don't even need to be of the same genre). But yeah, if one have to compare units, it's best to just compare with other units that fill the same space.

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    • Hopefully people learn to slow down again. Speed up when necessary but not for everything. At times I was tempted to do something similar but then I remember that I am also going to eat what I make. It's a common trope, particularly in older cartoons. You might have some luck in watching the older Disney, Warner Bros., or Hannah-Barbera cartoons, but given the size of their repetoire it would take some time. At least you'll get to see how good cartoons used to be. 

      Ah, I remember Digimon, a shame its not as popular as it once was. Don't worry I also hate Ash and I believe much of the community does as well. Why they don't change characters is beyond me. They even had plans to do so when they first started producing the Black/White series but that didn't continue sadly. Will do. I suppose in that sense perhaps but the problem is that you can't actually kill the Majins. Most are simply immortal and even if they are exterminated they can come back like the Pumpkin King and Shuten Doji. I'm not sure about Beelzebub but I would guess that he's in some kind of suspended reality waiting to come back. If I remember the lore correctly, the Majin were defeated in the previous Mellenium War and they just happened to come back now. So even according to the story defeating Majins permanately is impossible. I suppose you are correct there, personal situations do come first. Haha! There is always a way for Bowsette to get involved. I have to admit that her (his/its?) explosion as a character was rather surprising, but this is the Internet we are talking about. I would say that Bowsette is more akin to a fad or meme that everyone wants to be a part of as soon as its occured. It could be how that once there is something new everyone races to take a piece of it or give a little of themselves to it. The same goes for Touhou. Things that are older or have been around for a while will take longer to get as much attention despite how popular it is or how involved people were with it. Also true, everyone has there pace. Look at Bashira. Out since the game began and only just got her AW'ed art last month.

      I can't wait to see the AW'ed art to be honest. I enjoy analyzing and discussing it when I can. It certaintely leads to interesting moments when one them suddenly joins the Kingdom's side for "research" puposes. As of now I belive that Picky the Thief is oficially from there but we will certaintly have more. I am also really looking forward to it. One thing I want answered is this though; How did they reach such a state? The Kingdom and the White Empire are also able to build robots, flying machines, etc, and yet they haven't reached that level of pollution and corruption. Just what happened? 

      Oh the issues I have with that movie. Why movies have such a difficult time doing history and religion properly I cannot understand. For some reason people really enjoy discussing the World Wars. That's all the history channels seem to be doing as well, aside from some very questionable programming they put on. It would be nice if they devoted a week or month to one country every so often, that way more people would be able to learn about their neighbors. At least there are games looking into this at least like Assassin's Creed but be careful, they tend to exagerate certain details. 

      An unfortunate truth. Art is rather weird with this given its subjective nature. I can understand arguing over preference but quality is a little more difficult. And congratulations on your Misa getting her awakening! From what I have seen she can make for a good gatekeeper. You also have the Pumpkin King as a token as well with a very high splash radius and decent attack. Now I really want to get her. Also Thetis is in the pick-up gacha for this week, have you any luck in getting her? 

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    • As a pessimist, I don't think that will happen, but hope you're right. I see, that's too bad, you might remember that thing, also from cartoons, where a little devil and an angel appears in a character's shoulders, in my case, most likely both would say "do it", but then again, I mustn't  waste food. Nah, I'm bad enough at managing my time already, if I add watch old cartoons to the mix, I'll be doomed (but maybe in the future, considering I get some more time).

      Well, I can't speak for others, but what pushed me away from Digimon was the Digimon Frontier, I really didn't like that "now the kids are their own digimon" thing (however, I do want to watch the others that came after Frontier, but I also want to rewatch Adventure, 02 and Tamers, so it will take a while). I see, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be true regarding the main target... I know that at this point, wanting them to get rid of Ash is ask too much, but another Pokémon anime should be possible, because enough money to maintain two animes they surely must have, so while maintening the "Ash anime", they could also make a new anime adapting the Pokémon Adventures manga (if you never read it, you can add to the recommendation list already). I can't say for sure, since memory is not my strong point, but I think I saw someone saying something like, "if you kill the Majins, they just revive at the Makai, but if you kill them there, their're dead for good", or something like that, is that untrue? But still, it wouldn't be hard to just say "the Majins just come back after killed, because not we nor the Hero King of the Millennium War had the power necessary to kill them definitely". It may be a little too simplistic, but wouldn't be impossible (and of course there might be some other scenarios as well that result in the necessity of a power up). Well, she's the most recent example, and about her (because of my personal view of Bowser, I stick with "her") explosion of popularity, I'll just quote a person from the image site I use: "I guess this is proof that bowser was always popular he just wasn't the right gender to captilize on it". Hmm, I just thought about Rule 43 in some extent, since Nintendo was always a "family friendly" company, we never get much fan service from them, and so, if an opportunity shows up, the Internet will abuse the Rule 34 more intensely than normal (but then again, there's a lot of fanarts of her that aren't Rule 34), but in the end, you are probably right. Weeeeell, in Bashira's case I'm willing to think it was laziness (or the artist was feeling the overwhelming expectations of her fans. But if that was the motive, Shizuka would have her AW art a long time ago, which by the way, is still missing).

      It's understandable, although, I do know the skills and abilities of the units and their Awakenings, the only thing I avoid is the art, until I get to see it in my game. Yeah, I also believe there'll be lots more, maybe our first event unit from the Industrial Capital won't take too long to show up. That's a interesting question, if I were to think of a reason right now, maybe the Kingdom and the White Empire are just magic based, even in their science, using magic energy or materials to power their stuff, meaning a non-pollutant energy source, while the Industrial Capital (or its leader) is just so isolated that they don't even know magic, or, they for some reason don't like magic (and even if they wanted to change, they reached a point of no return). For now this is as far as I can go.

      Well, I probably didn't watch even half of the movie so I can't really tell, also I just don't watch movies in general, but if I had to guess, probably sacrificing accuracy for the sake of action, explosions and whatever more must, in their eyes, be a good decision in a financial standpoint. It's probably because of the scale of the war and the concentration camps, someone once said "Those who don't know the past, are condemned to repeat it" (something along those lines), so maybe, that's the part of history people want to prevent from repeating the most (although we are in a pretty scary situation even now). But a week per month dedicated to show the history and other things of different countries would be pretty nice indeed. I actually never played Assassin's Creed, but I heard it's pretty good in teaching history (not entirely, of course).

      That's more a problem of some people being unable of differentiate "opinion" and "facts", which makes discussing rather annoying sometimes. Sankyu, I have read the discussion on her page, so I'm pretty on par with her new capacities, now I just need to decide when to Awaken her, hope you can also get her someday. I wish... I had just 80 SCs when she became available on the PUG (because I cannot resist Youkais), managed to get a couple more to do 17 summons, reached the guaranteed Platinum twice, but just got my 4th copy of Charmy, and Ersha (at least she was new), aside from that, just Gold and Silver dupes, except for Barbie, who didn't show up to me until now... then, right before the maintenance, I ran to the 4* challenge of the Desert Arc to get more SCs for one last try, but got my 3rd copy of Fedora instead... so back on trying to save SCs and resist Youkais to try to get Thetis the next time she shows up...

      PS: Forgot to mention, but I listen to a lot of doujin music, and I remembered this one today, so I thought I'd show you.

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    • I remember seeing the angel and devil as well. It really said something when most of the characters would do what the devil suggested but I did find it funny when the two sides agreed. I'm not sure if there are any studios you prefer but I recommend the old Disney cartoons, particularly those from the 1930's to 1960's, if you have the time. You can find a fair bit on Youtube.

      I didn't mind Digimon Frontier, especially Kazemon and Zephyrmon, but that is around the time I stopped watching as well. For me it was Tamers I didn't like, there was something that felt off about the series. Unfortunately true, Ash is here to stay. I agree that two animes runing together would be preferable. I believe that they did this with Ethan/Hibiki from Gen 2 but it didn't last long and it was mostly treated like a special. I have always wanted to read the Pokemon manga, particularly how they manage to make it more serious than its anime counterpart. I had a similar discussion with Aelcarius about Keraunos. I believe it works in that if you defeat them in their "spirit" or "pure form" then they are damaged to a point where they won't come back any time soon. I think this happened to Beelzebub in the last Majin's Inner Body map. He changed to his true form, we defeated him, and he is not going to come back any time soon. But is he dead? I don't think so. This is basically what happened to the Prince's ancestor as well. He defeated them and it took a thousand years or more for them to reappear. Also we have Phenex. Farne said flat out that it is impossible to permanately kill Phenex because he was immortal. So no matter how many times he's defeated, he will always come back. Remember that Majin are embodiments of chaos and so they feed on chaos and destruction. Both are fundemental to reality so the Majins will always be here waiting. Not to mention it wouldn't make sense for the Pumpkin King, Dark Knight, and the Goblin Queen to come back but an all powerful demon or god couldn't. I really do like talking about stories ^_^

      She is very popular. There is even a petition online where they are trying to make Bowsette a proper part of the game but it's not likely to happen. However it would make sense given that she matches the bizzareness of the overall franchise. I mean a mushroom that can turn you into "Peach"? How does that even work? It's asking too many questions that I don't think people want answered. However a female Bowser-type would be welcomed, be it proper, humanized, or in-between. Well, Nintendo has done some fanservice with Samus. Even before her Zero-suit and heels from SSB, in one of the older Metroid games, you see her in a bikini when you finish the game. Also if you have the time check Palutena's introduction trailer to SSB4. It's not explicit but it is there. I suppose it's simply how that even though games like Metroid (even the rebooted Kid Icarus) are for an older audience, Mario has always been geared towards children. So fanservice wouldn't be seen as appropriate in the latter.

      Bashira is an interesting case. I think the thing that many haven't focused on is that the artist changed styles. If you go to her twitter page you'll see how all of her recent drawings follow that style. Couple this with how long it's been for Bashira to get new art and there was no way eveyone would be pleased. I think the 2AW art is good and I do like it, but I have gotten so used to her base art that I keep her there. Hopefully the reaction the artist received wasn't too bad because that might make others hesitant in making new art for older units, and that would be a shame.

      I understand as well. It's always more meaningfull when you obtain something in game as opposed to just seeing it. Hopefully soon. That's an interesting take. The only problem I see is that magick is treated rather oddly in the Kingdom and WE. Although it has uses in scientific reasearch, developement, and healing, people who use magick are either shunned or willingly avoid others. It's not something heavily touched upon though so it's a bit up in the air. However your assertion would still work. By hating magick the Industrial Capital focused more on technology and other non-magick aspects. Anything associated with magick would be pushed back and nature would be as well. I think it may also be how that, if they had no sense of responsibility towards nature, they simply pushed forward with industry even more so than the other countries and that ended with destroying themselves. Though I do think there will be a corrupt leader, I hope its more than them going "Hi I'm evil".

      You are correct but I do wish they did more with being historically accurate. Actually older movies seem to do a better job of this than modern ones. I recommend watching Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa for this. It does a good job with dealing with the historic setting and how that affects the movie's plot. But only if you have the time for it. It's about 3 hours long but it's very good. Considering are current state they may have to re-think the way they do documantaries. My inherent problem with the WW documantaries is that seem to glorify the wars rather than showing what they actually were, an absolute and utter disaster, to put it mildly. It woud be quite nice if they did something like that. Actually one of the taglines for the Assassin's Creed franchise was "teaching history". However given the format a significant grain of salt is needed. Especially with the Origins and Odyssey as they now allow you do things outside of what actually happened.

      Quite true unfortunately. The world be a better place if people learn to dissociate the two. You're quite welcome. It's generally been agreed that Misa is good now but still a bit niche so there is no rush in having to AW her. However it shouldn't be a problem if you do so. Oh that's a shame. Well the "you-" in youkai doesn't mean bewitching for nothing. On the plus side Barbastroff is a good Gold unit and he helped me a fair bit back in Nutaku and is quite usefull on male only maps. Hopefully you will have better luck next time.

      I must say that scary Marisa is scary but well drawn. Thank you for the suggestion, it was quite good. I particularly liked the beat and how they were able to incorporate the violin.

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    • You know things got serious when both sides agrees. You went pretty far back huh? When I think about old cartoons I tend to think about the ones I used to watch as a kid (namely, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog -especially this one- and etc), the oldest I can think I watched is some Mickey episodes that were in black and white, however, I can't tell how old they are.

      I see, I actually kinda want to rewatch Frontier as well just to see if the current me will have the same opinion as past me, but past me really didn't like that chance of concept, interestingly, Tamers was my favorite back then, but there's too few memories of it remaining for me to be able to guess a reason. I always saw that Hibiki/Gold's arc as some kind of OVA or filler, and well, they also did Pokémon Origins (which art style wasn't the best) and Pokémon Generations (which was just shorts), they could also just continue them... It's been quite some time since the last time I read Pokémon Adventures, but I still strongly recommend it to any Pokémon fan (expecially fans of the games). That's actually my take on the Majins as well (although I started doubting it when I heard that Beelzebub was dead), I was just making as excuse to have 3AW (using the "Beelzebub is dead" as base). Also this part of the conversation reminded me of Persona 3 (but in case you intend to play it someday, saying any more than that would be spoiler so I'll refrain from doing so). Well, there's various stories containing entities seemingly immortals that actually just need a expecific method to really be killed, so there are instances where a more powerful entity is killed before a weaker one just because the protagonist didn't know how to kill the weaker one before.

      I could see them using her in spin-off games like Mario Kart, Party, Super Smash Bros and etc, but being canon is harder to see happening. Also, I can't say for sure, but I heard that the Super Crown isn't canon anyways, so making "Bowsette" canon would be even more difficult. Well, if you look around, there's quite a bit of theories regarding the Super Crown. Yeah, we do have Samus (and Bayonetta, as I suppose some would count), and even though I know nothing about Icarus Kid, if you mentioned it, I guess I'll count it, also, that Palutena's introduction, I already saw it before as a gif, but I honestly thought it was fanmade (lol), I'm actually surprised. Anyway, although we have some fan service in some franchises, Mario, Pokémon and others there's none, and you know how humans are, the thing they can't have will be the one they want the most.

      "her"? Do we know if the artist is a girl? Anyway, I don't really mind her AW art because (unpopular opinion) I don't really like her, but if anything, the long time for her to receive her AW art alone was already enough for the "there was no way eveyone would be pleased". Also, setting aside the reaction of the AW art, I believe there's some kind of agreement between the artists and the devs no? I don't think the artists can just step out of it whenever they feel like it, I think that the units with 2AW that don't have art just don't have art yet because the devs still believe that the artist will make said art, otherwise the devs would just replace them (like Thetis' case, Kure said that her AW art if from the same artist as the base art, but I still have a hard time seeing it).

      Sure is. Ah- yes, I forgot about that, but if I remember right, the preconception the normal people have with magic users is the habitual "magic=dangerous", then, because a magic user could easily kill normal people, those people end up avoiding them out of fear, and we all know that this is a really hard thing to change, but hopefully, with so many magic users helping the Prince to save the world, they'll be better accepted in the future. And regarding the Industrial Capital, they may just have a (extremely) stronger belief in that same thought that "magic=dangerous", to the point where they believe that relying on magic is simply too risky, I wouldn't be surprised if the Industrial Capital even have some kind of "Witch Hunt" politics, so if I'm right, we may have a couple magic units that, to survive in the Industrial Capital, kept their powers in secret. About their leader, I don't really know what to expect, but I, too, hope it isn't something overly simplistic.

      I see, I see, I won't promise it will happen anytime soon, but I'll take a look in this movie. It's been quite sometime since the last I watched a documentary, so I can really say anything about re-thinking it. It's true, and probably is because it was the promise from the very beginning, promising "glory" as a insentive to fight the war, it's basically like the Knight of Ten (Code Geass) said: "Normally, if you kill people, it's a crime, but in the battlefield you can become a hero based on the number of people you kill". Sadly, it's pretty much using killing to promote more killing. Well, at the very least, I guess we can say that Assassin's Creed can bring interest to history, then people will likely learn more on their own, or pay more attention to history classes. Now about Origins and Odyssey, they are, dare I say, recent examples of the change suffered by the movies, the sacrifise of accuracy for the sake of more entertainment.

      Indeed, but that is another thing I'm not very hopeful of occuring. Worry not, rush is not something that exist within me (most of the time). It is, it sure is, everytime I fail to get Thetis, my souls damaged. Back in Nutaku Cyrus was my main mage, and since received him again here way before, it'll take a while for Barbie to join him. So I hope.

      Well, it's Halloween's month, we gotta be scary~, and you're welcome, glad you enjoyed.

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    • I admit I have a fondness for classic cartoons, epecially Disney. Though I enjoy how complex cartoons can be, sometimes you want a simple story of a mouse, duck, and dog going about there daily routines.The black and white ones can reach as far back as 1928, the year Steamboat Willie was first shown, and they were very weird. But then again most cartoons were at the time and oddly enough they weren't ment solely for children. I remember watching the old Cartoon Network cartoons. The ones you listed are very good, I would also add the Power Puff Girls though I didn't watch it as much as the others. I agree with Courage the Cowardly Dog, that was my favourite and I am quite suprised how they were able to get with so much.

      It's interesting how growing older can change the way you viewed things from your childhood. For Courage, I really loved watching it as a kid, but I noticed I have a little bit of a hard time watching some episodes now since I'm not a fan of being overally surreal. I still hink it's a great cartoon that everyone should try though. For Digimon I can that the original two seasons have aged quite well. I want to try watching Tamers again myself and see if, me having a better understanding of storytelling, I would have a different opinion on it. I believe you are correct there. The only possible problem with that is how the Pokemon manga aren't just simply darker but also more violent from what I know. Being that the anime is mostly geared to young children makes me think that they may not go for it unfortunately. Which means Ash is still least change the way things happen to him. Will do most certaintly. I can't really say what exactly makes people think that about Beelzebub. I haven't reached that map yet though I am working on it, so unfortunately I can't say much but I still stand by what I think happpens with Majins. I just find it hard to believe that he is most certaintly dead when the Pumpkin King came back in full force with the current event. Maybe we will have a Pumpkin Majin based off the Headless Horseman? I honestly didn't think I wanted that until I just thought of it ^_^ Hmm, I know I read some legends with that concept but I can't remember. The thing is that most stories, especially epics or things of that nature, generally have the basic rule of "defeat the weaker enemies to earn the fight with the powerful ones". The only exceptions would be when a minor villain wasn't fully defeated and they come back aftewards to settle the score. I really need to finish the Majin's Inner Body arc so I can have better idea about this.

      They could potentially, it would make gaming headlines world wide. It isn't? I thought the Super Crown was a proper item. I hope you don't mean Game Theory. There fine in certain aspects but I find a lot of their conclusions to have major flaws. I should look more into the Super Crown, this has really piqued my interest. I personally wouldn't count Bayonetta, only because she is not a Nintendo character like Samus. Kid Icarus does have a fair bit fanservice, albeit to a lesser degree, including Medusa and Phosphora. Seeing that for the first time was surpring especially how Palutena "emphasized" herself and her in-game movements. Oddly enough the thing most people took from it was how an anime Zelda or Kid Icarus is something we definitely need. That is very true.

      Something I found recently, an actual scene from the game Kid Icarus Uprising. Not the best quality unfortunately but it does show how willing Nintendo is for fanservicing cartain characters.

      I am relatively certain that the artist is a girl, I remember seeing Kuremisao and Petite Soeur refrencing as much. That is indeed true, there is no way to have avoided that situation. From what I know they are contractually obliged to make base art and AW'ed art for all current units. You may be right in that an artist can't just simply step aside, unless it's for reasons beyond their control I imagine. Also it may not be as inforced with 2AW. I would guess it's understood that they need to provide art for it but they are not rushed for it. There are cases though, like Thetis, were the original artist couldn't supply what they were asked for so another had to take their place.

      That it is very good assertion. As support for it, the current event unit, Candy, is training to be a mage and it doesn't seem that anyone has a problem with it. I think it may be implied that her family is supporting her in this as well. So it seems that magick users are on their way up the social ladder. That is quite possible given how machine oriented the Industrial Capital seems to be. If there is a "Witch Hunt" motiff to some of its units, I wonder how they would be in personality. I would imagine they wouldn't be in the best sorts having to contain all that power. Rinne became a border line mute after being incarcerated. 

      It is a true wok of art and it even managed to influence many modern film makers like Spielberg on how to make movies. If you manage to find the time I highly recommend it. The old everything depends on how you look at it logic strikes again. An unfortunate truth for many wars was that the act of glory was one of the primary motivators and the WW's were a prime example of this. You would expect documantaries to showcase this but rather they promote it. On a related note I really should watch Code: Geass again. I never managed to finish it but it was quite good from what I saw. I can only hope that would be the case and I also hope that the "sacrificing accuracy for entertainment" doesn't become an industry standard. Many game were able to balance the two quite well with having the story take palce alongside a historical event rather being about. Assassins Creed may be suffering from being a AAA game having to meet expectations so there is still hope in the indie games. 

      One day Thetis will come, so best of luck to you! Barbastroff and Cyrus pair quite well together. One of the several reasons I think they were together in some way. Also considering the current 2AW line up, you must be looking forward to Ema's 2AW. She is considered one of the best duelists in the game so there is a lot to look forward to. Of that list the units I have that I'm looking forward to are Lewd Blue, Racua, Kibahime, and Bernice. Especially Bernice, Heavy Armors deserve much needed love.

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    • I didn't know Disney until my teens, so it never really grew on me, but if I were to choose between today's cartoons and the older ones, I would go for the older ones. Talking about black and white and Mickey together can only remind me of the creepypasta. Yeah, I used to watch Power Puff Girls as well, but Courage the Cowardly Dog was by far the one I watched the most.

      Well, although it is true, to this day there isn't a single example of something I used to like as a kid that I don't like now, nor that I disliked and came to like, however, it is possible that in Digimon Frontier's case, my kid self (although watching the entire anime) just rejected it by the fact the protagonists transformed into the digimons themselves instead of having digimon partiners and ultimately never tried to actually give it a real chance (and about Courage, I quite like its surrealism even today, so the only episodes I don't like very much are the ones I already didn't like back then). Yeah, I suppose that's a issue, but if anything, they could make it like the Pokémon Generations and make a ONA out of it (and mayhaps exibit it at night on the TVs, but internet only would be more realist I guess). About the Pokémon anime that exists, I don't watch it, but it gives the impression of being even more childish in this current season than before, even the old old joke of Ash being 10 forever doesn't seem to apply, because Ash seems even younger now... Indeed, well, I guess we will most likely come back to this subject once we pass Makai and Majin's Inner Body. Also, "As long as the Halloween exists, the Pumpkin King shall come back", ramdom thoughts aside, when you mentioned a Pumpkin Majin, the first thing that came to mind was the Pumpking from Yu-Gi-Oh, but the famous knight with a pumpkinhead would also be cool, and as someone who loves Halloween (even it being practically non-existent in my country), I would absolutely love a Halloween themed Majin. Same, I remember the concept, but can't seem to remember any example (but then again, my memory is bad). Well, most stories usually follow the "There's always someone stronger" trope, but in Aigis' case, although we fight just one "Big Bad" at a time (most of the time), the others do exist somewhere in the world and were already introduced to us (which, normally, the stronger one would just be introduced after the weaker one is defeated), example, if Aigis were to follow said trope, after the Dracolich was introduced, all bosses introduced after, would be stronger than it, but that is not the case, of course, this examplanation don't add anything really relevant to the Majins' case, but was a interesting point to make (or ramble).

      Yep, I would be happy to see that happening. Again, I can't say for sure, but I heard that things added in those "Deluxe editions" aren't canon... Well, I did see other 2 or 3 theories on the Super Crown, but they were pretty similar to the Game Theory one, about the bees and stuff. That's true, but since she's Nintendo exclusive, I suppose some people would just label as "Nintendo Character". Kid Icarus never really grabbed my interest, so I don't have much to say about it. A Legend of Zelda anime would reaaaaally be appreciated.

      You're talking about the bathing scene, right?

      I see. Exactly, if she received her AW her the moment Archer AW was introduced, the reaction would most likely be very different (there would still be negativity, but possibly much less). Well, I won't say that they should rush artists, since designing a character isn't easy, but I also think that 2 years (it was around 2 years right? the time between the introduction of Archars' AW and Bashira's AW art) is a bit too much (and it also leaves the concern about her AW2 art, will it take another 2 years?). I'm really confused about Thetis, considering what you said, I assume that you also think that Thetis' AW art were made by someone else, but Kure (and the game, technically) say that it was made by the same artist that made the original art, and it's really hard to doubt Kure, but I can't help but think that the two arts are just too different...

      Good to know that what I said makes sense. However, I'll hold off curiosity about the "Witch Hunt" thing, because curiosity can become expectation, and I shall expect nothing from no one. I didn't know that happened with Rinne (since I don't have her), but do we know if it's hard to not use one's magic in Aigis? There's a lot of occasions in fantasy where someone would avoid to use their powers, and although in some cases the character would instintively want to use magic (making it harder to willingly not use them) or become overloaded with magic energy for not using them, there's also examples where they can hide it just fine.

      I see (I'm so off in movies that I just know Spielberg by name, but I see). It always does. So much for "glory"... and the worst of it, is that tempting soldiers with promises of "glory" would still work today... Well, I don't know if you can already find translated, but the 3 Code Geass movies are already out, and they are compilatory movies, so you can watch them if you don't have enough time to watch the anime (although I also don't know how well 3 movies can resume 50 episodes). I don't know³ if we have enough historical games for it to become "standard", but yeah, I also think that it being AAA must heavily influence those decisions.

      I can only hope. The more you know. Well, I won't see her 2AW anytime soon, but I'm really glad that she'll get it. Now HA's 2AW is one that I'm a little curious (mostly because of all the jokes about HA never getting it). Lastly: Who is "Lewd Blue"?

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    • There is a certain quality that older cartoons have that I can't really describe that I find appealing. It's how the movements flow and seem natural, not to mention many were rather high quality in terms of drawing. Something I never understoof is how simple many of the newer cartoons look, like circles with eyes, in comaprison with older ones. At least story telling has come a long way with some of the newer ones. Creepypasta there nothing they won't leave alone? (suddenly remebers Bowesette). Agreed, I suppose I never really watched Powerpuff Girls as much because it seemed "girly". Looking back on it though they were all very good shows.

      I can't say I'm same way ^_^ There were some shows I remember watching and thinking to myself "How did I even manage?". But everyone grows with different tastes after all. I will admit watching it for the first time I didn't find the "turn into a Digimon" premise that engaging. After watching a few episodes though, it did grow on me and I started to enjoy it. Courage does indeed do a very good job with surrealism and it does a good job telling a story around it as well. Though I am not as fond of surrealism as i was back then, I won't deny the quality the show had. Online such as youtube would be best I think. Given how Pokemon is viewed as kid's series, despite much to the contrary, it would be tricky in how to sell it to a network. After watching a couple of Pokemon Genrations episodes I must say that this is how Pokemon should have been done from the beggining. There was also another online pokemon episode I watched that involved Looker and Espurr being attacked by a mind-controlled friend but I can't remember what it was called or what series it was for. The last anime I watched was from Gen 6 and I refuse to watch Gen 7. The childishness has really gotten out of hand and even the artwork reflects that as you said. Though I have a feeling that it may trying to appeal to the American market since the artwork seems similar to some of today's shows. 

