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PS: Finally, '''FINALLY''' [ I got Thetis]!! [ \[T]/]
PS: Finally, '''FINALLY''' [ I got Thetis]!!

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Glad to know that you're feeling better, and whatever you were doing in Greece, I hope it was fun.

I know this subject was regarding some anime/manga, but don't remember which, was it Slime?
Yep, I indeed already knew that.
I have great difficult when it comes to reading LNs, which I suppose comes from my aversion of reading books on my computer rather than actually having them in hands, but even if it wasn't for that, indeed, so, so little time.
That line really reminds me of Gilgamesh's opnion on humanity, and I can't really disagree.
Well, the "fear of the unknow" is the very first defense mechanism of humanity, although it's being heavily "misused", and regarding "finding the source of the situation still could possibly help to solve it, even if rather slow", while I can't deny it, you yourself said: "since a new idea may put theirs into question". which means even if we could find the source, in order for people to accept it, they would need to admit their wrongness, and humans don't like to do that, hence the Internet Rule number 11: "All your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored".
Indeed it is, in the end, even if you are right, the other person needs to be willing to accept the truth, otherwise it's just a dead end... not only Gilgamesh, Hao was also right (and Schneizel, but I probably mentioned him already).
Preferably, I'd rather avoid gore, but I'm not particularly weak to it, so if a story is good enough, I'll read it . . . or even if it isn't, I have read a lot of awful stuff due to sheer stubbornness (plus, my years navigating through some dark sides of the internet... without going too deep of course, since I didn't want to risk going to the deep web). A kinda funny example, is the movie "The Human Centipede", which I discovered during my navigations, but didn't actually intend to watch, but at school, I told a couple friends of mine about the movie, and one of them for curiosity, watched it, and the next day said that it was horrible and she even threw up while watching, so I thought "so it's that bad huh? I guess I have no choice but to watch it now", and so I did . . . while eating lunch. . . which reminds me I still didn't watch the third one and it's been out for a couple years now.
Hehehe, okay then, when you start reading it, let me know if you actually liked enough to continue.
Yeah, I wish I had her...
Well, I do spend more time on the part of the internet where the cruel side is more likely to show up so this isn't without reason.

Haha, fret not, as I said, it's quite simple, Big Mom literally just wanted a very diversified family, so she would just marry random men of different races (of which One Piece have a lot), and then kick them out the moment they grant her a children, see? Simple.
I'm the one doing it, so I'd say it is, indeed, a good way, however, the "Whole Cake Island" Arc took 94 episodes to be concluded, which even without some weeks that didn't have episodes, it was still 94 weeks without watching, almost 2 years (but this is pretty much my only complaint with One Piece, really).

Apparently, it sold 6 millions copies on its first week (I heard those 6 millions were the sales just in Japan, but I don't know if it is really the case), so right now I'm one step away from despair, if the next games are the Gen 4 remakes (the generation that had my favorite game of the franchise, Pokémon Platinum), and they don't make justice to the original, I honestly don't know if I'll be able to handle it... by the way, regarding all this situation, you may want to watch some of the videos in this channel, he isn't 100% right, but I'd say his videos are quite informative. Now regarding Little Town Hero, I don't really know the situation, but if even the Rule 34 don't want anything with it, I suppose it was a let down to everyone.

While we like to joke that Togashi's hiatus are because he's playing Dragon Quest, he really does have some health problems, same with Hoshino-sensei (author of D.Gray-Man), so it's fairly possible that Miura-sensei is the same.
That cultural element it exactly what prevent that from happening, "don't cause problems for other people" is completely ingrained on Japan's behavioral nature, so they would rather suffer in silence than be an inconvenience for others (even if the "other" is the very person causing them suffering).
That channel does not exist anymore... but I did see its content beforehand, and I must ask, was that a "passion project"? because I won't deny what humans are capable to do it they put their hearts to it, but there's a considerable difference in a project done because the people doing it deeply care about the project and the one where the people just want a quick profit, so the only chance Berserk would have would be to have a studio with people that really want to do it, which becomes a little difficult on a corporative environment.
To be fair, over time, fan-service came to be a detractor for me as well, not to the point where I'll refuse to watch something because of it, but more often than not, I get myself thinking that fan-service in X or Y anime was very unesessary.
Well, now the game is out on Steam, so I hope I can play it someday.
That's because "chapter 9" was kinda special, as it had "raid boss battles" where all players would contribute on killing the bosses and get a lot of rewards for helping (individually, each boss had around 700k HP, but for the bosses to stay dead, we had to defeat them 9 million times), but now those raid bosses are unavailable, so if someone started playing recently, and got to "chapter 9" now, they would only need to kill the bosses once to proceed, since the raid battles ended, hence why they encouraged players to get to "chapter 9" as quickly as they could.

