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Yes! A new adventure awaits! Though I don’t think Reimu is too excited for [ it…] Ah, that reminds me, I found this rather odd crossover [ picture] of two well known…umm, ''enthusiastic ''characters. I think they’ll get along quite well.
Yes! A new adventure awaits! Though I don’t think Reimu is too excited for [ it…] Ah, that reminds me, I found this rather odd crossover [ picture] of two well known…umm, ''enthusiastic ''characters. I think they’ll get along quite well.
Edit: I did not realize I wrote this much. I need to be more concise.

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We’ve both had with issues time recently ^_^; I took over three weeks to respond last time, you a month, and now nearly twice with me. Thank you for the well wishes, I am feeling better now but the lack of motivation is still persisting to a degree. Hmm, I am starting to think I should get it looked at.

Hehe, you would be surprised. The backlog I have for both games, movies, and manga/anime is getting quite large. Oh, really? Usually with adaptions they either occur synchronously or are simply retelling it in another format, to actually have it continue in a new format isn’t something I have seen before. Speaking of which I think there was a crossover with it and a DMM game not too long, can’t remember which though. And then they say there are no female dominant species. I am quite certain of this however how they managed to get the idea to mix Amazons with Middle Eastern customs is interesting. It might be that naturalist in me, but I genuinely think that the sooner people realize we are still animals the sooner (or maybe easier) we will be able to solve some of humanities inherent and societal problems. The homosexuality example is interesting because I am more familiar with the reverse, that humans aren’t basal animals and as such aren’t or shouldn’t be homosexual. I agree completely, the ease of being offended has gotten out of hand, why though I can’t say. I have a feeling social media and identity politics are key culprits however. I don’t think the sentence is wrong, it could be that you are conflating it and the previous one and getting your lines crossed. This happens with me particularly when discussing subjects of this nature. The irony is that your friend is actually right. In terms of biology males and females are shaped differently in order to fulfill a biological role and these differences are even used in forensic anthropology to determine the gender of the skeleton. The only time this gets tricky is with determining race and there are multiple anthropologists supporting both sides of that argument. They did do the intelligent thing and just leave though as it could have become quite bad. I remember reading sometime ago of a professor being harassed by a student because they taught about the importance of noting gender differences particularly of how each gender reacts to certain medications. The student however was part of a group who wanted to discount any notion of gender and its biology because they believed “gender is purely societal”, which isn’t true. I can’t say the same, it might because I read many traditional fairy tales growing up so goblins and monsters were naturally never given much character aside from being evil beasts, but I am glad to hear of stories with them being rational. When you think about that would be the case wouldn’t it? An enemy stuck in a single place fighting other creatures as well as adventurers would get a sizeable level boost with all that grinding. That Dragon Goblin is both beautiful and terrifying, reminds me of the monsters from Claymore, I really should finish it. Oh so there is some sort of social hierarchy then? Hmm, I wonder to what extent their intelligence goes. Aigis though is definitely an exception to the norm. Here goblins aren’t just base enemy fodder, they have social hierarchies, mages, scientists, a queen powerful enough to best demons, and even kind members as well. The Goblin Queen is simply awesome. I think if Lina’s affection scene did mention something the comments would be all over it, like they were with Lina. If we do get something it might during an event exploring more of the goblin’s society or the Goblin Queen’s backstory. Chances are though Lina will remain an adorable oddity. People idealize nature improperly and often forget that it can be and is cruel sometimes. My view of it is that nature is sometimes a loving woman and others a cruel bitch. Perhaps a bit on the nose but I think it’s accurate.

True and it can lead to some great story telling, one problem with that format is that it sets the end of it pre-maturely as you have to become the best at some point. Unless you’re Ash who is set to perpetually fail every time while throwing every bit of experience and skill gained out the window for… reasons. How in the, okay you know what, no. The less I ask of Big Mom the better. Heheh, I always liked her, she’s so cute. Speaking of which, does Shirahoshi feature again at any point? Considering she has the ability to talk to giant oceanic monstrosities I would think so. Really? I wonder why that is, I would think that the Dressrosa arc to be one of the more popular ones. I hope he did because gaining nothing from all the pain is even harder to deal with. I’ll be honest, I am sometimes tempted to try to catch up with One Piece. However, given my feelings on it I can’t say when or whether that may happen. Knowing my opinion on this and suggesting an even more trying arc, oh you are mean, haha! A fifty-year run is incredibly impressive, and I am not expecting to be able to see it all any time soon.