      Most definitely. I am currently stuck on Miasma Filled Demonic Lung, just one map away from the last one with Beelzebub. I have to admit though that getting there wasn't as I intended. Plague Rats drove me mad to such a degree with having failed many times with the units I raised for it that I got the Goddess' Divine Protection -_- Something I regret having done in all honesty because I felt like I was cheating. While it may take longer than I thought I am going to go back when I can to complete map legitimately. Now however I am off the Protection's and currently working on a team to deal with those angels and Miasma, and I am not going to rush this time. All hail the Great Pumpkin! Pumpking the King of Ghosts, that brings back memories, I haven't seen that show for some time now. It's rather surpring they haven't done a Holloween themed Majin given how many possibities there are for inspiration and the Headless Horseman being the face (or head) of Halloween would make an excellent choice. I'm rather fond of Halloween as well, though not so much of how most people go about celebrating it. Well we have fought against multiple Majin at once but that was when they were in spirit form when they possed the cultists from Velty's event, though I believe there were other events that followed a similar vein. That is true, in this case it's that there many with who fall into a similar power level with varying abilities. With the example you gave with Dracolich it's similar with that it's not so much that there is someone stronger that we face later on as the story progress but one equally as powerful and as dangerous. I suppose that's why we have the Advent events as well since they are supposed to be the powerful beings we can come up against, even the Majin's Inner Body maps have been described as being on similar level. 

      It seems more searching is required for me to understand this Princess Crown, now to find the time. Oh dear, even the other theories are based off of Game Theory? I'll admit I admire than analytical skills but the conclusions they make are outlandish and that's an understament. I stopped watching them because of this one factor. This is the group that said that Luigi wanted to get revenge on Mario by sleeping with Peach and she had Rosalina as a result. Or that they apply modern physics to explain why something that happens in a game is impossible in the actual game, despite it happening regardless. -Ahem- Sorry about that. I suppose if that's the case but by that logic then most of the Final Fantasy cast would be Nintendo characters as well wouldn't they? A Zelda anime would be a great addition to franchise and they already have many great stories plot lines to work with. All they need is the knowing how to proprly adapt it and they are set. It would also help to drive away the memory of the Legend of Zelda TV series. A great source for memes but not much else.

      Among other things but that in particular was not something I expecting from Nintendo.

      It's been longer than two years I think. From what I can tell AW has been implemented since sometime in 2014 so that would be close to four years now without AW'ed art. That's if I researched this properly however, I have to give it a better look when I can. Either way it has been a long time and while I agree that artists shouldn't be rushed, I don't know why exactly Bashira ended with her taking so long. Well with Bashira there is a clear difference in style but you can see how the AW art has certain similarities to the base art and ther are enough to tell that it's the same artist. Thetis on the hand is just wierd, for lack of a better expression. You can tell it's same character but the style looks wildly different which is why many think she had two artists. While art style does change over time, I wouldn't think it would change to that degree. I don't doubt Kuremisago, their information is very reliable, but Thetis is a weird case.

      I wise thing to do in these cases. Case in point; I have been following the development of SSB5 and about a week ago there was a leak that showed several characters in the game. A couple were characters that have been heavily requested. Becasue of this many believed this leak as fact despite there being evidence to the contrary. Yesterday it was finally revealed that the leak was indeed fake with the Nintendo Direct. Because there was such a high request for these characters that led to expectation which then led to confirmation bias, which resulted in many complaints through out the internet. That depends on the story and even then on the character. A good example is the Harry Potter series. Magick Users have been in hiding for centuries with almost no problems since they still use magick in secret. Problems do arise however, when the magick is forced into submission. In the last book it was told that Dumbledore's younger sister was harmed so severly when she was found to use magick by non-magick users that she regressed and couldn't function properly. In the end she couldn't handle the supression of magickal energy and she died. With Aigis we don't really have examples of this other than Rinne and most magick-users are either shunned or keep to themselves away from others so there is no need to supress their magick. Perhaps sometime in the future we will have this being adressed since it's never been properly explained.

      Everyone wants to be remembered for something and glory has always been an effective convincor (I'm not sure that's actual word). Code: Geass made films as well? Now I have more to catch up on ^_^ Oh so the movies are more so generalizing what the anime was about? While it may not go into certain plot points that a show can, it can work well with explaining what has happened. I'll look into it. You may be correct there, I have been out of the gaming scenes for a while so there is a lot I missed.

      Haha! I would expect Barbastroff to be the more laid back of the two. Whenever they are around they always end up having something like this happen. I made a post on what Heavy Armors could get if they were to be 2AW. Essentially anything that makes them into better tanks will be a welcomed improvement, especially given how tanking is being treated in the current game. Ah yes, I use that name so often I forget that not many people will know who I am talking about. Lewd Blue is a nickname I use when referring to Lychnos. Back when she was first revealed KiasmaKim (I think it was them) said "Omg quite BLUE", I responded with "Omg quite LEWD". This was followed by other such responses until it was rudely interupted. A shame too, Lychnos was so close to being a meme character. Ever since I got her I would always call her Lewd Blue in reference to this when I happen to discuss her.

      Edit: Actually it started from a user named Speizz who said "omg quite OP" and it was Kkentauro who said "Omg quite BLUE"

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    • Well, I can't talk much about technical things, since I'm mostly in the "It just needs to be interesting" mindset, but in that regard, old cartoons do interest me way more. If I were to guess the viewpoint of the corporation guys, it's probably something along the lines of "bright color and simple design is all it takes to grab children's attention, then, instead of worrying ourselves with that, we can just focus on how to make them keep on watching", or something like that. You don't know? It's called "Suicide Mouse", one more on the list of "Lost episodes of children's cartoons". Luckly, my kid self never cared about it~. Yep, they sure were.

      I see how that can happen, actually, that is most likely the common case, but while I added things on my likings when growing up, hardly something was removed. I wish that could have happened with me as well, but even having watched all the episodes, the concept never grew on me... Maybe it's because I have "Chaotic alignment", although I don't really know if I can associate surrelism with chaos, but it kinda feels right. Considering it would be free on YouTube, I don't think they would go with that, but I agree that online would probably be the best approach. Now, despite Generations being great, the concept of "focusing on characters other than the protagonists" is something more suited for a chronicles series instead of a longrunning one. Also, Tajiri Satoshi, the creator of Pokémon, once said that, rather than the anime or the games, the Pokémon Adventures manga is the closest of what he envisioned when he created the franchise. I think you might be thinking about this, it's just a guess. Hehe, I stopped around Gen 3, and regarding why the Gen 7 anime is the way it is, what I most see people saying is that it's trying to compete with Yokai Watch, but I myself have no goddamn idea.

      While I do avoid getting Aigis' protection (because of SCs), I don't see it as cheating, since just like our comrades, Aigis is also our ally, and there's no shame on relying on her, however, going back to try to win without her help is also perfectly valid. Indeed, and me neither, but I want to re-watch Yu-Gi-Oh someday (and this time, instead of stopping, watch the other continuations). Well, we don't have any holyday themed Majin, so it's easy to think they'd rather avoid doing it. There's no Halloween in my country so I don't quite grasp what you mean with "being fond to Halloween in a different way than the commonly celebrated". That do happen, although it's just a portion of their power, now I'm not sure about that, I can't really remember which bosses came before or after the Dracolith, but Yaohu-Xian for example, came after it, and was pretty weak in comparison. But well, I may be mixing actual facts with the "subplot" I make in my play.

      It might very well just have gone like this, but if you do research more, share with me your conclusions. Not really, the first "Bees theory" I saw came out before the Game Theorists' one. I see, I don't really watch much of their theories (aside from the Super Crown, I just watched the FNAF ones, the DDLC ones and two or three others that I don't even remember anymore), but I just take them more like as "Let's make theories for the lolz", and as much as they get some ridiculous premises from time to time, my only problem with them is that the people who watches them often takes the theories as truth, instead as, like the name implies, theories (but then again, that's just humans being humans, can't be helped). Isn't Final Fantasy more of a Sony thing since FF6-ish (or 7, since FF6 were also for SNES, as far as I remember)? True, but admittedly, I only would watch a Zelda anime if it had a original story, or was based on either "A Link to the past" or "A Link between worlds", since those are the only ones I played, and any other would be spoiler so I would just watch after finally playing the game. Also, I never heard about this "Legend of Zelda TV Series".

      Yeah, I can't deny it.

      Oops, looks like I was looking into AW2 instead, but still, 4 years, even worse... Exactly, I also think so, if you look at Bashira's and Thetis' base art, and then their AW art, AW Thetis doesn't seem like something that came inbetween Bashira and Thetis base art and Bashira's AW art... but well, we'll most likely never have a definitive answer so...

      I didn't know that about SSB5, one more proof that expectations are bad, Diablo Immortal is another very good recent example. I don't even knew Dumbledore had a sister, that's an interesting example, but like you said, we don't really know how it works in Aigis, Rinne's case could easily be considered to be caused by trauma, since it was her words (which is how she manifest her divination powers) that got her locked. But yeah, I don't really think it'll happen, but maybe in the future we'll get some answers.

      That's true... and I think "convincer" would be the right word (google returned me a boat for "convincor"). They are fairly recent, they are planning to make a third season for Code Geass, so they made those 3 movies to retell the story of the first 2 seasons. I watched the first movie, and as expected, to be able to retell 50 episodes in just 3 movies, quite a bunch of things were changed, but I suppose it's still valid to watch them instead of the anime if you don't have that much time.

      Indeed, that fanart was on point. Although I don't really remember the contents, I do remember reading said post, it was something about being able to tank True Damage right (or was it someone else's hopings)? Anyway, what you think about what we actually got with HAs' 2AW? I, for one, am just dissapointed that we got yet more missing art... I was guessing it was her, I remember that thread (although I don't remember who said what), in fact, I even thought of adding to the chain, but I'm not very creative.

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    • Quite possibly unfortunately. There are some cases were this is fine, because the artwork reflects the tone of the cartoon and its story. Peppa Pig is very simple since it's meant to teach simple life lessons to toddlers and shows like Adventure Time do it to express the bizarreness of the situation. In all other respects it seems odd how many can get away with it. I suppose so long as the story is interesting the quality of the drawing isn't that important. Did some light research into it and thankfully didn't watch the video, but it doesn't seem to be genuine. From what I read someone simply looped scenes together and went from there.

      Well nothing about surrealism is meant to be seen as logical or ordered so chaotic is a good fit. Actually, if there was a worry of monetary income then there are avenues for it. Two options come to mind: First, they can put the anime on the Nintendo Online, this way it will be released to their prime audience, encourage more people to buy the service, and add on to what they can offer from it (the Nintendo Online is rather lacking at the moment); Two, they could go and make a deal with certain streaming services, such as Netflix (who have the Pokémon anime for Gen 1, 6 and 7), to handle the distribution, this way they can increase their audience and potentially make mature content. There are most likely other ways to go about this, but these seem to be the best options in terms of distribution and profit. I have to respectfully disagree there, it is possible to have a Generations style for a longer running series. Despite my disliking it, Game of Thrones essentially works with this concept in mind. Each section is devoted to one character and how they relate to the overall story and this is especially noticeable in the books. I am not saying it's an easy thing to do but it is possible. My interest in the Pokémon Adventures manga has risen more so, I just wish I had easier time finding them. That's the one I was thinking about, thank you finding it! If only the main series was more like this. Is that true? They are actually trying to compete with Youkai Watch? ...Why? Pokémon is world known brand beloved by generations of people, they would have no reason for it. I only watched one episode of Youkai Watch with my nephew and I did not like it, even my nephew went back to watching Pokémon afterwards. -Sigh- This just makes it more confusing.

      You are indeed correct. Aigis is indeed a proper character and has abilities to help in battle, but I can't help myself. Generally, when I play games I play them on the "normal" setting since, for me at least, it shows how the game is in its inherent state and difficulty. Making it easier or harder takes away from the primary experience. That's why when game designers say to play on a recommended difficulty, I can't help but think "Why not make that the normal setting?". Though it may not be my way playing I probably should be less hard on myself for it. The last series I watched from there was 5D's after that things became a bit too weird and that's saying something when talking about Yu-Gi-Oh. True but it would be nice and rather funny to see. Well Halloween has several aspects surrounding it that seem to be either swallowed up or put aside for other minute aspects. It has peculiar mystical air surrounding it and it feels both wonderous and eerie. The holiday's supernatural origin also adds to it particularly with the changing of leaf colours and chilly winds. It's also a fun holiday with people going out and about just having silly fun. These are all things I greatly enjoy and it's almost as if it was made for me. However, most people rather celebrate it primarily with referencing excessive blood, gore, and violence. It also doesn't help that many horror movies are released that time of year. So, while a part of me looks forward to it, a part of me also dreads it since I'm going to be surrounded by references, releases, and recommendations of things I genuinely dislike. Hmm, if it were to make sense from a lore perspective it could be said that while you have defeated the powerful evil leader there are still others out there and in order to find them you will have to go through there minions first. 

      Most likely ^_^ Oh to have been a fly in the Nintendo offices when they first found out about Bowsette, I can only imagine the looks they were giving each other. On the issue of the Super Crown and Peachette, I have scoured as many articles and posts as I could, and I even watched the Game Theory video to have an idea on what's being discussed (I almost pulled my hair out), I can definitively say that no one knows what they are talking about. It is nothing but conjecture on conjecture on conjecture. While making a conjecture is perfectly acceptable and often times necessary, the way it was being handled here was astounding. From theories ranging from the evolution of toads into humans, Toadette = Peach, Peach being a mushroom, to the mushrooms and bees (the worst one I came across), nothing has any sort of grounding. It doesn't help that this also based on a power-up that has yet to be released, something I only found out this morning. Why must everything be a conspiracy theory? Anyway, most things are in all honesty nonsense. However, Game Theory seems to be rather prevalent, which is odd considering how many holes are being presented. There were even several comments made outright debunking them, the most notable of which being that Peach was shown as a baby, was shown not wearing a crown (important since the crown must be worn), and the crowns having two different designs. I would go on for more, but I have feeling that I would write a full-blown paper about this. 

      Concerning Game Theory's credibility, it is honestly difficult to say. In some of their older videos they made the evidence and sources given were indeed factual and this caused many to gain their trust. However, at some point this did turn into theory for laughs and views rather than genuine game theories. The unfortunate result was having people blindly follow what they say simply because some of what they said was true, or rather potentially true. My problem is also with the people following them, but I lay blame on Game Theory as well. It seems they have no idea of the influence they have, and they just go about saying whatever they like. They themselves most likely don't even believe their own theories. They even liked the commenters giving point by point refutations on their Peachette theory while everyone else basically accepted what was said. Very true, it's quite maddening isn't it?

      FF up to FF6 were on Nintendo systems and FF7 onwards were on primarily Sony systems, with the occasional Microsoft and PC adaptions. I believe this was due to PlayStation having a more powerful engine for what FF7 was going to become and while Nintendo systems have come a long way there is a yet to be a new FF for Nintendo systems. This is of course not considering any possible behind the door shenanigans. You may have heard this many times, but if you manage to get the chance to be able to play any of Zelda games please do so. There is a plethora of stories to experience. It would also be possible to do original stories as well, there is a lot of material to work with after all. Mere words cannot describe the Legend of Zelda TV series, it must be experienced Legend of Zelda TV series EP.1 . They were effectively shorts from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show series and that was also weird, an understatement if there ever was one.

      I haven't been able to look into Diablo Immortal, but I haven't been hearing the best of things. What exactly happened? It was towards the end of the Deathly Hallows book. There are a lot of details the movies exclude which would help in explaining certain events but adapting a written material into a film has never been easy so it's an understandable problem. Essentially, yes. Hopefully we do, there are fair bit material concerning the background world that we only ever see in the slightest of dialog. 

      "Convincer" is the correct spelling though for some reason it didn't show it for me. The Convincor boat threw me as well. Ah, alright then. One more anime to look forward to.

      Well true damage wouldn't be true damage if it can be mitigated can it? I am rather pleased with what we got and it really helped in making Heavy Armors relevant again. Though there are still super tanks such as Lewd Blue, Kyuubi, and Tifa, their 2AW helps them compete for the roster. Though if I am objective, I do think that the Gigant Hammer path got the better part of the deal. Much of the current game now favours Offensive Tanks, it's no accident the previous three units fall under this category, and the Gigant Hammer shows this. That's not to say that the Armor Guardian doesn't have strong suites, but the only unit to fully take advantage of it is Gellius, and that's because he already had MR and skill for MR from before. At the very least they are able to withstand heavier hits out of skill, which helps in with their 5 blocks. I personally hope something will done for each Armor Guardian to better take advantage of it that path, like extra MR (additive) during skill. I don't think the artists are too pressured for the 2AW art, as I mentioned previously, but it is understandable point. I for one don't understand how Dine didn't get any art and she's sisters with Dina. However, we will get them eventually albeit slowly. Oh really? You wouldn’t happen to remember what you may said? No worries ^_^

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    • Hmm, I suppose people just don't take cartoon seriously enough to care about it and just go "it's a cartoon, so it should be like this" by default. I did watch the video when I first saw this creepypasta, and if I remember correctly, the video is just Mickey walking on a street for around 9 minutes, but as the video progresses, the image gets more static(?), and the sound/noises gets distorted, but that's about it.

      I prefer the first option, since, as you said, it's lacking appeal, and it could be an insentive to make animes of other Nintendo franchises as well. Humu, I guess I did sound like it's not viable, but, again, as you said, it's not easy, so they would most likely follow the safer route and go with the protagonists, also, if it was based on Adventures, each arc the protagonist changes, so it would already have variation (instead of keeping the same protagonist for 20+ years). "All according to keikaku" xD. When you described the scene, I instantly thought: "That happens in the games, so must be from Generations", and it was. I don't know how true that is, but it is what most people seem to believe, I do remember seeing Yokai Watch in the top10 most watched animes from time to time when I used to pay enough attention to it, but other than that, I know nothing.

      Nah, it's alright, and saves SCs, I don't think you should change that mindset of yours if you don't really want to. Hehehe, it actually kinda makes me want to watch it even more, but it'll take a while. It would indeed be cool (although having a Halloween Majin would make me want a Christmas one as well). Hmm, I see... in my case, what attracts me the most on Halloween is that old talk that "with everyone wearing costumes, the real monsters take advantage of it to blend in, so you never know when it's someone wearing a costume or an actual monster", and considering that my joy as a kid on Halloween was to watch the marathon of Goosebumps, I guess my interest lies more within the horror than the mystical side of the holyday. Finally got my example: My views regarding Aigis, is more like the Mega Man games, that instead of going a straight path in with the enemies become more and more strong, we can actually choose in which order we fight the enemies, since they have similar strength and they all already inhabit the world somewhere, instead of being locked behind the "previous boss", but then again, that's just my view on it.

      I can only imagine one of them slowly raising their hand, asking for an officialization, and then everyone else angrily looking at them. To be fair, conspiracies are fun, but I agree that everyone got a little too overboard with the Super Crown (I guess they were still too focused on Bowsette). Also, don't worry, I have read that comment debunking the theory.

      Well, considering how YouTube and humans work, it's no mystery that not posting anything for a long period will make people less interested in one's content, that risk do make people try to post videos as often as they can, I can't affirm that that happened with "The Game Theorists", but it's a possibility, that they also fell in the mindset and force themselves to theorize something, even if it doesn't actually make sense or even need a theory (the conspiracies would come from this item). Now about they believing their theories or not, I'll give the benefit of doubt. Indeed it is, but I already accepted that humans will be like that to the end of my days.

      That's most likely to be the reason, but yeah, I guess it is indeed more of a Sony thing. Worry not, I do intend to play all the Zelda games eventually, I just don't start right now, is because even if I played the old ones on emulators and such, I can't play the new ones, so I'll wait until I can play all of them. That was honestly one of the scariest things I ever saw, by far.

      From what I heard, Blizzard was hyping something about Diablo, and people went to the event expecting a Diablo 4 announcement, or at least an expansion or something for Diablo 3, but instead were presented with Diablo Immortal, which is a mobile game, so considering that Diablo is a PC/Console game, everyone got more than a little bit upset. I see, well, that's to be expected. Another way to maybe know more about Aigis' background would be to read the Novel/Mangas, but I surely won't do that, so I'll just hope for the game itself to explain.

      Yes, I'll keep increasing your "to watch" list~.

      "True Defense"? Of course, I'm just half joking, but I did read some comment asking for HA's 2AW to tank True Damage, but it seems it wasn't you. Anyways, my playstyle is usually "Kill before we need to tank", but seeing videos and general character preference, I'd say you're in that, but well, if Armor Guardian end up not seeing much the light of the day, the Devs will most likely patch them. Yeah, considering that they are from the same artist, it's surely strange... well, I'll just wait then, it's not like I have them anyways... speaking of which, did you use your plat ticket yet? If yes, who you got? That's the point, I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just quietly followed the chain until someone broke it.

      EDIT: I just read the announcement thread for the Vampire Lord's 2AW, and you mentioned reading Carmilla, actually, I have been interested in reading it for quite some time now, so if you don't mind, can you provide me a link to read it?

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    • Perhaps, at least film animation is still being treated with higher standards then television. Though I do wish they went back to hand drawn animation from time to time rather everything always being CG. Ah I see. If that's the case then they were probably going for unsettling and creepy rather then what most creepy-pasta tends to be.

      I didn't think of other potential Nintendo anime being on it, that's actually a good idea. Nintendo Streaming coming soon! No worries ^_^ Hmm I suppose, I agree the Pokemon Adventures format would probably be the best option, for the moment at least. This way they can practice telling stories sans Ash and with a regularly changing cast, and when the time and skill are met they can go and do a Generations style format. it will also help to energize the series as well with all the changes going on. Sneaky, very sneaky. I did a little prelimanary researching and I can't find much. Granted I didn't have much time either with all the cooking I had to do, so I'll try again to see if there is anything. On a related note, I love Youkai and folklore in general, but I found that Youkai Watch didn't really live up to what I had in mind, even for a kid's show. So it surprises me to see that it was that popular. 

      Thank you. All you need to know for 5D's is this "Card Games On Motorcycles", you have been prepared. Well there is Krampus if you are thinking of a Christmas Majin, although technically Krampus isn't actually evil, just simply an anti-Santa Claus. I have to say I'm not that familiar with that aspect of Halloween. Naturally everyone should be able to celebrate as they feel fit, but for me it's a little disheartening not seeing Halloween in another light. The Mega Man example fits very well here, good insight.

      "For Heaven's sake Eijirou! Just leave it alone!". It was surprising to see how many times Bowsette was mentioned. It was to a point that I was starting to think if this whole thing started because of her and not actually Peachette.

      I think it's a mix of what is going on and what you said. There has been a dip in quality regarding their "theories", and prior to this there was the "Who would win?" theory for For Honor. Simply put it was so poorly done that three different youtubers who make videos specifically on Viking, Samurai, and Midieval European arms debunked the video and also mentioned on how poorly researched the theory was. However I can mention several older videos where there quality dip was noticeable. If I have to guess it's the want of making something relevant, quickly, and for buisness that is what driving much of these. The For Honor video was actually sponsoered by the game developers as well so there is a outside sorces pushing for content. To be clear, I don't hate the people behind Game Theory. As I far as I know they haven't done anything harmful or morally false to warrant it. However I do wish they went back to how they originally did there videos and not what they are doing now. 

      Take your time, games are an artform and an etertainment venue as well, so there is no need to feel rushed. Haha! Happy Late Halloween! I am curious what you thought of the overall episode, they do make for interesting watch. 

      When will developers learn to not overhype a product? And if it's the community they should put a stop to it. In fairness though the transition to a mobile game is always going to cause some problems if wasn't on mobile to begin with. Nintendo actually handled it quite well with Super Mario Run as they were quite clear with what they were doing. If the rumors are to be true, there was something to be about anime concerning the various DMM games, with Aigis being one of them. An anime could help to flesh out the world as well. Speaking of story; what do you think of the current event? There is alot going on and a lot going to happen to say the least. 

      I follow a slightly similar pattern only with a bit of haph-hazardness added, something I do need to rethink as it's caused some problems before. Here's hoping, I want my Bernice to shine even more. I have used it, but I can't remember who I got -_- I want to say Kasumi, but I may be wrong. At least my Youkai team is starting to take shape. Who did you manage to get? Also, did you use the 10-pull tickets yet? Who did you get if so? Sorry about that, didn't mean to put you on the spot ^_^; All because someone couldn't handle CentralBro "explaining" a joke. To their credit, CentralBro handled it quite well. 

      Carmilla (  Gutenburg is a good site if looking for older texts as they are in the public domain, the only problem is that they are largely limited to English but they said that they are working on including non-English texts as well. I'll be honest in that I haven't really read much of Carmilla, but it is an interesting read. As it predates Dracula by nearly three decades it's interesting to see how many of the vampire tropes were in fact inspired by it. Have you decided which path to 2AW Ema? You may have noticed but Daywalker is considered to be the better option, you can't go wrong with a healable undead.

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    • Part of me feels heavily inclined to say that money is the important factor here, which is bad... Miyazaki Hayao approves your view. I suppose so, it's not any creepypasta that can be as over the top as the "Red Mist".

      I know right? It could be great, a shame it won't happen. Seems like a good way to go, either way, as long as we get a really cool Pokémon anime, I would be happy. "Sneaky" is my middle name. Yeah, as you might be aware, I also love youkais and Yokai Watch didn't even manage to interest me enough to watch a single episode, and this is not good, since I usually jump into anything youkai related without much thought.

      That surely is a thing, it almost trigger my "the first Yu-Gi-Oh will always be the best" reaction, but I must resist. Krampus is that one who kidnaps(?) bad children right? I'd consider him a tiny bit evil, anyways, that could be good, although I can't resist the desire of wanting to fight Santa himself. Humu, as a child of the night and someone with chaotic alignment, it was just natural that a Halloween full of monsters hidden in plain sight would be my focus. However, I know how you feel, not exact the same, but probably very close. (°∀°)b.

      Well, she probably was much more of a motivation than Peachette.

      That's a fair point, I never saw that For Honor theory, but if it prompted 3 other channels to debunk it, something definitely was wrong (although there were the sponsorship detail that you mentioned). Worry not, I shall never assume what someone feels regarding anything, also, I don't intend to mistake disappointment with hatred, so we fine. "Once the internet changes you, it's almost impossible to return to your old ways" -someone somewhere must have said something like this at some point.

      If only I could convert my time into more money... I can't really explain it, it just felt wrong, all the way... I'm terribly sorry, but I'll never get near that thing again (it was an experience tho, at least if I see a reference of it in the future, I can undertand).

      Guess people should learn a bit with Scott or the Dog. Well, it seems Diablo 3 was released 6 years ago, so a "mysterious new game for the Diablo franchise" couldn't really bring any different thoughts, also, one can't really enter a room full of PC gamers and expect them to applaud your mobile game... and the "Do you guys not have phones?" that one of the guys presenting the Diablo Immortal said when people started booing certainly didn't help. Nintendo just continues to prove again and again that they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm not aware of that rumor, but in all honesty, just like I don't read the Aigis manga, I most likely wouldn't watch the anime either. It's quite interesting so far, and I can already feel Decius becoming a unit sooner than later, something to notice tho, is how Shadia apparently became "immortal" for just being sister of the man used as vessel for Maou, but she still believed she could actually kill the Maou, I really don't think that was her best plan...

