• Added Hanada and the latest crossover units.

    I don't know how to handle Claris's skill, though. I tried to use Hana as an example, but she's not implemented correctly. Hana's max skill level is 5, but your unit list has it at 10. Both are technically event units, but have a max skill level that is different from the norm and don't seem to have a category in your code. I don't know how you want to handle that.

    Again, thank you for all the work on this.

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    • Both Hana and Claris have 5 skill levels, while listed as 10. Though i'm not going to touch personal templates.


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    • I know how to implement it, and have done so before with units that fit established categories in the existing code (e.g., Shinomiya Komachi). Heck, I actually fixed one that was in an incorrect category and had to make a new one (Odette, 15 levels -> 16). There was precedent for both of them. I could see how similar units had been implemented, and followed that convention. I added Claris to the event unit list because Hana was there, and she had the same circumstances. (Daily login bonus for multiple days in a row, event unit cost, shrine unit skill.)

      But Hana and Claris don't fit into those pre-existing categories with regard to skills, and there isn't precedent for them. Few things bother a programmer more than someone mucking up their nicely organized and elegant code. So, as professional/hobbyist courtesy, I leave the implementation of these two to the original author.

      Edit: Kkentauro, I have put thought into this. I know how I would do it, but not how you would do it. I'd prefer you to implement these two yourself first, so I know how you want it done in the future. If you want me to do it myself, though, or don't care as long as it works, just say so.

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    • I added another exception category to Template:User:Kkentauro/Unit_max_skill_by_name. I tried to deliberately separate the data and logic parts of the template so that it's easy for anyone to update (since I'm not great about doing it myself), so I don't mind if you add units but I definitely appreciate you asking first.

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    • Heh. When there's existing convention for me to follow, I add. When there isn't, I tell you and let you handle it. When there's multiple ways to achieve it, I check existing convention. Either way, the presence of existing convention decides whether I handle it myself or kick it upstream.

      (Constructive criticism) It seems to be it would be less work (if Claris and Hana hadn't already been in the event unit list) to add Claris and Hana to the "Max CR by name" list, where you have WE and the Annas. This way, the skill doesn't have to be overridden, and the CR is accurate. This method also involves one fewer template lookup, so is less time-consuming on the server. (Mollifying criticism) Because I did add Claris to the event list, and Hana was already there, adding the exception in max skill by name saved on maintenance time. Both are important considerations.

      (Reasoning for kicking this upstream) I don't know why you handled the Annas and WE differently from units like Hana. The mere fact that the two sets were handled differently is what kept me from just doing it via Max CR by Name. I figured you had a reason for factoring it that way, even if it's been lost to time, and I didn't want to mess it up. (Distribution method, cause of distribution (e.g., collab, seasonal distribution (e.g., xmas cypria), devs felt like it)...) Sorry I forgot to mention them in my previous posts.

      I again thank you for the work you've put in. I know I say it every time, but I'm that grateful.

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    • "Event units" are classified by max CR, not skill. They always have 5 CR (at least since they standardized it from really really old times). Shrine units are 3 CR. Hana and Claris are event units though and they're the standard 5 CR. I moved Anna and WE to make more sense.

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    • Roger.

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    • A FANDOM user
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