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"Allow me to show you the power as the Lord of Time."

Arbiter of Time Towa is a black chrono witch.

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Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Towa Icon.png
Lv1 616 169 51 10 N/A 18 15 ATK+180
Lv80 1283 294 125

Towa AW Icon.png
Lv1 1288 295 125 10 N/A 18 15 Witches'
↓ ↑
Mystic Art 'Principle of
Magic Acceleration'

Lv99 1755 378 156

Towa AW2v1 Icon.png
Lv1 1477 533 163 10 N/A 18 15
Lv99 1958 644 200

Towa AW2v2 Icon.png
Chronomancer Lv1 1288 393 125 10 N/A 18 15
Lv99 1755 504 156


Name & Effect (edit info)
For X seconds, (self) range increases by Yx, and all allied witches and chrono witches in range gain reduced post-attack delay (11).
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Chibi Towa 4☆
Towa 6☆
Y Reuse
1.25 33
1.35 31

Skill Awakening[]

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Towa AW Icon.png
Normal Witches' Time For 20 seconds, (self) range increases by 1.4x, and all allied witches and chrono witches in range gain reduced post-attack delay (11). 30 1
Awakened Mystic Art 'Principle of Magic Acceleration' For 20 seconds, attack and range increases by 1.5x, and all allied mages, witches, and chrono witches in range gain reduced post-attack delay (11). 45 5


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
(edit info)
While on the active team, all allies' (except tokens) Attack Speed increases.
Towa Icon.png
Chibi Towa Icon.png
  • Stacks with Abilities of a different name.
  • This ability's active team effect is overridden by Space-time Interference.

Space-time Interference
(edit info)
Speed-decreasing class attribute increased to 50%.

While on the active team, all allies' (except tokens) Attack Speed increases.

Towa AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png
  • Chrono Witch slowing effect increased from 40% to 50%.
  • Stacks with Abilities of a different name.

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
Chrono Witch
Attacks up to 2 enemies within range simultaneously.
Slows all enemies in range by 30%.
  • Attacks ignore defense.
Arch Chrono Witch
Attacks up to 2 enemies within range simultaneously.
Slows all enemies in range by 40%.
Chrono Master
Attacks up to 2 enemies within range simultaneously.
Slows all enemies in range by 40%.
Skill cooldown reduced by 45%.
  • Cooldown reduction does not stack with similar effects.
    • The largest reduction will take precedence.
  • Large HP/ATK/DEF increase.
Attacks up to 3 enemies within range simultaneously.
Slows all enemies in range by 40%.
  • Range +20.
  • Small ATK increase.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% Allow me to show you the power as the Lord of Time.
15% If the world is going to run rampant with demons, I would rather...
30% Rabbit plushie, s-so cute...
50% My chest gets hotter when I see the Prince fighting.
60% Even if witches were to be ostracized, I must do what I must do.
80% Because I have the power, I also have the associated responsibility.
100% Please allow me to walk with you as you leave your name in history.
130% 可愛いものを見ると、自然に頬が緩んでしまうのです……。
150% 今日も、私を傍に置いてください。王子の時間を独り占め……です♪
Adjutant I will lend you the power as the Lord of Time. Prince, please order me.


30% Nude, fellatio
100% Nude, Missionary
Quest Nude, Cowgirl

All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

Translated by Petite Soeur (Patreon)

Towa #1:

Towa: "My family line have been Chrono Witches for generations."

Towa: "As the daughter of the family head, and the successor of the next generation, I must bring my clan together."

When I asked about her family, Towa answered me matter-of-factly.

A witch that controls time and space...... It felt like the things resting on her shoulders were a heavy weight, much greater than I imagined.

Towa: "In order to be an example for everyone, I must be prepared at all times......"

Right when she said that, a kitten leapt out from the overgrowth.

The kitten itself was also surprised by our presence, and was gone just like that, but at that time, these words slipped from Towa's lips.

Towa: "S, so cute......"

I was surprised by the words I couldn't imagine coming from the usually cool Towa, and turned to look at her.

When I did that, Towa noticed my gaze, and returned to reality with a gasp.

Towa: "J, just now, umm, how do I say this......?"

Her cheeks turning crimson, Towa attempts to compose the words to deny her prior utterance.

Seeing her in that state, I tell her there's no need for her hide it.

Towa: "...... To tell you the truth, I like cute things......"

Resigning herself, Towa spoke in a whisper.

Towa: "But I must always be on my guard. As the successor of my clan, I have to always be dignified......"