      Well, my strategies are really risky, to say the least, but I'll stick with them for a little longer. Well, for now I'm just using Leeanne, and she doesn't have AW so, I'm not expecting anything for now, but I do want the defensive one to have some more appeal. I got a dupe of Xiao-Mei. Yep, I used the 4 I had, I got Dina, Patra, Inari, Zenobia, Dorothy and two dupes of Juubei, the rest were all Silver and Gold dupes (and with my fame draw, I got one of your favorites, or at least, I think she is, the one you call the Lewd Blue), hai, your turn. CentralBro sure lives up to their nick.

      Very thanks, I'm interested in reading it for quite sometime (unfortunately, my lazy nature will slow me a lot, but at least I'll actually read it). I certainly did not decide yet, but I'm a little inclined to go for Carmilla first.

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    • That's odd. Some of the text I wrote seems to have just vanished. I hope you don't mind if I bring up something from your previous post.

      Quite possibly unfortunately. To be compared positively to Miyazaki Hayao, one of the greatest artist and storytellers today, good Heavens I'm blushing ^_^ I am kind of hesitant to look into that, what exactly is it about?

      You can never really know to be honest. No one thought Disney would have a streaming service and yet they are gearing up for one next year I believe. So who knows, Nintendo and other companies may be tempted to test the waters. Agreed, the last good youkai anime I saw was "Nurarihyon-no-Mago" and that paled in comparison to the manga, which was interestingly one of my firsts.

      I actually started to sort of rewatch the original since my nephew has taken an interest in it. I forgot how weird it was and yet 5D's was weirder, more mature but weirder. Resisting is hard but don't give up! Many new and even interesting ideas have been done in by nostalgia goggles. Good God, it seems has been through some things. I believe you are thinking of the Boogeyman though Krampus may have done that as well depending on the story. Basically, in cultures were he is present in, Santa Clause (or usually Saint Nicholaos) gives gifts to the good children and doesn't bother with the bad ones. Krampus (sometimes referred to as his shadow) doesn't bother the good ones but punishes the bad children. The most benign is a lump of coal or a prank, however occasionally he punishes them by slapping them with a switch (a bundle of sticks). Usually the two go together to each house and decide what to do. He is almost entirely based in Scandanavia but there has been a growing interest in him in the past couple of years. Thank you.

      (This was removed) I understand that conspiracy theories can be fun but they do need to be grounded in some sort of logic or information we know of, otherwise it's not a theory, it's a fanfiction. 

      I believe it is one of the few videos they made that had a major push-back from their viewers, however I believe it may have been also that there are other channels that work with the material they focused on. Here there was a circulation of knowledge that led to it, but with their other videos not so much. That is something I truly wish more people can grasp. Do you hate the material? Perfectly fine. But don't hate the creator unless they or the material are promoting something harmful. An unfortunate truth in this day and age, it's a difficult cycle to break out of.

      I am currently trecking through the episodes and I have seen things, weird things. You can tell there is a fondness put into it but the quality is still lacking. To be fair they didn't have much material to work with, it's based on the first game and there isn't much story in-game aside from "save the princess". But even with that there was still much more they could have done. Hopefully if we ever get anything Zelda related, be it an anime or even movies, they will do a far better job. Ah, speaking of Nintendo movies

      They did not actually say that did they? Good Heavens, that is asking for backlash. They should have simply said we are working in the mobile market and leave it at that. Given his latest dialog he should be becoming a unit soon. He has no allegiance with Maou and only joined at Shadia's request. Not only that there seems to be some sort of kinship between the two so there should be some very interesting dialog from future if they are both included. The being immortal by realtion by possesion has to be one of the strangest methods I've heard of and yet it works. Not thought of clearly is an understament, and now Maou has fully revived and it's going to cause an untold amount of damage. However it makes you wonder; Leviathon was suposed to be the one capable of destroying the physical world and he/it was defeated. So how is Maou going to do it?

      I would say the event Heavy Armors however they are both offensive focused, so your current chance is cuurently the gacha. Two Blacks is a very good pull, Juubei is also quite good, though I am not familiar with Samurai. And you also got the loli kitsune, who aside from being adorable, is very good. She'll help you out a fair bit. Haha! Bolded for extra emphasis! Lewd Blue is a really good offensive tank when you SAW her, essentially a Platinum (and more expensive) Kyuubi and you also got her just as 2AW came along. When you can, 2AW and SAW her, you will not regret it. For me, I managed to get Duo, Ersha, Erenia, Early, Dahlia, and Kikyou, the rest mostly gold and silver as well. Fame got me Erenia again, which is a little annoying as I just got her. Did you try your luck on the popularity gacha? I got Sylvia (dupelicate) and Rinne, with a last minute Jin-Guang Sheng-Mu. I honestly don't think my luck has ever been this good. 

      You're welcome. Hopefully I start reading in full soon as well. Go for which ever path suits you most, however I must ask if you have Racua. If you have her then I recommend having Ema go for Daywalker and play both together. Ema will still get the 20% buff and since Racua is immortal it will never go away.

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    • Whatever it is, it's fine.

      Well, he did made clear his disappointment with the way animation is going (and considering how the new Berserk went, and what they did with the bears in Golden Kamuy, I absolutely can't disagree with him...), so much that he went back from his retirement (again) and started making another movie, that if memory serves me right, he said would take 5 years to be done. But really, I'm very sad with the animation industry in Japan... It's just the Spongebob creepypasta (aka "Squidward's Suicide"), a very bad montage of clips from various episodes to create one where Squidward kills himself.

      Didn't know about that, however, it's Nintendo we're talking about, the ones who made a kinda controversal decision regarding their online service, it's fair to assume that with how popular streaming is nowadays, they might eventually do it, but I have a bit of a hard time believing it'll be soon (but then again, Nintendo did surprise me a couple times this year, so like you said, who knows). I don't really remember which was the last Youkai anime I watched, but I quite liked Nurarihyon no Mago as well, but never read the manga, I might do that someday.

      That's really cool, a shame that in my family I'm basically the only one who watch animes (and my sister, when I can convince her to watch one, which is really hard). I know that well, that's why nostalgia shall never cloud my vision. Boogeyman was never part of the "Let's scary our children into submission" histories in my country, so my only memory of him/it is from an episode of Martin Mystery... but anyways, after my last message, I did a little research about Krampus and, I know better than blindly trust the internet, but I found some sites stating that depending on how bad the children were, Krampus could go as far as drowning them, so if that really is part of the stories, I'd still consider him a tiny bit evil.

      They need? I have read so many absurd conspiracy theories that I thought base wasn't needed from the beginning, oops.

      That seems to explain it, since I don't know how the repercussion was, I can't say I hope it happens more in the future, but a middleground between that and the people outright taking the theories as truth would be nice. This indeed, although I do the otherway around pretty often, I hate quite a bunch of creators, but without hating their creations. It sure is.

      Yeah, it sure wasn't the best time to make that series, considering that animes and such are, first and foremost, advertisement, I can undertand that they wanted to make it to promote themselves, but it really needed more thought. Yeah², I saw the trailer, as a fan of the franchise, I hope the movie does good, but at the same time, I don't intend to watch it, since I don't like live actions.

      They surely did. Funny you saying that, because I heard that afterwards, they said that they were planning to make an announcement for PC as well, but for some reason decided not to, whatever made them change their minds, they should have made the announcement anyways, that way, people wouldn't have gotten so angry, Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls 6 with just an image to show, they should have done the same. True, even so, it seems we'll still have to punch some reason into him, since he's really stubborn with all the "I can't walk in the path of light anymore" thing of his. As you know, I didn't reach the "Majin's inner body" yet, which is what I think you are referencing here, but if a reason for that was not given, I can think of two options: 1- He's the goddamn Maou, so he can do whatever he wants, or; 2- He'll absorb Leviathan's power in order to destroy the physical world. Of course, there should be more options, probably, but I'll limit myself to those two.

      It's not like I don't have HAs, besides the event ones, I do have Bernice, Matilda, Filine (and the recently adquired Dina), but if I can still use Leeanne, I'll use her. Back in Nutaku I used to use Akane a lot, and as I was expecting nothing, I'm really happy with the units I got and yes, my "to Awaken" list isn't very long, so depending on who will be in the TP this month, it shouldn't take long. Congrats! I can imagine the feeling of getting a dupe of a unit you just got with the fame draw, but at least the first CR and SU is 100% if you decide to use her for that. I did give some tries (although I'm in a bit of a shortage of SCs, since I used the few I had to get Juubei), but with my pity black count on 30, I didn't expect anything... tried 3 times on the "Shu-Xian, Silvia and Moltena" and once in the other two, but I just got Silvers and Golds, but congrats² for your gets.

      No Racua for me (even wanting her really bad).

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    • I'll be honest in that the only thing I know about Berserk is from a Youtuber called Vaatividya, who does videos around Dark Souls and games inspired by it. I did though manage to find this scene you were referencing and yes that is bad and not just the bear, the wolf as well. I understand they are trying to go for an otherworldly angle, but they are better ways to do it. If this is what happened in Berserk as well than I hope it's simply a phase. I think it may be related to how anime is now becoming more accepted to western audiences were before it was a fringe style and in order to cater to western tastes (were, let's be honest, have fallen to the way side) they have to change and incorporate styles. This is something I always hated. If you want to experience another culture, why complain that it's not like yours? Why try something different in the first place? On the bright side though we get to see another film from Miyazaki Hayao, though five years is a long waiting period. Ah, okay then. I never understood creepy-pasta and given the two examples you gave, I don't think I ever will.

      Nintendo is a wild card in these regards so all we can do is wait and see. However Nintendo has had a history with not knowing how to properly handle the internet or online/wi-fi functions, so much so it's almost a meme. Though as you said they have done some impressive things recently. There was a film that came out about a year ago that had a style reminiscent of Studio Ghibli that was about a girl who made friends with youkai in her grandparents village, which was weird since most stopped seeing them. It was quite good from what I heard but I can't remember the name.

      It's not a style for everyone, the best you can do is try to find something that's in line with their interests. A noted problem is, not just with anime, that animation in general is usually regarded as childish or not worthy of note, so trying to introduce someone to it has it's own challenges. A difficult thing to do but a necessary one. Although there are cases were the original is just simply better, the new ideas should be given a chance. Really? That's very interesting, I always thought every culture had a Boogeyman-esque figure. Actually Krampus is often seen carrying a bag, like St. Nicholaos, where he not only gives out coal but also stuffs bad children in to take them for drowning, eating, or just straight to Hell, so yeah, you're pretty much right ^_^ Krampus isn't a part of my culture but I love the fact that he's there. Reminds you that there are always more sides to the story.

      It looks like I confused myself somehow. No you are correct, conspiracy theories have no grounding at all be they in stories, games, films, or real life. Conspiracy theory is a term that's used so much for anything that it's slowly losing its meaning.

      I would hope for that as well but that means finding a balance between fans and I don't know how possible that is. The same for me actually as well. A viewer needs to be able to seperate the artist from the art, that way each is judged with its own merits. However I also think that it also depends on what degree of harmfulness either one has done. There were certain comedy acts I liked growing up but when I learned more about the creator I found it very hard to keep watching the material.

      Quite true, although, believe it or not it is not the worst thing western markets have done to games. I'll just leave this here. It's a trailer to the 1980's Mario movie. Warning - If you value you sanity don't watch the whole thing. I've seen weird things before and I couldn't finish this. I have feeling the live action Pokemon movie might do fairly well, it has all the right things so hopefully they are put together well.

      The foolishness of game developers continues to astound me, I don't know wether to cry or to laugh at this. Whatever good will Blizzard has managed to garner seems to be quickly evaporating. If I to guess then it's possible that they "announced" a PC Diablo to excite the fans for the mobile version and purposefully hypeing for something else never ends well. It's a shame because the mobile version might be good but now when people see it it represents something negative. It was said best on the event page that Decius is essentially tsundere for the Prince and I believe it. I do wonder how they will handle him as a unit with transformations. The first option is both funny and quite possible actually. The secound presents it's own set of problems however that need to be addressed but I won't spoil it for you.

      This is something I really like about Aigis with its game mechanics. With exception of the hardest levels and maps, Majin Advents essentially, even the lower rarities like Silvers can be used to their fullest effect on harder maps. I have played other gacha games where this isn't the case and it was very frustrating moving forward. In that case using Juubei should be secound nature, I on the other hand am still trying to figure out what to do with Hibari. If you are looking for AW'ing fodder you can also use CC Silvers, however it does hurt the gold you have so spend wisely. That is true and Erenia is a unit I've been wanting to get back. Oh dear that's a shame, they will come eventually though so good luck on future on your future pulls. 

      Hopefully soon you get Racua and I get Ema. Carmilla Racua and Daywalker Ema are a great combination and the Undead Army must be formed!

      Edit: I can't believe I almost forgot to add this. It's essentially a long list of questions I have about what's going on and we touched on a few of these before. I also added this to event as well to see what others think. And so I now present the list!

      1. It was said that the area where Maou Garius regained his powers was an ancient battleground of the Gods. So this prompts the question: How many gods are there? We know of three with Aigis, Adamas, Keraunos, and a possible fourth with this “Lord”.  Are there more gods we don’t know about?

      2. Was the battleground the site of the Millennium War? Or was it the site of the chaoskampf that is a prominent feature in nearly all religions?

      3. How does Majin Leviathan fit into this? Supposedly it was one of the very few entities powerful enough to destroy the world outright due to its sheer mass and power, yet Maou has said to destroy the world as well. Is there an alternative meaning to that, as in conquer rather than destroy?

      4. How exactly does Shadia’s immortality work? She became immortal by means of blood relation to the possessed. Does that work with other Majins or divinities or just Maou?

      5. Why would Keraunos warn of regret if she were defeated? We know her defeat released Maou from her control. But why would she care? She wanted to “purge” the physical world and didn’t care of how others would be impacted, if anything she should’ve been pleased to release him and seal him later if acted against her.

      6. Why was Keraunos so intent in destroying humans? We know she wiped Decius’ people who worshipped her their patron goddess, yet up until now there has yet to be any explanation.

      7. Is the prophecy that the World Tree Elder spoke about related to Maou’s or is it an entirely separate event, that may or not be a result of Maou’s actions?

      I know for the sake of space I could have put this into a single paragraph but I think it would have become very cluttered if I did so.

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    • Never heard of this channel, but since I still can't play Dark Souls, I won't look it up, because I shall avoid spoilers until I myself can play it, but on the main note, here's a video of the 2017 anime, and an episode of the 1997 one, if you want to see the 20 years of difference. Yeah, the wolf was also pretty bad, however, it just appears in the beginning, the bear on the other hand . . . wait, there isn't that many bears in the anime, in the manga, they do encounter a bear here and there (as far as I remember), but I guess they got so criticized that they decided to skip any chapters where bears show up (they did skip a lot of chapters by the way), and about the video you linked, here is some pages from the manga for comparison. While I do fear this "westernization" that seems to be happening in some animes (I may or may not elaborate more on this matter later), I think that Golden Kamuy's case was just dumb decision, if I remember correctly, someone involved with the production said that they were trying to show how dangerous and intimidating the bear was with that animation, which didn't go as planned, and Berserk probably was just the problem with animating action scenes, since using CGI is way easier than animating combat frame-by-frame (which is still bad, but that is another matter). I agree with you in the cultural matter, and well, there's always the chance I'm remembering wrong that waiting time. Well, creepypastas based on existing things like Mickey, Spongebob, Courage (that couldn't even manage to be scarier than the actual cartoon), Rugrats (this one even have a music inspired by it) and etc, are almost always using suicide (for shock value I suppose) or are a little too over the top, but original creepypastas such as Slender-man, the Rake and others can be pretty interesting.

      I would almost feel it was a Persona reference, had I not know you never played it. That's for sure. Guess we can only hope. I think I know what movie you're talking about, however, for it being a movie, I definitely never watched it, since I almost never watch movies (and them taking 6 months to be released in DVD/BD, thus taking the same time for them to fall in the internet certainly doesn't help).

      The problem with my sister lies elsewhere, she liked all the animes I convinced her to watch, but even so, keeps being stubborn about watching new ones... Whenever someone says that "anime is childish", I just tell them to look up "Elfen Lied" and never again they speak such foolishness. Indeed. Well, in my country we had one called Bagman (literal translation), which were said to be an old man carrying a large bag, who would walk around and attract children with sweets and stuff, and them put them in the bag, kidnapping them, some versions say he just kills the childrens, but others state that he would also eat their organs, I don't know how "Boogeyman-esque" this is (although it may be a mix of Boogeyman and Krampus), but it's probably the closest we have (or had, I don't think most of today's kids even heard about him). "Reminds you that there are always more sides to the story", and that's how creepypastas are born.

      Well, it happens pretty often nowadays, using a word until it loses its meaning I mean, although it happens the most with insults, which may be a good thing I guess.

      I'm pessimistic by nature, so even if I don't think it's outright impossible, I also don't think it'll ever be achieved. Indeed, whenever I say this, people don't seem to get it, so the analogy I always use is the saying that "A child shouldn't be blamed for their parents errors". I don't have an example of my own, but my sister used to listen to a singer called Melany Martines (or something like that), but then, there was a rumor saying that this Melany sexually assaulted a friend of hers, and even before this rumor was confirmed or debunked, my sister completely stopped listening anything from her.

      I can only imagine. Nah, it's fine, my sanity took some damage over the years, but it most likely won't lower more than the current level, but yeah, that was a strange trailer, makes me wonder if they have even played Mario at that time... I see.

      Personally, I'll always decide to laugh, unless they do something that I absolutely can't handle, but I hope that never happens. I don't really know the situation, but it seems some people are actually saying that Diablo Immortal is good, however, a lot of videos on YouTube regarding this game have like 80~90% dislikes, so yeah, even if the game ends up being good, most of people are already too pissed to give it a chance. Not gonna lie tho, in their place, I would be angry as well, that, plus the fact that I don't like mobile as well, I would most likely not play the game, even if I was a fan of the franchise (nowadays I only play 2 mobile games, and I just do so because that's my only option). I don't know about him being tsundere, since he actually aknowledges us as a very strong individual, and as you know, no praise comes from a tsundere. Now about him as an unit, I was thinking about it as well, and my current line of thought is a multi level(?) skill, we deploy him normally, and each skill use transform him to the next stage, being the last one permanent, or, making the unit him like the enemy him, as in, every time he dies, he immediatly revives into the next transformation, until the last one, in which you would want to keep an eye on him. Would be funny indeed, and as you said, I would need to spoil myself to discuss the second option, so I'll keep it on hold.

      Exactly, I haven't played that many gacha games, but the ones I did play, I got tired of them in about 1~2 months, even the Metal Slug Attack, I just played for a couple months and stopped, even though I love Metal Slug, at some point it just became impossible to move forward with basic units, so I'm really glad that Aigis (and FGO) are F2P friendly. Pretty much, I just need to level her (which I probably have more than enough, since I just lack Spirits of Platinum, however, I'm strange). Don't worry, I have almost 8 million gold and plenty of Silvers (although more Silver Spirits would be welcome), the thing is that I limit myself on when to Awaken my units, and in this case, I decided that I would Awake my next unit when I get Mitra, so if she doesn't appear in the TP, it'll be another month with no Awakenings at all (unless I reaaally need to Awake someone to clear some mission). All's well that ends well (or at least, could be worse). Normally, I wouldn't be so sure of that, but Aigis do seem to like me a fair bit, so with time she'll grant me the units I don't have.

      Let's hope. Yes, yes indeed.

      I see, later I'll go see what other may have responded then, but right now:

      1- I think it's safe to assume that Aigis is pretty much polytheistic, I won't try to guess how many there are (or were), but we did discuss on the "other Gods" matter before, so you already have my instance on that.

      2- I had to google "chaoskampf", but I believe it was the site of the Millennium War, that if they aren't actually the same, since, even though Maou isn't a Dragon or other giant monster, I think he could be seem as the "Chaos 'monster'". Anyway, without mixing both, I'd say Millennium War.

      3- Like was said some paragraphs above, talking about Leviathan would be spoiler, so I'll refrain from doing so. However, regarding the second point of the question, I'm fairly sure that his destruction is in the literal sense (also, have you ever watched Hunter x Hunter?)

      4- So far, I would say it just applies to Maou, since he does seem to be far more powerful than anything we had encountered, being even immune to Aigis' Blessing.

      5- I don't quite remember, but wasn't Keraunos' goal just the eradication of mankind? If so, maybe Maou's full resurrection still brings more destruction than she intended to cause... or, maybe she fears (rightfully, probably) that Maou will also threat the gods. Other than that, I can only think of pride or something, she wanting to see the end of mankind herself.

      6- Well, to be fair, humans can be immensely evil if they want to, I'd say that knowing that is enough reason, but yeah, we may never know.

      7- Since Shushu didn't show up at all in this event, I'd say that Maou's resurrection isn't what the prophecy is warning to, but his next actions still may be related to it.

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    • This is one of the reasons I like the older anime styles more so than some modern ones, there is a naturalistic look to it that many seem to have abandoned for some reason. As for the 2017 version of Berserk, I believe one commentator put it best as a "cgi nightmare". What were they thinking with this? It's seems as if they were trying to force together the 2-d aesthetics and style with a 3-d sheen put over it. I have to say that it was legitimately ugly to look at and I stopped watching within the first 10 to 20 secounds. Golden Kamuy seems to be an interesting manga to read so I'll add to the list as well. The links you provided for the manga's bear scene are far better of course and with the reasons you said they provided this has me thinking. I understand that action and large number combat scenes are difficult to do regardless of the medium, however we have seen such scenes handled in 2-d/hand-drawn styles in both anime and manga. The Dragon Ball series is known primarily for its action scenes, Berserk (1997) as you mentioned, and even modern ones like Maria the Virgin Witch (about 15 minutes in) have realistic styles of battling. So why then do they say that hand-drawing is harder or doesn't convey the same emphasis as cgi? Is it genuinely easier or simply cheaper to produce? Either way I truly hope this cgi trend will die down eventually. For the new film, it seems to be slated for a 2020 or a 2021 release but it does seem a bit up in the air. I’ll give credit for some of the original creepy-past’s, others not so much, only because they rely heavily on shock value.

      Speaking of Persona, guess who got invited to Smash Brothers? I hope this also means that Persona series will be released for the Switch but being a Playstation exclusive hampers that a bit. An understandable situation.  

      That sounds like siblings being stubborn to each other because they're siblings ^_^ Elfin Lied?! Good God man what have they done to you? That's not exactly something you show outright. I think I heard of him before actually and that's just about as bogeyman as it gets to be honest. But wouldn't eating their organs also mean they're killed in the process? Interestingly although my culture has a bogeyman, we call him Baboulas (not the most threatening name), I was mostly raised with stories of Lamia. And I don't mean sexy half-human half-serpent monster girls but a monstrous female human snake hybrid who would kill and possibly eat misbehaved children. I still remember being in Greece at my aunt's house with my parents telling me about her and all of sudden there is a knock on the door. A knock only I heard apparently. Terrified the life out of me. Gah! Stung with my own logic.

      It doesn't help when they are used in situations where they are either unnecessary or irrelevant. As I person who tries not to use insults, or rather the more crass modern ones since they sound ugly and are essentially meaningless, I find this both pleasing and worrisome. 

      All we can do is wait and see at the moment. I agree with that as well, though I also believe that "a child pays for the parent's mistakes". It's an unfortunate but very real thing. Essentially what I think, you want to be able to keep a level of dissociation with artists and their work however sometimes because of what either has done or promoted, it becomes either difficult or impossible.

      "it seems some people are actually saying that Diablo Immortal is good, however, a lot of videos on YouTube regarding this game have like 80~90% dislikes", the quote I gave earlier in action unfortunately. I would probably be the same as well to be honest, not because of it being on mobile but rather because of the way it was announced. If I were to play it might be after some time has passed or if developers did something to rectify the situation. Hmm that is true. I believe that Decius is referred to as tsundere as either for fun (since he does have some of those qualities) or because he genuinely doesn't acknowledge the fact that he wants to join the Prince's Army but doesn't because of "I be a Dark Knight I hate you!" reasons. I was thinking about the latter you mentioned as well. The former would be easier to implement but this would be truer to our encounters with him. The only problem would be that he might not be classed as a Dark Fighter because this isn't how they work. Not to mention that as a Dark Fighter, killing him would become more difficult since their defense goes up as their health drops. Either option would work though, simply that the latter needs to be it's class and as popular as he is, I don't think that would happen. So close to finishing Majin's Inner Body but I need to 2AW Rinne first, then all the details are revealed.

      I looked up Metal Slug Attacks and all I can keep thinking about is, "Did that woman have a gun as an umbrella?". For me the majority of gacha games I played were on Nutaku and all ended in the same results. There was even one were the only way to get premium units with a high certainty was with paying real money, I ended that game quite quickly. The only other gacha game so far that I have played that I liked was Flower Knight Girl, at least the event units you get were useable. But the one that really frustrated me was Kamihime Project, for various I won't mention, unless you are interested. Considering the amount of Platinum units we have, running low on Spirits is quite understandable. 8 Million! You're practically swimming in it. Still be cautious though, with the CC and AW they can vanish quite quickly. If you are looking for Silver Spirits then the best place to farm them is in Low Cost Battle. Mitra? An interesting choice. May ask why she's your next unit? 

      After reading the responses and having time to think about it, this is my stance as of now:

      1. I also hold that stance as well, as we have discussed before. The reason for my asking was this is the first possible confirmation of other gods existing outside of the three (or posibly four) that we know for certain, so raises some very interesting possibilities.

      2. Well a chaoskampf is not necessarily only with monsters, other divine beings can also be involved, such as Zeus slaying his father Cronus (not to be confused with Chronus, two very different entities). With DragonKing0117 mentioning that Garius may be a god as well, then you may be quite right in that it may be the site of the Millennium War. I share DragonKing0117's opinion with them being separate. The reason being that as they said that Garius had to descend again using a host body for the Millennium War, since his physical body was possibly destroyed here.

      3. In that case I only bring it up when you have completed that map. I have heard of Hunter x Hunter but I am not familiar with it in any way. 

      4. My reasoning is also the same, but this means that there was something special about Shadia's family where it was able to occur. I mentioned on the page that they might have been close to Garius in some way which allowed for this to happen, but I don't have much to go on for this.

      5. Very much so. Hmm, possibly, and being that the Aigis and Adamas are weakened, then she may not have had the full power needed to subdue him again. This is also quite possible since she seemed to enjoy it a little too much.

      6. Hopefully when we Decius as unit that part of the story will be revealed. 

      7. Quite possible as well. Good Heavens, the sheer amount of end of the world scenarios is enough to make anyone go of the rails (remembers those infernal Cultists).

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    • I quite agree with you there, although, I still very much like the animation of today, as long as it is in 2D, of course, because I really don't like 3D/CGI, even the better ones turn out just "forgivable" for me... but yeah, the CGI on Berserk was truly awful, I can't even imagine what were they thinking... but here's a video of someone's thoughts about it (if you want to watch, of course, since spoilers, and being almost 30 minutes long). In the current season, Goblin Slayer is also suffering from CGI, but at least it's not all the time, so it's way better. Yep, Golden Kamuy is great. Well, I don't know about production costs, but it's definitely easier, when animating a scene in 2D, it needs to be drawn frame-by-frame (something like this, but on the computer), while 3D/CGI, once created the character models and the sceneries, hardly something will ever be changed there, then, animating will be just making those pre-made models move (like the mountains of MMDs we have floating in the internet). I sure hope that too, but unfortunately, I just can't trust them to abandon the easier route... Also, I almost didn't recognise Junketsu no Maria by that english title. Well, whenever it releases, it will most likely be worth the wait. almost All my knowledge of creepypastas is long gone, but some of them inspired a pretty interesting concept (on a side note, have you ever heard of Kisaragi Station?).