Considering the material in Full Metal Alchemist that’s not something I can do, especially in regard to certain scenes. I would like to think that at some points various workers on the project voiced their concerns about its quality but I also know that some just wanted to finish it in any state so as to make a quick profit. With Berserk it’s a greater shame considering how much of an impact it had, particularly with gaming as it is one the main inspirations for much of From Software’s properties. I can understand how the artists and story writers can make a large amount, it is their ideas after all. I can also see it with the heads of the project/company as they have to organize and allocate resources and being the head of a company naturally makes you a nice income. But the animators are the ones working on bringing it to life with movement and effects and they convey much of the appeal. You can have a beautifully drawn picture with a fantastic story, but if the animation is poor it will cause a lot of harm to the project. That fact that they are paid so little and worse not making much of a living is ridiculous for such an integral part of the process. They don’t have to make more or the most but they should be paid a proper amount given their importance. Hmm perhaps, though there could be a lot to gain with simplicity that such a situation would cause. There was a claymation I believe of an old Russian story made during the Soviet Union and you can tell the budget was low but they were able to impart much of the symbolism of the book and it might be considered a cult classic now, if only I can remember the name. Oh heavens the bad memories from that thing. I am not much of fan of the Dragon Ball series, but what that movie did was far worse that anything the anime or manga may have done. I have heard of Deltarune and didn’t know it was related to Undertale. Granted most contact comes in the form of listening to the World Revolving track. How, they’re not even the same genre… You did the right thing there and it’s a good moral to teach. Yume Nikki certainly looks confusing and interesting ^_^ Hopefully I play both soon. Also very true, you see it now as well with the Nintendo e-shop and Steam. Some games are advertised and given the spotlight by Nintendo and Valve, others unfortunately wait for a passerby to at least play them. That is perhaps one the worst ways to play a game, rushing through it unable to appreciate it fully. Even speed-runners play the game fully before trying to finish it quickly. I also have story as well to that as well. A Youtuber I watch did playthrough of Cuphead when it first came out and released four hour-long episodes to better get views from the hype. In a later video he mentioned how he hated doing it because it’s not the play style he prefers and he couldn’t appreciate the game fully. Making unfounded comparisons increases with the property’s popularity and the problem is that it can stifle another property’s creativity and/or legitimacy, as people making the claim will try convince that it’s not original and copies many of the ideas. It was referring to why people make unfounded comparisons like Undertale to Touhou or Fuan no Tane+. Ah alright then. I don’t think I will see anything related to it though since I don’t like teenage drama. Haha! In that case all I can say that she will grow out of it eventually.

Oh where to begin with Captain Marvel? There I a lot of things going on so I’ll try my best to keep it brief. Around the time it was announced, the director and writers said that the movie will have a feminist message. This caused some concern among the fans as agenda driven movies tend to be heavy handed and of poor quality. But it was shrugged off as simply being a part of it. This changed when Brie Larson, who plays the titular character, said the criticism toward another movie (maybe A Wrinkle in Time?) was unfounded since it was meant for them. On top of that she said, “I don’t need the opinion of some forty-year-old white guy. If you don’t like the movie, it’s not meant for you”. This naturally caused backlash among Marvel fans as they now saw the potential of what the movie might become. When this was voiced, Larson fired back by calling them trolls and incels. You can guess what happened from there and heavens it wasn’t pretty.

A follow Gnoggin viewer! I enjoy his content a fair bit. I particularly like how he knows of some his theories’ ridiculousness and even acknowledges their flaws, for example his pokemon reset series. We still don’t have much as of writing this here and more should come soon, but I share your opinion. It looks like it could be alright but we need more information to be sure. I am positive you have seen this by now. Kind of ironic considering that we both agreed that it might not be the best idea. What are your thoughts on it? Particularly towards the gameplay as it’s completely different.

Correct. So that’s the background for Touhou. I thought Gensokyou was simply a place divinities and supernatural creatures went when they stopped being believed in. Actually, writing that made me realize that it makes sense for stories as well. I would argue that old stories don’t have an “end date” for lack of a better expression. Even if the story is not needed to tell a message it can provide insight into how older generations saw and viewed the world. Think of the traditional Grimm’s Fairy Tails. They were quite different and not as innocent as some believe. That’s a shame but all may not be lost. The morals might not be carried over but there is a chance for inspiration there if they are told. Granted this also depends on their personalities. Or worse, when they see the real world and are unable to properly function in it, they could make things worse for themselves and others around them. I miss MythBusters as well, however I am glad it ended when it did. Much of the later portion was exactly awe inspiring. That was incredibly creepy, and I really want to play it! Here’s hoping for some form of port or sequel. Well, technically it’s not a Nintendo property, only a third-party game that uses Nintendo hardware, but seeing something like that in its games listing is surprising. Hats off to ZUN because Touhou is fantastic. Hmm that is true. The “outside character” was referring to say a character not part of the game’s cast. Say we do get a Touhou anime, the “outside character” would be a new character and we will see and interpret things the way they will rather than the way Reimu or Marisa would. I admit it’s a clever way to put Reimu in various situations and still behave how we expect her to, but I can see the potential for inconsistencies. Ah well, while I don’t fully agree with why we can’t have one I do understand the concerns of having an anime. I haven’t manpukujinja’s work in some time, I was worried they stopped, but if there was to be an anime I think something like this would fit nicely.