Oh man, the absolute state of humanity...

Yes, but not really, thanks to the bunch of Wooloos following them wherever they go, no matter what they do. Well, considering that my greatest problem with the anime is the protagonist, I won't do the same. My last FF game was FFX-II, and I didn't particularly care about FFXV, but I did see some videos. Well, I can't deny that, as I also would have prefered for it to stay Turn based, but since we already lost it, now I can only hope that the battle system is the only major change...
I already accepted as my headcanon that her new sports bra are restraining her breasts, so I'm fine with the situation, but as someone quite against censorship, the "ethics department" bit really ticked me off, all in all, I was a little tiny bit upset about the change, but was still fine, and censorship is bad. Still looking forward for this game tho, with some optimism and the fear that is still present (and considering it comes out on March 3rd, my fear certainly won't go away).

Well, Yukari is indeed very powerful, but changing the very existential concept of something does seem to be rather difficult, even for her, she already pass most of her time sleeping just to maintain the barrier.
Don't mind me, it was just a fanfic of sorts, but while the original isn't as dark, it also isn't as bright as the disney version.
Indeed, and again, I would be that uncle that tells old stories for his nephews.
It's sad that it ended, but at least it was at the right point.
I may have said that before, but "A Link to the Past" and "A Link between Worlds" are the only Zelda games I ever played, however, I'm aware of the others and, isn't "Majora's Mask" the "horror-based Zelda game" already?
While we are at it, go read FS, it's pretty good.

Wait a minute, you know the Sakamoto I'm talking about?
I'm on the same boat with Devil May Cry 5.

Well, when you put it that way, I can't help but remember I-Doser.

Ah~ Wall watching, one of the best ways to distract yourself away from traumatic experiences (or just show how boring was whatever the person was doing before).
Understandable, I, on the other hand, played Ragnarok for around 5 years, I liked it so much, that I literally just stopped because I had nothing else to do in the game (my last 3 days was just me sitting on the main city watching other players pass by), and ever since, I never found another MMORPG that could bring me as much enjoyment as Ragnarok did.
Indeed. I was never the type to talk much, but I did enjoy some discussion here and there, nowadays my mind is automatically set to "it isn't worth arguing, so I won't even bother".
At this point, I just started to wonder, are we heading to the Shijima ending, or the Musubi ending? (this question is related to Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, you may search it, which would be a massive spoiler, or put this question on hold until you can play it yourself).
Well, I just know the most recent Xenoblade, and I didn't like the protagonist, and if I don't like the protagonist, my general evaluation of everything surrounding them decay considerably.
As far as I know, three of the four paths have little connection to the others, so if you want to see all sides, you would have to play all of them indeed, also, it seems the general opnion is that the Golden Deer is the best path story-wise, and Blue Lions the worst. Don't take my word for granted, of course, as I just read those things around the internet.

Glad to know that someone understands my frustration, but the worst of all for me, is that R. R. Martin will write the story for the "Elden Ring", the next FromSoftware game, so I'm really worried. Yeah, I heard that even the actors, everyone, got pissed with the end.
I see, that does make sense.
Oh, I wish that was the case, I was just saying that the chances of getting Thetis from the Fame Summon seem abysmally small.
I didn't know that was a thing either, congrats~

Because I know what happens on Thetis' second affection scene, and even after knowing that, I still kept Bashira for a couple days, but then I decided "yep, to the pits of hell you go", and there we have it.
Well, I was actually refering to his old initial days as commander, since now she's pretty goddamn strong.
Make him a princess and I would be fine already. And yeah, a shame that the popularity contest didn't give us Anna as a proper Black Unit...
My thoughts exactly, if I can't have all the imperial units (since I can't whale), I won't even bother starting the collection.

Well, it did take a while, but as a fellow "I have no time management skills", I say, don't worry about that.

The last two ones are the most reasonable to me, well, and see interesting places. The only Kirby game I ever played was the Super Star, so at least Marx I already knew (just didn't remember the name, as I didn't know english at the time, and thus, read absolutely nothing) . . . and Zero Two. 

Hehe, of course I want to know, go on.

In my country Summer is in the end of the year, so my christmas can't even have the bare minimum that is the cold... and now with the COPPA situation, no only this year is a cursed one, but they already want to start the next with the wrong foot.

Now about the current event, how much time until the "Dai Maou" reveal?

PS: Finally, FINALLY I got Thetis!!

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