      Yeah, I saw it (what makes me want to play P5 even more, but I still cannot). Well, there's is a lot of people hoping the same thing, and considering that the latest SMT (the parent series) games were released on Nintendo platforms, I'd say that possibility is pretty high... or so it seems... because in the end: who knows?

      Hmm... mayhaps.... Hehehehe, "chaotic alignment" remember? but yeah, it may be drastic, but it sure is effective (and fun). That's a little unexpected, guess my country really can't be original~. Yeah, hence the "also". The "Baboulas" name kinda seems familiar, but it's most likely something else entirely. If you were raised with stories of sexy lamias, then I would be a little worried. That indeed sounds terrifying, my kid self in that situation would surely not sleep afterwards. Hehe, those Mickey, Spongebob and etc creepypastas almost always starts with "the dark side of [serie]".

      True. Well, as they erase the meaning of the insults, it just means less ways to verbally harass people, since they won't see the insults as insults anymore, so I'd say it may be a good thing.

      Yep. Well, that enters emocional territory, and since emotions often don't go along with logic, it becomes rather difficult to completely separate things... truly a difficult topic, but in the end, everyone will just cope with things their own way, so as long as it's not harmful to anyone, it's fine.

      Indeed, not unexpected tho. If it was just a mobile, I would still (very reluctantly) play it, but being a mobile + that situation, would be too much. That's also true, let's say 50/50 then. Hmm, maybe make his skill have a "demerit", something like the "Risk Life" skills that drops defence to 0... or just include both, and make the skill also transform him so people who prefer the later forms can reach them sooner. Good luck~

      There's a certain movie where a woman have a gun instead of a  normal prosthetic leg, sudenly, the umbrella isn't that strange. The only other games I played on Nutaku were Flower Knight Girl and another one that I don't remember the name, but I disliked both of them... Is Kamihime the one with lots of rape? If so, I know that bad part of it, but if there's anything else, you can tell. Yeah, I'm quite aware of that, 4 Black Awakenings already burns 1 million instantly. I'm aware of that as well, unfortunatelly the droprate there seems rather low to me (+ laziness), but if it gets too low, I'll go farm there. Have you ever read my first "official" post here? Well, I decided to keep that starting plot, so the need to get Mitra before the next Awakening is to be in accordance to that.

      1. Indeed, although I still don't think our idea will happen, it'll be interesting to discover the other gods.

      2. I was just using Wikipedia's description as reference, but I see. And I'll also (cautiously) agree with you both.

      3. I was going to compare Garius with a character of Hunter x Hunter, but if you never watched, there's no meaning, but it would be just an additional observation, nothing really important (but you know the drill by now right? I shall recommend you Hunter x Hunter, anime which, even having 148 episodes, I have rewatched 4 times already).

      4. Welp, another anime reference, but: Have you watched "Ao no Exorcist"?

      5. If game mechanics can be of any reference, even at full power, I don't think Keraunos, Aigis or Adamas could re-seal Garius on their own. She sure did, but then again, if you are going to eradicate humanity, might as well have fun.

      6. Hopefully.

      7. That needs some heavy determination.

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    • Talking about the virtues of 2d animation started to make me realise that I really need to finish Kill La Kill. Such a bizarre and fantastic series. Though I am interested in seeing what Berserk is about, I don't seeing the review of Berserk 2016. I saw the first several minutes and it seems to be more focused on critiquing the show rather than it being a comparison. I'll get back to this when I see it in full. That and I don't mind being spoiled a little, though I do avoid full details where possible. Goblin Slayer, another manga and anime to look into. Your anime and manga knowledge far exceed my own, I really should try to get back into it when I can. One of the things that interests me about Golden Kamuy, aside from the odd spelling, is that it focuses on Ainu culture as well and that's not something that's done very often, so I am quite curious about it. Hmm, I suppose that is true, especially with the flip book example you gave. In this case all I could say If they are going to go into a proper 3d/cgi model then they should do it well. We have plenty of modern examples (Disney in particular) where cgi looks quite good. Hehe, that reminds me of the Lapis MMD where she is dancing to Addiction by Giga Reol, the link is on her page in the comments I believe. This is actually a good example where if time and effort are applied then the end product will be good. As to whether or not artists will go back to 2d, well, in order to do 3d you need to have a 2d base to work off of so the beginning steps to continue on to a proper 2d animation are there. Additionally if there is enough of an uproar and an industry pushback, such as with Miyazaki Hayao, then anime companies will be more inclined to do 2d animation. As with many things all we can do is wait and see.  

      Well think of it this way, to a western audience what sounds more appealing, or rather, less scandalous? "Maria the Virgin Witch" or "Maria's Chastity/Virginity/Chasteness"? I am stickler for proper translation and I get fairly annoyed when something is done improperly particularly with my own language (see Cronus vs Chronus) which happens quite a lot for some silly reason. However there are some cases where I will allow certain translations to slide. Take the above example. If we take the secound, more literal, translation we get an insight into her overall world view and her personality as well. However given the cultural quality words associated with virgin and chaste have in the West, the title is less poetic and makes the anime seem more scandalous than it actually is. The first does give insight into her overall situation and what the audience can anticipate, while at the same time being less scandalous. The problem here though is that it looses any form symbolism and makes the anime seem like a stereotype with the "Oh look pretty girls in revealing clothing to ogle at!". Actually "The Purity of Maria" would have been a better title to be honest. Funnily enough I actually heard of it from one of the youtubers who debunked the "For Honor" Game Theory video. His name is Skallagrim and he generally dislikes anime (could be wrong here) but he liked this for how historically accurate the overall story and combat was.

      That seems genuinely interesting, I'll have to see it later on. I just read Kisaragi Station and I have to say that some of the best horror stories come from Japan, possibly East Asia in general. The way fear is conveyed in such a subtle manner is something I truly admire. On the subject of Japanese urban legends, have you heard of Hachishkusama or Kuchisake-onna? These were some of the earliest stories that I am familiar with.

      Hopefully this is the case as I also want to try at playing them. The only potential problem lies in that the Megami Tensei series is currently owned by Sega, a company that has never gotten along well with Nintendo, so there is that to consider. However there was an announcement that a Sega Genesis Classics is coming to the Switch, so in the end, who knows? the possibility is there.

      Remind me never to cross you ^_^; If it gets the point across then who am I to argue? Oddly enough it may actually be the better option as other anime, with exception of course, seem to fall into what western audiences stereotypically think of anime. Though I wonder if that's a discrepancy between old anime and new? Don't yourself short, everyone has something in common with each other. Just look at how many stories there are of a man destroying a giant serpent in various cultures and religions. They all share a similar theme but each is told in there own way and all are equally as important. I looked up Bagman and when I saw his Spanish name it reminded me of a story my brother-in-law told me, though I can't remember if it was El hombre del saco or Coco. Haha! Okay, perhaps sexy was a bit strong, let's change it to beautiful shall we? Not uncommon to have pretty monsters to be the subject of stories. To be honest I slept just fine, though getting to sleep was a bit tricky. I was no stranger to horror at that time thanks to my brother. Good old creepy-pasta rule #1 at work. 

      True, the only problem comes from now people using it for it everything in everyday conversations, which only adds to such words being annoying. It's a double-edged sword unfortunately. 

      Being emotional beings makes us think with emotion as much as logic, otherwise we would be computers rather than what we are now. It's important to learn when to listen to one of those aspects over the other. Most definitely agree with you.

      Seems I forgot to mention this. There was a youtuber I used to watch called the Nostalgia Critic and he reviewed the Mario movie and came to the same inquiry. It can not be described how bad that movie was, it makes The Legend of Zelda TV Show seem like a work of art from the Renaissance period. Additionally it seems that many gamers and critics have come to the conclusion that this single handedly killed any future attempt to make movie based games. Up until now and most are quite bad. Personally I came to the conclusion that the problem with adaption comes from the fact that games are true form of interactive media. You decide where to go, what to do, how to interpret the story. A movie is being told from another's perspective, a game is your perspective and since everyone's perspective is different trying to make a perspective that appeals to everyone, including those outside of the gaming medium, will fail. The first step to making a successful video game movie is to do so by making a movie set in that world, not an adaption as well as competent direction and writing of course. We see this with Wreck-It Ralph and Detective Pikachu hopefully follows in that suit.

      An understandable situation. Mobile games already have there work cut out for them witht the hole many have dug and now with what happened, Blizzard has an ever larger pit to get out of. After reading up Shadia recently it's possible that the Decius may be part of the Maou's Bodyguard class alongside her. This way they can avoid the potential problems involved in making a new class solely for him or trying to add him into the Dark Fighter class. I thought of another though similar way for his powerups, however it's fairly complex so I doubt this will happen. Each form will have it's own infinite duration skill and each skill stipulates that whenever Decius dies he will revive after a certain time and receive stronger stats and a new form as well. Alternatively it could be an ability where it functions similarly to what I stated now. I simply hope it's not where he gets a new form when we AW him since completely negates such an important detail about him. Thank you! Rinne is now 2AW and the team is forming, soon the time will come.

      Oh heavens I remember that. Only saw a few stills and promptly said to never see it. Flower Knight I kept playing because it was too cute and the story, while silly, was fun to read. Be prepared for a full rant. Kamihime had that and then some if you can believe it and that's what drove me to ultimately stop playing it on Nutaku. I restarted it on DMM when I saw there was an all age version but even then I barely play it now. The reason for this is that it's gacha system is infuriatingly broken and unfair. There are three main things you need to make a playable team: weapons, Eidelons, and Kamihime. Each of these has their own menu for each team build group. Weapons give certain buffs with extra attack and health. Eidelons, which are essentially the summons of the game, are similar and they also inflict certain stat abnormalities on the enemy. Kamihime are the main force of units, with various skills and abilities, that defeat the opponent. While Eidelons seem powerful at first, as the game progresses their attacks become useless and are only there for their buffs and their stat inflictions to the enemy and your team. Weapons also are there to give you certain buffs. The main thing a player tries to get are Kamihime, because even with poor Eidelons and weapons, they can still defeat the opponent. They are the most important thing to a player. There in lies the problem. In order to get Kamihime you need to get their weapon, which unlocks that Kamihime for use once. The weapon can be re-obtained and upgraded. However not all weapons have Kamihime, in-fact most don't. So not only are you trying to get a high tier Kamihime you are also hoping to not get a weapon. On top of that, that same gacha is also how you get Eidelons. So in one gacha you get three different things, where you only whant one. You would think they would have three seperate gachas, one for Kamihime weapons, non-Kamihime wepons, and Eidelons, but no, they are all in the same group. Now they occasionally separate them but in order to do participate you need their premium currency, i.e. real money. Add to that how in one level it's ridiculously easy to beat and the next immediate level, with not much change in cost, is almost impossible unless you have very strong Kamihime and you have a recipe for a very annoyed player. Not to mention that many event Kamihime aren't very useful and most events give Eidelons. It's a shame really. The art for many of the units, both Kamihime and Eidelons, are very good and the music is as well. The also almost entirely removed things like rape and other things from newer units six months into the game's release, which is a plus as well. But given what I said above I find it difficult to do anything past logging in. I would like to try again but I don't have it in me at the moment.

      That's not including 2AW and SAW which effectively triples that amount. It goes without saying to always be wary with how you spend. I did actually read that and that is a really excellent perspective to be honest, it really captured what many players went through on the move over. With that in mind hopefully everyone comes back to you in a timely manner. How are you doing with the current event by the way? I have to say I quite enjoyed it even with the lizard demon and Death Loli being nuisances in the last maps. 

      1. Most definitely.

      3. That's quite a bit to go through but I shall ready myself for it. And Helsing. And The Seven Sins. And Castlevania. And so many more ^_^

      4. Again another I heard of but not seen but do want to see. I really need to get back into anime.

      5. That would explain why they were all needed during the Millenium War with their chosen warriors. Wait a minute. Each goddess had there own chosen warrior: Aigis had the Hero King, Adamas had the Emperor who founded the White Empire (Angeline is even said to be his descendant and wields his weapon from that time), so who was Keraunos's chosen warrior? She wanted to destroy humanity after the events of the Millenium War, is her warrior some how related? How does Decius fit into this?

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    • And I have to re-watch Kill la Kill, there's some Gifs/WebMs floating around the internet that I legitimately don't remember, so re-watch is my only option. Well, that was the first, only and probably last rant video I'll ever see so you're probably right. If you intend to watch Goblin Slayer, I must say that there's rape in the very first episode. . . maybe you would prefer to watch without knowing this, however, when the first episode aired, a lot of people watched it without knowing what they were getting into, and then a considerable amount of complaints were made on twitter and probably other sites... anyways, past the first episode it didn't happen again (attempts were made tho), although it's mentioned from time to time and I'm pretty sure that in the manga/novel it might have happened more. Well, I do have an almost decent list of completed animes. Yeah, there's a lot of ainu culture (with enphasys on cuisine), I'd even go as far as to say that ainu culture is like 40+% of it. I'm heavily against 3D/CGI dominating... of course, just like video games' graphics, the style of animation isn't the only factor, but in all honesty, I can't help but feel demotivated to watch an anime when it's 3D/CGI... I never heard about this song nor the person/group who plays it, but I'll take a look in that. It's just like a certain character of a certain manga/anime said "Human potential for evolution is limitless". I suppose that's true, but as said above, I just hope I don't lose my 2D. And here lies another problem, would an uproar even happen? Using Pokémon as an example, with the new games, Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee (way before, actually), people started to complain that the game were going too far with the handholding and other issues, and the response that I see the most is that "Game Freak knows that because it's Pokémon, people will buy it regardless of the quality, so they don't actually need to put any effort into making the games", or something like that, which could also happen with animes...

      That's an interesting insight on the translating matter, but I really just meant that I don't remember english titles (except the more mainstream ones, like Shingeki no Kyojin), and thus, I can't really add anything on the subject.

      It really is. Cannot argue with that, and I heard that Taiwan have some pretty interesting horror stories as well, and also remember seeing a korean one at some point too. Of course I have, anyone who likes Japan and Urban Legends are just destined to know about Kuchisake-onna, now Hasshaku-sama normally takes more time, I know people that like horror and actually lived in Japan and never heard about her, but yeah, I know them both (fun fact: two of the Touhou fighting games, the "Urban Legend in Limbo" and "Antinomy of Common Flowers" actually references both of those legends).

      Well, Shin Megami Tensei 5 will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, so there's also that.

      Worry not. If it didn't, I would be worried. I don't even know what are today's stereotypes regarding animes. Don't worry, I'm not depreciating myself, I actually don't like this country, so it's fine. Well, my spanish isn't great, but I'd say it's the first option. Fair enough, mermaids says hello. As a kid, I was pretty coward, so although I didn't have problem to sleep whenever I heard or watched something scary, my dreams were pretty easily influenced.

      Yeah, I agree, that is indeed annoying.

      I wouldn't say "as much", I'd say around 70% of the thinking process ends up being made with focus on emotion rather than logic.

      Seems legit, also, I would very much like that that statement were true in general instead of just regarding Mario... however, I pretty much agree with your description on how to make a "successful video game movie", it would give them the "creative liberty" they seem to so wish for, and at the same time wouldn't mess with people's perspectives on the source material.

      Yeah, pretty bad situation, and on top of all that, they said that Diablo Immortal's story is canon, so the fans will be "forced" to play if they want to get all the lore. That's a pretty good solution I'd say, but the transformation thing being a skill or an ability, I prefer ability, since I want his skill to be the meteors he used in some of our fights. But yeah, Decius turning into Mecha Decius after AW would be kinda lame... Not at all.

      I don't know brah, I want to watch it someday (but will most likely not). Flower Knight?! (sorry, I wanted to do this just because you didn't type "Girl" in the end). It kinda reminds me of FGO, while FGO don't have the ridiculous difficulty jump, since you can pretty much beat the entire game with low rarity Servants, the gacha is a bit similar, as in, in FGO you have Servants and Craft Essences (CEs), Servants are the units you use, and CEs are items you equip your Servants with (which gives a little stats boost and other effects), and in the same gacha you have the units and the items, and since the items have a much higher drop rate, it triggers most of the players. But yeah, back to Kamihime, I also find the art pretty good, but luckly, I didn't like the gameplay, so I guess I dodged a bullet there. . . a shame tho that it's so infuriating.

      Yeah, that sure is expensive, AW, AW2 and SAW 10 Blacks and the 8 millions would be gone. I do think in something good from time to time, although it seems I unkowingly plagiarized it from MuvLuv. Got all stars, lizard demon was murdered by Ingrid + WE + Rivuru(Livre), but took me a couple tries on the "Death Loli" because I tried to kill her... the only character from the collab that I thought "if I get her, I won't use her as fodder" was an enemy only... kinda sad, but not much.

      3. Nanatsu no Taizai I finally watched after the collab, and as people said in the comments on the Event Mission's page, it's actually pretty good, have some unnecessary fanservice, but is pretty good.

      4. So for the sake of not spoiling, I shall end this point here.

      5. I have no idea how Decius fit into this, but regarding Keraunos' chosen warrior, it could be a myriad of things, maybe said warrior betrayed her and "if my chosen warrior is capable of such evil, all humans must be just as bad", or the chosen warrior themself is the one who grows to hate humanity, and Keraunos ended up agreeing with them and decided to carry their wish, etc, etc.

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    • No no! I just lost everything I just wrote. I'll write it back as soon as I can.

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    • That's why I always copy my message (and paste it in a text editor just to be sure) before replying.

      It's a little past Christmas now, but I hope you had a merry one.

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    • I do the same as well, particularly after one time where I clicked reply and for some reason my post was erased. The funny thing though is that rather than “copy”, I pressed “paste” and that removed everything. Going to be more careful from now on.

      Thank you and I hope you had a good Christmas as well! Mine was fairly pleasant though given the amount of things I needed to do, it was quite chaotic and tiring. Which is the reason why I haven’t responded as soon as I hoped to. I love to bake but spending nearly a collective 7 hours making, baking, and icing about 100 gingerbread cookies was not fun.  

      Unfortunately things are still pretty hectic and tireing so I won't be able to post the full response yet but once New Year's passes I will be able to do so properly.

      Also I hope you have a Happy New Year as well! May all your plans come to fruition!

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    • I want to sincerely apologize for having taken so long in posting this back up. I know we have an understanding that sometimes we can’t respond immediately but this was just ridiculous. Again I am very sorry about that.

      Ah, okay then. I am not sure if it’s my imagination but why is there so much rape though? Ever since entering the anime/manga world this is something I have never understood. I mean, I understand if it is part of a tragic character’s back story but the degree it’s frequented seems rather high. I’ll still give it a try though as the plot seems genuinely interesting, though I hope it is kept to a minimum. Generally, I don’t mind if hardships are shown and highlighted as these are very real things that people have to deal with, however there is a point where hardship is so frequently that you either become numb to it or annoyed by it and that literally sucks the joy the work might have. Actually one of many reasons I stopped reading and watching One Piece. Oh the link works now, I have to say that getting through all of them will take some time but there are some interesting ones you have there. As a person that cooks, I am definitely looking forward to it, now if I can find it.

      I don’t mind 3d or cgi so long if it’s done well, and while I don’t think the two should mix, I think that 3d and 2d can work well together. Without going into spoilers, in the show Castlevania there is a monster that shoots a laser from its eye and this beam has a slight 3d sheen over it. This helps it as it underlines its supernatural quality and threat. In Howl’s Moving Castle, one of the more underrated Ghibli movies, Howl’s castle and certain airships have a 3d sheen over them when viewed from a distance and this helps to point out that neither over really belong there. Other Ghibli movies also use this tactic as well. I also don’t think that 2d and hand drawn media are going anywhere either. While there is a growing trend that is focusing more on 3d, 2d is still the main entry point to animation. Additionally, while 3d is mainly used for trying to be more life-like, 2d excels when it comes to artistry and expressionism. As a result, many go back to it for this purpose. Salt and Sanctuary is a well regarded 2d platformer that emulates Dark Souls. Undertale', as much as I dislike it, goes a step further in that uses sprite and pixel-based animation and graphics. Lastly, Cuphead' is a successful 2d platformer that is entirely based on some of the earlier forms of animation. This artistic quality is lost on larger companies either. Big Hero 6 and Tangled were both hugely successful Disney movies done in the 3d. However, when they made tv shows based on them they went for making them entirely hand drawn. Anime is still largely based 2d animation as well.

      As for your question if there would be an uproar, I think there would and wouldn’t be. Not the best answer but let me explain. I think an uproar would greatly depend on what property is changed and to what degree it is changed. Older properties and those are well known/loved will more likely not change too much as their very image would change as well and this would displease the fans and therefore sales. Think about what is going with Star Wars, while at first many were willing to give the new form a chance, that good will has run dry after movies such as Solo and The Last Jedi. Most people don’t mind there being some change, but if that change is perceived as too much then they will complain. The problem is that certain things are easier to complain about than others. With movies you can tell what the quality will be like (for the most part) based on the trailer, and from there make a decision. Shows are even easier since you don’t pay for those directly and you can drop them after a few episodes if you don’t like it. Games however are trickier since they are an interactive media. In order to ascertain their quality, you will most likely have to play game and in order to do that you will need to buy it first. Here in lies the problem. Since most companies look at the sales more than the reviews, they will notice that it sold very well and continue to make more. The only way for them to notice is if sales of that game’s successor suffer or if there was a big enough backlash to it. Take the current situation over Pokemon. The vast majority of fans, old and new, complained that the recent games are too easy and hold your hand too much too long. Game Freak took notice of this since Pokemon fans can be very vocal and can drive sales a great deal, which is why they mentioned how Gen 8 won’t be influenced by Pokemon Go or have too much hand holding like the previous two gens. It’s a tricky thing, to put it mildly.

      Sorry about that ^_^;

      Hmm that’s interesting. It was quite a while ago since Kuchisake-onna’s story has been known and Hasshaku-sama being about children would make her more likely to be told around playground. I didn’t know they were referenced in Touhou. It just makes me really want to play them properly. Interestingly enough, we have a Touhou game coming out on the Switch at some point. It’s fan made but hopefully it makes the main games come along as well, for which I will be very happy. Who am I kidding, I’ll be ecstatic!

      I have always wondered what the connection between Persona and Shin Megami Tensei is since they both seem so similar.

      I have so many questions I don’t know where to begin. While stereotypes do change as time goes on, the ones that are still in great use are the typical things one hears: they have ridiculous plot lines, they make no sense, they’re only for teens to ogle at breasts, and so on. Despite some western properties that do the same things *coughs*comics!*coughs* Oh dear sorry to hear that. Hopefully it’s not too bad though. Truth is you go to love monster girls. In your defense dreams aren’t exactly the easiest things to control.  

      I suppose, let us hope people one day eventually learn when to decide on their emotions and when not to. Though given how humans work, we might have to wait a while.

      Most definitely. On that subject of creativity, I personally think some games might be better off as an animated series rather than a movie. Story heavy games like Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda would probably fair best since they focus so much on exploration.

      Good heavens I don’t even play the games and I’m getting annoyed. A bit of a vindictive silver lining however, it seems Blizzard/Activision is in a rather bad spot financially and some companies like Bungie and employees are jumping ship. Whether this is because of the games or because of ill-market practices, I can’t say but there seem to be a fair bit of videos going around talking about it. Hmm, that could actually work, the only possible problem may be that normally, Decius loses the meteor attack after his first transformation. Being that is a one of his notable features and lore though, they could still keep it.

      Don’t worry I walked into that one. I have to admit there are some really good sculpts there, nice to see the artform continues. I also just noticed that Kingdom Death is a game, a more adult D&D as well. And here I was interested in trying FGO. Ah well, perhaps later on down the line. The gameplay reminds of some older turn-based games like FF, so I find I’m fine with it but yes, the infuriation I have hampers any want of continuing on with the game for long periods. Speaking of which, how exactly does gameplay work with FGO?

      Always be warry of your funds. If it was unknowingly done I don’t think it would be a problem. Apparently Fleurety is not a Death Loli to my surprise as Luminon pointed out, the link should be in the comment he gave on the event’s page. How have you done on the events and gacha since Christmas? Hopefully quite well.

      3. I started watching it as well and pretty much have a similar opinion. Pretty good with rather silly amounts of fanservice. I honestly think it’s more than Kill la Kill and I don’t know how that’s possible.

      5. The more I think on it the more I believe that Decius was just a regular guy whose world was torn apart. So it is up to the Prince to ease Kreaunos’ heart, eh? Either way this is an interesting bit of information that I hope gets expanded on. There is a lot of story potential here.

      Also though I am quite late with this, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year!

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    • It's fine really, it's been quite a while from that message of yours to this answer of mine as well, and actually, since I didn't log myself in when I saw your last message, I didn't receive a notification for this one... fortunatelly, I randomly decided to log in today, otherwise, who knows how much longer it would take for me to answer.

      Well, I just watched the anime, but I heard that in Goblin Slayer there's no female goblins, so they use human females to reproduce (on a kinda unrelated note, there's also the fact that in the "animal kingdom", rape isn't unheard of, principally when it comes to seals/sea lions and penguins), but if you decide to read the manga/VN, you'll probably find that out. Personally, I haven't seen yet a story with so frequent hardships that it outweights the joy, although, I do watch One Piece, but I don't particularly see it as having too many hardships, it's actually in my top5, or at least top10 list of animes. Well, you don't need to look through all of them, but be my guest. As a person that cooks just the bare minimum, I don't know if you'll like it as much as you think, but if you are interested, you can just ignore the anime and read the manga somewhere, pretty sure any online manga reader might have it.

      Me, on the other hand, really don't like 3D and CGI, if it's really well done, I won't complain, and that's about it, but if it's not, then one could hear me complain until the end of Earth's life. I'm really out of the loop, as I have yet to watch Howl no Ugoku Shiro, the only Ghibli movies I watched are Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Tonari no Totoro, Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa, Gake no Ue no Ponyo and Kaguya-hime no Monogatari, guess I'll make Howl no Ugoku Shiro the next Ghibli movie to watch so I can have a better grasp of what you're talking about.... Media in general I'm also sure that 2D and hand drawn will keep being a thing, however, animes, that from a business point of view are nothing more than advertisement for the source material, it can end up being minority, since as stated before, 3D is easier to make, so if the ones who make the decisions, decide that art isn't an priority for that goal of advertising, then 3D it'll be, easier and faster to make (and probably cheaper). I never heard about this Salt and Sanctuary before, and I'm a Dark Souls fan (although I never played it), and if you dislike Undertale so much (why tho?), you could have mentioned Octopath Traveler (or Dead Cells, or Mercenary Kings, or as of late, Celeste, but I guess you wanted to name the most well known) instead. Anyways, that's undoubtedly true when it comes to games, since in most cases, the developers/producers have the liberty to make them in whatever way they want it to be, it's the shape of their vision (now about Disney I really can't say anything, since I don't think they have any limitations whatsoever. But I didn't know that Big Hero 6 and Tangled even had TV shows, let alone hand drawn), animes, on the other hand, are but adaptations, and depending on how much liberty the decision maker have and how much money centered is their head, all bad can happen (hence why lots of Original animes are so well regarded, because they mostly enter the same territory as games)... of course, it's too soon to be this pessimistic, considering Berserk is the only unforgivably bad I have (and the bears in Golden Kamuy) as example, and I'm sure that SoL, CGDCT and other genres of anime will keep going just fine (hopefully), but as time passes, more and more action animes are using 3D/CGI (and even Idol animes are starting to increase the use of 3D/CGI on dance scenes), nowadays, mostly in scenes where there's a lot of characters in it, such as armies, but some years from now, who knows, maybe even new seasons of Dragon Ball will be in 3D/CGI. . . . Ok, I went a little overboard in my pessimism there, but if something like this does happen, I'll be honestly devastated.

