• Hello Kkentauro, I finally have some time on my hands to finish the role lists I was planning for so long, however my technical knowledge is rather limited in writing and understanding code. May I ask if you can give some pointers or assitance in how to best make a proper sorting table? I hope I'm not being an imposition in anyway.

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    • You don't have to write any code, it's all already done by javascript included with wikia. You need to add "sortable" to the table class list, like this:

      {| class="wikitable sortable"

      then each column header needs a data-sort-type attribute, which is probably going to be "number".

      {| class="wikitable sortable"
      ! data-sort-type="number" | A
      ! data-sort-type="number" | B

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    • Ah alright then. Thank you sir! Hopefully I get the hang of this soon relatively quickly.

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