• Patched some of your unit list templates. Mostly added units to their proper rarities. Tweaked Odette to be in her own 16-skill-level category.

    I think I fixed a typo in one of them that led to a red link. I'm hoping this was in fact a typo, and not intended. Yell at me if it was.

    Unfortunately, I forgot to put in edit summaries on most of them. Sorry about that. I'll try to do better next time. Have a look at my profile page to see what units are working properly that you didn't add yourself.

    Not related to updating your templates, but in general. I decided to document every unit I have, and there were too many to be all in one page. The server would throw an error, saying "Node-Count Limit Exceeded." The solution was to split the list into different subpages, and have them all show up in a tabview on the main profile page. Don't know if you knew this workaround or not, but thought I'd mention it.

    Thank you for coding all of this. I could never have done it myself.

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    • Thanks, it looks like it was a typo. Don't worry about the edit summaries, I can see what you did. Appreciated.

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