      It is indeed tricky, Star Wars aside (since, while I do know that lots of people aren't happy with its latest incarnations, I know nothing more than that), people can also have an idea of a game's content and overall quality based on trailers, continuing the Pokémon example, people knew the changes that LGPE had before its release, they knew that Wild Battle was gone, they knew about the extreme handholding, they knew about the Pokédex limitation, and while its initial realease wasn't as good as previous Pokémon (main) titles (as far as I know), it still managed to be (apparently) the best-selling first week Switch title (it may be because when Mario and Zelda were released, less people had Switches, but still), so I can't help but worry... if they keep their word and actually try to make Gen 8 a better game, the game with less handholding, and hopefully a greater sense of adventure, then it'll be great, but for now, I just can't really trust Game Freak...

      No worries, it was an interesting read.

      Well, most versions of the Kuchisake-onna legend says that she appears before children that take too long to go home after school (and so, incentive children to, after school, go straight home, and preferably, not alone), and it's actually a pretty old legend, now Hasshaku-sama on the other hand, came from 2ch in 2008, so it's not just fairly new, but also come from a quite obscure source, so it's to be expected that she isn't as well known. I wouldn't count on that, the game you linked is already available for Playstation, not just that, but 5 other fan games as well, and even so, no sign of ZUN releasing the official games on consoles, actually, the latest official games being realeased on Steam is already very surprising, since for some reason, ZUN seems to avoid any type of mainstream media, we just don't have a official Touhou anime to this day, because ZUN himself didn't allow it to happen (it was probably for the best tho, and we do have fan animes as well so, yeah).

      Putting it in the simplest way possible, Persona was originally a spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei, but eventually grew so much that became its own series, and actually have spin-offs of its own as well, pretty interesting how things turned out.

      Considering the increase of fanservice over the years, I wouldn't deny the breasts one, but people who trashtalk about plot probably never watched any anime anyways so it's not even worth arguing. Interestingly, while humans usually feel the necessity of talking bad about something in order to talk good about other, when it's to already talk bad, they always ignore (or forget) the bad things they also have. Well, it would be rude of me to say it's absolutely horrible, because there are countries in far worst situation, but it is pretty bad. Indeed, especially with some artists out there with some pretty good designs. They sure aren't, to this day, I only managed to lucid dream twice (and one of those times I just used it to wake up).

      I'll probably see Betelgeuse's explosion before that happens.

      That's for sure.

      I know right?. I can't say I know anything happening aside from this Diablo fiasco, since I don't play any Blizzard game.... Hence why I was actually thinking on him having a different skill for each transformation, although I have no idea of what Mecha Decius and Mecha Decius (Sword) could be (since I don't think we would get "Maou armor Decius")... well, the Mecha (Sword) could be something similar to the WE... but then he would steal WE's spot, so it may not be the best idea... anyway:
      Decius - Meteor Skill;
      Mecha Decius - The paralyzing claws (maybe, just thought of that);
      Mecha Decius (Sword) - ???.

      Kingdom Death is pretty interesting, I really would like to play it someday, but 400 dollars is a bit too much for me right now... Well, I'm a long term fan of FF (both), but even so I didn't like Kamihime's... maybe it would be better to say playstyle instead of gameplay per se, or they are just the same and my statement is invalid, I don't know, but I just didn't like it. FGO is pretty simple, unfortunately, I didn't find any video with just the tutorial, so here's this video instead (you can just jump to 1:42 to see the tutorial, once the battle ends you can close the video).

      I just passed the 10million mark xD, and don't worry, no matter the game, spending my funds is actually the hard part. I'll go see that comment. Well, until today, I almost didn't summon, but with the new Tengu coming, I wanted to try and get Konoha so I would have all the Tengus, so I used all my SCs and a 10 summon ticket (that I don't know why I received it, but I did), but got Prim and Jerome instead, since I didn't have them, I'm not as disappointed as I would normally be, but I really wanted Konoha... and you, any lucky?

      3. I don't know man, I actually don't see much Kill la Kill's fanservice as fanservice for some reason.

      5. Mayhaps, as they say "one of the scariest things in life, is the rage of a gentle man", although that phrase don't quite fits Decius. No, get the Prince the hell away from Keraunos. More like "speculation", but we'll see (hopefully).

      Let's forget about the past christmas and new year shall we, but I hope yours were good.

      Also, just picking up something from your previous message, you said that when copying the message, you pressed to paste by mistake, but did you try to use Ctrl+Z when that happened?

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    • Well being that I took over two weeks to respond, again, no worries ^_^ Granted I have been having some difficulty with the site recently. A red screen suddenly popped up for the first time and being technologically illiterate I got spooked. It might be related to the domains changing so I’ll mention it on the Event page as well.

      Ah, so a reverse Gerudo situation then? Naturally no, ducks are even worse apparently, but I would be careful of that statement as some might take that the wrong way. Remember animals have an overpowering desire/instinct to pass down their genes but humans being sentient can decide who to partner with regardless of their genetics. Will see, I’m sucker for fantasy, so I’ll try to get a better understanding of it definitely. I have to disagree on One Piece not having too much hardship. Each character has an overly depressing background story and no one seems to join them just for the hell of it, however I will say that each one was consistent with one another except for Robin, being that she was the only one however it wasn’t a problem. Then we have their adventures where each one just gets worse and more violent and then, we have the Great Gaul. When I read it, I honestly thought that there was no way to top it, and in truth they didn’t. Rather we have other events that are equal to it. There was no moment to breath, no light-hearted adventure to lead into the next event, it was just rapid, in-your-face action. There are also other things that started to annoy me out side of this; all the women looking like Boa Hancock, all the women looking the same, frequent edgy and over top characters, the themes being hit over your head despite glaring issues. I did truly enjoy the series, but I started to lose patience with it and once I got to the Gladiator Arc I couldn’t continue. I have heard that Crunchy Role may have the mangas as well, but I am not too familiar with that site, but I’ll will have a look into it.

      It’s understandable, 3d is one of those things that can be fairly polarizing, possibly because if it’s bad it shows horrendously so. Really? Considering how you have seen so many other Ghibli movies that’s kind of surprising. It is a good movie, though as I said rather understated and not as well known as the others. True but even then, I still think even as an advertisement the will stay with 2d. If you want to advertise your product would you not want it to be shown in the best way? Also if this is true it’s a missed opportunity. Anime can show things that drawings can have difficulty doing, as well as highlighting certain aspects of the original material. As certain properties have shown, you can have both do very well in respect to each other. I heard of Salt and Sanctuary from a Youtuber known as VaatiVidya who primarily focused on Dark Souls’ lore and related material. Salt and Sanctuary is mainly focused on by a husband and wife pair I believe, so it makes sense not having the widest of press. As to why I dislike Undertale. Well before I get into that I did mention it rather than the ones you mentioned since it is more well known (and because I completely forgot about them -_-). Additionally, that sentence wasn’t bolded when I wrote it so it makes it seem I am emphasizing it, but that is a mistake for which I have no explanation for. Anyway, while the game does do some things well, such as the battling system, with the pixelated style it has, I find it to be rather preachy with what messages it’s trying to convey. As a result I also think of it as one of the more pretentious of games I came across and as a man who appreciates subtlety, I couldn’t get into it. The apparent community around it doesn’t help either but I won’t touch on that as they have no bearing on the game’s inherent qualities. Hehe, also one of the reasons games are finally becoming more noticeable, for both good and worse. Very true but I will echo my previous statement with how anime adaptions can exist alongside the original material so long as they compliment one another. Speaking of adaptions and Disney, funnily enough we have a similar situation. Much of their original works are being praised but their adaptions, especially Star Wars, are being panned for being “samey” and counter to the original work. I now present to you the Cynic’s Award! As the previous holder I hand it over with honor! Poor jokes on my part aside, you do have a fair point however I don’t think it will be too extreme. And if heaven forbid it does get that bad, it will revert back to its original form as many things do. We have games as a good example of that.

      This is one of the reasons why I get uncomfortable with game trailers that don’t show gameplay, I want to know what I am getting myself into especially in terms of gameplay. While that is true, you have to remember that these are numbers for a spin-off title not a main one. Generally people are more forgiving of spin-offs experimenting or implanting new mechanics as they do not impact the main titles to a high a degree. Look at Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Ranger, or even the 3d pokemon games such as Colliseum. All of these play in a completely different style unique to themselves and that style is largely self-contained. While generally well regarded, if the main titles ever implemented any of these things I am sure the fans and even new consumers would uproar about it. We even have this with P:GO. People lamented how it didn’t play as the traditional games but it was largely forgiven since it was a spin-off focusing on its own qualities. When it became popular is when fans started to worry since it might influence the main games. And while the hand-holding is forgiven with PLGPE, it wasn’t for the main titles. One of the biggest complaints for Gens 6 and 7, aside from poor designs, was the hand-holding. People want the main titles to be difficult and challenging, to give off the sense of adventure and accomplishment. Hopefully Game Freak delivers on this.

      Thank you ^_^

      You just have to love the old stories designed to terrify children. Even in Ancient Greece they used the story of Medusa for the same purpose. I was tempted to tell them to my niece and nephews, but my family wouldn’t have it. Understandable I suppose, but this makes me worried of the old stories dying out, which almost happened to Krampus actually. I recently re-read the Kuchisake-onna legend and I was surprised to see how old it was, I always thought it was set in more modern times. Goes to show how stories can adapt. The creepiest thing is that were two instances that mimicked the story. One where a scarred woman brandishing a knife scared a group of school children in Korea and one were a woman, who died in car accident in Tokyo, had the same types of injuries. That’s surprising for Hasshaku-sama since has all the hallmarks of a traditional ghost story. While it’s always good to see the fan-base represent a series well, I have never understood ZUN’s reluctance to having Touhou be on a console. It doesn’t have to be a specific one either, since most third party and independent games are universal. I suppose I can understand the anime front. If he were to do that than that would make for definite rendition of his characters and possibly exclude fan interpretations, but even then, given how fans work that wouldn’t be a problem. There are even certain fan renditions of characters that are contrary to their actual personality and they become more of a standard to fans then the original. Shiki Eiki is a good example of this. The fact that, as far as I know, ZUN hasn’t fully stated his rationale is a little bit maddening, though tolerable.

      Ah, okay that clears it up. I wonder how close the stories are and if future installments ever crossed paths? Hmm, emulators are starting to become more tempting to use.  Also, if I may, what exactly is Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth? I have a rough idea of the series and its themes, but this one seems entirely different to the rest of the series.

      That actually brings this image to mind. I don’t mind fan-service if there is a purpose for it or if its just for fun but sometimes it is a bit much, like Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins or Dorothea from our own Aigis. Very true this is one of the most annoying things to have people understand, the essentially become pots calling kettles black. Not to mention when you point that out or show how their own domestic material does the same thing, they through out every word they can to make you look bad because nothing better comes to mind. You know won the argument at that point but its just tiresome. Can we not have intelligent discussions anymore? Hopefully everything turns out for the best. I haven’t seen Kenkou Cross’ work for some time now, they really are quite good. For all you know it might have been more often that. Dreams, even lucid ones, are very tricky to deal with and remember. Often the second we wake we remember everything but once more than thirty or seconds pass all is forgotten.

      That gives us about 640 years, give or take a couple of centuries.

      Taking a spot from WE might not be too problematic as we other units that do so, Shu-Xian and Ingrid for example. Even “freemium” units like Shadia can take his spot as well. If however that is a problem he will still see use in White Empire themed teams as well as male based teams. Hmm, perhaps something like this:

      Decius: Ability – Change to Mecha-Decius when health drops to zero after a short time (10s); Skill – Meteor Strike: Infinite duration. Attack drops to 0.6x and has small range

      Mecha-Decius: Ability – Change to Mecha-Decius (Sword) when health drops to zero after a short time (20s); Skill – Heavy Strike: 15s. Attack increases to 1.2x and attacks are slightly slowed.

      Mecha-Decius (Sword): Ability – Block +1. Death is treated as a withdrawal. Can revive after a short time (20s). Attack increases against demons and angels; Skill – Sword of the traitorous Goddess: 30s attack decreases to 0.8x and attack speed is greatly increased. Can attack all blocked enemies. Next activation stronger: Skill – Layman’s Resolve: 30s attack and defense increase to 1.8x and can attack all blocked enemies. Attack speed is increased.

      Trying to make a balanced character is actually quite hard. Even with this little imagining you really have to commend the Dev. Team. I don’t think the stun attribute would be added to Decius, at least in this set-up. We only see that with Mecha Maou Armor Decius and whenever we do get him, he might toss it aside for lore reasons.

      A step price indeed, however it has the quality to warrant it. They’re not the same no, so no need to feel that you made an incorrect statement. FF is by no means the only game to make use of a turn-based system, but it is the most well-known, as far as video games go at least. Kamihime does emulate that method but it is rather bare bones compared to what FF, Persona, or even Fire Emblem have done. A member of the primates, huh? That sounds quite proper compared to its insinuation. I have been having some weird things going on with my computer, but I will look into it when I can.

      10 million?! Be careful or a dragon will come by and don’t mean the cute kind either. And here I just got back up to 2 million and only because of the login rewards we recently had. Really? How so? Considering the nature of games like Aigis I would think that getting funds would be the most difficult. Oh dear, hopefully your luck improves on the next try. However Prim and Jerome are good units. Jerome has his auto-skill on SAW and is considered the third best ramper in the game, not to mention he is vital in all male teams. Prim is also considered on of the best Witches, especially with her SAW. Permanent stealth and slowing magick attacks are very helpful and even though Witches have fallen by the way side with the current meta, I always bring her along. She’s actually the reason I even managed to defeat Ootakemaru. As for SC pulls I have to say I really didn’t do much. Most of my pulls have mostly been yolo pulls since I am saving up to try and get Mehlis (School). Most pulls though were mostly Golds which would be fine since I need fodder for AW’ing, however I always seem to get non-fodder Golds which is kind of infuriating. I have thirteen blasted Leda’s and I don’t know what to do with them. I did put in a bit for Spiria and Meliusiana, because they are both insanely pretty and great support units but couldn’t get them unfortunately. Ah, almost forgot. The ten-pull ticket was a reward given to players how logged into Aigis for a total of ten times during a DMM Game Festival which lasted from January 15 to maybe February 2 or 5, I can’t remember exactly. It was done for other games well. My ticket got me nothing but Silvers, hopefully you had better luck than me.

      The beauty of Kill La Kill’s fanservice is that it is, unlike other anime and manga, vital to the story and overall symbolism of the whole show. It serves a function rather then just being eye candy. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to see it serve a purpose and it is definitely one of the reasons I think of it as one of my favourite anime.

      Perhaps because we don’t know much about his past? He could easily be either a soldier or just a farmer. We know that Danchou was most likely a military man of some kind but even with him we don’t know much about his past or his reasons for becoming a Dark Knight, only tell-tale hints. Search your feelings you know it to be true. True and hopefully so.

      …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I did not know that was a thing. I wrote it initially in the message box (now I am doing it in Word) but I highlighted it to copy it just in case something happened and I lost it. However, rather than pressing CTRL-c, I pressed CTRL-v and it replaced all of it with something else. I did not know that CTRL-z was possible. ……..Excuse while I go bang my head on the wall.   

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    • Life is hard, and me being a disaster regarding time management, I may take longer than usual to respond for a while, so be warned. I never experienced that, so I can't tell what that is.

      "Gerudo" just made me think about Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, but then looking it up, it was a Zelda reference, but yeah, pretty much. I'll need you to enlighten me, how would someone take that the wrong way? As in, what would they think? But well, I wasn't really comparing with humans, but with the goblins of Goblin Slayer, that if anything, doesn't seem to be really that sentient, which lead me to compare them with animals rather than with humans, anyways, I'm also aware that I should avoid certain comments, specially if I don't have full knowledge on the matter so don't worry (on a related note, have this article). I also like fantasy quite a lot, but Goblin Slayer didn't interest me enough to want to continue past the 1st season (so let alone read the manga/LN). I won't deny that One Piece have a lot of hardships, but in my perception, it's just too much if the characters change because of them or when there's a noticible drop in atmosphere, but the characters in One Piece, even with the amount of hardships, them can overcome them, and more importantly, keep living with smiles and jokes, despite everything, they are happy. It may be a perception issue... because I just see the hardships as too much, if it comes to the point where I can't feel/see any joy from the characters (or at least, most of the time), so yeah, although there's a lot, I don't see it as too much. Now about the women part, Oda-sensei already said how he draws female characters, so there's no changing it. To this day, the only arc of One Piece that I didn't like was the Fish-Man Island Saga, but yeah³, if something keeps going for this long its fated to lose things along the way and even I may grow tired of it eventually, but that's not something I see happening anytime soon. Go for it.

      Indeed. Well, there was a considerable timespan between each of them, I really take too much time to watch movies... I sure hope you're right, although we have that Berserk anime to prove that "If you want to advertise your product would you not want it to be shown in the best way?" may not be entirely true... okay, granting the benefit of doubt, maybe they wanted to make the best they could but just messed up (really badly), or had some budget issues (this second, actually presents another problem), while it would be more understandable, it's still not impossible that they just didn't care enough. True. I may take a look on that channel (once I have played Dark Souls, otherwise it would be just spoilers). Maybe your computer just thought that bolding the text would sync more with your feelings. I see, personally, I find Undertale to be quite impressive, specially with the game remembering some of your actions even it you don't save, and the game does pass a couple of messages, which one are you refering to? or is it just all of them? anyways, while I certainly enjoy subtlety, after all, my favorite RPGMaker game is Yume Nikki, and you can't be more subtle than that (or is it the contrary? I can't even tell), however, my main motto is that "it just needs to be interesting", and Undertale surely was. Now the community is undeniably bad, my sister for example, also liked Undertale at first, but the community around it made her come to hate it (being contrary to your statement), very sad (the same thing happened with Life is Strange). Gadly, the "good" seems to be greater. See? If even the almighty Disney can't ideally make adaptations, no future is assured (just kidding . . . or, am I?). I'll gadly accept that award, and no one shall take it from me. Well, it's a universal law that everything loops, so even if anime faces those dark times, the loop will come, just like when our universe ends, it will die -like a star- in a big explosion, called Big Bang, giving birth to a new universe.

      Yeah, as much as I like cinematic trailers, a game must always have at least one gameplay trailer before launch. Except that LGPE isn't a spin-off, Masuda himself said so, and every site, following his statement, place LGPE under "Main/Core games", if it was actually a spin-off I would just ignore it, it's precisely because it isn't that I'm worried. But you're right about the general expectations of the main series (as far as I know), so what remains is Game Freak and the "deliver, or not deliver, that's the question".

      Surely, nothing better to make children more obedient than scaring them into submission. I would be that relative that tells the horror stories for the children, since I always liked scaring people, even when I myself was a fearful kid. Well, usually stories that are meant to give lessons/influence tend to die out once the lesson isn't needed anymore or when there's a replacement, even Santa himself isn't as relevant as he once was, to the point where he almost doesn't need to make presents anymore and spends most of his time bodybuilding. Yep, just like living beings, stories sometimes need to adapt to survive. Well, it's as the saying goes, "reality is stranger than fiction", so anything that exists in fiction, if humanly possible, someone will try to mimick them. Maybe that means that the classics are still the scariest, since it was considered one of the scariest stories of the thread it came from (Fun fact: I don't remember if I mentioned, but Hasshaku-sama also appears in Fatal Frame 5). Well, since the primary objective for ZUN was to make music for games, and Touhou was just created as a consequence of that, maybe he just don't want to concern himself with porting the game (since it would give him less time to drink). Now about the anime, he said in an interview once that he didn't want an anime because he thought people would think that the anime was the original, or something along these lines, because even if it was made, I don't think it would actually affect interpretation, since, along with what you said, that fans can and will ignore canon if they want to, there's also the fact that Touhou actually have official mangas, and some characters act fairly different in them, principally Reimu, that in WaHH she is completely different from FS, because the official mangas have other people as protagonists, hence, the Reimu we see, is Reimu as how the protagonists see her, ZUN even said that the only one that knows Reimu's true nature is Reimu herself, so if there was a anime, it would probably follow the same pattern.

      I just played 1 game of the Shin Megami Tensei's main series ("Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne" which is probably my favorite PS2 game), so I can't be completely sure, but I highly doubt that a cross-over between them would ever happen, at most, just some reference like how Chie in P4 references Kuzunoha Raidou from the Kuzunoha Raidou spin-offs (yes, Shin Megame Tensei have a lot of spin-offs). Well, I never played PQ, let alone PQ2, so I really don't know, but they being spin-offs, it's easy to see they just using some time-space shenanigans to mix the characters of P3 and P4 (in PQ) or P3, P4 and P5 (in PQ2) for a simgle adventure. Now going back a little bit, you said you have a rough idea regarding the Persona series right? So let's talk a little about the SMT game I played, Nocturne [light spoiler warning], you see, here, the world ends in the very beginning of the game, and you, the protagonist, have a demonic parasite put into your body and is transformed into a half demon and then having to survive in the deserted land resulted from the end, now habitated by demons, angels and other creatures, [heavy spoiler warning] and having to (try to) decide how the new world will be.[end] This paragraph didn't end up like I wanted, but that's okay.

      Never saw this, quite funny. Yes, I also don't mind, though I do have a limit, as you said, it took me a couple seconds to get used to Merlin's clothes, now it's interesting that Dorothea is the one you mentioned, because whenever I think about too much fan-service here in Aigis, Rivuru is always the first to come to mind (probably because I use her quite frequently). Indeed, it's so tiresome that I actually almost never discuss with people anymore, with one exception, but that exception will most likely never happen again so. Considering how the people around here are? that also will most likely never happen. I always take a look past some months. Well, there was quite some dreams that after I woke up gradually faded away, so there's dream I remember and dreams that I know I forgot, but I'd like to believe that there isn't as much dreams that I didn't even remember having.

      A shame that I'll most likely not survive long enough to see it...

      Yeah, that's indeed true, my Ingrid is almost always my MVP (whenever I have to use her). Well, Shadia don't have ranged attacks (as far as I know, I didn't awaken her yet). That's true.
      That's quite good, I would like it. And yeah, it sure is hard, that's precisely why when playing Tabletop RPG I'm always struggling to make a balanced campaign. I also think that.

      Indeed, but still more than I can afford, but hopefully someday. I think it would be fair no think that gameplay wasn't their main concern when planning up Kamihime. I don't even know what you mean with "A member of the primates, huh?". On a side note, did you see the new trailer of the new Fire Emblem? If yes, what did you think about the female protagonist? Design wise.

      I like Dragons, so let then come~. Well, you must have lot of Awakened Units and whatnot, just 19 of my units are Awakened. Nah, since in real life money hardly comes in hand, I tend to cling to money even in games, so overtime I always have a lot of money (but unfortunately it doesn't also translates to real life... oh well). Well, I used my pity Platinum that I was trying to keep until Thetis shows up again, but I used trying to get Itsuki, and I got her, so I'm happy. I never saw people talking about Prim (probably it's just on her page), but I do know that people really like Jerome, that's why I didn't complain even though I didn't get Konoha, who was the one I was trying to get. Luckly, I don't care about seasonal units, but I hope you can get her. Not even this I get normally, even with Golds having a higher drop rate nowadays, I still get mostly Silvers. I didn't try for Spiria, but I did try for Meliusiana as well, but like you, I falled too, now I don't have all the Dragon Princesses anymore... Yeah, I remembered later. And I didn't  specified, but it was the 10 pull ticket that granted me Prim and Jerome.

      I have to rewatch Kill la Kill, I feel like my memories of it don't actually syncronize with the reality... it's probably just a random strange sensation, but it's bugging me...

      Well, that's true. "Danchou 2AW art when?". Unlike Decius, I don't think we'll find out more about Danchou. It's my feelings that reject it, although I know that if Keraunos comes back in the future, it will maybe happen, so I prefer it to not.

      Hehehehe, that happens. At least now you know, in case something similar happens in the future.

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    • Indeed it is. We both seem to be having that problem at the moment considering again how long I took to reply. I haven’t been on the site as frequently as I used to be either. I don’t know, I suppose I have been feeling rather unmotivated in general lately on a multitude of things, which is maddening since there is much I really want to do. I really do need to sort myself out.

      The plot to the manga you mentioned seems so bizarre that I have to read it now. I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard of it until now. Fun fact about the Gerudo; there is a type of lizard known as whiptails where many of the species under it are entirely female and reproduce by parthenogenesis, so there could be some inspiration there. Or most they’re most likely based on Amazons since they still need males, usually Hylians. The way you mentioned it was simply stating a fact about nature and sexual practices in nature. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem. However, we are living in an age where even stating a fact can cause others to react negatively. In this case, by saying that rape occurs in nature, quite frequently as well, some one might interpret that statement as you saying that there is nothing wrong with rape or worse, that you support it. Obviously that’s ridiculous, but there are many fools out there eager to get hot and bothered even over misunderstandings. I remember back in college talking about anatomy with some students and I mentioned how women are more prone to developing anemia due to their menstruation cycles. I said prior to this that I don’t mean to be sexist, but this is basic biology. One of the girls there said that there is nothing wrong with that, but some women will get offended by it. Another time I was discussing a possible reason as to why men are considered to be socially superior and may have roots with how male primates have on average more muscle mass than females; this leads to greater strength and males being better at hunting and defending the group. As civilization progressed this aspect was retained. I again said that I am not justifying sexism but simply providing a possible explanation for it. Thankfully the student I was discussing it with wasn’t bothered by it, but she also mentioned to be careful with such information. Even with basic facts, people will get offended or try to discredit (or worse) another person because mentioning that fact is against their social narrative. That’s actually odd and if anything a step-down from how goblins are usually portrayed. Even our own Aeigis has almost all goblins as simpletons, but we have some very intelligent ones like the Goblin Doctor and the Goblin Queen’s family. By the way has anyone figured out how Lina came into being? I think we can agree that she’s half-goblin at least. Huh, I genuinely did not see that coming. Not sure what to say other than that nature can also be just as cruel.

      That’s an interesting way of looking at it. The truth is that past me, the one early into One Piece, would agree with you. You are right with it being to do with perception. For me it’s not simply how they come out of the hardship but also how frequently they have to go through it. I don’t expect their personalities to stay the same, but I agree that when they do, it’s a great feeling. But to constantly go through such events becomes tiresome and in some cases, because of their frequency and intensity, they begin to lose meaning. Well then! I don’t know if should be impressed or infuriated with Oda’s response. Both, both is good. Was the Fish-Man Island where there was a ludicrously sized mermaid and a stalker catfish? I have to say I didn’t mind that one too much but it was around this point where the themes started to get a bit heavy handed I think. Though the Gladiator Arc was where I stopped I legitimately enjoyed the previous arc with the mad scientist. That arc to me was what defined One Piece when I first started reading it. That and his laugh, shurororororo! The reality every long running franchise has to face eventually. If they improve on what has been lost then it will be all the better for them, though sometimes the fans can be their undoing.