Disregard that one, I don’t know what I was saying ^_^; My limited knowledge guess would be then that they share the same inspiration but with different outcomes and themes. As a Persona fan, I think you’ll enjoy [WARNING: Kind of-ish NSFW] (not inappropriate though) this picture I found. I’m surprised that hasn’t lasted too long. I feel a bit bad for Dante though, why they thought they had a need to change his design and mock the original in DmC I can’t understand. At least he’s back to form in the latest game.

Whenever that time comes best of luck to you! I know that some writers keep dream diaries to remember as best they can what they dreamt of and later use for inspiration, so there is some way recording/remembering them.


Probably but here’s hoping for sooner. Hehe, lucky you, that is quite fortunate. I tried to teach myself and my nephew DnD and it didn’t go well. Curious in what way? If you remember of course.

-Stares into the distance- Why and how?! Their primary service is to offer browser games (and not particularly good ones), what kind of “console” is this? Byleth looked unprofessional? Did these people not see this (2:13 mark if the time stamp doesn’t function properly). Glad to be of some insight. Also, while we have a different opinion on the design for now, I have to thank you for your kind words. When I critique something, which is a passion of mine, I try to be honest and thorough. However this sometimes comes out as harsh which isn’t my intent, and when this happens with people who disagree with me or think I am attacking what they like, I am often told to simply take what they say, not say anything at all, or not to say anything counter to theirs. Because of this I became rather self-conscious about what I say, so you saying I was helpful though we have a different view was uplifting. I agree, we will have a better sense when the game is released. Trailers are meant for first impressions and it did a great job I think. How does Byleth look like a Xenoblade character? She looks nothing like that style. I will admit, that some designs look similar or share similar elements, but only because they share some genre. Xenoblade is medieval sci-fi with some fantasy elements, while Fire Emblem is almost purely medieval fantasy. Since they share a similar base genre you will have some overlap, something akin to a medieval futuristic design in comparison to a medieval fantasy design. Similar but still different. Not to mention that technically Xenoblade would copy Fire Emblem due to the latter’s longer legacy, and that the former is actually emulating FFXII, in terms of gameplay and design. Any thoughts on which house you will play through? It seems that the house you choose is permanent throughout the game, and this adds a great deal of replayability, not that Fire Emblem lacked in that area.

It’s rare to see another person who doesn’t like Game of Thrones (I’m not fan either), may I ask what turned you off to it? Alright then, thank you. Don’t feel too bad about that, I have some AW’ed units that I barely use as well, and they’re good units oddly enough. Well youkai are fantastic of course ^_^. I felt similarly about the Fame Summon, until I got Grace out of nowhere this month and a thirty SP Summon pull (of all things) had three Platinums (duplicates). You never know. You can’t deny the chibis are cute though. I got three Platinums during the first school week, three! Two duplicates, a unique and no Mehlis. And yet, for some reason, the secound week I pull once and get Chloe (School). As I said, luck is weird. Ah, the Imperial ticket? I got really lucky with the first one and I got Diana and Liza. The secound ticket got me duplicates except for Marika. And the gacha gave me Meer! A very good haul to say the least. Okay enough bragging. How did you do with tickets? Hopefully you got some good units as well.

The cute girls are what got me. Bashira in fact, probably why I and others are so attached to her. However I stayed for the game play, story, and characters. Sex appeal is good for grabbing attention but it’s fleeting, and when that goes you are left with the game play, the game’s personality. If that isn’t to your liking, then no amount of sexiness will keep you. The backlines? I am not sure what you mean by that. Hahaha! That’s reaction I expect from WE! I know it’s a meme that WE get’s netorared by Prince, at least in regards with Leona, but I haven’t heard of him being gay. Well Adamas is readily having Imperial Soldiers help her sister’s hero so there is that.

Thank you for your understanding, though it’s hard to excuse my nearly two-month gap ^_^; I do feel better now but I still have a way to go I feel. Thank you for the well wishes.

Yes! A new adventure awaits! Though I don’t think Reimu is too excited for it… Ah, that reminds me, I found this rather odd crossover picture of two well known…umm, enthusiastic characters. I think they’ll get along quite well.

Edit: I did not realize I wrote this much. I need to be more concise.

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