I tell Towa, who was trying to withdraw into her shell again, that she can show her true self in front of me.

She had a surprised look on her face listening to my words, but it slowly turned into a cheerful one.

Towa: "W, well then...... About today, can we keep it a secret between just the two of us?"

She whispers that pitifully into my ear. I return a nod.

Towa #2:

Towa: "My clan has been hated by everyone around us."

Towa: "The word 'witch' was all it took to frighten the surrounding residents."

She said that and covered her face in sorrow. Someone told me that those versed in magic tend to lead lonely lives.

Especially ones with unique abilities like her, perhaps she instilled awe in those around her.

Towa: "Those who have, and those who have not. The world is composed of those two. That was my grandmother's favourite saying."

Towa: "Those who have must also shoulder their own responsibilities. If one were to wield power, an adequate compensation is necessary."

Towa: "I didn't understand it when I was young, but now I feel like I understand the meaning of those words."

When she looked at the wand that was her weapon, she tightened her grip on it.

Towa: "To be honest, supposing this kind of world were to become infested with monsters, I thought about how much I wanted to stop all time and leave it that way."

Towa: "But during that time, I met the Prince. The Prince showed me the possibility of a bright future."

When she swung her wand, something sparkled like a star falling from the sky.

It sparkled like a jewel, and when I touched it, I felt a warmth that was trying to fill my heart.

Towa: "I will continue walking towards the time of a bright future with the Prince from now on. I want to continue whittling away the same time by the Prince's side......"

This star-like brilliance, swooping down like it was trying to wrap around the two of us, felt like it was blessing us with a bright future.

Towa #3:

Towa: "......"

When I called out to to her as she stood there looking around the area, she raised her voice in surprise.

Towa: "Hyaah! Ex, excuse me, Prince...... I was away with the fairies......"

When we talked, it sounded like she saw the kitten from earlier near here.

It seems she's been looking for that kitten so she could meet it again.

Towa: "It was so soft and fluffy... and so cute."

As she happily talked to me, I heard a 'Nyaa' from behind.

When I turned around, there stood an adorable kitten underneath the shade of some plants.

Towa: "Ahh! So that's where you were."

When she slowly approaches it, the kitten shrinks back as if it was wary of her.

However, did it sense that Towa bears no ill will? When Towa reached out her hand, the kitten slowly approached.

Towa: "Fluffy......!"

When she stroked its throat, she smiled cheerfully as the kitten purred happily.

However, at that moment, Towa noticed something.

Towa: "This cat... has a small wound on its foreleg. I'll have to treat it at once."

When she took out the handkerchief she was carrying with her, she gently wrapped it around the kitten's foreleg.

Towa: "Furthermore...... I was wondering this earlier, but where do you suppose this cat's parents are......?"

Towa: "It was also all alone when we saw it earlier......"

I tried looking around, but see no sign of any other cats.

Perhaps it strayed from the mother cat, or it has been abandoned.

Towa: "...... Poor thing. ...... Alright, I've decided!"

With that, she stood up as she made up her mind.

Towa: "I'll try taking care of this cat."

Well, as many others are raising cats, I don't feel any need to stop her, but...

Towa: "Actually...... For a long time, I was thinking how I wanted to raise a cat."

While stroking the kitten that already settled into her arms, her expression relaxed.

Towa: "What shall I name it......? Prince, can you think of something nice?"

I wondered why she was dumping that responsibility onto me. When I told her a name I thought was suitable, she seemed to like it.

Towa: "Let's go with that name! Fufu, I'm going to have the others, who've been raising cats, teach me all sorts of things......"

Seeing her smiling happily like this, I didn't see anything but a normal girl.

I gazed at her while thinking that, hoping her life together with the cat turns out well.

——Many days later. Towa's favourite stuffed bunny fell prey to the kitten's claws, but that's a story for another day.

Awakening Materials[]

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon.png
Onyx Icon.png
Material 1
Ertel Icon.png
Nicholaus Icon.png
Ehret Icon.png
Ertel (Christmas) Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 2
Valerie Icon.png
Palace Icon.png
Maya Icon.png
Cyrus Icon.png
Barbastroff Icon.png
Mehlis Icon.png
Maya (Swimsuit) Icon.png
Miere Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 3
Calliope Icon.png
Nenya Icon.png
Merone Icon.png
Cloris Icon.png
Yuyu Icon.png
Ryuryu Icon.png
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png
Nenya (School) Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
(edit info) Money Orbs
Black 300,000G 3 x Rearguard Strategist orb & 3 x High Ranger orb


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