      Considering the sheer amount of movies that come out there is no way to keep up, so having spacing between them is perfectly fine. Its even more so for shows which easily pass the twenty-hour mark taken all together. Take your time and don’t feel forced into watching something. Hmm, Berserk may be an outlier or possibly the worst possible situation. From what it was said in the video you linked before it seemed that there was an incredible disconnect between the various teams working on it concerning style and dialog. This with time constraints also added to worsen the situation. How in the world would the animators make the least? They’re the most important part! Budget constraints can also explain how poorly a series can go, though I personally don’t think it would be the worst offender since, if you are clever enough, you can work around it or use it to your advantage. I have feeling that may also be a reason for it as well. If you have no interest or passion for a task, it will be reflected in the worst way. VaatiVidya is very good and from I have seen in some reddit posts he is generally highly regarded. Hmm, perhaps, hehe! It’s been some time since I have seen anything related to Undertale so for now I would have to make it a general statement. I might give it a full and proper playthrough at some point but given my inherent feelings toward it, that might not be for a while. Yume Nikki seems interesting, maybe this will change my mind on surrealism not being subtle. The truth is that subtlety can be a rather tricky thing to pull effectively. To little and you yourself might not get it, too much and it’s literally in your face. Despite this I do generally tend to prefer it in any form of media. True as well, it doesn’t matter how good the graphics or voice acting may be so long as the game itself is of interest, people will want to try. Some fans unfortunately are unable to keep their passions in check and this can end up causing the game more harm than good. Not to mention making ridiculous accusations. I still remember reading comments on Youtube on how Touhou copied Undertale, despite Touhou pre-dating by at least ten years, at least there were some who called out the foolishness for what it was. I have never been able to understand why this is though. I am not familiar with Life is Strange in any way. What is it even about? That’s a shame about your sister’s experience. It’s a fairly common thing to happen in very vocal communities, hype and obsession can easily have the opposite effect on some players. I unfortunately learned firsthand of Disney’s adaption shortcomings and with two of my favourite Disney movies no less, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. Good God, I was severely disappointed. On a separate note, Disney now has another self-made problem with the Captain Marvel movie. Hehe, curiouser and curiouser indeed ^_^. Exactly, the eternal ouroboros in action.

      Masuda actually said LGPE was a main series game. Well that’s worrisome to say the least. Well, even then it might not be like the proper games. Somewhat like a quasi-main series game, related but otherwise separate. If anything, I am expecting this line to be mostly based on reinventing the older games rather than making proper games, if that makes sense. Related to why LGPE is the way it is, from a story stand-point, I recommend this video. Speaking of expectations on the Gen8 games, I assume that you have seen this? Well come to jolly old England!

      I would settle for telling them around Halloween, but even then, no. Well you have to do something to stay in shape when you’re not working. You may be right on that, with the morals not needing to be told in story form, but that’s a rather dry approach is it not? What would a child listen to or be interested in? Being told to not be hubristic or telling the story of Arachne who was turned into a spider for her pride? I also think there is an element of coddling involved as well, where parents want to protect their children and make the world to be a fun and happy place. Which we both know isn’t true and these stories helped to show that not everything is good. A very true statement exemplified by the old MythBusters show. I think you mentioned that Hasshaku-sama was in Touhou, but I am slightly familiar the Fatal Frame series though only from Yuri Kozukata being an assist trophy in SSBU. It does have a rather intriguing gameplay mechanic that differs it greatly from other horror games so here’s hoping for a Switch port because it looks good. And uncensored of course. On that note I am rather surprised Nintendo even has a horror franchise, its games can get dark yes, but this is a wholly different beast. Hold-on, wait a moment, one of the most well-known, independent, classic, Japanese scroll shooters was an accident?! That’s either a stroke of luck or a stroke of genius! He may have less time to drink but at least he will get higher quality spirits. The first part of the anime rationale doesn’t hold water for me since, as I have mentioned previously, there are a multitude of things that have done the same, Pokémon and One Piece being prime examples. As for the secound part I can understand that though if the fan anime have anything to say this also shouldn’t be a problem. This is because rather than seeing from the eyes of an outside character we would see things from Reimu’s, Marisa’s, and the rest of the casts’ eyes. Also why does the “only Reimu knows Reimu” quote make me think that ZUN himself doesn’t know what’s going on? -Sigh- Well, I suppose one solution would be to have dedicated fans make a full and proper anime and the profits are used as donations or something. There are fan-made games, so why not this?

      Ah, alright then. But if there wasn’t a cross over how is Persona a spin-off of SMT? It is from the story or related in terms of themes and symbolism? Having flashbacks to Final Fantasy Dissidia, only this is a PQ seems to be a proper rpg. I only managed to read the few lines from your description, and I think the plot is both confusing and amazing. And was that Dante from Devil May Cry?! Okay, that settles it, I need to play this game.

      I have noticed that many of the lolis we have end up being quite heavy handed with fan-service. I just remembered that Chloe, Dina, and Cenote, to name a few, share this trait. Why, I don’t know but I won’t complain. Except for Chloe and Dina, especially those two. Oh dear, unfortunately all I can say try and hope for the best. That would probably be for the best, I can imagine remembering every dream you had could be quite taxing.

      Ah, you never know. It can happen tomorrow night for all we know, which granted isn’t much.

      Speaking of Ingrid, one of my dream teams is having Ingrid, Estelle, Sylseth, and Tenma together. They can all practically reduce the enemy’s MR down to zero and it makes for a “near” true damage team. I have Tenma and Sylseth, yet Ingrid and Estelle evade me. [Spoiler for Shadia] Shadia actually has a true damage range attack for her SAW and unlike WE, it’s reusable. The only downside is rather than regenerating, as in her base skill, she loses health. Cool down isn’t exactly the best, but it works for a freemium unit and she is quite good. [End Spoiler] Thank you ^_^ Here’s hoping Decius makes an appearance soon. As much as I want to partake in a full proper table-top game, I know no one who would be interested in it. My nephew is the only one, but his manner of play isn’t exactly suited to a table-top game.

      Agreed. Most likely, I still remember the advertising for Kamihime on Nutaku was basically “Here are some overly lewd slatterns waiting for you!” and what players got wasn’t exactly that either. It might not be its intention, but I read it as more of an insult, something like a more sophisticated way of saying “Ah, looks we have some apes/monkeys joining us”. Admittedly, most likely very wrong here though. I did indeed and I am quite excited as this will be my first proper Fire Emblem game. As for female Byleth, I’m slightly disappointed. First, I feel like they over-emphasized her feminine qualities, possibly to better distinguish her, with the open upper chest, gaps in armour on her arms, waist, and having leggings rather than greaves. Her face also seems to carry this trait. With the male you can tell that he has seen and been through a lot, which makes sense being a mercenary, the female does not and she looks more like she just about to see the world rather than having seen it. I know am being quite harsh and honestly, I surprised myself. Normally I wouldn’t mind since everyone has their own personality, however here she doesn’t really convey anything that we know of the Byleth character, sort of like what happened with Sieglinde’s 2AW art.  I suppose it’s also how different she looks as well. In the past with Robin and Corrin, the male and female looked like they could be twins, and yet with Byleth we no longer have that and it’s a bit jarring. Hmm, perhaps she’ll grow on me with time. I always play as the female character, so most likely. Either way I do think the overall design looks very good and is very much in line with Fire Emblem’s style and quality.

      Just please don’t play this song or say anything about Game of Thrones, not sure it will be well received. On a completely random note, I am curious of what you might think of this music video I came across [Warning:Random] . I do have a lot of AW’ed units though I am not sure exactly how many but 19 is also a fair bit as well. An excellent philosophy in any situation virtual or reality. Oh how I wish that could happen, it doesn’t even need to be the full amount, half would do. Why do have the feeling this has actually happened though? Where some made money in a game and somehow that translated to real world currency? Itsuki to me feels a bit weird as unit but I don’t have much experience with Oni, though I have Kibahime AW’ed. I do know that she hits like a tank though and she has a good SAW. With Prim you are correct, she is essentially a two for one since she also has a clone, but Witches in general aren’t as used as they used to be, however I still bring along the adorable loli. Speaking of which, I saw your post on the Event Mission page about Thetis. That genuinely sucks and my sincere condolences, but don’t give up! Knowing Thetis she’ll probably pop up when you least expect it, like with Fame or SP Summoning. Thank you. Your not alone in that, I sometimes wonder if they actually changed the summon rates or my luck is weird. Just now I managed to get five golds and three silvers from SP Summoning. Meliusiana would pair so well with my Lewd Blue, -sigh- one day. Two platinums with a 10-pull? That’s really good considering it still has the same summoning rate.

      Don’t worry, it’s Kill La Kill. There is no way anyone can remember it properly. Oddly enough that makes it very rewatchable.

      I’ll expand on that and say “Male 2AW art when?”. I know what we are all here for but some of them do deserve it. You might right on that. Danchou’s arc basically ended when we he was recruitable from the shop. Perhaps something in relation to Decius? He did succeed Danchou as head of the Dark Knights and seems to have known him. Heheh, reminds me of a discussion I had with Aelcarius where in the end all the Goddesses will end up with the Prince. I’m smiling just thinking of the WE’s reaction, though Adama’s might go with him actually.

      Most definitely, though since I am writing on Word, hopefully not. Also, I want to apologize for such a long gap between responses lately. Like I mentioned earlier I have been feeling out of it with many things recently. Feeling unmotivated is both depressing and infuriating.

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    • Well, I did say that warning, but I really didn't expect to vanish for that long... I was never very active here anyways, but well², it's been a long time, hope things are better at your end now.

      Considering how long it's been, you probably already read/watched it, but if not, there's an anime, and it literally ends where the manga is right now (translated, at least, I don't know where the RAWs are). There's also the Marbled crayfish, that just have females as well, and thus, also reproduce by parthenogenesis. Yes, they are surely based on amazons. Yeah, after sending the message I thought about it once more and realized what you meant, I guess it may come from the fact that people also used animals as a proving point that homosexuality wasn't unnatural like people used to call it (and probably still call...), but even so, nowadays people are too much easily offended (this sentence sounds wrong, but I'm not quite sure if it is), since you mentioned an anatomy example, I actually also have one as well, didn't happen to me, but a friend of mine told me that once, they mentioned (I don't remember where they said it was, but there was a bunch of people there) that it's possible to identify the gender of a long dead person by inspecting their skeleton, and practically everyone got mad at them saying that "everyone is equal on the inside", my friend then proceeded to leave because they didn't want to deal with that. To be fair, I have seen stories containing irrational goblins as much as I saw with rational ones, and going as far as "Goblin is very strong", a manga about a goblin girl that reached level 99 and because of that no one can get past the begginers area, since she kills them all (it's a comedy and ecchi manga of course), also, I don't know if you watched Goblin Slayer by now, but there actually are different kinds of goblins, and within them there's the goblin shaman and the very rare goblin lord (or was it goblin king?), which are a bit smarter and can lead/command the other goblins, but if anything, Aigis is among the exceptions (along with "Goblin is very strong" and the "Dragon Goblin" from Kingdom Death) with the Goblin Doctor and the Goblin Queen (after all, they even won against other monsters to become the higher-ups in the Maou's army). Well, according to her affection dialogue, she's one of the Goblin Queen's daughters, now why she's very human like, will probably remain a mystery forever (unless her affection scenes get translated, maybe she mentions something there). Well, there's a joke about the Animal Planet being the most cruel tv channel, or something like that, let's just say that it isn't unfounded.

      Well, it's a shounen manga, it by itself already have the roots in the "there's always someone stronger", even more so when the protagonist's goal is to be "the very best". Hehe, I just found it funny, plus, if you look at Big Mom's many daughters, there's quite a variety. I don't even remember that "stalker catfish", but it is the one with Shirahoshi, yes. The Dressrosa arc is actually one of my favorites (although I do know that lots of people stopped here), and even though it was very hard, Luffy also gained many things in this arc, also, I'm kinda tempted to tell you to read/watch the "Whole Cake island arc", because this one was (of course) the hardest one to so far (since, again, "there's always someone stronger"). Well, Sazae-san is going just fine~

      I wouldn't say "no way to keep up", but yeah, for me it sure is. To be fair, a friend of mine watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in one sitting. Yeah, Berserk was the worst possible situation, I won't even doubt. The thing I'm most curious about is how that situation even came to be, no matter how you look at it, it screamed "Bad idea". I know right? I was a little shocked as well when I discovered it, and the saddest part? It seems animators can barely make a living... I can undertand "work around low budget", but "use it to your advantage" sounds more like a miracle. Indeed, like that guy who directed Dragon Ball Evolution (sorry, but he will forever be the standart example). I see, but I'll still wait to play it first. Well, if you heard of Deltarune, then you actually have seen something related with Undertale. I undertand, using my sister as an example again, she, for a couple days, was intending to watch Nanatsu no Taizai, because her friends at school said it was better than Avatar (which makes no sense whatsoever to compare them, but still, they did), and because of that, she was intending to watch it, with full intention of hating it, then I stopped her on doing so, moral of story, if you already have negative feelings towards something, it's better to not interact with it for a undefined amount of time while. I didn't mention before, but Yume Nikki have a remake, you can find both versions on Steam, and I recommend you play both, since they are very different, gameplay, and story-wise, the remake is more direct with it's story, while the original, not so much, they're both good tho, in their own ways. Indeed, but, while a good game will generate interest on it's own, advertising is always good, because there's plenty of interesting games left forgotten by the times, with most people not even knowing they exist. That's unfortunatelly true, there's a YouTuber I used to watch, that during the peak of Undertale, he was, obviously, playing it, but taking his time on it, and I don't remember well, but near the end, he had to pause the playthrough for about 2 weeks, and people pestered him to the point that when he finally went to play the last bit of the game, you could see that he just wanted to be over with it, basically forced to plain it as soon as possible, and incapable of enjoying the end, and that was really sad... now about people making ridiculous accusations, I also saw those Touhou ones, but recently, well, it wasn't an accusation, but I was reading Fuan no Tane+ and saw a comment with someone asking "is that an Undertale reference?" in one of the chapters, but Fuan no Tane+ was released in 2007, and I couldn't help but think "not everything is Undertale bro". I'm a little bit lost here "I have never been able to understand why this is though", "this", what exactly (if you remember, of course)? It's about a girl that a certain day gain a power of rewinding time (to a certain extent), then she, along with her best friend, go and try to solve a little mystery, there's also a considerable amount of teenage drama, it's a good game, I would recommend you to watch someone playing it, or play it yourself if there's any interest. Nah, it's fine, she is a children of the current generation alright, so she gets angry and hates a lot of things, less than the average I guess, but still in the same boat. I'm a little bit curious, what's the problem with the Captain Marvel movie?

      Hehehe, I'm actually subscribed to Gnoggin, so I already saw that video, and also yes, I saw the direct for the new Pokémon, after all, how would I miss it, I actually intended to edit my previous message when I watched it, but ended up forgetting. Anyways, we just have the reveal trailer so far, so I can't say much, but I can say that I'm already a little bit, a tiny little bit relieved.

      I see. Or play video games. Well, that's why Gensokyo was created in the first place, humans just abandon old stories and tales as they go on to the future, which is actually very bad, because they tend to abandon those stories before it's due time, and thus (at least in my country), I see a lot of kids that could use some of those stories... Yeah, you are most likely right there, which is also very bad, because we know that overprotecting your children will just make them less and less prepared for the world... I miss MythBusters... I saw that in the direct as well, and here is one of Hasshaku-sama's appearances in the game (you just need to watch the first 44 seconds and then skip to 4:20 until 4:33, then you can close it if you want), and I'm just waiting for an announcement of Fatal Frame 6. The Nintendo Switch having Outlast of all games is more surprising to me than they having the Fatal Frame franchise. Not an accident, no, the thought process that ZUN had was something like "Ok, I can make music for games now, but how do I get my musics in them? Oh, I know, I'll just make my own games", and now we have Touhou, it may have been on a whim, but I sure am glad he thought that. Well, his worry isn't completely unfounded, just like the "Touhou copied Undertale", people have the full potential to think that the anime is original and don't bother to look it up. I don't get what you mean with "outside character", because the protagonist of WaHH, Ibaraki Kasen, even made it into the latest fighting game, so she's far from a "outside character", I can undertand with Kozusu tho, since she's just a normal human, but all the plot in FS happens around her. I, on the other hand, see this as a way to be flexible with her character, because that way, he can adapt her to the kind of story he wants to tell, without actually having to change how the readers/players see her. It's not like I can't undertand your frustration for not having a official anime, I used to feel like this as well, but again, nowadays I'm glad there isn't, because something would go wrong (and thus, I probably wouldn't even watch), so you'll have to content yourself with manpukujinja's fan anime (and here is the fandubbed version).

      I'm not aware of the need of a cross-over for something to be spin-off of another, as far as I know, the only thing they have in common is the use of the same demons (and one other thing that would be spoiler for all the games, so let's not say it), not even the Persona games share the same theme between them, for example P3's theme being "Death" while P4's theme is "Lies/Truth"... and there's also the fact that the remake of the first Persona game is called "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona" (the original title being "Megami Ibunroku Persona"). Yep, that's Dante (it even was a minor meme for a while).

      You are probably right. I see, Rivuru is still the one that concerns me the most tho. Heh, nah, no hope to be found here, I'll just leave when I can. I guess, but some dreams are so fun, it's kinda sad to not remember them.

      Or, it may already have happened, but its light didn't reach here yet.

      Out of the four you mentioned, Ingrid is the only one I have. But yeah, that would be a fun team indeed. I see. I have a feeling that we'll just get Decius near the final battle unfortunately. I actually just played with people that already knew how to play twice (the people who taught me how to play), from then on, I had to be the one teaching people so they could play with me. I'm kinda curious now.

      Speaking of Nutaku, did you hear that they actually made a "console"? Hm. I see, I see, I really liked her design, but deep in my subconscious, I felt like something about her seemed off, and now I see that it's precisely what you said. Since the trailer came out, I saw a lot of opinions about her, trying to find the "answer" that you gave me, but most people, rather than judging her as a mercenary, they were judging her as a teacher and saying things like "she looks unprofessional compared to the male counterpart" or "she have slutty clothes for a teacher", etc, etc. Hence why I asked you about it, and I'm glad I did, contrary to you however, I'm not disappointed, since for now we just have the design, I'll just judge once I can play the game and see how her character and design contrasts with the world and story around her. Also, regarding what you said about "her design is very much in line with Fire Emblem’s style", I saw quite some people that says she looks more like a Xenoblade character, what do you think about it?

      You needn't worry, since I don't like Game of Thrones (I tried to watch, and stopped somewhere around the 2nd season), so I won't talk about it at random (also, I said I like Dragons, and I see no dragons in Game of Thrones). About the music, I didn't quite like it, about the video, it was a little weird, but the contortionism was interesting (now if you wanted to talk about meanings or any message this music is trying to convey, I'm not the right person for that). It would be, if I actually used most of them~. Indeed, half would already be great. I don't know but, it might have happened. I don't know how she's as a unit, but if they are youkais, I want them, all of them. I still use Nenya and Calliope a lot. That indeed sucks, and of course I won't give up, she's the unit I want the most, even more than all the Blacks, so as long as I get her (and she gets the freaking AW2 art) before the game ends, I'll be happy. Although I don't have much hope for the Fame Summon, since the past 4 months I got Chibis from it, and I don't care about Chibis so they go straight to my 3rd barrack, and well, since I started playing, I got 1 Platinum in the SP Summon, so who knows. But enough with my bad lucky, what about you? Did you get school Mehlis? and the new 10-draws ticket we received recently, already used it?

      You right.

      Fair enough. Jokes on you, I like cute girls and all, but wasn't this game a Tower Defence, I wouldn't be here, in fact, if the ad didn't state it was a tower defence, I would have ignored it completely. I wouldn't be surprised if Decius initially just got the position as the head of the Dark Knights so he could be in the backlines. Hm. Isn't it a inside meme around here that WE is gay? (even so I still don't think he would be happy to see Adamas getting friendly with the Prince)

      Well, it took me more than a entire month to answer you, so yeah, nothing to apologise about. But I hope you are feeling better.

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    • We’ve both had with issues time recently ^_^; I took over three weeks to respond last time, you a month, and now nearly twice with me. Thank you for the well wishes, I am feeling better now but the lack of motivation is still persisting to a degree. Hmm, I am starting to think I should get it looked at.

      Hehe, you would be surprised. The backlog I have for both games, movies, and manga/anime is getting quite large. Oh, really? Usually with adaptions they either occur synchronously or are simply retelling it in another format, to actually have it continue in a new format isn’t something I have seen before. Speaking of which I think there was a crossover with it and a DMM game not too long, can’t remember which though. And then they say there are no female dominant species. I am quite certain of this however how they managed to get the idea to mix Amazons with Middle Eastern customs is interesting. It might be that naturalist in me, but I genuinely think that the sooner people realize we are still animals the sooner (or maybe easier) we will be able to solve some of humanities inherent and societal problems. The homosexuality example is interesting because I am more familiar with the reverse, that humans aren’t basal animals and as such aren’t or shouldn’t be homosexual. I agree completely, the ease of being offended has gotten out of hand, why though I can’t say. I have a feeling social media and identity politics are key culprits however. I don’t think the sentence is wrong, it could be that you are conflating it and the previous one and getting your lines crossed. This happens with me particularly when discussing subjects of this nature. The irony is that your friend is actually right. In terms of biology males and females are shaped differently in order to fulfill a biological role and these differences are even used in forensic anthropology to determine the gender of the skeleton. The only time this gets tricky is with determining race and there are multiple anthropologists supporting both sides of that argument. They did do the intelligent thing and just leave though as it could have become quite bad. I remember reading sometime ago of a professor being harassed by a student because they taught about the importance of noting gender differences particularly of how each gender reacts to certain medications. The student however was part of a group who wanted to discount any notion of gender and its biology because they believed “gender is purely societal”, which isn’t true. I can’t say the same, it might because I read many traditional fairy tales growing up so goblins and monsters were naturally never given much character aside from being evil beasts, but I am glad to hear of stories with them being rational. When you think about that would be the case wouldn’t it? An enemy stuck in a single place fighting other creatures as well as adventurers would get a sizeable level boost with all that grinding. That Dragon Goblin is both beautiful and terrifying, reminds me of the monsters from Claymore, I really should finish it. Oh so there is some sort of social hierarchy then? Hmm, I wonder to what extent their intelligence goes. Aigis though is definitely an exception to the norm. Here goblins aren’t just base enemy fodder, they have social hierarchies, mages, scientists, a queen powerful enough to best demons, and even kind members as well. The Goblin Queen is simply awesome. I think if Lina’s affection scene did mention something the comments would be all over it, like they were with Lina. If we do get something it might during an event exploring more of the goblin’s society or the Goblin Queen’s backstory. Chances are though Lina will remain an adorable oddity. People idealize nature improperly and often forget that it can be and is cruel sometimes. My view of it is that nature is sometimes a loving woman and others a cruel bitch. Perhaps a bit on the nose but I think it’s accurate.

      True and it can lead to some great story telling, one problem with that format is that it sets the end of it pre-maturely as you have to become the best at some point. Unless you’re Ash who is set to perpetually fail every time while throwing every bit of experience and skill gained out the window for… reasons. How in the, okay you know what, no. The less I ask of Big Mom the better. Heheh, I always liked her, she’s so cute. Speaking of which, does Shirahoshi feature again at any point? Considering she has the ability to talk to giant oceanic monstrosities I would think so. Really? I wonder why that is, I would think that the Dressrosa arc to be one of the more popular ones. I hope he did because gaining nothing from all the pain is even harder to deal with. I’ll be honest, I am sometimes tempted to try to catch up with One Piece. However, given my feelings on it I can’t say when or whether that may happen. Knowing my opinion on this and suggesting an even more trying arc, oh you are mean, haha! A fifty-year run is incredibly impressive, and I am not expecting to be able to see it all any time soon.

      Considering the material in Full Metal Alchemist that’s not something I can do, especially in regard to certain scenes. I would like to think that at some points various workers on the project voiced their concerns about its quality but I also know that some just wanted to finish it in any state so as to make a quick profit. With Berserk it’s a greater shame considering how much of an impact it had, particularly with gaming as it is one the main inspirations for much of From Software’s properties. I can understand how the artists and story writers can make a large amount, it is their ideas after all. I can also see it with the heads of the project/company as they have to organize and allocate resources and being the head of a company naturally makes you a nice income. But the animators are the ones working on bringing it to life with movement and effects and they convey much of the appeal. You can have a beautifully drawn picture with a fantastic story, but if the animation is poor it will cause a lot of harm to the project. That fact that they are paid so little and worse not making much of a living is ridiculous for such an integral part of the process. They don’t have to make more or the most but they should be paid a proper amount given their importance. Hmm perhaps, though there could be a lot to gain with simplicity that such a situation would cause. There was a claymation I believe of an old Russian story made during the Soviet Union and you can tell the budget was low but they were able to impart much of the symbolism of the book and it might be considered a cult classic now, if only I can remember the name. Oh heavens the bad memories from that thing. I am not much of fan of the Dragon Ball series, but what that movie did was far worse that anything the anime or manga may have done. I have heard of Deltarune and didn’t know it was related to Undertale. Granted most contact comes in the form of listening to the World Revolving track. How, they’re not even the same genre… You did the right thing there and it’s a good moral to teach. Yume Nikki certainly looks confusing and interesting ^_^ Hopefully I play both soon. Also very true, you see it now as well with the Nintendo e-shop and Steam. Some games are advertised and given the spotlight by Nintendo and Valve, others unfortunately wait for a passerby to at least play them. That is perhaps one the worst ways to play a game, rushing through it unable to appreciate it fully. Even speed-runners play the game fully before trying to finish it quickly. I also have story as well to that as well. A Youtuber I watch did playthrough of Cuphead when it first came out and released four hour-long episodes to better get views from the hype. In a later video he mentioned how he hated doing it because it’s not the play style he prefers and he couldn’t appreciate the game fully. Making unfounded comparisons increases with the property’s popularity and the problem is that it can stifle another property’s creativity and/or legitimacy, as people making the claim will try convince that it’s not original and copies many of the ideas. It was referring to why people make unfounded comparisons like Undertale to Touhou or Fuan no Tane+. Ah alright then. I don’t think I will see anything related to it though since I don’t like teenage drama. Haha! In that case all I can say that she will grow out of it eventually.

      Oh where to begin with Captain Marvel? There I a lot of things going on so I’ll try my best to keep it brief. Around the time it was announced, the director and writers said that the movie will have a feminist message. This caused some concern among the fans as agenda driven movies tend to be heavy handed and of poor quality. But it was shrugged off as simply being a part of it. This changed when Brie Larson, who plays the titular character, said the criticism toward another movie (maybe A Wrinkle in Time?) was unfounded since it was meant for them. On top of that she said, “I don’t need the opinion of some forty-year-old white guy. If you don’t like the movie, it’s not meant for you”. This naturally caused backlash among Marvel fans as they now saw the potential of what the movie might become. When this was voiced, Larson fired back by calling them trolls and incels. You can guess what happened from there and heavens it wasn’t pretty.

      A follow Gnoggin viewer! I enjoy his content a fair bit. I particularly like how he knows of some his theories’ ridiculousness and even acknowledges their flaws, for example his pokemon reset series. We still don’t have much as of writing this here and more should come soon, but I share your opinion. It looks like it could be alright but we need more information to be sure. I am positive you have seen this by now. Kind of ironic considering that we both agreed that it might not be the best idea. What are your thoughts on it? Particularly towards the gameplay as it’s completely different.

      Correct. So that’s the background for Touhou. I thought Gensokyou was simply a place divinities and supernatural creatures went when they stopped being believed in. Actually, writing that made me realize that it makes sense for stories as well. I would argue that old stories don’t have an “end date” for lack of a better expression. Even if the story is not needed to tell a message it can provide insight into how older generations saw and viewed the world. Think of the traditional Grimm’s Fairy Tails. They were quite different and not as innocent as some believe. That’s a shame but all may not be lost. The morals might not be carried over but there is a chance for inspiration there if they are told. Granted this also depends on their personalities. Or worse, when they see the real world and are unable to properly function in it, they could make things worse for themselves and others around them. I miss MythBusters as well, however I am glad it ended when it did. Much of the later portion was exactly awe inspiring. That was incredibly creepy, and I really want to play it! Here’s hoping for some form of port or sequel. Well, technically it’s not a Nintendo property, only a third-party game that uses Nintendo hardware, but seeing something like that in its games listing is surprising. Hats off to ZUN because Touhou is fantastic. Hmm that is true. The “outside character” was referring to say a character not part of the game’s cast. Say we do get a Touhou anime, the “outside character” would be a new character and we will see and interpret things the way they will rather than the way Reimu or Marisa would. I admit it’s a clever way to put Reimu in various situations and still behave how we expect her to, but I can see the potential for inconsistencies. Ah well, while I don’t fully agree with why we can’t have one I do understand the concerns of having an anime. I haven’t manpukujinja’s work in some time, I was worried they stopped, but if there was to be an anime I think something like this would fit nicely.

      Disregard that one, I don’t know what I was saying ^_^; My limited knowledge guess would be then that they share the same inspiration but with different outcomes and themes. As a Persona fan, I think you’ll enjoy [WARNING: Kind of-ish NSFW] (not inappropriate though) this picture I found. I’m surprised that hasn’t lasted too long. I feel a bit bad for Dante though, why they thought they had a need to change his design and mock the original in DmC I can’t understand. At least he’s back to form in the latest game.

      Whenever that time comes best of luck to you! I know that some writers keep dream diaries to remember as best they can what they dreamt of and later use for inspiration, so there is some way recording/remembering them.


      Probably but here’s hoping for sooner. Hehe, lucky you, that is quite fortunate. I tried to teach myself and my nephew DnD and it didn’t go well. Curious in what way? If you remember of course.

      -Stares into the distance- Why and how?! Their primary service is to offer browser games (and not particularly good ones), what kind of “console” is this? Byleth looked unprofessional? Did these people not see this (2:13 mark if the time stamp doesn’t function properly). Glad to be of some insight. Also, while we have a different opinion on the design for now, I have to thank you for your kind words. When I critique something, which is a passion of mine, I try to be honest and thorough. However this sometimes comes out as harsh which isn’t my intent, and when this happens with people who disagree with me or think I am attacking what they like, I am often told to simply take what they say, not say anything at all, or not to say anything counter to theirs. Because of this I became rather self-conscious about what I say, so you saying I was helpful though we have a different view was uplifting. I agree, we will have a better sense when the game is released. Trailers are meant for first impressions and it did a great job I think. How does Byleth look like a Xenoblade character? She looks nothing like that style. I will admit, that some designs look similar or share similar elements, but only because they share some genre. Xenoblade is medieval sci-fi with some fantasy elements, while Fire Emblem is almost purely medieval fantasy. Since they share a similar base genre you will have some overlap, something akin to a medieval futuristic design in comparison to a medieval fantasy design. Similar but still different. Not to mention that technically Xenoblade would copy Fire Emblem due to the latter’s longer legacy, and that the former is actually emulating FFXII, in terms of gameplay and design. Any thoughts on which house you will play through? It seems that the house you choose is permanent throughout the game, and this adds a great deal of replayability, not that Fire Emblem lacked in that area.

      It’s rare to see another person who doesn’t like Game of Thrones (I’m not fan either), may I ask what turned you off to it? Alright then, thank you. Don’t feel too bad about that, I have some AW’ed units that I barely use as well, and they’re good units oddly enough. Well youkai are fantastic of course ^_^. I felt similarly about the Fame Summon, until I got Grace out of nowhere this month and a thirty SP Summon pull (of all things) had three Platinums (duplicates). You never know. You can’t deny the chibis are cute though. I got three Platinums during the first school week, three! Two duplicates, a unique and no Mehlis. And yet, for some reason, the secound week I pull once and get Chloe (School). As I said, luck is weird. Ah, the Imperial ticket? I got really lucky with the first one and I got Diana and Liza. The secound ticket got me duplicates except for Marika. And the gacha gave me Meer! A very good haul to say the least. Okay enough bragging. How did you do with tickets? Hopefully you got some good units as well.

      The cute girls are what got me. Bashira in fact, probably why I and others are so attached to her. However I stayed for the game play, story, and characters. Sex appeal is good for grabbing attention but it’s fleeting, and when that goes you are left with the game play, the game’s personality. If that isn’t to your liking, then no amount of sexiness will keep you. The backlines? I am not sure what you mean by that. Hahaha! That’s reaction I expect from WE! I know it’s a meme that WE get’s netorared by Prince, at least in regards with Leona, but I haven’t heard of him being gay. Well Adamas is readily having Imperial Soldiers help her sister’s hero so there is that.

      Thank you for your understanding, though it’s hard to excuse my nearly two-month gap ^_^; I do feel better now but I still have a way to go I feel. Thank you for the well wishes.

      Yes! A new adventure awaits! Though I don’t think Reimu is too excited for it… Ah, that reminds me, I found this rather odd crossover picture of two well known…umm, enthusiastic characters. I think they’ll get along quite well.

      Edit: I did not realize I wrote this much. I need to be more concise.

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    • Just a heads up, I am going away for a bit so I am going to have some difficulty with replying. Hopefully it shouldn't cause too much issue. 

      Hope you have a good summer!

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    • Indeed. Nowadays I'm being afflicted with demotivation as well, but I'm pretty sure in my case it's just my laziness getting to dangerous levels. But yeah, if you think you should get it looked at, then you really should.

      Nah, I know the feel, as of right now, it's been 2 months since the last time I watched any anime (except when I go watch HxH with my sister and when I watched the new DBS movie). Well, both anime and manga are actually adaptations of the LN (Light Novel), so that's the motive. I don't have that much faith in humans, as we head to the future, people think up labels and more labels just to be as different from each other as possible, they recognizing that we are, to some extent, the same as other animals? I even doubt the possibility at this point. Me, on the other hand, actually never saw that reverse you mentioned, which really is interesting. Yesterday, I was updating my reading of Boku no Hero Academia, and reading the comments, I saw someone stating that "they tried to hate Boku no Hero because of the fanbase, but after reading it came to see it with a new light" (the only light I'd say, if they were judging based on unrelated people), and I can't help but feel that this habit of people hating things they know nothing about and the ease of being offended are somehow connected... but if I keep thinking about it, I may enter in conspiration theory territory, so I guess I'll stop, it's not like finding the reason or catalyst of the current situation would solve anything anyways... You're probably right. Yeah, I'm no expert, but I knew they were right, both about the biology and their decision to leave, because I sure would do the same. It's sad really, that people reached the point of wanting to change facts to align with their own beliefs. Well, I was always watching animes (and other cartoons) and playing games since I was 4, so I saw a lot of goblins in life. It could be the case, wasn't for the goblins always being killed by the adventurers, hence why just that one goblin is level 99, because of a streak of luck. Indeed, indeed, and speaking of which, I actually should read Claymore, since I never bothered in doing so because I didn't like the anime all that much, but at some point someone who read it told me the manga was way better, and since then I intended to read it, but it remained as just intention. So it seems, but I for one, will never find that out, because I have no intention of continuing Goblin Slayer (although I probably already mentioned that). Yeah, I don't doubt that Lina will remain unexplained forever. Gifs on the internet show me the cruel side way more than the loving one, that's for sure.

      To be fair, I have seen lots of people saying that One Piece's world is so well crafted that even if Luffy's adventure ends, it holds unlimited possibilities for new stories. Speaking of Pokémon, I don't know if you know the current situation, but I gave up on Sword and Shield, and hope that the sales teachs them a lesson so they can actually put some effort into the next game. It's simpler than you may imagine, but talking about it would be kind of a spoiler, but if you want to know, I'll tell in the next message. Yes, in fact, she showed up in the end of the Whole Cake island arc, as a prelude of what's to come, one thing called "Reverie", which is a council assembled every 4 years, reuning the leaders of 50 countries to, discuss stuff, I can't actually tell anything more than that, or how important will Shirahoshi be in all this, because of the way I watch One Piece, that is to stop watching it until an entire arc is released so I can watch it all at once (and since "Reverie" is in the Wano arc, I'll wait until the Wano arc is over). As I said, Dressrosa is one of my favorites, so I have no idea why people stop there, also, saying what Luffy gained is spoiler, so I won't. I'm all about encouraging people to watch One Piece, but if your feelings would be in the way of enjoying it, it indeed isn't the best option for now. Haha, of course I'm mean (from time to time), it's in my nature. I don't expect to ever watch that, I wouldn't possibly have enough time (plus, I have a really hard time watching old stuff).

      In the past, I also would be able to do it, but certainly not in my current situation. You are probably right, which is a shame, I hope Berserk can have an animation worth of it in the future, or I guess I should first hope that Miura-sensei actually finishes it, I don't know what is his situation, but I do know that his hiatus are on par with Togashi's. Indeed, unfortunately, the only thing I can do is hope, but I sure hope that the animators get paid what they deserve, I know full well that the world is unfair, but this is ridiculous. Hmm, still sounds like a miracle to me (or the work of a genius, or at least, a very, very resourceful person), and would be specially so with an action-packed work such as Berserk. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but the guy who directed(?) Dragon Ball Evolution, actually apologised, took him some years, but he did, and because of that I feel kinda bad for always using him as the standard of something horrible, but I really can't help it. My first contact with Deltarune was also through the World Revolving track, but, it was this video, so the link was obvious. I know right? Comparing Nanatsu and Avatar is beyond me... yeah, although I would like to make her watch Nanatsu at some point, if the day that she can watch an anime looking past the fanservice ever comes, I'll try to convince her to watch. Hopefully indeed. I can't really say about Nintendo e-shop, since I always give preference to buying physical copies of non-PC games, but yeah, somewhere near the end of last year, was released a Playstation 4 game called Crystar, and I believe there's high chances that you never heard about it, even now, that next month it'll receive its Steam release. It certainly is, as you know, I'm a FGO player, and at some point, when a certain chapter of the main story was about to be released (let's call it chapter 9), there was a campaign in which everyone who had already finished the other 8 chapters would receive 30 SQs (Saint Quartz, the game's currency used to try to summon new Servants), but at the time, I had just finished 5 chapters, which means that in order to get those free SQs, I would have to rush through the chapters 6, 7 and 8, which I tried, but since I refused to skip the story, in the end I couldn't get the free SQs, but the story was amazing, so it didn't bother me one bit, and that's how it should be. Speaking of Cuphead, did you hear? Netflix is planning on making a Cuphead animated series. That's but another example of how dumb humans can be, with that need to compare and/or attack everything, even when it makes no sense at all. Oh, I see, thank you for clarifying. I find it to be quite good, but your choice. I sure hope so.

      Just reading your explanation I already feel a bit embarrassed for both parties, which makes me kinda glad for not liking Marvel, hence it was one less discussion for me to witness. But we live in some aggressive times, don't we?

      Me too, the way things are going, the only Pokémon related content I'll keep enjoying will be his videos, fanarts and the Pokémon Adventures manga. Well, in my previous message, I did say I was a bit relieved, but as it's probably very clear by now, I'm not relieved anymore... Now about the FF7R, surprisingly, I didn't hate the new gameplay, and have seen people saying that it seems like a "correct version of FF15's battle system", what about you? Also, graphically, it's obviously beautiful, which brings me to a more useless discussion: What are your thoughts on the discussion regarding Tifa's boobs?

      Yep it is, as humans were stopping believing in the supernatural, Reimu's predecessor, Yukari and the other Sages created Gensokyo, actually that's also the motive to why Gensokyo even have a human village, since Gods and Youkais can't exist without belief, so Gensokyo's human village exist for the sole purpose of maintaining the supernatural. I'm afraid current people aren't really interested in old people's world view... but It's like what we said before, in order to "survive" a story must adapt itself to the times, because nowadays parents wouldn't want their child seeing or hearing about a mermaid cutting her tail in half to simulate legs, and instead want them to see just cute and colorful things, but not every story do/can adapt, and thus, they become "stuck in time", where just people who are really interested in those old tales would eventually come to know about them. Indeed. Admittedly, I never watched that much of Mythbusters thanks to school, but it really was fun to watch, but if things started to chance for the bad, then it really was best for it to end. Well, according to wikipedia, Fatal Frame is co-owned by Koei and Nintendo, so it is, at least partially, a Nintendo property. I see, I see. Well, I wouldn't say "still behave how we expect her to". "Inconsistencies" huh? Take this image of WaHH Reimu and FS Reimu swapping places, their behavior and the reaction of those present are fairly different (read the comments as well, it's a good little read). Agreed. Yeah, they release like, 2 episodes a year, but they are still going.

      Hehe, alright then. As you may have expected, I have already seen that image, and not only that, but it have a continuation, which gave people the headcanon that the protagonist of P5 is Bayonetta's son (although some other people already had the headcanon that Sakamoto was Bayonetta's son, so I guess they are brothers now). I don't know, but I sure hated DmC for that, but as you said, at least we have Devil May Cry 5 with Dante in all his old glory.

      Sankyu~. That reminds me of LSD: Dream Emulator.

      Yeah, who knows. I wouldn't worry too much about that, the guys who taught me how to play used to play 3D&T, but the one I came to play with other people weren't that similar to that, I just used 3D&T as a basis to "create" my own RPG, which was pretty broken, with almost Disgaea levels of damage going on (plus, I'm very lazy, so pretty much all my RPGs were essentially Boss Rushes), but it was pretty fun. I surely don't remember.

      I can't say I know the answer to those questions, but here is an article about it. Come on now, Manuela is just using a "Magic Professor" attire (if anything, it just makes her more professional), have you never played Ragnarok Online?. You're welcome, but I was just stating the truth really. If someone criticizes something I like, but it is a honest critique, I'll just state my points and keep discussing until one of the parties accept what the other said as right (or both parties just recognize their view points and agree to disagree, since changing someone's opinion is pretty hard), and in this case, while our opinions regarding the design differ, I do agree with your view of said design, so it ends there (however, if someone criticizes what I like with just intentions of attacking it, if I'm in the mood for discussing, I'll discuss all the way to hell to make the person regret). It is actually another reason why I think humans are regressing, instead of evolving, nowadays no one can disagree with anyone, as if people don't know that discussing isn't a bad thing, and can help to achieve mutual understanding, if things keep going like this, I'm afraid people will lose free speech, which was pretty hard to obtain in the first place, and we'll see a future where no one can be honest and speak their minds because they know they'll just be attacked for it... I don't like Xenoblade, so I really can't say much on that regard, but I do agree with the overlapping genres. Do you even need to ask that? Was there really any doubt that I would choose the Black Eagles (especially with the yuri romances confirmed)? What about you?

      Yeah, but to be fair, part of it is me being stubborn, because they call wyverns "dragons" in the show, which yeah, wyverns are a sub-species of dragons, so I was intending to look past it and force myself to watch through the end, but then I read a interview with the writer of the books (whatever his name was), and he states that he calls them dragons in his books because "they are the right dragons, no creatures with wings have also four legs, that's unrealistic" (because flying lizards that breaths fire are soooo realistic), which made me a bit too angry to keep watching, so yeah, although I wasn't liking it, I intended to keep watching because a friend of mine likes it, and stopped because of a not-so-logical reason, but I'm not logical when it comes to dragons, I recognize that (I actually also don't like Aigis' dragons because of it, since they are so weak). I got 3 Platinums (1 duplicate) from Fame Summon, but how would be the chances of not only getting a Platinum, but that Platinum being Thetis? Well, they are, but chibis really aren't my thing (even tho I have I Black Rock Shooter nendoroid). I don't remember who they were, but I just got Golds and Silvers, but I finally got Clara at least.

      I sold my Bashira. Indeed, that seems to be the reason most people still plays it (and the reason I actually play it). Have you ever heard of "Youjo Senki"? Watch it, and you'll understand what I mean (or I can just explain in my next wall of text). I don't know, but that's sure my reaction to the idea, if I could, I would kill the prince, give the Keraunos' armor to Anna, and use her as protagonist. The posts about WE being gay I saw in the events' page comments, so we would never find them. In my case, that's true for the tickets, but I never use SC on the Imperial gacha.

      It's fine really, even if you had answered say, 1 week after my last message, I probably would still be responding just today.

      Reimu is never excited for new adventures, just like I would be in her place. Yeah, I have seen another image of Flandre and that little thingy I always forget the name before.

      I now the feel, this current wall of text, took me 2 days to type, since I just get to respond late at night.

      As I always say (not really), I don't mind when things take very long to happen (responses included), as long as they happen eventually, so don't worry and take your time.

      This year is a cursed one, so at this point I'm just waiting 2020.

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    • Sorry for the long wait. I came back from Greece around the beginning of September and getting back in motion took a bit longer than I expected. That and I was busy around the house.  Now that I’ve been away, I feel somewhat better as a whole than when I last wrote so hopefully things get better from here. I think my demotivation also stems from laziness, but I feel that a fear is coupled with it and magnifying the effects. However, after a great deal of annoyance, frustration, and venting, I think (or rather hope) that I can put that all behind me and move forward with my life.

      Huh, I did not know that. I didn’t think that they were all mutually exclusive, but I didn’t think they were that closely related either. I always thought that manga was essentially the “Japonified” comic and that anime was similarly with cartoons. Fun fact (though you most likely know this), anime in Japan is a generic term and shorthand for all animation, similar to how the West uses the term cartoon. Only in the West does anime refer solely to Japanese animation (and rarely Korean). And now I must add Light Novels to list. So many things to watch, play, and read yet so little time. I believe it to be an unfortunate and infuriating by-product of the very large human population. The more people there are the less special and unique certain individuals feel and so they give themselves terms to reclaim something that may never have been there. Doesn’t help how we have so much media saying how everyone is a special unique being either. Hmm, perhaps this may also be the one source of the current outrage culture. Ah well, am I expecting people to remember they’re animals? No. However one can hope. That is just… silly doesn’t come close to how that situation was. It’s possible. Taking what I said earlier it could be that the unknown is perceived as threatening, regardless of if it is or isn’t, since a new idea may put theirs into question. You are right though, conspiracy theories though entertaining can cause complications.  I wouldn’t say that finding the source of the problem will solve it immediately but I do think if it can be found then there is a small hope that its knowledge would be passed down so that slowly more will come to understand why it had occurred and try to stamp out. Though that will mostly take centuries, assuming humanity survives that long considering things. It’s an infuriating situation isn’t it? Unfortunately you can’t convince the other sometimes of the truth, only try to stem the flow of misinformation. Her luck stat must be pretty high then. Oh, that reminds; there is a story similar to Goblin is very Strong, but I need to ask, how are you with gore? It revolves around a mimic that goes through a similar situation. It’s gory to the point I had to stop reading it though. I can’t speak for the anime, I didn’t even know there was one, the manga however is rather good. It truly is beautifully terrifying. I will try my best to be your source of information! Assuming I like it enough to get said information. You’re probably right. A shame though, Lina is just too cute. Weirdly enough I see the exact opposite gifs most times. So much so that I get annoyed with comments saying “Ooh! Nature is so precious!” and the like.

      I will give One Piece that, it has a great deal of story potential. I’ll get to Pokemon in a bit. Oh go on then, how bad can it be? (sweat drips down slowly). Ah good, I was afraid she was going to be forgotten and considering what she can do that would have been infuriating to fans I can imagine. Something I want to see improved on would be the politics of that world, they can’t all be “Let’s abuse everyone and everything!”, “The government should be overthrown!”, or “The anti-government groups are flawless!”. I know I am generalizing heavily but this is the sentiment that I feel was beaten over the head far too often. That’s a good way of doing it. Rather than having to wait for the next episode to find out what’s going on, you already have it available. We shall see we shall see, hehe.

      As for the Pokemon situation, oh I’m familiar with it and I’m not happy at all. There isn’t an expression to detail how poorly they handled this. From poor graphics, too many pre-Gen 8 Pokemon returning, removing features, to so much more. Sadly however, I don’t think this will be their downfall. The beginning of it? Absolutely, but that will take time. The truth is that Sw/Sh has been pre-ordered heavily, so sales are sure to go through the roof and so long as the sales are good, they have little incentive to change. I haven’t written it off entirely though. I will wait until the reviews come out and see how it is though saving graces are few and far between as of now. As to why it is in this position, I firmly believe that the higher ups have lost faith in their flagship product. Why else would they allocate resources to Little Town Hero or Pokemon Masters? Both of which look better than Sw/Sh! All because of a little thing called Pokemon GO. I don’t blame it however, what I blame is perceived loss of interest in the main-gen games some developers like Masuda espouse on as a result from it. Which isn’t true but I digress. Honestly though, this has been brewing up for some time since Gen 6 with the removal of features, little extra material added, and too few native pokemon (as compared to other gens) added.

      Only time will tell when or if a Berserk anime will get its due but hopefully so. I read that Togashi’s hiatus was often due to health reasons, particularly during YuYuHakusou, so it’s possible that Miura is going through something similar. This has made me wonder how unions function in Japan. Animators feeling that they are getting the short end of the stick (which they are) could unionize in some form so that they can get better pay. Granted there are cultural elements to consider but I think this could be a good step. I think it’s a bit of both, but it does show that such a thing is possible. As for its application on Berserk, I think this channel could alleviate some of those concerns. From what I know they have all been made by just one person; animation, music, everything, and they are all of very good quality. Oh really? Well good on him because that adaption was abominable. That’s understandable, it’s natural for when someone admits to a mistake. That being said though, it doesn’t prevent that mistake from being an example of what not to do. Hahaha! Oh heaven’s that was fantastic! I think that for some the fan-service can be a detractor, so if that is the problem with your sister it might take a while unfortunately. I also tend to prefer physical copies if I can a hold of them. You are correct I haven’t heard of it and looking it up, it seems like a good game, it has a large amount of good reviews as well. I sincerely do wish that was a way to promote lesser known games but it can be very hit or miss. It’s a shame you missed out on 30 SQ’s but it’s good that you experienced the story properly and enjoyed it as well. Hmm, wouldn’t it have been better to award SQ’s based on how many chapters you cleared? (releases a long, annoyed groan) Really? I honestly don’t have anything to say, you’re right.  Really?!  Not at all ^_^

      And that wasn’t even a third of what happened. Forums on Rotten Tomatoes discussing the movie were shut down alongside “wanting to view” polls, certain reviews were censored, critics praising the film were called sellouts, critics disliking the film were called sexist racists. It was quite bad. And there were a large number of channels discussing it. Alteori, Nerdrotic, ThatStarWarsGirl, and many more. Thankfully it died down, until the next thing occurs. If you are interested, this video gives perhaps the most measured critique of the movie, contrary to what the title might suggest. We do, and I fear it will only get worse from here. Even little things that were once brushed off as insignificant seem to incur an unnecessary wrath.

      Gamefreak bombed themselves with this one haven’t they? I have to say that I may enjoy the anime. I know I have said I disliked it, particularly Gen7’s, but after starting to re-watch it on Netflix, it started to grow on me. I still have problems with it and the anime as a whole, but I think this may be my favourite of the anime Gens. Hmm, my last FF game was FFXII, so I am not familiar with FFXV’s battle system. I might not really enjoy if I am honest. I always liked turn-based games, be they video or board, and FF exemplified it. Changing to something akin to a hack ’n slash feels that it abandoned a bit of itself for more conventional systems seen in other AAA games. The graphics are agreed, absolutely superb.

      Now, about Tifa’s breasts. There is no way that doesn’t sound lewd. I have managed to read some comments and posts regarding the apparent decrease in size and the whole thing seems a mixed bag. Some complaints do have some valid logic behind them and them being trolled and slandered as “sexist pigs!” (to put it mildly) doesn’t help. As you probably inferred, FFVII wasn’t a big part of my childhood so this design change doesn’t bother me too much. I can though sympathize with those who it might. FFVII was a great game and many people are attached to it so any change will ruffle some feathers, and character changes are even more polarizing, since these people have grown with them and even superficial features will be treated with greater scrutiny. In regards to Tifa’s breasts, yes they were quite large and not just because of the need to emphasize her femininity and mother-like (?) character due to technical and graphical limitations. Official art from Tetsuya Nomura has her like that as well (1) including others (2), and even Kingdom Hearts II does this (3). Lest we forget, a character is often designed based on their personalities, and not realism. Even then, there are fit and athletic women who naturally have large breasts, so no sane person should complain about. Her breasts in the remake are still fairly ample and it does fit the particular aesthetic they are going for. What does worry me is the one line they mentioned in a post where the decision was done by a request from their ethics department. This is legitimately more worrisome because this implies that the change was done not for aesthetics or realism, but for censorship, and that is what some have pointed out though I wish more have done so.

      I am rather surprised in that case that Yukari, being an over-powered being among over-powered beings, hasn’t basically made a rule set of sorts to not have to rely on the belief of humans. Afraid so, and it’s more difficult when some adaptions are in themselves poor.  Okay, what version of The Little Mermaid did you read? I know it’s rather gruesome, but I don’t remember that detail. Though it is unfortunate, being stuck in time does allow some stories a small viewpoint into past sensibilities. It is a rather tricky thing to accomplish. Hopefully those that do find them are able to either update them in a way or at least be able to inform others of their existence. Thankfully Mythbusters chose to end at a point when they still did interesting work and it didn’t fall into the trap of many other long running programs. Ah alright, that explains it. Well the here’s hoping for a horror-based Zelda game, which will work very well, I think. And hopefully we get something like that from the BoTW sequel. A funny, confusing, and insightful read, thank you! I have a better idea of this may work and it seems my past statement was somewhat true on how Reimu’s personality may work with a possible anime. Quality does take time ^_^

      Poor Mario. All he wanted was a simple battle royal and a penis demon god just had to ruin it. Considering how similar the three are I wouldn’t be surprised, though I don’t think Joker would be too pleased (top post). DMC5 does look fantastic, though I don’t think I’ll play it anytime soon unfortunately.

      That is incredibly interesting and a good way to do drugs while not doing drugs. It seems almost like the game equivalent of Alice in Wonderland only without the narrative.

      Okay…so, oh dear. It seems it’s not a proper console but rather an indirect way to play Nutaku’s games outside of their website, though an account is needed to be accessed. Additionally it has a pre-installed library, costs roughly $170, looks like a dismembered breast. I just. Excuse me I have some wall watching to do. Well, I suppose magic practitioners have been a little more open. To be perfectly honest I have no familiarity with Ragnarök Online, so this is new to me. Very well said, I wish more people had this thought process. The current situation is infuriating since I like to discuss and argue but it’s difficult when the other person is either unable to give thought to the opposing argument, simply starts throwing a tantrum because they don’t like what they hear, or just outright lies. Unfortunately there are already some vestiges of your fears going about. We have to wait and see, but I have been gaining lower opinion of humanity as of late and I don’t see any of this going well. It’s surprising to hear you don’t like Xenoblade considering how similar it to Final Fantasy. Hehe, okay, that may have been a silly question ^_^; Hmm, I don’t know, it depends on how the story would work. If it’s similar to say Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, where you need to play everyone in order to understand the full story, then I would probably go from least to most interesting, which would be Golden Deer, Blue Lions, and then Black Eagles. If however, the stories of all three are heavily entwined and there is no need to play as the other two (or picking one makes them the best of the three), then I would go Black Eagles all the way, in possibly every playthrough.

      Ah yes, the old “it’s the right dragon!” nonsense. What’s worse is having some say that wyverns aren’t dragons at all because they have four rather than six limbs, but they still call the four-limbed serpentine Asian dragons proper dragons. I believe it was DragonKing0117 who posted a link about a post discussing this, but I don’t remember where. Lest we forget, George R.R. Martin, the author, also had shadows being born-unborn, ice zombies, wizards, but having six limbed reptiles? Now that’s unrealistic -_-. Don’t worry though, you didn’t miss much because the show ended on the most sour note possible, to the point even I got upset and I hate GoT. Anyway, don’t feel too bad about it being illogical. Dragons are something you are passionate about, so when they are misrepresented you feel for it, same thing happens with me when stories are misrepresented. As for the dragons in Aigis, I always thought they were weaker than you would expect because they are a shadow of their former glory, now nothing but feral beasts save but a few members such as Dracolich. I think I lost you a bit there…, are you saying that you got Thetis? If so congrats! If not just keep trying. Thetis is an old and reasonably popular unit so she might get an upgrade in the future. Eh, fair enough ^_^.  Not a bad haul, that’s very good. My luck the past few months has been a bit off. I failed in getting Sylvia (Summer), I’m still upset about that, and Miruno (Summer). But I did get Misa and Rita (Summer). Other than that I haven’t really gotten anything worthwhile until the Halloween event where I got both Despia (Halloween) and Eden (Halloween). Oddest thing as well, I did a ten pull and it showed three Platinum gems and one suddenly turned into a Black, I didn’t know that was even a thing.

      Nooo! Why?! As Kuremisago says, you don’t sell or consume non-dupes. I haven’t heard of it no, but I did read a short summary on it and I now understand the reference. Though I don’t think Decius would do that. Maybe in the early days when he was still wet behind the ears, but he has full rivalry with Prince now and even goes out his way to fight him. I might not go so far as axing Prince but I would love if Anna was more useable, she needs more love. I believe some digging is in my near future. That’s understandable, why use SC’s on something that has lower odds of appearing since it is so infrequent?

      There is no excusing me on this one though. I was away for two months yes, but it took a further two months to reply -_- Proper use of time as always been tricky with me.

      But why though? You get to see new places, meet interesting people, risk the fate of your world and your life and, oh I get it now… That would be Marx, a trickster demon god from Kirby, yes Kirby. You want eldritch abominations? Then forget Lovecraft and go to Kirby, they’re terrifying.

      I don’t even want to know how long this took. Far longer than it should have taken me at least.

      Thanks for that ^_^

      You and me both. There were some fun days during summer, but I had bit of a falling out with my sister and, well lets just it was rather tense during August.

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    • Glad to know that you're feeling better, and whatever you were doing in Greece, I hope it was fun.

      I know this subject was regarding some anime/manga, but don't remember which, was it Slime?
      Yep, I indeed already knew that.
      I have great difficult when it comes to reading LNs, which I suppose comes from my aversion of reading books on my computer rather than actually having them in hands, but even if it wasn't for that, indeed, so, so little time.
      That line really reminds me of Gilgamesh's opnion on humanity, and I can't really disagree.
      Well, the "fear of the unknow" is the very first defense mechanism of humanity, although it's being heavily "misused", and regarding "finding the source of the situation still could possibly help to solve it, even if rather slow", while I can't deny it, you yourself said: "since a new idea may put theirs into question". which means even if we could find the source, in order for people to accept it, they would need to admit their wrongness, and humans don't like to do that, hence the Internet Rule number 11: "All your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored".
      Indeed it is, in the end, even if you are right, the other person needs to be willing to accept the truth, otherwise it's just a dead end... not only Gilgamesh, Hao was also right (and Schneizel, but I probably mentioned him already).
      Preferably, I'd rather avoid gore, but I'm not particularly weak to it, so if a story is good enough, I'll read it . . . or even if it isn't, I have read a lot of awful stuff due to sheer stubbornness (plus, my years navigating through some dark sides of the internet... without going too deep of course, since I didn't want to risk going to the deep web). A kinda funny example, is the movie "The Human Centipede", which I discovered during my navigations, but didn't actually intend to watch, but at school, I told a couple friends of mine about the movie, and one of them for curiosity, watched it, and the next day said that it was horrible and she even threw up while watching, so I thought "so it's that bad huh? I guess I have no choice but to watch it now", and so I did . . . while eating lunch. . . which reminds me I still didn't watch the third one and it's been out for a couple years now.
      Hehehe, okay then, when you start reading it, let me know if you actually liked enough to continue.
      Yeah, I wish I had her...
      Well, I do spend more time on the part of the internet where the cruel side is more likely to show up so this isn't without reason.

      Haha, fret not, as I said, it's quite simple, Big Mom literally just wanted a very diversified family, so she would just marry random men of different races (of which One Piece have a lot), and then kick them out the moment they grant her a children, see? Simple.
      I'm the one doing it, so I'd say it is, indeed, a good way, however, the "Whole Cake Island" Arc took 94 episodes to be concluded, which even without some weeks that didn't have episodes, it was still 94 weeks without watching, almost 2 years (but this is pretty much my only complaint with One Piece, really).

      Apparently, it sold 6 millions copies on its first week (I heard those 6 millions were the sales just in Japan, but I don't know if it is really the case), so right now I'm one step away from despair, if the next games are the Gen 4 remakes (the generation that had my favorite game of the franchise, Pokémon Platinum), and they don't make justice to the original, I honestly don't know if I'll be able to handle it... by the way, regarding all this situation, you may want to watch some of the videos in this channel, he isn't 100% right, but I'd say his videos are quite informative. Now regarding Little Town Hero, I don't really know the situation, but if even the Rule 34 don't want anything with it, I suppose it was a let down to everyone.

      While we like to joke that Togashi's hiatus are because he's playing Dragon Quest, he really does have some health problems, same with Hoshino-sensei (author of D.Gray-Man), so it's fairly possible that Miura-sensei is the same.
      That cultural element it exactly what prevent that from happening, "don't cause problems for other people" is completely ingrained on Japan's behavioral nature, so they would rather suffer in silence than be an inconvenience for others (even if the "other" is the very person causing them suffering).
      That channel does not exist anymore... but I did see its content beforehand, and I must ask, was that a "passion project"? because I won't deny what humans are capable to do it they put their hearts to it, but there's a considerable difference in a project done because the people doing it deeply care about the project and the one where the people just want a quick profit, so the only chance Berserk would have would be to have a studio with people that really want to do it, which becomes a little difficult on a corporative environment.
      To be fair, over time, fan-service came to be a detractor for me as well, not to the point where I'll refuse to watch something because of it, but more often than not, I get myself thinking that fan-service in X or Y anime was very unesessary.
      Well, now the game is out on Steam, so I hope I can play it someday.
      That's because "chapter 9" was kinda special, as it had "raid boss battles" where all players would contribute on killing the bosses and get a lot of rewards for helping (individually, each boss had around 700k HP, but for the bosses to stay dead, we had to defeat them 9 million times), but now those raid bosses are unavailable, so if someone started playing recently, and got to "chapter 9" now, they would only need to kill the bosses once to proceed, since the raid battles ended, hence why they encouraged players to get to "chapter 9" as quickly as they could.

      Oh man, the absolute state of humanity...

      Yes, but not really, thanks to the bunch of Wooloos following them wherever they go, no matter what they do. Well, considering that my greatest problem with the anime is the protagonist, I won't do the same. My last FF game was FFX-II, and I didn't particularly care about FFXV, but I did see some videos. Well, I can't deny that, as I also would have prefered for it to stay Turn based, but since we already lost it, now I can only hope that the battle system is the only major change...
      I already accepted as my headcanon that her new sports bra are restraining her breasts, so I'm fine with the situation, but as someone quite against censorship, the "ethics department" bit really ticked me off, all in all, I was a little tiny bit upset about the change, but was still fine, and censorship is bad. Still looking forward for this game tho, with some optimism and the fear that is still present (and considering it comes out on March 3rd, my fear certainly won't go away).

      Well, Yukari is indeed very powerful, but changing the very existential concept of something does seem to be rather difficult, even for her, she already pass most of her time sleeping just to maintain the barrier.
      Don't mind me, it was just a fanfic of sorts, but while the original isn't as dark, it also isn't as bright as the disney version.
      Indeed, and again, I would be that uncle that tells old stories for his nephews.
      It's sad that it ended, but at least it was at the right point.
      I may have said that before, but "A Link to the Past" and "A Link between Worlds" are the only Zelda games I ever played, however, I'm aware of the others and, isn't "Majora's Mask" the "horror-based Zelda game" already?
      While we are at it, go read FS, it's pretty good.

      Wait a minute, you know the Sakamoto I'm talking about?
      I'm on the same boat with Devil May Cry 5.

      Well, when you put it that way, I can't help but remember I-Doser.

      Ah~ Wall watching, one of the best ways to distract yourself away from traumatic experiences (or just show how boring was whatever the person was doing before).
      Understandable, I, on the other hand, played Ragnarok for around 5 years, I liked it so much, that I literally just stopped because I had nothing else to do in the game (my last 3 days was just me sitting on the main city watching other players pass by), and ever since, I never found another MMORPG that could bring me as much enjoyment as Ragnarok did.
      Indeed. I was never the type to talk much, but I did enjoy some discussion here and there, nowadays my mind is automatically set to "it isn't worth arguing, so I won't even bother".
      At this point, I just started to wonder, are we heading to the Shijima ending, or the Musubi ending? (this question is related to Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, you may search it, which would be a massive spoiler, or put this question on hold until you can play it yourself).
      Well, I just know the most recent Xenoblade, and I didn't like the protagonist, and if I don't like the protagonist, my general evaluation of everything surrounding them decay considerably.
      As far as I know, three of the four paths have little connection to the others, so if you want to see all sides, you would have to play all of them indeed, also, it seems the general opnion is that the Golden Deer is the best path story-wise, and Blue Lions the worst. Don't take my word for granted, of course, as I just read those things around the internet.

      Glad to know that someone understands my frustration, but the worst of all for me, is that R. R. Martin will write the story for the "Elden Ring", the next FromSoftware game, so I'm really worried. Yeah, I heard that even the actors, everyone, got pissed with the end.
      I see, that does make sense.
      Oh, I wish that was the case, I was just saying that the chances of getting Thetis from the Fame Summon seem abysmally small.
      I didn't know that was a thing either, congrats~

      Because I know what happens on Thetis' second affection scene, and even after knowing that, I still kept Bashira for a couple days, but then I decided "yep, to the pits of hell you go", and there we have it.
      Well, I was actually refering to his old initial days as commander, since now she's pretty goddamn strong.
      Make him a princess and I would be fine already. And yeah, a shame that the popularity contest didn't give us Anna as a proper Black Unit...
      My thoughts exactly, if I can't have all the imperial units (since I can't whale), I won't even bother starting the collection.

      Well, it did take a while, but as a fellow "I have no time management skills", I say, don't worry about that.

      The last two ones are the most reasonable to me, well, and see interesting places. The only Kirby game I ever played was the Super Star, so at least Marx I already knew (just didn't remember the name, as I didn't know english at the time, and thus, read absolutely nothing) . . . and Zero Two. 

      Hehe, of course I want to know, go on.

      In my country Summer is in the end of the year, so my christmas can't even have the bare minimum that is the cold... and now with the COPPA situation, no only this year is a cursed one, but they already want to start the next with the wrong foot.

      Now about the current event, how much time until the "Dai Maou" reveal?

      PS: Finally, FINALLY I got Thetis!!

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    • Sorry again! Good God all the things I have to do for Christmas just came flooding in out of no where, so I won't be able to properly reply atleast until the 26th.

      I wanted to at least give you a quick Merry Chrstmas and Happy New Year! 2019 may have been poor but 2020 might be better!

      And a quick congratulations for getting Thetis as well! It was a long time coming but she finally managed to get to you! ^_^

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    • I know the feel, my time is also very scarce nowadays.

      And I'm here with a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and as you said, 2019 was a cursed year (this final are my own words), and I sure hope 2020 will be better, at the very least, it started more good than bad for me, how was the beginning for ya?

      Yes, indeed, now I can finally quit this game . . . joking, I'll see this game to the end, although with my time now, I can barely play... I couldn't even try the newest Great Total War...

      Anyways, that's it for now, I was planning to wait for your next message to reply to everything at once, but I was feeling kinda bad for not giving back the happy wishes.

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    • Thank you ^_^ and hopefully everything goes well as well. To be honest when I go to Greece it’s usually for a family function, but I did spend an enjoyable time with cousins I rarely see.

      Indeed it was, though I think that several others have gotten mixed in. Sorry about that got a little type happy. Wait are LN’s only on computer? It saves paper but that seems an odd choice to me. Then again simply posting it online for purchase as an e-book might actually reduce costs. Hmm, there is the option for audiobooks, being the most well-known, though this may depend on your mode of transportation and your monetary funds of course. Gilgamesh from the Fate series? I wonder how that conversion went, considering the defensive nature we mentioned concerning this. True and humans are the only animals that can comprehend it however I have to ask you to elaborate, how is it “misused”? Ah, good point. Should I feel proud, upset, or confused at having killed my own argument? That rule needs something to either keep it in check or abolish it, it’s being used far too frequently. True, I suppose, but I can be a bit stubborn. I don’t think you mentioned them, who are Hao and Schneizel? I salute you having a stronger stomach than me. In that case I’ll hold back on the title, the concept was there but the gore was too excessive and squandered the plot, for me gore is one those effects that should be used only when necessary, too much and it’s simply sickening rather than entertaining. Not to mention the author had a habit of introducing interesting characters only to kill them off immediately. Good God man, why would you do that to yourself? I only had read the premise and I stayed away. And there’s three of them?! How popular is this thing? Will do. That may also explain why I mostly run into the more cutesy aspect of nature, I tend to be in areas that primarily focus on that.

      That’s… far simpler than I imagined. Does she care for her children or are they more so of a collection? Oh, and by “kicking her husbands out” you mean have them killed quietly I assume? And that right there is one of the biggest reasons why, though I am tempted to go back in, I am hesitant to do so. I love when a story is expanded and focused on so all the details flourish as it is far more often for a show, arc, etc., to be too short. But to take nearly two years to tell a small portion of a greater tale, it’s too much and some even have filler episodes like in the Enies Lobby arc. There are simply too many episodes to catch up on and I feel that even with mild one hour binging I’ll be burnt out. I just remembered, that’s the reason why I stopped watching it on Funimation’s channel some years ago. I don’t know. I commend those who are able to do it and at times I want to try to do it again, but if I will or not, I can’t say at the moment.

      Why are sale numbers so difficult to find? It seems that yes, in total, in it’s first week apparently, it sold over 6 million copies (< 2 million in Japan). And now it seems to be over 7 possibly 8 million copies. Well let’s be realistic as to why these numbers exist: 1. It’s the first main-line game on a console and 2. It’s Pokémon. Despite the backlash, the lack of content, the sheer dishonesty of GameFreak’s claims and it’s PR disaster, Pokémon will sell because it’s Pokémon. They lucked themselves into a base formula that wonders, which resulted in fan obsession, and now they know they can do practically what little they can and still make an immense profit. Whether this is the fault of GameFreak or The Pokémon Company I can’t say as there seems to be evidence for both. Also, I’m sure you heard of the Expansion Packs which include another 200 Pokémon returning, both things they have stated will never happen. I am wholeheartedly with you on Gen IV. While Gen V maybe the best, Gen IV will forever be my favourite. But I am afraid they might be gearing up for it. If you noticed they seemed to focus a fair bit more on Platinum when they announced the Expansion Pass, and this might be a hint. The truth is a remake will sell like mad, it is a popular gen after-all, but given their current mindset, it will most likely be butchered and if that does indeed happen then I am done. I have seen SilphSpectre actually, yeah he does some informative videos but I haven’t really seen things that are too questionable, unless you mean where he assumes some aspects of the companies involved? As for Little Town Hero it essentially failed in many regards. In short it was drawn-out, the gameplay was not fun, the story was uninspired, game mechanics made little sense, etc. Basically it suffered from many complaints that GameFreak has and is treated as simply a poor developer that got lucky. And this was a passion project mind you. Ah, speaking of R34, there is one thing that GameFreak knows how to do very well, and that is the female pokemon characters. I mean look at this! And this is from the actual game! Lastly let’s not forget deliberate decision behind making pokemon like Hatterene. They know damn well what they’re doing, haha!

      It makes me wonder how artists/authors handle such long running series. Do they keep notes on what happened, so they don’t forget? The same, for what might happen? Or do they make it up as they go? This also begs the question on what happens if the they are incapacitated in some way, or even die, prior to series conclusion. I would expect someone close to them, a colleague or an apprentice, to have a general idea on how to carry on the story. That’s disappointing to hear. On the one hand, I love it. The concept of just leave people alone, mind your own business, and just don’t be an idiot is something that many have forgotten. On the other hand though, the fact that it would actually cause harm or perpetuate bad and harmful practices is terrible. Oh for heaven’s sake, really?! I looked up their twitter and it seems a hacker shut down their account. This is literally why we can’t have nice things! Outstandingly yes, it was in fact a passion project. All the music, animation, graphics, and story boarding were done by a singular person (as far as I can tell), which makes the channels deletion even worse. Hmm, true unfortunately. In that case it would need greater discretion from the creator over who can adapt their material, or by fans who truly love the franchise. I am of a similar position, as I mentioned before it depends on how it’s used. For example, I started watching Boku no Hero Academia with my niece recently and she mentioned how some dislike Momo’s design for being to revealing/inappropriate. However given how her quirk works it needs to be the way it is so I wasn’t bothered by it. Truth is though even if fan-service has a function, people will still dislike simply because it exists. Wait, there was fan-service in the X/Y anime? Where? I as well. Ah okay. That doesn’t sit well with me though. An event like raid bosses should be something optional, on the side that doesn’t directly rely on other missions. Not to mention that, aside from collaborations, it shouldn’t be a one-time thing. At the very least the main prizes should be available for those haven’t been able to partake in the event originally.

      And the ironic thing? It blew over after a few days of it’s release. All the ridiculous actions would have been avoided if both sides simply held their mouths shut and their fingers away from their texts.

      Makes you think, which is worse? Those that hate and harp on a product over the most minuscule of details, or those that defend a product regardless of its most glaring flaws? Oh don’t misunderstand me, I don’t watch for Ash, I watch for the girls. The female characters (sans Iris) are almost always more enjoyable than Ash, to the point that I wish the May, Dawn, and Serena (the best poke-anime girl) were the main characters. Even with gen 7, the girls are simply better characters. Although I have to say that after seeing portions of the gen 8 anime in Japanese, I hate Go. I actively despise him. I’ve only play X, X-2, and XII. X-2 and XII are interesting as it is around this time the battle system was starting to change to its current form. Well, we still have until April 10 to find out. Hopefully you’re right and the gameplay is the only thing changed. I fully accept that theory ^_^ Pretty much in agreement here, even if you disagree with the subject matter, the solution is to have a discussion and not forcibly silence and change the other’s views, that only makes things worse. Although let’s be thankful this censorship was incredibly mild, apparently it could have been much worse. Same as well and this will be my first time ever experiencing FFVII, so time to see what all the praise is about.

      Hmm, curiouser and curiouser. Wait, then how does she annoy/educate Reimu so often? Ah alright then haha! Leave it to reimaginings to go off kilter. Slightly off topic, I hate The Little Mermaid both the original and the Disney version for individual reasons. Ooh both good choices and the latter is actually the spiritual successor to the former. Ehhh, technically but not actually? Majora’s Mask is most certainly horror inspired, with having to relive the end of the world every three days, masks representing gods of death and destruction, a mask used for torture, a heavily implied murder related to the mask, and with the general over-all theme of death and depression, but I wouldn’t consider it a true and proper horror game. It’s something akin to Jurassic Park, inspired by but not actually horror. I would like to see a proper horror Zelda though, something like Bloodbourne or Fatal Frame. BotW2 is hinted as being as dark or darker than Majora’s Mask but that can really mean anything. I only managed to read the first chapter but I am intrigued! I’ll get back to this when I read a bit furthermore.

      Wait, is it not this? In truth I know little about this series and only seen this page in passing.

      It’s, it’s music drugs. Someone actually tried to make music drugs… And the tracks are even sold and promoted like drugs! Hey, try this, only 2 bucks. Want more? Gotta pay up. I mean seriously?! Head hitting desk proceeds.

      In this case the former, definitely the former. That is some serious dedication, but to not have anything left to do? Surely there are things like events or raids or something equivalent introduced to freshen up the gameplay. Hmm, I would recommend World of Warcraft or TERA or similar games, but given I know nothing of Ragnarok: Online, I don’t know how any of these games would compare to it. I try to have that mind set, the just “let it go it’s not worth it” but I just can’t. Arguing is a passion of mine and I controlling it is difficult. Considering you got me interested in Shin Megami Tensei I’ll hold off on that response for a bit. You mean Xenoblade Chronicles 2 I believe? Huh interesting, now I am more curious ^_^ You have to admit though, Pyra is pretty. I can understand that viewpoint and agree with it, if the main character is not enjoyable then how can you expect the player/viewer to be invested? I will say that there are some cases where the MC is annoying but the surrounding characters and scenarios do make up for it, slightly. Though admittedly I am having some difficulty coming up with anything. Ah okay then good to know, I wouldn’t want it to be where just playing one house tells you the whole story. Will I finally understand the “Fear the Dear” then? We shall see. No worries ^_^ I know one thing before hand though, I will pair F.Byleth with Edelgard I have seen enough fan art to know that this is the right decision.

      I am with you completely there. If there is something I hate the most it’s misinformation and misrepresentation. Oh joy, and Miyazaki is apparently a fan of his -_- The problem is not simply R.R. Martin’s writing, it’s his world building. Despite how much I dislike his work, he has imagination and ideas, but he does not build them up well. In his own words (can’t find the article) he characterizes himself as a gardener to Tolkien’s architect. He will have an idea and work with it but ultimately have no knowledge on where it leads. This was the problem with the GoT tv series because he told the directors how the series ends years ago and that ending is no longer how his book will end since it leads into a different direction. To expect him to tell you a grand epic tale with minute details is foolish since that is simply not his style, and to have From Software, famous for their minute details, work with him is just bizarre. And this is the reason why so many people, and as you said the actors themselves, were so furious with the tv ending. The directors were following Martin’s new route leading to an unknown destination and some how end up in a place they weren’t heading towards for the past several years. It’s like going to London from New York and one hour later the plane lands in Seoul. I now conclude my rant. On the topic of dragons being weaker than they should, what did you think of Nidhoggr from the Ruler of the Sky EX subjugation? If we’re looking for powerful dragons this is certainly it. The Fame has been getting me nothing but chibis for months now. I am starting to think they increased their drop rate. Thank you! I haven’t really been pulling much lately, saving for Sylvia (Summer). Hopefully you have some pulls to tell. [Just happened this morning on the 10-pull ticket from the Hero’s Tower, I finally got Estelle! Oh my God I’ve been wanting her ever since I started playing!]

      I mean, well, I guess, but she was a non-dupe haha! Ah okay, in that case I see your comparison. Bwahaha!! They have been hearing you my friend! They most certainly have been Hahaha!! Oh my God the odds! So far Anna’s only saving grace is decreasing AW’ed Prince’s cost but even then there are better units. I know she’s not experienced in fighting but she’s been on the battlefield long enough by now she should have picked up a thing or two. I agree with you, though I may pull a few times, I would mostly save crystals.

      But I can’t help worrying about it ^_^;

      I have a feeling you and Reimu would along splendidly heheh. I have yet to play a proper Kirby game, though I have tried Kirby’s Adventure on the Nintendo Online, before the subscription ended. It was fun and silly, but I can’t really go into detail since I only got as far as the second world. By the way can we talk on how the end bosses for Kirby are so terrifying? They are so simple and yet they are the most eldritch abominations Nintendo has ever made.

      Oh God the shame. Well, if you insist. My last post took me near a whole month, early October to November, to write. And this one took me nearly three months, from mid-January to late March. I would have started earlier as I intended but Christmas and New Year’s and after events distracted me a fair bit. Add to that that lately I have been helping parents and taking care of them for a mild fever they had a couple of weeks, and I just lost hold of time completely.

      I can’t possibly imagine Christmas or the end of the year for that matter without coldness, though this year it was far warmer than I would have liked. It seems the COPPA situation has resolved itself slightly for now. Apparently the commission taking care of it realized and heard the various problems and complaints with the bill, and even though it still enforced, it is being handled by a more modern mindset of what popular culture is at the moment.

      You are going to have to help me out here with “Dai Maou”. Are you referring to Garius or to another character? As for the event itself I was, how to say, satisfied. I liked how the previous events led to the confrontation with Garius, I liked its build up with the collection of various heroes having to work across the world in tandem to be able to handle such a high level threat. I also liked the after-math as well with certain members, no longer able to go back to Makai and Garius ultimately defeated, have renounced their ways and decided to find a quite place to live like Harmonia, or how some like Gaoleon are searching for a new purpose. I mean one demon tried to make toys and become chef. So I like the whole of the situation. If I remember correctly we both foresaw the fight against the angels in Tenkai and we that to look forward to now. The actual fight however, was a little disappointing. I don’t know, I personally expected and would have preferred a Majin Advent with Garius in all his power but we got a simple event boss. Simple being an exaggeration of course. Then again to properly be able to witness the end of such a long story arc, no other option would have been better as not many players would be able to participate in a Majin Advent. Honestly though, I know the consensus is that Garius properly died, I don’t think so. He’ll be back, maybe not a world ending threat, but he’ll return just like Keraunos did.

      Considering how late I usually am I can’t fault you ^_^ For me the year started off the same way it always does, a promise to shape up, get better, but as I try reality reminds me. However I am starting to think that waiting for the next year to be better is a jinx considering the now current pandemic. I hope you and your family are doing well in this situation.

      Don’t, don’t scare me like that. Oh dear that’s a shame, how often do you mange to play? I usually login once to twice a day.

      No worries and thank you ^_^ I know I say this all the time but I will try my best to answer within a reasonable timely fashion.

      Also can I ask how you managed to make it into an almost list-like fashion? I like how neat and organized it looks but I have been trying and failing to do it.

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